Have you ever wished for a reliable source to help you make the best home improvement decision?

Vivohome knows that choosing the perfect product for your home can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we thought to create this blog post to review the top 3 Vivohome products. We understand that to get back into comfortable living, you need a reliable resource that offers fast and easy solutions.

With our expert advice, you can pick from quality products that surpass expectations in the industry - all without breaking the bank! Our goal is to keep your shopping experience hassle-free so you don't have to go through trying times when deciding which product is best for your household needs.

How These Products Make Our List

With so many different Vivohome products to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones are right for you.

You don't want to waste your time and money on the wrong product, or worse—end up with a product that isn't fit for your needs.

That's why we narrowed down our selection of Vivohome products after taking reviews from different customers like you by moving from city to city, and after detailed analysis, we came up with the reviews of only the top three. Our team of experts has researched so you don't have to, leaving you with just the best of the best. Watch out to know more about these products.

Best Electric Dehydrator Machine with 5 Layers Of Trays

Vivohome Electric Dehydrator Machine 

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Why We Like This

Vivohome electric dehydrator machine comes with 5 layers of trays has made it a favorite among food enthusiasts who love to make their own dried fruits, jerky, and even pet treats. With its large-capacity drying racks, you can dry most food items uniformly without worrying about overcrowding or uneven drying.

The 5-layer tray system offers incredible convenience when it comes to classifying different foods and improving productivity. You can load up all five trays with different types of food and start the machine in one go. This means you don't have to wait for one batch to finish before starting another, which is particularly helpful when you're dealing with a lot of food items.

What You Must Know

One of the features that make this machine stand out is its adjustable timer and temperature functions. With these functions, you have full control over the dehydration process, allowing you to choose the optimal time and temperature according to your ingredients.

The drying temperature can be set from 95 -176 (35 -80 ), while the time can be set from 1-48 hours. This feature allows you to dry a wide range of foods including fruits, vegetables, meat, and herbs. By setting an appropriate time and temperature, you can ensure that your food is evenly dehydrated without losing any nutrients or flavor.

Best Electric Ice Crusher with Durable Aluminum Rotary Blades

Vivohome Electric Ice Crusher 

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Why We Like This

The Vivohome electric ice crusher offers durable aluminum rotary blades that make it easier than ever to crush ice quickly and efficiently. With its powerful motor and sturdy construction, this crusher is perfect for use in homes or commercial settings.

The durable aluminum rotary blades in this electric ice crusher ensure that you get consistently crushed ice every time you use it. Unlike other products that use flimsy plastic blades or low-grade metal, the aluminum rotary blades in this ice crusher can handle large quantities of ice without breaking down. This makes it perfect for those who need to crush large amounts of ice at once.

What You Must Know

The Vivohome electric ice crusher has been a staple in many households and businesses for its compact and portable design. With built-in handles on both sides, it’s easy to carry around wherever you go, making it perfect for outdoor events or parties.

The compact size also means that the machine can fit perfectly on any countertop without taking up too much space. The drainage port and sanitary water tray at the bottom of the machine are two standout features that make using this product a breeze.

The drainage port ensures that excess water can easily be drained out of the machine without creating a mess, while the sanitary water tray prevents any water from leaking onto surfaces, keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.

Best Polyresin Antique With Solar Power Water Fountain

Vivohome Polyresin Antique

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Why We Like This

Vivohome polyresin antique comes with a solar power water fountain. The solar-powered water fountain utilizes energy from the sun to circulate water through its delicate design and creates a stunning visual display that is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

This solar-powered water fountain is that it requires no electricity or wiring, making it cost-effective and easy to install. This means you don't have to worry about any electricity bills or having access to a nearby outlet.

The solar power feature allows for easy installation without any electrical wiring required, making this water fountain perfect for those who want to add some charm and relaxation to their outdoor space without breaking the bank.

What You Must Know

Vivohome polyresin antique birdbath is made with durable material. The bird bath is crafted from weather-resistant polyresin, which ensures that it will be able to withstand even the harshest elements for many years to come.

This means that you can enjoy watching birds frolic in the water without having to worry about replacing or repairing the birdbath anytime soon. The tough and durable material ensures that it won't dent, break, or fracture easily, providing many years of use.

The durability of this antique birdbath not only makes it long-lasting but also low-maintenance. The material used in its construction is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your birdbath looks as beautiful as the day you bought it. This means more time spent enjoying your garden instead of worrying about upkeep.


Trying to find reliable information about Vivohome products can be difficult and time-consuming.

With much of the information online being outdated or just plain wrong, you may not know which sources to trust.

We take pride in providing accurate and up-to-date answers for all frequently asked questions about Vivohome so you can always get the best advice. We have a comprehensive FAQ page that covers everything so you can make an informed decision!

What types of foods can be dehydrated in a Vivohome electric dehydrator?

A wide variety of foods can be dehydrated, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats. Some popular items to dehydrate are apples, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, and beef for making jerky. Always consult the user manual for specific guidelines on preparing and dehydrating different foods.

How do I clean and maintain my Vivohome electric dehydrator?

To clean the dehydrator, unplug it and let it cool down. Remove the trays and wash them with warm, soapy water. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the interior and exterior of the dehydrator. 

Make sure all parts are completely dry before reassembling and storing the dehydrator. Regular cleaning and proper storage will help maintain the dehydrator's performance and longevity.

How much ice can the Vivohome electric ice crusher process at once?

The Vivohome electric ice crusher can process up to 1.6 L of ice cubes at once. Its powerful motor and durable rotary blades make it ideal for crushing large quantities of ice quickly and efficiently.

What type of ice can be used in the Vivohome electric ice crusher?

Most electric ice crushers can handle regular ice cubes from a home freezer. Some models may also be able to crush larger ice blocks or smaller, softer ice nuggets. It's important to consult the user manual for the VivoHome Electric Ice Crusher to determine the appropriate type and size of ice to use.

Can I use the Vivohome polyresin fountain outdoors during winter?

Yes, the Vivohome polyresin fountain can be used outdoors in winter but should be protected from extreme temperatures. The solar-powered feature is ideal for outdoor use as it doesn't require electricity or wiring and will continue to run during periods of low light. 

Make sure that any exposed water is removed when the temperature drops below freezing to prevent damage to the fountain.

How do I set up and install my Vivohome polyresin fountain?

Setting up and installing the Vivohome polyresin fountain is easy; assembly instructions are included with the product. Once all of the components have been assembled, it's time to connect the fountain to a water source. 

Note that, depending on your location, you may need to dig a hole in order to run tubing from an outside spigot or water supply line into the fountain. Once the source has been connected, the fountain is ready for use!

Summing It Up

We have now explored 3 of Vivohome’s best products and all three are designed with extraordinary craftsmanship, made from quality materials, and help in the home as well as life improvement. They are also incredibly convenient and easy to use. While all of them are great options, it is up to you to decide which product would be the best fit for your needs.

While landing on Vivohome's site or Amazon through the browser, you'll see Vivohome’s unbeatable prices, rest assured that you will be making a wise choice either way! For alternative brands, you can visit their site or app where you'll be able to find alternative products.