Looking for a cool new mirror to upgrade your home?

Smart mirrors are the latest in technology and provide a number of features that can make your life easier. From showing the weather to letting you check your email, these mirrors have it all.

If you're looking for the best smart mirrors on the market, read on for our top six picks. With so many options out there, we can help you find the perfect mirror for your needs. Whether you want one that just shows your reflection or one with tons of extra features, we've got you covered. Give this article a read to know more about them.

How We Choose

When it comes to the smart mirror market, there are a lot of choices. So, how do you know which one is the best for your needs?

It can be hard to figure out what features you need in a smart mirror and then find the right product that has all of those features.

We've done the hard work for you. After researching and testing dozens of different models, we've chosen six of the best smart mirrors on the market.

Best Mirror With Touch Button & Anti-Fog

D-HYH Led Smart Mirror

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Why We Love It

The D-HYH LED smart mirror features built in LED lighting bars on both the front and back, providing ample illumination for all your needs. Whether you're shaving, doing your makeup, or simply grooming, this smart mirror makes it easier than ever to get a perfect finish. Plus, the touch button dimming control lets you customize the light output to suit your preferences.

Also, this mirror features an advanced anti-fog function that quickly and easily removes water vapor from the mirror surface. Simply touch the button and wait 1-3 minutes for the heat to disperse and voila - a clear, fog-free reflection.

Not only it provides a clear view, but it also offers adjustable brightness to suit any situation. Whether you're getting ready for a night out or need extra light for your morning routine, this mirror has you covered.

What You Should Know

This smart mirror is made with 5MM HD eco-friendly copper-free silver mirror, and the IP54 waterproof backing is specially designed for bathrooms. This means that the mirror will be protected from water damage, and it will last for at least 50,000 hours. The light bar inside the mirror is also waterproof, so it's perfect for use in many more places.

Moreover, this smart mirror has been tested to withstand impact, pressure, and other potential damage. The mirror has four rubber buffers attached to the corners to help protect it during transportation, and the glass is treated with a special coating that makes it resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

Best Mirror With Adjustable Warm Lights

Butylux Smart Mirror with Memory Function

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Why We Love It

The Butylux smart mirror with memory function has a sleek design that will complement any décor. It's made with a 5mm HD environmental friendly copper-free silver mirror, so you can be sure it will last for years to come. The frame of different styles is made of oxidation-treated aluminum alloy, which is durable and safe.

And the high-quality constant voltage power supply makes this mirror ultra-efficient. With its adjustable warm lights, you can create the perfect lighting for any setting. This amazing smart mirror features full touch control for an uniform and soft light.

You can easily switch between a 3000k warm white light and a 6000k daylight, and adjust the light intensity from 10% to 100% according to your need. It is perfect for those who want a comfortable visual lighting. It flickers no UV, making it a safe and reliable option for your needs.

What You Should Know

From safety perspective, the back of the mirror is covered with a film that helps to prevent chipping and cracking. Moreover, the overall thickness of the mirror is 40mm. This makes the mirror much safer as it is less likely to break.

Additionally, the frame of the mirror is close to the wall, which gives it a sleek look while also keeping it secure. These safety features are just some of the reasons why the Butylux smart mirror is such a popular choice for people who are looking for a stylish and safe way to improve their home.

Best Mirror With Defogger Weather Time

BYECOLD Smart Mirror

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Why We Love It

The BYECOLD smart mirror with defogger weather time is connected with the WiseMirror APP, so you can get real-time weather information right on the mirror.

What's even more impressive is that the it can show 11 different icons for various weather conditions, including sunny, overcast/cloudy, cloudy to clear, light rain, heavy rain, thunderstorm, shower, light snow, heavy snow, sleet and foggy.

The backlit LED mirror light is controlled by a sensitive touch button on the screen, allowing you to adjust the color temperature to suit your needs. You can also switch colors freely by switching the button on the black box at the mirror back. No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, you'll be ready with this smart mirror.

What You Should Know

These smart mirrors are made of stronger glass which is much less likely to break. Even if the mirror does break, it won't shatter into pieces like some inferior brands. This makes BYECOLD Smart Mirror a much safer choice for homes with children. Also, they come with high quality LED lights.

These strips provide even and consistent lighting without generating any heat. This makes them very safe to use in wet bathroom environments. Overall, these smart mirrors are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high quality and durable bathroom mirror.

Best Mirror With Bluetooth Speaker

Bonnlo Smart Mirror

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Why We Love It

Bonnlo smart mirror with Bluetooth speaker is a sleek and chic mirror that is contemporary style which is complemented by the lack of visible screws or switches, giving it a luxurious and glamorous look.

With this smart mirror, you'll have a CE certified 110V sensor switch for both turning on/off the led light and dimming function. You can press and hold the button after switching on for adjusting the brightness, once the desired brightness is reached, move your hand away and then press the button for 1 sec, to save that particular brightness.

Memory function helps to save the programmed brightness when you turn on the light next time. So whether you want a subtle glow to help you do your makeup or a brighter light to shave, this mirror has got you covered!

What You Should Know

They come with 2-Way Installation, so you can hang them vertically or horizontally. Additionally, they have UL listed plugs and can be cut off to hardwired to a switch on the wall. When hung, you will need to turn on both the wall switch and then the mirror if the light switch is turned off at the wall. This ensures that you get the most use out of your Bonnlo smart mirror.

Also, with its built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy your favorite tunes or catch up on the news while getting ready for the day ahead. The touch-screen controls make it easy to adjust the volume or change tracks, and the built-in microphone lets you take hands-free calls while getting ready for your day.

Whether you're listening to music, catching up on the news, or just checking your appearance, this smart mirror is a great way to start your day.

