Does your dog eat too fast and get sick afterward?

A lot of pet owners face this same problem. Dogs that eat too quickly can often end up with gastric problems like vomiting or diarrhea because they don't have enough time to chew their food properly. This is where a slow-feeder dog bowl comes in handy!

These bowls are designed to make your pup work for their food, so they'll take their time eating and digesting properly. Not only will this help them stay healthy, but it'll also keep them from getting bored with their meals since they'll be taking longer to finish. Plus, many of these bowls come in really fun and stylish designs that both you and your pet will love!

How These Products Make Our List

Your dog loves to eat, but you're worried about them getting sick from eating too fast. You've heard that a slow-feeder dog bowl can help.

It's hard to know which slow-feeder dog bowl is the best for your pup. There are so many options on the market!

We did the research for you and picked out the 7 best slow-feeder dog bowls on the market. Each of these bowls has been praised by customers and vets alike for its ability to help dogs eat more slowly and reduce bloating, gas, and vomiting.

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Made of Food Grade Silicone

Maiqufa Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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What We Love About It

Welcome pet parents! Maiqufa slow-feed bowl is an innovative solution for your furry friend’s mealtime. This bowl supports a healthy lifestyle by engaging your pup in longer, slower mealtimes.

Crafted from food-grade silicone, this bowl is designed to entertain and challenge your pup while still being gentle on their gums and teeth.

Food-grade silicone is a non-toxic material that has passed stringent tests showing it is safe for human consumption, making it great for long-term contact with skin and food without any risk of leaching chemicals or residues.

It makes for an ideal material for this product because it is durable and easy to clean—perfect for daily use at mealtime. And you don’t have to worry about the color fading or discoloration over time; silicone resists extreme temperatures, water, and stains so you get the same vibrant colors on the outside of the bowl as the day you bought it.

Things to Keep in Mind

The benefits of the Maiqufa slow feeder dog bowl are numerous and provide pet owners with much-needed assurance that their pup is receiving a healthy meal. Preventing obesity, bloating, and vomiting in dogs, regular use of this dog bowl will help encourage your pup to slow down during meals and develop healthier eating habits.

Additionally, the soft material found in the design of the bowl prevents injury to both your furry companions' noses or teeth when enjoying mealtime. By incorporating the Maiqufa slow feeder dog bowl into your pet's routine, you can be proud to know that your pup benefits from increased satisfaction at mealtimes while protecting their health simultaneously.

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl with 36 Suction Cups

Maiyouweng Dog Bowl Slow Feeder 

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What We Love About It

Introducing the revolutionary Maiyouweng dog slow feeder bowl, designed to make mealtime easier and more enjoyable for your furry friend! This amazing bowl comes with 36 suction cups, allowing you to stick it directly to your kitchen floor or another hard surface so it does not move around when your pup is chowing down. The unique suction cup design will also help keep it from sliding across the floor as your pup enjoys its meal.

It helps to control feeding speed and can even prolong feeding time depending on your pet’s needs. Slow feeding requires a pet to eat in a manner similar to the hunt rather than just gulping down food. This not only encourages healthier eating habits but also provides mental stimulation and reward communication between you and your pup!

Things to Keep in Mind

The Maiyouweng dog bowl slow feeder is an invaluable addition to any pet owner's arsenal of supplies. With it, keeping your pup's food clean and safe has never been easier.

Not only is it hand or machine-washable, but its design means no more stubborn food residues - simply rinse and go. It's also suitable for wet and dry foods as well as treats, making mealtime a snap. Plus, the 24-hour after-sales service makes sure you can always get answers whenever there's a problem.

With affordable prices and impressive features, Maiyouweng brings a whole lot of value to pet owners everywhere!

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Made of Plastic

Outward Hound Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 

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What We Love About It

Introducing the Outward Hound slow feeder dog bowl, a revolutionary product designed to improve your pup's eating habits! Made of durable plastic that won't break or shatter, this bowl is ready to stand up to even the most vigorous chewers.

Plastic is an incredibly versatile material used in a variety of products ranging from everyday items like cups and containers to more sophisticated items such as medical and industrial supplies.

Unlike its glass and metal counterparts, plastic has great insulation properties and doesn't conduct heat or electricity. It is also lightweight and impact-resistant – perfect for our pet friends who can sometimes get excited when dinnertime comes around! That's why they chose plastic for this slow-feeder dog bowl; its resilience ensures it'll be in top condition even with regular use.

Things to Keep in Mind

The benefits of using a slow-feeder dog bowl are numerous, especially for pet owners dealing with fast-eating dogs. The Outward Hound slow feeder dog bowl is an ideal tool to help your pup eat more slowly and mindfully.

It features meal-lengthening ridges that not only challenge and engage your pup during mealtime but also help slow down their eating speed by 10 times. This will reduce the chances of common issues associated with fast-eating dogs such as bloating, regurgitation, or canine obesity.

By investing in this Fun Feeder bowl you can save yourself a lot of worries - and maybe even some mess!

