Looking to give your soccer game a tech upgrade?

With the right smart soccer ball, you can take your game to the next level and reach new heights. By measuring distance, speed, spin rate, and tracking location data with real-time accuracy – these modern marvels of sports engineering will help you maximize performance in ways no traditional leather ball ever could.

Get ready to unlock insights into every metric that matters so you can fine-tune each move for maximum success on the field. Plus, don’t worry about having too much trouble finding the perfect one for your individual needs. we have rounded up some of the best models out there with an in-depth review of their top features so you know exactly what to expect when purchasing a smart soccer ball!

How We Selected The Best Options

You've seen all the new and exciting smart soccer balls on the market, but you're not sure which one to pick. With so many companies claiming their ball is the best, it can be hard to decide which one offers real benefits and which ones are just marketing hype.

To make it easy, we've done the hard work for you. We've tested over 20 of the most popular smart soccer balls on the market and selected our top 4 based on performance, design, and features. Check out our picks for what we believe to be the 4 best smart soccer balls on the market today.

Best Smart Soccer Ball That Offers Individual Soccer Training Program

SenseBall Smart Soccer Ball 

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Why We Picked It

We picked the SenseBall smart soccer ball for its unique focus on individual soccer training programs. The accompanying app provides specialized programs for enhancing techniques and control. Inside every SenseBall package, you'll discover an exclusive access code granting you entry to the app's treasure trove:

50 comprehensive exercise videos, a structured didactical regimen, and two invaluable video conferences. These tools empower you to craft a personalized training routine, offering intricate insights into precise movements. This innovative system can even aid in honing your skills with your non-dominant leg, akin to having a personal soccer mentor by your side.

Things To Keep In Mind

The important thing to know about SenseBall soccer kick trainer is its ability to train players to become proficient with both feet. This cutting-edge soccer kick trainer operates on the principle of bilateral activity. By utilizing this training tool, players can achieve an astounding average of 500,000 ball touches within a single season, effectively equalizing the usage of their left and right feet.

The constant alternation between feet facilitates myelination, which solidifies the recording of information in long-term memory. As a result, players experience substantial improvements in their overall skills and ball control.

Best Soccer Ball That Comes With Light & Sound Features

Smart Soccer Ball

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Why We Picked It

We chose the smart soccer ball for its innovative light and sound features, making training more engaging and rewarding. With the ability to count up to 100 kicks, the smart ball helps you track your progress and set targets for improvement.

As you hit key milestones, the ball becomes your motivational companion, offering words of encouragement to uplift your spirits and keep you motivated as you challenge yourself to maintain ball control in the air.

But that's not all - the fun doesn't stop there! The smart ball adds an extra layer of enjoyment with its illuminating feature. Every time the ball makes contact with your body, it lights up, turning your training sessions into a playful and immersive experience.

Things To Keep In Mind

The key feature of the Smart soccer ball is its suitability for refining your kicking techniques and freestyle skills. This innovative ball is optimized for its intended purpose – practicing precision and control. It's crucial to avoid striking the ball against solid surfaces like walls, as this could potentially harm the ball's integrity.

To ensure accurate sensor readings with every kick, it's recommended to fully inflate the ball. However, be mindful that this might add a level of complexity to your kicks. On the other hand, slightly deflating the ball can make kicking easier, but it's important to note that sensor functionality may not be consistent in this case.

Best Smart Soccer Ball with Long Battery LED Light Sensor

Mcnick & Company Smart Soccer Ball

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Why We Picked It

The Mcnick & Company smart soccer ball is a lightweight ball that boasts battery-powered, impact-activated LEDs that offer an astounding battery life of up to one hundred hours – ensuring extended hours of illuminated play. Activating the batteries is a breeze: simply pull the tab, and upon impact, the sensor triggers, illuminating the LED ball instantaneously.

Notably, the LED lights intelligently turn off when the ball remains stationary for twenty seconds, conserving power effectively. This thoughtful design not only adds a captivating visual element to your soccer experience but also emphasizes energy efficiency.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Mcnick & Company smart soccer ball offers dynamic illumination and it is designed for outdoor play in low-light conditions, this game ball remains illuminated for a generous thirty seconds with every shake, bounce, pass, or kick.

This captivating glow adds an exciting dimension to nighttime soccer sessions, catering to enthusiasts who relish outdoor play in the dark. The convenience extends further with the included air pump in the package. Swiftly unpack, inflate the ball with ease, and you're all set for action

Best Smart Soccer Ball with Easy Grip Adjustable Cord

Messi Training System Smart Soccer Ball 

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Why We Picked It

We selected the Messi Training System smart soccer ball for its ingenious design, highlighted by the user-friendly adjustable cord. The ball has no sensors but it is tethered with a customizable cord that can be tailored to your child's height, catering to both boys and girls. This ensures an optimal training experience, enabling aspiring soccer stars to refine their skills effectively.