Best Smart Mirror With Wi-Fi 


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Why We Love It

HAUSCHEN HOME's smart Wi-Fi LED mirror gives you the convenience of voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The mirror is simple to control with a few easy commands. You can adjust the brightness and light color to create the perfect setting for any occasion. The beautiful, sleek design is appropriate for any area and the built-in storage shelf allows you to store your favorite items.

Also, this stunning mirror is made of lead-free and copper-free materials, making it much more environmentally friendly than traditional mirror. It also has a much lower corrosion rate, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

What You Should Know

The thing which really sets this mirror apart is its adjustable LED front light. With a color rendering index of 95, it provides super bright illumination that is perfect for any bathroom. The light can be adjusted from 20% to 100% brightness, and you can choose between 3000K warm white, 4200K neutral white, and 5500K daylight settings.

This means that you'll always have the perfect amount of light for your needs. And because the light is flicker-free, you'll never have to worry about eye fatigue.

Best Mirror With 3X Lighted Magnifier

PetusHouse Smart Mirror

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Why We Love It

The PetusHouse smart mirror with 3X lighted magnifier features a 3X magnified 5.5 inch LED magnifier, allowing you to see every detail of your face clearly.

The PetusHouse smart mirror has a sleek design and superior quality construction make it a standout product in any setting.

This smart mirror is also extremely easy to install. Simply hang it on any wall using the included mounting hardware, and you're all set. No need for complicated wiring or special tools just follow the simple instructions and you'll have your new mirror up in no time.

What You Should Know

The PetusHouse smart mirror is a great value for money. It has a touch screen that makes it easy to use and it also has a built in speaker that gives you the option to listen to music or make phone calls. It is also very lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go. Furthermore, it comes with a one year warranty, making it a great investment for your home.


People are curious about the potential applications of smart mirrors, but they don't know where to start.

There are a lot of misconceptions about smart mirrors and their capabilities.

Our FAQs about smart mirrors will help clear up any confusion and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not this technology is right for you.

Which smart mirror is best?

The best smart mirror is large enough to provide useful information but not so large that it takes up too much space. Some mirrors are two way mirror, they can also show basic information such as the time and date, while best smart mirrors can display more detailed data like weather forecasts, traffic conditions, or stock prices.

Also, they are compatible with bluetooth device and operating system.

Are smart mirrors popular?

Yes, smart mirrors are getting increasingly popular these days. There are several reasons for this – first of all, they offer a lot of convenience. You can control them with your voice or your smartphone, and they can do everything from play music to remind you of your schedule for the day.

Plus, many smart mirrors also come equipped with built-in alarms and cameras, so you can always keep an eye on what's going on even when you're not there.

Do smart mirrors play music?

Yes, smart mirrors can play music! You can use a dedicated music player that is designed to work with smart mirrors. These players typically have touch screens and can be controlled using voice commands.

Also it can be done by using a smartphone or tablet as a makeshift music player. Simply open up your favorite streaming app and cast it to the mirror using Bluetooth or another wireless protocol.

Are smart mirrors the future?

Yes, smart mirrors are augmented reality. They offer a unique and convenient way to see yourself and your surroundings without having to go through the trouble of turning around or walking to another room.

Not only are they helpful for checking your appearance before you head out, but can also help you to do multitasking without wasting a minute like reading newspaper, listening radio and all.

What can you display on a smart mirror?

Other than some basic things, many smart mirrors can be customized to show information that is specific to your needs or interests. For example, you could set up your mirror to show a daily weather report, your schedule for the day, or a list of recently received emails and text messages.

What's the point of a smart mirror?

Smart mirrors are used to provide a customized user interface for activities such as looking up information, or watching television.

They are also being developed to recognize the user's appearance and track their weight, body fat percentage, and other physical characteristics so that they can be displayed on the mirror. This would allow the user to see how different outfits would look on them before they actually put them on.

How much do smart mirrors cost?

Prices for smart mirrors can vary quite a bit depending on the features and quality you're looking for. Some of the more basic models might costs few hundred Dollars, while more advanced models with streaming capabilities and built-in voice assistants could cost closer to $1000. Ultimately, it really depends on what you want out of your smart mirror and how much you're willing to invest.

How do you make an Alexa smart mirror?

There are a few ways to make an Alexa smart mirror. One way is to use an Amazon Echo Dot and a regular mirror. The Echo Dot can be placed behind the mirror and the microphone will pick up your voice. Another way is to use a Raspberry Pi and create a custom software that will allow you to control your mirror with your voice.

What are differences between traditional and smart mirrors?

Traditional mirrors use a flat piece of glass or plastic, while smart mirrors use a curved piece of glass. Traditional mirrors reflect an image that is the same on both the front and the back of the mirror. Smart mirrors can be designed to reflect an image that is different on the front and back of the mirror.

Are smart mirrors worth it?

Absolutely! smart mirrors are an incredible invention that can really change your life for the better.

How do you make a smart touch screen mirror?

There are a few ways to make a smart touch screen mirror. One way is to use an LCD monitor with a built-in touch screen. Another way is to use a standard mirror and attach a touch screen overlay. And finally, you can also buy mirrors that already come with touch screen functionality.

What is Smart Mirror app?

Smart Mirror is an app for your smartphone that turns it into a virtual mirror. It allows you to see yourself in the mirror, no matter where you are. You can also use it to see how you would look with different hairstyles, makeup, and outfits.


If you are looking for an innovative way to upgrade your home, a smart mirror may be the perfect solution. We’ve detailed six of the best options on the market and given you our thoughts on each one. Now it’s up to you to decide which one is right for your needs.

Remember, these mirrors aren’t just about vanity – they can also provide valuable information and help you stay organized. So don’t wait – buy today and start enjoying all the benefits a smart mirror has to offer.