Are you looking for a bed that will keep your child safe while providing them with the freedom they need to explore?

Introducing the Montessori bed! Low to the ground and without guardrails, this is perfect for encouraging exploration in children and also building their confidence. With adjustable height options as well as reinforced railings designed to ensure extra protection against falls – it’s like having peace of mind built right into your little one's bedroom!

Give your children the space they need to navigate their sleeping environment independently while being confident that safety won't be sacrificed with our top 3 reviewed choices. Help make these important years of learning much more enjoyable with a Montessori bed today.

How We Selected These Products

Finding the perfect Montessori bed for your child is no easy feat. You want something that will promote independence while keeping safety in mind - it can be overwhelming!

With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which beds are the best. Some are too expensive, others offer too little freedom, and yet others may not be safe enough.

The good news is that we can help you. After extensive research and comparing dozen of options, we have chosen three of the top Montessori beds available on the market today; ones we know promote safety and freedom without breaking the bank! While our selection.

Best Montessori Floor Bed That Comes With Door & Safety Guardrails

Tatub Montessori Floor Bed 

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Why We Love It

Tatub Montessori floor bed with safety guardrails & door has become the top choice of parents all over the world. Parents have found this bed to be a safe and comfortable sleeping solution for their little ones. This Montessori floor bed also known as a toddler bed, is designed to promote independence and mobility in infants, toddlers, and young children.

The bed comes with safety guardrails that provide added protection against falls. These guardrails are made from sturdy materials that can withstand the weight of a child while also ensuring they don't slip off the bed during sleep or playtime. In addition, the door allows children to easily climb in and out of bed without having to crawl over rails or worry about falling off.

Things To Keep In Mind

Tatub Montessori floor bed is specifically designed to cater to the needs of children and their ever-changing growth patterns. With a bidirectionality design, this floor bed allows for greater flexibility in positioning.

The bed can be placed facing either way, depending on the child's preference or the room's layout. This ensures that every child can enjoy their own personal space, regardless of how small or awkwardly shaped the room may be.

Best Montessori Floor Bed That Offers Solid Wood Slats Support

LLS Montessori Floor Bed 

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Why We Love It

LLS Montessori floor bed comes with solid wood slats support which makes it more stable and sturdy. The use of reinforced plywood slats evenly supports the Montessori bed frame, providing greater support to ensure that you get a good night's sleep.

The solid wood slats support in this floor bed benefits all users regardless of their age or weight. Whether it is for adults, children, or infants, this type of bed provides even weight distribution and prevents sagging. This type of platform bed promotes better air circulation which helps keep your mattress clean and hygienic. It also reduces moisture buildup and dust mites which can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Things To Keep In Mind

LLS Montessori floor bed includes 2 high-quality hinges and a steel latch that is designed keeping in mind the needs of toddlers who are transitioning from cribs to beds as low-to-ground toddler beds allow a child freedom to move. The bed's 2 high-quality hinges and a steel latch provide additional safety for kids while sleeping or playing.

The 2 high-quality hinges help to keep the bed frame sturdy and secure. It ensures that the bed does not come apart even if your child jumps on it frequently or uses it roughly during playtime. Additionally, with two high-quality hinges, you can be sure that your child is safe while playing around the bed as there will be no risk of the frame collapsing unexpectedly.

Best House-Style Headboard Floor Bed with Cushion Stand

Meritline Floor Bed House-Style Headboard 

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Why We Love It

The Meritline full-house Montessori floor bed includes a roof and fence, which provides extra protection for your child while sleeping. The roof creates an ideal environment for children to play and explore their imagination. It gives them a private space where they can read books or play with toys without any interruptions.

A roof and fence promote independence. Children who sleep in traditional cribs can become reliant on their parents to get in and out of bed. With this floor bed, children can easily climb up and down by themselves, helping them develop autonomy at an early age.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Meritline full-house Montessori floor bed is easy-to-assemble as this bed comes with all the necessary parts, tools, and instructions needed for installation. It has pre-drilled holes that make it easy for anyone to assemble without any prior experience.