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Made of Environment-Friendly Material

Caishow Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 

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What We Love About It

Is your pup a speed eater? With the Caishow slow-feeder dog bowl, you can easily put the brakes on their eating habits. Made out of environment-friendly material, you can feed your four-legged friend with peace of mind.

It's easy to use too – just pour in your pup's favorite food and set it down; the raised walls encourage them to take their time. Plus, they're easier to keep clean than conventional slow-feed bowls!

The materials used in this bowl are constantly renewable and 100% biodegradable, so your love for the environment goes hand-in-hand with taking care of Fido! If you care about what your pet eats out of and want something that's safe and sustainable – then the Caishow Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is a great choice. Get yours today!

Things to Keep in Mind

The Caishow slow feeder dog bowl is a great option for pet owners looking to help their furry friends slow down when it comes time to munch. This bowl is designed to encourage healthy, anti-gulping eating habits and discourage bloating, vomiting, and choking.

It has been constructed from strong, bite-resistant material that can withstand high temperatures, so pet owners don't have to worry about their beloved companions getting harmed. In addition, this bowl is sure to provide hours of interactive fun for dogs, since they'll need to work and think in order to enjoy their meals!

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Made of PP Resin

Upsky Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 

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What We Love About It

Are you looking for a bowl that is strong, durable, and can help you feed your pup Fido responsible portions? Look no further than the Upsky slow-feeder dog bowl! This beautiful and functional product is made from high-quality PP resin and is designed with your pet in mind.

PP resin is known for its sturdiness, making it a great material for pet products — no matter how hard your pup plays! Plus, this bowl is designed to be flat, meaning that Fido won't have to strain his neck when eating.

But what makes this product truly unique is the fact that it has been specifically made to help prevent overeating and bloat. The special ridges along the bottom of the bowl act as barriers to slow down your pup's eating habits and encourage him or her to take their time during mealtime. This not only keeps them healthy but also gives them extra bonding time with you — something they'll appreciate!

Things to Keep in Mind

The Upsky slow-feeder dog bowl is a fantastic choice for any pet parent looking for a safe and enjoyable new dining experience. Made from food-safe and non-toxic materials, this bowl is both durable and recyclable.

It also comes in an array of bright macaroon colors to attract your pup's attention and make eating more fun! The raised parts are pleasant enough to be interesting but low enough that the gaps aren't too narrow, ensuring that all breeds can easily get the food when they need it.

Forget boring old bowls - the Upsky slow feeder dog bowl is sure to provide your furry friend with a mealtime they'll never forget!

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl with Strongest Suction Cup base

Keegud Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 

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What We Love About It

Introducing the Keegud slow feeder dog bowl, designed for pet owners who care about their furry four-legged friends! This premium dog bowl is perfect for providing your beloved dog with a healthy meal every day.

The suction cup base of this product stands out from the rest. Engineered to hold the strongest grip, this sturdy feature ensures you don’t have to worry about spilled food or tails knocking around the food dish.

Not only does it stay perfectly placed in one spot, but it doesn’t wear away or skid either - no more furniture scratches! Enjoy peace of mind knowing your kitchen floor will remain mess-free despite some crazy cuteness running around.

This bowl allows for a leisurely, slow pace eating experience that prevents choking and reduces the risk of indigestion in your pup. Its unique and attractive design also adds character to your home décor!

Things to Keep in Mind

The Keegud slow-feeder dog bowl is the perfect choice for pet owners looking to ensure their dog’s health and well-being. Thanks to its unique flower design, it effectively allows your pup to slow down while they eat.

As a result, binge eating is greatly minimized, reducing digestive disease in your furry friend. Additionally, its material is designed not to damage a dog’s sensitive nose while they dine. Cleaning up after mealtime has also never been easier with this bowl since food residue can be easily wiped away or washed in a dishwashing machine.

With such convenient features and an emphasis on keeping your pup healthy, The Keegud slow-feeder dog bowl is an essential addition to the doggy dining table!

Best Slow-Feeder Dog Bowl That Promotes Healthy Eating

Whippy Slow Feeder Large Dog Bowl 

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What We Love About It

Do you want to ensure your pup’s health and happiness? Look no further than the Whippy slow feeder large dog bowl! Slow feeding is the perfect way to promote healthy eating for your furry friends.

Not only does it improve digestion, but it also keeps pets active and engaged - essential for a long and happy life! Rather than gobbling down their food all at once, your pup will have to take longer meal times while they search around their bowl for the hidden kibble.

It features a unique twist on what would otherwise be a regular dog bowl, with cleverly extended prongs woven into its structure. As these prongs slow down the eating process, they have the added bonus of keeping your pup entertained as they search around picking at each morsel.

Things to Keep in Mind

The benefits of the Whippy slow feeder large dog bowl are numerous! It encourages healthy eating habits by offering a spiral pattern design that slows down rapid eating and prevents choking.

The pet's weight can also be adjusted to slow their mealtime and prevent indigestion. Not only is it a safe product, but it is also interactive and fun, making mealtime an enjoyable experience.

