Worried about your high water bill? Smart sprinkler controllers can help you save money on your monthly water bill. In fact, many of them can cut your bill in half!

Not only will a smart sprinkler controller help you save money, but it will also keep your lawn looking great. You won’t have to worry about over or under watering ever again.

Read this article to know more about top 7 best smart sprinkler controllers reviewed by experts after detailed research on basis of convenience, and working etc.

How We Choose The Best Ones

It can be hard to know which smart sprinkler controller system is the best for your needs. There are a lot of different options on the market, and it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

We've done the research for you. Our team has tested all of the top smart sprinkler controllers and found the few best ones for every type of homeowner.

Best Smart Sprinkle Controller With Alexa

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

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Why Its Our Favorite

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller is 8 zone, 3rd generation controller that is loaded with features to make your gardening and lawn care easier than ever. With Alexa compatibility, you can control your sprinkler system with just your voice.

Also, this innovative product automatically creates watering schedules that ensure your plants get just the right amount of water, without wasting any resources. Not only will this utilize less resources, but it will also keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy all season long.

And since Rachio 3 watches the weather for you, you'll never have to worry about over or under watering your plants again. So give yourself a break this summer and let Rachio 3 take care of your lawn and garden watering needs. You won't be disappointed!

What's Worth Knowing

Rachio's new Smart Sprinkler Controller features fast and easy installation in 30 minutes or less - with no special tools needed. That means you can get online and watering your garden in no time! In addition, Rachio's in-app installation tutorial will help you every step of the way, so you can be sure you're doing it right.

Perhaps most notably, the Rachio 3 includes automatic shut-off features, which activate in the event of rain or freezing temperatures. This not only saves water, but it also prevents damage to your sprinkler system. It is compatibility with a wide range of sprinkler systems, making it easy to retrofit into existing setups.

Best Smart 6-Zone Sprinkle Controller with Weather Sense technology

Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart 6-Zone Sprinkler Controller

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Why Its Our Favorite

Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart 6-Zone, features the ability to be controlled from anywhere, and with this, you'll always be in charge of your lawn's watering needs. The B-hyve app is fully functional for android, iOS or web devices, and gives you control wherever you need it.

Program your timer on the app, at the timer, or let the weather-based software create a program for you. either way, it will work efficiently for sure.

Also with WeatherSense technology, it automatically adjusts your controller to deliver the right amount of water to your plants, based on site conditions such as slope, soil type, sun/shade, historical et and live weather feeds.

What's Worth Knowing

The thing you should know about Orbit 57946 B-hyve smart sprinkler controller is that it is used with 110V Only. It is compatible and compliant only with 110V electrical outlets. The unit also has a manual dial for quick, easy setting changes without the use of an app. You can use this controller with standard residential hose faucet.

Also, Orbit 57946 B-hyve smart sprinkler controller's swing panel provides easy access to the angled wiring terminals for convenient wiring and quick setup, and the plug-and-go line cord can also be cut for hardwired applications. The unit also has an openings in the cabinet that allow for ventilation and cooling of internal components.

Best 8-Zone Smart Sprinkle Controller

Orbit 57985 B-hyve XR Smart 8-Zone Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller

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Why Its Our Favorite

Orbit 57985 B-hyve XR smart 8-Zone indoor/outdoor sprinkler controller provides ultimate control over your sprinkler system, with features like a multi-color LED light ring and three full-color digital displays.

Plus, the built-in manual watering override button lets you start or stop watering without even using the app! If you're committed to water conservation or simply want a luscious lawn, this controller is the ideal pick.

What's Worth Knowing

Orbit 57985 B-hyve offers easy programming and long-range Bluetooth connectivity. With the free B-hyve app, you can create watering schedules, set duration times, get alerts and control everything right from your smartphone.

The controller's Bluetooth connectivity also makes for a fast pairing process, so you can get started using it right away.

Also, It has the ability to control up to 8 zones individually, so you can tailor your watering to the unique needs of your landscape. This can be a great time-saver, especially if you have a large or complex yard. In addition, it has a flow sensor that can detect and report leaks. This is an invaluable feature that can help you avoid costly water damage.

Best Smart Indoor WIFI Sprinkle Controller

Rain Bird ST8I-2.0 Smart Indoor WIFI Sprinkler 8-Zone/Station 

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Why Its Our Favorite

The Rain Bird ST8I-2.0 updated model features numerous upgrades and replaces the obsolete ST8I-WIFI. With 8 zones/stations, this smart sprinkler timer is perfect for your home irrigation needs.

This innovative timer allows you to conveniently control your sprinkler system from the palm of your hand, thanks to its WIFI signal. You can access all of the timer functions from anywhere in the world, which makes it super easy to program.

