Keeping your pup smelling fresh is an important part of being a pet parent. And while regular baths will help keep their coat clean, dog deodorizing sprays can also be used to keep your pup smelling great between baths. In this blog post, we’ll look at six simple steps you can take to keep your dog’s coat clean and odor-free with a deodorizing spray.

1. Start by brushing through your pup’s fur to dislodge any dirt or debris that may be stuck in their fur. This will ensure the deodorizing spray penetrates the fur more effectively and eliminates any existing odors.

2. Make sure you use a mild shampoo when washing your pup and avoid using human shampoos as these can cause skin irritation and damage to their coat. After shampooing, give them a good rinse before moving on to the next step.

3. Using a towel, gently dry your pup’s fur and make sure you get rid of any excess water before applying the deodorizing spray as too much moisture can reduce its effectiveness.

4. Spray the deodorizing spray evenly over your pup’s coat but make sure you don’t saturate it – just enough for the product to evenly cover their fur should do it!

5. Once applied, massage the product into their fur using gentle circular motions – this will help spread it around evenly and ensure it gets deep into their fur for the best results!

6. Finally, allow the product time to work its magic – usually, around 15 minutes should do it – before giving them one last brush through for good measure!

Keeping your dog smelling fresh is important for both you and them! With these six easy steps, you can use a dog deodorizing spray to keep your pup looking and smelling great between baths! Just remember not to saturate their coat when applying the product, massage it in gently, and always brush through again afterward! That way they'll stay looking (and smelling) wonderful all day long!

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