Parents appreciate the ease of assembly because it saves them time and frustration during setup. With step-by-step instructions in the manual, they can easily follow along and put together the bed in a matter of minutes. What's even better is that this house bed can be assembled individually, so no need for additional help or professional services to get it set up properly.


When researching Montessori beds for a Montessori-inspired bedroom, it can be hard to know which questions to ask and where to find the answers.

You may end up spending hours trying to decipher which products are best, what features are important, and what size is right for your child's room.

That’s why we created FAQs about the Montessori bed. Here you'll find detailed answers to all your questions about the different types of Montessori beds and mattresses and more! Our answers will help you quickly narrow down your choices so you can make an informed decision.

What is a Montessori bed and how does it differ from a traditional bed?

A Montessori bed is a floor bed designed for young children inspired by the Montessori educational philosophy floated by maria montessori. Unlike a traditional bed, a Montessori bed is placed directly on the floor, allowing the child to have independence and freedom of movement. 

It promotes a sense of autonomy for a young child, as the child can easily get in and out of bed on his own. Montessori beds often feature a low-profile design and safety measures to ensure the child's well-being while sleeping.

At what age is it appropriate to transition a child to a Montessori bed?

The appropriate age to transition a child to a Montessori bed can vary based on the child's development and readiness. Generally, most children can start using a Montessori bed between the ages of 2 to 3 years old. At this stage, they have developed better mobility and coordination to navigate the bed safely. 

However, it's essential to consider each child's individual abilities and consult with Montessori practitioners or child development experts to determine the optimal time for transitioning to a Montessori bed.

Are Montessori floor beds safe for babies?

Montessori beds are generally considered safe for babies when used under proper supervision and with appropriate safety measures. However, it's important to note that Montessori beds are typically recommended for older infants and toddlers who have developed better motor skills and can move independently. 

For newborns and very young babies, it is generally advised to use a crib mattress or bassinet that meets safety standards to provide a secure sleeping environment.

What size is a Montessori floor bed?

The size of a Montessori floor bed can vary depending on individual preferences and the available space. Commonly used sizes for Montessori floor beds include twin or single-size beds, which typically measure around 38 inches wide and 75 inches long (96 cm x 190 cm). Make sure to check the size of the Montessori bed that arrived.

Some families may opt for larger sizes such as full or queen, depending on their specific needs and the child's age. Ultimately, the size of a Montessori floor bed should be chosen to provide ample space for the child's comfort and freedom of movement.

How long can a child sleep in a Montessori bed?

A child can sleep in a Montessori bed until they outgrow it or until the family decides to transition them to a different sleeping arrangement. The duration a child can sleep in a Montessori bed varies depending on their growth and individual circumstances. 

Some children may continue using a Montessori bed until they are ready to transition to a regular bed or a different sleeping setup, while others may transition earlier. It is basically, up to the family to determine the appropriate timing for such a transition based on the child's needs and development.

Why are Montessori beds shaped like houses?

Montessori beds shaped like houses are designed to create a cozy and inviting sleeping environment for children. The house-shaped structure provides a sense of security and personal space, resembling a miniature house within their room.

This design element aligns with the Montessori philosophy, which emphasizes creating child-centric spaces that foster independence, imagination, and a connection to the child's surroundings. The house shape adds an element of playfulness and can help create a peaceful and nurturing sleep environment for the child.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the age and stage, the Montessori bed will surely provide a safe and practical sleeping solution for your little one. These beds not only promote safety but also allow your child to explore their creative freedom when transitioning from a crib or toddler bed. While each bed has its own unique features, the overall goal is to design an environment that speaks to children's independence and autonomy.

After knowing all about these three best Montessori beds available on the market today, you will be sure to find something that meets your child's need—and yours too! So go out there and start exploring the wonderful world of Montessori beds. With both style and comfort in mind, you’ll surely find the ideal model for you and your family!