Plus, the Rain Bird ST8I-2.0 is built to last with its durable construction and high-quality components. So don't go another day without the peace of mind and convenience that this smart sprinkler timer provides.

This 8-zone/station timer is also EPA WaterSense certified, meaning it will help you save at least 20% on your water bill compared to non-certified models. That's great news for your wallet and for the environment!

What's Worth Knowing

Rain Bird ST8I-2.0 Smart Indoor is a highly innovative timer that gives users multiple ways to control it. First, it can be accessed wirelessly through a network. This means that users can remotely control the timer from anywhere with an internet connection. secondly, it can be controlled with an in-range mobile device. This is convenient for users who are always on the go and need to be able to adjust the timer quickly and easily. Finally, the timer can also be directly controlled through its control panel. This is ideal for users who prefer a more hands-on approach or who want to make sure that they have complete control over the timer.

Overall, it is a highly versatile and user-friendly timer that is way ahead of others to use for any home or office.

Best Sprinkle Controller with Automatic Rain Delay

RAINPOINT Sprinkler Controller 2nd Gen

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Why Its Our Favorite

The RAINPOINT sprinkler controller 2nd Gen. is a premium controller that comes equipped with everything you need to keep your lawn or garden looking its best, including automatic rain delay, 2ND GEN WIFI sprinkler timer technology, and compatibility with 2-Zone WIFI sprinkler timers. With its smart water feature, you can also save money by only watering your plants when they need it – no more over-watering or wasted resources.

Moreover, this amazing device automatically delays watering for 24-48-72 hours when it rains or when the soil moisture is too high. Plus, it starts watering again 1-60 minutes after the soil moisture is too low - all without you having to lift a finger.

What's Worth Knowing

The RAINPOINT Sprinkler Controller is a great way to extend your in ground irrigation system. One WIFI hub can be paired with 4 WIFI sprinkler timers (1-Zone or 2-Zone) and acts as a smart plug for other devices. And one WIFI water valve can be paired with 1 WIFI soil sensor. This makes it easy to add additional zones or devices to your system without having to buy a new controller.

Moreover, it only connects with 2.4GHz WIFI. If your router is a dual-band router, make sure to independently enable the 2.4GHz WIFI band and give it a different name from the 5GHz WIFI band. This will ensure that the RainPoint Sprinkler Controller can connect to your WIFI and function properly. With this controller, you can set it to water your lawn or garden automatically, and you don't have to worry about forgetting to water your plants yourself.

Best 6-Zone Sprinkle Controller with Weather aware

Netro Smart 6 Zone Sprinkler Controller

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Why Its Our Favorite

Netro Smart 6 Zone Sprinkler Controller provides eco-friendly solution for your outdoor watering needs. With its advanced water saving technologies, it can help you reduce your water usage by almost half. So not only will you be helping the environment, but your expenses will also be reduced.

Also, the Netro Smart not only offers automatic compliance with local watering restrictions, but also features weather-based alerts to help you save water and keep your lawn looking its best.

You can also use your smartphone or tablet to connect to the built-in Wi-Fi and monitor and control the device from there.

What's Worth Knowing

The Netro Smart provides lifetime cloud service. This means that you can connect to the WIFI (2.4G), monitor, and control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world using your iOS (8.3+) or Android (5.0+) device, or even a web browser.

The thing you should know about Netro Smart 6 Zone Sprinkler Controller is that it includes six zones, each of which can be programmed individually to meet the specific needs of your garden. The controller is also compatible with a wide range of sprinkler heads, including rotary, impulse, and drip in ground irrigation systems. This makes it easy to find the right sprinkler head for your garden, and to ensure that your plants get the right amount of water.

Best Smart Sprinkle Controller Timer with EPA Water Sense

Wyze WSPRK1 Smart Controller Timer 

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Why Its Our Favorite

Most importantly, with Wyze WSPRK1 Smart Controller Timer with EPA Watersense , you can be confident that your plants are always taken care of as it automatically waters them when they're thirsty – not when it's raining. What's more, the advanced Smart Schedule algorithm approved by EPA Watersense uses hyper-local weather data to decide when to water each zone, so you can be sure your lawn is always in tip-top condition.

Also, you can create fixed schedules to water your plants on specific days of the week, including dedicated sunrise/sunset settings.

So go ahead and enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about your garden – the Wyze WSPRK1 has got you covered.

What's Worth Knowing

When the Wyze WSPRK1 smart controller timer is installed, you may simply turn on alerts to know when your system begins or stops watering. This way, you can be confident that your plants are receiving adequate water.