What sets this system apart is its ergonomic grip, safeguarding hands from potential discomfort or strain during extended practice sessions. The Messi Training System smart soccer ball offers a holistic solution, combining practicality, comfort, and adaptability to create an ideal training environment for young athletes.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Messi Training System smart soccer ball stands out for its unique approach to honing soccer skills. Unlike other smart balls, it focuses on refining the core essentials without the use of sensors. This training ball serves as a fundamental tool for perfecting crucial aspects of the game.

It's an ideal companion for enhancing foot-eye coordination, mastering optimal body positioning, practicing accurate heading and chesting techniques, honing skilled juggling abilities, and mastering seamless dribbling – all of which contribute to playing like a seasoned professional.


Smart Soccer Ball technology is becoming increasingly popular, but there are still many questions about how it works and the unique features it offers.

With so much information out there, it can be hard to verify what’s true and what’s not. It can also make it difficult for soccer players to make an informed decision when deciding whether to invest in the latest smart soccer ball technology.

That’s why we created FAQs about Smart Soccer Balls! We have compiled all the important information about this technology into one place so you can get clear answers to all your questions quickly and easily. Now you can make an informed decision with confidence!

What is a smart soccer ball?

A smart soccer ball is more advanced than a regular soccer ball. A smart soccer ball with embedded sensors meticulously analyzes ball movement and the player's touch. These insights wirelessly transmit to a connected device, providing real-time feedback on ball juggling skills.

It features interactive training modes, refining precision and control. This innovation enhances the practice of ball juggling, empowering the soccer player to master this vital technique with data-driven guidance, amplifying their coordination, control, and overall performance on the field.

How do the smart soccer balls work?

Smart soccer balls incorporate built-in sensors that capture data during play. These sensors monitor variables like ball speed, spin, trajectory, and impact points. This data is then wirelessly transmitted to a paired device, like a smartphone or tablet, through dedicated apps. Players receive real-time performance feedback, including insights into ball control, technique, and shooting accuracy.

Some models offer interactive training modules and challenges to improve skills. By merging technology with the sport, smart soccer balls provide comprehensive insights, enabling players to refine techniques and elevate their game to new heights.

Is the DribbleUp smart soccer ball durable?

The DribbleUp smart soccer ball is designed with durability in mind, utilizing high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of soccer training. Its outer casing is crafted to endure frequent kicks and impacts, ensuring long-lasting performance.

While the ball contains sensitive sensors, they are well-protected and integrated seamlessly within the ball's structure. However, as with any sports equipment, proper care and usage are recommended to maintain its longevity.

Is the smart soccer ball effective for training?

Yes, many users have found the DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball effective for training. The ball's many features, including the ability to practice anywhere and anytime, make it an excellent piece of training equipment.

Plus, the app features over 600 drills that allow you to work on your skills and track your progress. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball is sure to help you improve!

How do I set up my DribbleUp smart soccer ball?

Setting up your DribbleUp smart soccer ball involves downloading the free DribbleUp app, creating a user account, and assembling the phone stand. After this, you're ready to start training.

The app will walk you through the setup process step by step. All you need to do is make sure your smartphone or tablet is charged and connected to a stable internet connection, and then follow the instructions in the app.

How much does a smart soccer ball cost?

The cost of a smart soccer ball varies depending on the brand, features, and technological capabilities. Entry-level models with basic tracking and interactive functions can be found in the range of $50 to $100. Mid-range options with more advanced sensors, connectivity, and training programs typically range from $100 to $200.

Premium smart soccer balls, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, biomechanical analysis, and extensive app integration, may cost $200 or more. It's important to consider your training needs, goals, and budget when selecting a smart soccer ball, as the price reflects the level of sophistication and features offered by the ball.

Does Adidas manufacture a smart soccer ball?

Yes, Adidas has a smart soccer ball that uses sensors and Bluetooth technology to analyze kicks and improve the game. It's another example of how computers are being utilized in the sporting world.

Compared to other smart soccer balls, the Adidas smart ball offers real-time feedback on ball touches and provides coaching tips during training. Additionally, it tracks shot speed and curvature, enabling players to monitor their progress across sessions.

Can I use the smart soccer ball for professional training?

Yes, the smart soccer ball is not just for beginners or children; it can also be used for professional training. Its advanced features allow players of all levels to improve their skills and performance.

The ball can be used to practice different drills and techniques or to measure performance statistics such as speed and spin. Professional players have found the smart soccer ball particularly useful because of its ability to track progress over time and provide feedback on their footwork, also ball handling skills.

Summing Up

Our hands-on review of the top 4 smart soccer balls shows that modern technology has made a huge impact on the way we play sports. With features such as embedded sensors, high-contrast tracking markers, and built-in simulations for drills and coaching, these products offer a heightened level of user experience both on and off the field.

Whether you're a beginner learning the basics or a veteran professional perfecting your technique, one of these smart soccer balls can provide invaluable feedback to help you get the most from your training sessions.