Looking for a perfect rug to enhance your home décor?

Ruggable provides rugs and carpets designed for today’s modern homes. These machine-washable rugs are made with superior quality, yet they still offer versatility and durability that can stand the test of time.

Whether you have kids or pets, their nourishing fabrics and stain-resistant designs protect against spills and dirt build-up as you enjoy them in your home. Give your space an exciting makeover without worrying about keeping it looking clean; let Ruggable take care of maintenance for you!

Enjoy sophistication, beauty, and convenience—all rolled into one amazing product that will continue to make your life infinitely easier while keeping everything looking spotless.

How We Selected The Best Options

Rugs are an essential part of any room, but stains can be hard to get rid of and they don't always fit with your busy lifestyle.

You love the look of rugs in your home, but you don’t want to deal with the mess that comes with it. No matter how often you vacuum, there are always a few crumbs that stick around. And if something gets spilled? Forget about it!

That’s why we came up while choosing Ruggable – so you can enjoy beautiful area rugs without fear of staining or worrying about spills and messes. Our team has researched a lot and compared many options and finally ended up choosing 3 washable products that are designed to perfectly pair fashion and function so you can enjoy life with confidence and style.

Best Kid And Pet-Friendly Rug

Ruggable Kamran Washable Vintage 

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Why We Picked It

Ruggable Kamran vintage for dining rooms is the perfect machine-washable rug for households with young kids and pets. It guarantees that it is safe for children and animals, ensuring a healthy environment in your home. It can withstand frequent foot traffic, spills, stains, and other accidents that come with having pets or kids around.

The rug is engineered with materials that are safe for kids and pets to play on without worrying about exposing them to harmful chemicals or toxins. Its non-toxic water-resistant barrier ensures that spills and accidents won't damage the floor underneath the rug.

Things To Know

This classic rug pad comes with a unique cling effect technology that keeps it securely in place on any surface without slipping or sliding. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional rug, without having to worry about it moving around or causing accidents.

The cling effect technology works by creating a strong bond between the underside of the rug and your floor surface. Unlike other rugs that rely on adhesive strips or heavy weights to stay in place, this system uses microscopic suction cups to hold everything in place. You can walk, run, and play without worrying about slipping or tripping over your rug.

Best Washable Rug With A Floral Themed Pattern

Ruggable Celestine Washable Rug 

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Why We Picked It

The Ruggable Celestine washable rug with a floral-themed pattern boasts a beautiful and intricate floral design that adds elegance and charm to your living space.

The floral-themed pattern in your home decor brings nature indoors. Flowers have been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and improve mood, making them an ideal choice for any living space.

Furthermore, the intricate details of this rug's floral pattern add texture and depth to any room, creating a cozy atmosphere that promotes relaxation. Not only does the Ruggable Celestine washable rug with a floral-themed pattern look stunning in your home, but it also offers practicality in its design.

Things To Know

The Celestine ruggable pad is made to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, which means spills and stains are inevitable. However, with its machine-washable design, cleaning up messes has never been easier. The process of washing this rug is incredibly simple. All you have to do is detach the top layer from the bottom pad and toss it into your washing machine.

The bottom pad can be wiped down with a damp cloth or simply tossed in the washer as well for added convenience. The best part is that even after multiple washings, this rug still maintains its vibrant colors and soft texture, making it well worth every penny spent on it.

Best Rug Made With Rustic Modern Technology

Ruggable Verena Darkwood Runner Rug 

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Why We Picked It

The Ruggable Verena dark wood runner rug is made using rustic modern technology, which brings together the best of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques to create high-quality products.

This technology allows for precise weaving and dyeing processes that result in exceptional colorfastness and durability. Standard rug pad keeps your runner rug securely in place; spot cleaning with soap and water then dry flat, or vacuum on low.

The rug's fibers are tightly woven to prevent shedding, while its non-slip backing ensures that it stays firmly in place even when subjected to heavy foot traffic. Rustic modern technology enables the creation of unique designs and patterns that reflect various styles and themes.

Things To Know

One of the features that make this rug stand out is its nonslip design. This makes it perfect for high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairs where accidents are likely to happen. The nonslip backing ensures that the rug stays in place, reducing the risk of tripping or slipping.

The Ruggable Verena dark wood runner rug is made with 50% recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. The latex-free standard rug pad also adds an extra layer of protection between your floor and the rug, preventing scratches and damage to your flooring while keeping the runner securely in place.

You can also enhance the appeal of your living room by purchasing a new rug cover and pairing it with the same pad for added comfort and stability. With these benefits, you can confidently use this rug in your home or office without worrying about slips or falls caused by a slippery surface.


All of us often have questions when looking for products, especially any new product. Looking up the Ruggable products can be difficult, as not all the answers to our queries can be found in one place.

It's time-consuming and frustrating to search for multiple websites for FAQs about Ruggable products, with no guarantee that all questions have been answered.

That's why we created FAQs about the ruggable products — comprehensive, easy-to-navigate information where you can find answers quickly. With straightforward questions and helpful answers, you'll find everything you need right here!

What makes Ruggable Rugs unique?

Ruggable rugs are unique because of their washable and non-slip designs. Their washable feature allows you to easily clean up any mess without having to worry about staining or ruining the rug, while their nonslip design ensures that they stay securely in place even when subjected to heavy foot traffic.

How do I wash my Ruggable rug cover?

To wash your Ruggable rug cover, simply remove it from the rug pad and place it in your washing machine. Use cold water, mild detergent, and a gentle cycle. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener. After washing, air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Can I use Ruggable Rugs outdoors?

Yes, you can use Ruggable Rugs outdoors. However, be sure to bring it in when the weather is too hot or cold as extreme temperatures can damage the rug cover over time. Keep it away from direct sunlight to preserve its colors and vibrancy.

Are Ruggable Rugs pet-friendly?

Yes, Ruggable Rugs are pet-friendly. The machine-washable design makes it easy to clean up pet accidents, and the non-slip rug pad helps keep the rug in place, reducing the risk of accidents.

Are Ruggable Rugs worth it?

Yes, Ruggable Rugs are worth it. The two-piece system and machine-washable design make them extremely versatile and easy to maintain. They also come in a variety of colors and prints, allowing you to customize your living space to suit your taste.

Plus, the non-toxic materials used in construction ensure that they are safe for both kids and pets. In short, Whether you choose a cushioned rug pad or some other type, Ruggable Rugs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a practical yet stylish rug to grace their home.

How much does a Ruggable cost?

The cost of Ruggable Rugs varies depending on the size and design. A 5'x7' rug will start at around USD 149.99. Prices can increase to upwards of USD 299.99 for larger sizes or luxury designs.


After careful consideration and review of these 3 best Ruggable products, it is clear that these are a class of items that prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience. It's amazing to think how far technology has come in realizing converting rugs from being dry-cleaned only items to ones applied with a simple water wash, making them both user-friendly and energy efficient.

No longer do you have to worry about squirming their way out of the door after lugging your heavy rug to the cleaners - thanks to Ruggable, all that is now obsolete. Even if you're looking for cushioned rug pads, outdoor rugs, or round rugs. Ruggables make the best for you.