Also, this product features a manual override feature, which allows you to water your plants even if the timer is not set to do so. This is a great feature for those times when you forget to set the timer or when your plants need an extra drink of water.


Irrigating your lawn can be a complex process that is often difficult to get right.

You may not be sure which irrigation system is best for your needs, or you may not know how to set up your sprinkler timer correctly.

If you're undecided about whether or not to use smart sprinkler controller or how to use it, our FAQs can help clear up any concerns and give you all the information you need to make a decision.

What is the best smart sprinkler controller?

The best smart sprinkler controllers are those that are easy to set up and to program even through WIFI when you're not at spot. Another quality is weather tracking. It's important that the controller must adjust watering schedules based on local weather conditions.

Some other smart sprinkler controllers are able to optimize watering schedule for maximum efficiency. And finally, it's important that the controller must be compatible with a wide range of smart sprinkler systems.

Is a smart sprinkler controller worth it?

Yes, it is definitely worth the investment, especially if you're someone who likes to save water and money as they are more efficient than traditional controllers because they're able to tailor your irrigation schedule to the specific needs of your plants. For example, some smart controllers can determine how much rain has fallen in your region and modify your irrigation plan as a result. This ensures that your plants receive only the appropriate amount of water, which will keep them healthier in the long run.

Can I control my sprinkler system with my phone?

Yes, you can control your sprinkler system with your phone.

There are a number of apps that allow you to control your sprinklers from your phone. These apps typically allow you to set watering schedules, adjust watering times, and monitor water usage. Some even allow you to remotely turn on or off your sprinklers.

Smart home systems can also be used to control your sprinklers. These systems typically give you more flexibility in terms of scheduling and activation than apps do.

How do I convert my sprinkler system to smart?

Although there are certain ways to convert sprinkler system to smart but the best way of doing that is to purchase a separate controller that can be used in conjunction with your existing system. This will let you keep the simplicity of your current system while still being able to take advantage of the convenience and features of a smart controller.

How much water does a smart sprinkler save?

A smart sprinkler can save you up to 50% of your water usage. That's because these sprinklers are programmable and can adjust watering times and amounts based on the specific needs of your landscape. So you don't have to worry about over-watering or under-watering; a smart sprinkler will handle it all for you. And since they come with weather intelligence sensors, they'll also delay watering if it's raining or stop altogether if it's too wet.

How many sprinklers can I put on one zone?

It really depends on the model of sprinkler system and the size of your yard. Typically, you can have up to 8 sprinklers on one zone without any issues. But if you have a larger yard, you may need to increase that number to 12 or even 16.

How much does a smart irrigation system cost?

It depends on the system. Some more basic systems may be as low as a 50 to 100 dollars, while more sophisticated and customized systems could potentially cost thousands of dollars. Factors that will affect the price include the size of your property, the number of irrigation zones, and whether you want features like weather-based scheduling or remote access.

How long do sprinkler controllers last?

The life expectancy of a sprinkler controller varies depending on the brand and model. However, in general, they tend to last around 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced. This is because the components inside the controller eventually wear out after being exposed to water over an extended period of time.

How much PSI does a sprinkler need?

Most homeowners' lawn sprinkler systems operate at around 30-50 PSI. This is a good range to achieve a balance between water distribution and minimizing water waste.

If the soil is particularly sandy or if you're experiencing higher-than-average winds, you may want to consider turning up the pressure on your underground sprinkler system for better results.

How does a WIFI irrigation controller work?

With a WIFI irrigation controller, you can use your phone, computer or tablet to operate it. The device attaches to your in ground sprinkler system and uses an internet connection to connect to the controller. You'll be able to program the controller from anywhere that has an internet connection, and some models will even allow you to access the controller when you're away.

How much money does a smart sprinkler save?

Smart sprinklers can save you a lot of money on your water bill. They work by only watering your lawn when it needs it, and not wasting water when it doesn't. This can lead to huge savings, as much as 50% or more.

In addition, smart sprinklers can also help you avoid fines for water waste if your municipality charges for that. So there are plenty of reasons to invest in a smart sprinkler system.

How does B HYVE know soil moisture?

B HYVE uses a moisture sensor to measure soil moisture content. The sensor is placed in the root zone of plants and sends readings to the B HYVE app on your smartphone or tablet. The app then uses these readings to provide you with information about how much water your plants need.

In Conclusion

The 7 best smart sprinkler controller systems are a great investment for your home. They make watering your lawn easier and more efficient than ever before. Not to mention, they can save your resources in the long run. If you’re looking for a way to take care of your yard without having to constantly worry about it, then a smart sprinkler controller is the perfect solution for you. Thanks for reading.