Best of all, these bowls are perfect for dry, wet, or raw food diets and they come in several colors. So give your pup the benefits of the Whippy slow feeder large dog bowl today and make sure they always eat slower and healthier!


Your dog is always hungry and you are not sure if the slow feeder dog bowl will work for your pet.

A lot of people are hesitant to buy a slow-feeder dog bowl because they are not sure if it will actually work. They have questions about how it works, what type of dog it is for, and if their dog will like it.

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the slow feeder dog bowl so that you can find the answers you need before making a purchase. Our FAQ section includes information about how the bowl works, what type of dog it is for, and why dogs love them. If you still have questions after reading our FAQs, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Are slow-feeder bowls good for dogs?

Yes! Slow-feeder bowls are great for dogs because they can help reduce the risk of indigestion and choking, as well as encourage slower eating which is better for your pup's digestion. Additionally, these unique bowls can also add some character to your home décor!

Are slow feeders frustrating for dogs?

No, slow feeders are not frustrating for dogs. In fact, they can be quite entertaining and interactive as your pup has to search around their bowl for the hidden kibble. Slow feeding is better for digestion and also keeps pets active and engaged.

Do slow feeders come in different sizes?

Yes, slow feeders come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate any size pup. It's important to keep in mind that a larger size bowl is better for bigger dogs, while smaller bowls are better suited for smaller breeds.

What can I put in my dog's bowl to slow down eating?

There are several ways to slow down your pup's eating, such as adding treats or toys for them to search around for - this will naturally slow them down as they look for their reward. Additionally, you can add a slower-eating kibble that is larger and harder to break apart.

How do I know if my dog needs a slow feeder?

If you notice that your pup is gulping down its food too quickly, then a slow feeder can help. This can be especially beneficial if your pup tends to vomit food or experience indigestion after eating. Additionally, if your pup is showing signs of boredom during mealtime, this could also indicate they need some extra stimulation.

Can you put wet dog food in a slow-feeder bowl?

Yes, wet dog food can be put in a slow-feeder bowl. However, it is important to keep in mind that the wet food will expand and become softer over time, so you may need to adjust mealtime accordingly. Additionally, wet foods are usually easier for dogs to eat, so if your pup tends to gulp down their food it may be beneficial to switch them over to dry kibble.

Do slow feeders mentally stimulate dogs?

Yes, slow feeders can provide mental stimulation for dogs. Eating out of a slow-feeder bowl encourages your pup to think and problem-solve as they search around the bowl for their food. This extra exercise can help keep them mentally stimulated and engaged, which helps prevent boredom during mealtime.

Is it better to feed dogs in an elevated bowl?

Some experts suggest that it is better to feed dogs in an elevated food bowl as this can help aid digestion and prevent bloating. Additionally, an elevated dog bowl can also reduce strain on joints from bending down to eat. However, if your pup is not comfortable with raised feeding bowls then a standard slow-feeder bowl should be adequate.

Why are metal bowls better for dogs?

Metal bowl or stainless steel bowl has several advantages over plastic or ceramic bowls. Firstly, metal bowls are more hygienic as they do not absorb bacteria as other materials can. Additionally, metal is more durable and difficult for dogs to chew on - this makes them a great choice for heavy chewers!

How do you keep your dog occupied when you're busy?

If you’re busy and can’t spend as much time with your pup, there are still plenty of ways to keep them occupied. Interactive puzzle toys are a great way to give your pup something to do while you’re away. Additionally, treat dispensers and slow feeder bowls can also be used to keep your pup busy.

Do dogs see TV in slow motion?

No, dogs do not see TV in slow motion. Dogs and humans have similar vision capabilities but there are a few differences. For example, dogs can see better in low light conditions and they have better peripheral vision, however, they are not able to distinguish colors as well as humans can.

How do you keep high-energy dogs busy?

High-energy dogs need plenty of stimulation and exercise to stay healthy and happy. Providing them with lots of mental and physical activities such as obedience training, agility courses, or interactive games can help keep them busy. Additionally, providing your pup with puzzle toys and slow feeders can also be a great way to engage their minds.

How do I train my dog to be a free feeder?

To ensure your pup's appetite remains healthy and regulated, free feeding is an ideal option. To efficiently train them to do so, you must make sure to create a regular mealtime schedule and remain consistent with it. Offering puzzle toys or slow feeders will keep their interest while eating as well. And don't forget - rewarding them with treats or praise once they are done encourages behavior reinforcement!

Is it better for dogs to eat slower?

Absolutely! When you slow down your pup's mealtime, it offers them numerous advantages. Not only will they be able to digest their food more efficiently and reduce the risk of choking or bloating, but speed-eating can also lead to vomiting and indigestion. Taking a break between meals is not just beneficial for pups - it could potentially save their life too!


A dog slows feeder bowl is a great way to help your pooch eat slowly and improve their digestion. We've reviewed the 7 best slow-feed dog bowls on the market to help you choose the right one for your furry friend. If you're looking for a way to slow down your pup's eating habits, then a slow-feed dog bowl is a great option. Thanks for reading and we hope you find the perfect slow feeder bowl for your dog!