Want to feel grounded and connected with nature?

We believe in the power of connection and we have the perfect solution for you "Grounding Mats". This unique collection of grounding mats gives you a variety of choices, from simple to intricate designs depending on how deep into the mindful practice you want to go. These amazing products are not only designed to look beautiful but also bring many benefits to their users, allowing them to relax, get comfortable and stay balanced from within.

You can experience a great sense of relaxation knowing that your body is healing naturally through earthing and reconnecting with nature by being surrounded by these lovely materials that provide protection against all kinds of electromagnetic field radiation. With these grounding mats, you will be able to unplug from stress, tension, and everyday anxiety while improving quality sleep at night

How We Selected These Products

With so many grounding mats on the market, finding the best one can be overwhelming. It's hard to know which one is right for you and how to compare them.

You could spend hours researching reviews and trying to compare features, or you could make an uninformed decision without really knowing what you're getting into.

Let us take the guesswork out of it for you. We've rounded up the 4 best grounding mats after detailed research that are available today so that you can quickly choose the one that fits your needs perfectly for health benefits.

Best Grounding Mat That is Safe & Made of Non-toxic Material

Earthing Grounding Mat 

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Why We Love It

The Earthing grounding mat is made with non-toxic materials ensuring a worry-free experience for you. Its eco-friendly design is a standout feature, appealing to environmentally conscious individuals who seek products with a minimal impact on the planet. The utilization of vegan leather vinyl-free PU resin, along with the infusion of carbon pigment, showcases the dedication to sustainable practices.

Beyond its eco-friendly attributes, the Earthing grounding mat effectively fulfills its purpose by providing a reliable and comfortable surface for grounding practices. You can experience the benefits of connecting with the Earth's natural energy while knowing you are using a safe and environmentally responsible product.

Things To Know

The Earthing grounding mat offers a comprehensive and convenient kit that ensures a seamless grounding experience. This complete kit includes all the essential components needed for effective grounding. The grounding mat itself boasts generous dimensions of 12.5 x 29 inches (32 x 73.7 cm), providing ample space for users to comfortably ground themselves.

Its soft and comfortable surface enhances the grounding experience, making it a joy to use. The inclusion of a Coil Cord with an in-line current limiting 100k ohm resistor is a critical safety feature. Moreover, the kit comes with a U.S. Safety Adapter, allowing users to connect the grounding mat to a standard U.S. outlet effortlessly.

Best Grounding Mat That Comes with Large Size For Maximum Impact

Earth and Moon Grounding Mat 

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Why We Love It

The Earth and Moon grounding mat provides maximum impact for a diverse range of uses due to its large size. Its generous dimensions offer versatile placement options, allowing you to incorporate grounding into various aspects of your daily routine.

The flexibility of this grounding mat is impressive. You can place it on your desk to use it as a mouse pad, enabling you to stay grounded while you work or browse the internet. Alternatively, you can position it under your feet while you watch TV, ensuring you maintain a grounded connection even during leisure time.

For yoga enthusiasts, the mat can be placed on top of your yoga mat, helping you quickly get into the zone and enhancing your practice with grounding energy.

Things To Know

The Earthing grounding mat is infused with carbon for enhanced conductivity ensuring a reliable and efficient connection to the Earth's energy. The use of soft and durable polyurethane further enhances its appeal. Not only is it highly conductive, but it also offers breathability and superior comfort during use.

What's truly remarkable is the mat's exceptional durability. Unlike some grounding mats that may scuff or fray over time, the Earthing grounding mat maintains its quality and performance. Even cleaning the mat with mild soap and water does not compromise its conductivity.

Best Grounding Mat with Surprising Benefits

Cova Grounding Mat 

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Why We Love It

The Cova grounding mat offers a surprising and extensive range of benefits. This grounding mat goes beyond a simple accessory; it offers potential improvements to overall health and well-being.

Staying connected to the Earth through the Cova grounding mat has been associated with a myriad of positive outcomes. Users have reported increased energy levels, reduced stress, and accelerated wound healing. Moreover, the mat has shown potential in alleviating muscle headaches and tension, aiding in faster recovery from trauma, improving blood circulation, enhancing sleep quality, and reducing pain.

Things To Know

The Cova grounding mat is made with high-quality PU leather, ensuring durability and longevity. Its sturdy rubber base is designed to prevent any sliding during use, providing a secure and stable grounding experience.

The earth mat's dimensions of 39”x11.7” offer ample surface area for users to comfortably ground themselves, accommodating various positions and preferences. Its soft and foldable design adds to its appeal, making it easy to store and carry, without the worry of wrinkles or damage.

The inclusion of a 15-foot grounding wire further enhances its value, allowing you to easily connect the grounding mat to an electrical outlet for a reliable grounding experience.

Best Grounding Mat That Offers Special Humanized Design

Newbeau Grounding Mat

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Why We Love It

The Newbeau grounding mat offers a unique and humanized design and the use of 100% highly-conductive PU carbon leatherette with breathable holes sets it apart, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience while sleeping on it. The breathable holes enhance airflow, preventing any discomfort or heat buildup, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.

The addition of elastic straps is a thoughtful feature, providing a secure and fixed placement on the mattress. This ensures that the grounding mat remains in place throughout the night, preventing any movement or shifting, and allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted grounding benefits.

The half-normal sheet, half-grounding sheet design further showcases its versatility. You can choose how they prefer to sleep on it, offering the flexibility to tailor the grounding experience to their personal preferences.

Things To Know

The Newbeau grounding mat's most significant effect lies in its impact on our sleep, physical and mental state, and autoimmune system. The grounding mat's effects also extend to our physical health. Newbeau grounding mat also helps reduce blood viscosity, which may improve circulation and overall cardiovascular health and this mat has been linked to improvements in heart rate variability, a marker of heart health and autonomic nervous system function.


Grounding mats are an important part of electrical safety, but there can be a lot of confusion and questions about the correct use and installation of them.

Without the right information, you could be putting yourself or your workplace at risk.

Don't worry - we've got you covered. Our FAQs about grounding mats provide you with all the related information you need to keep yourself and your workspace safe. We provide answers to commonly asked questions so that you can make sure everything is perfect for maximum protection.

What is a grounding mat made of?

A grounding mat is made of conductive rubber or cloth material which allows the body to be safely grounded while using electronics. The mat is connected to an electrical ground and provides a safe electrical path away from the body. This prevents electric shocks, electromagnetic field interference, and any sort of negative health effects.

Grounding mats are typically composed of materials such as carbonized rubber combined with silver-filled thread for conducting electricity, insulated with an electrically insulating layer like plastic or silk fabric. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on where they will be used and can last up to ten years when taken care of properly.

What does a grounding mat do?

A grounding mat is an essential physical safety tool that reduces electric shock risk. It is installed between a person and the earth to prevent contact with dangerous, high-voltage electrical sources. Grounding mats, designed to reduce human exposure to electricity, provide a low-resistance path that allows current to flow easily away from people and objects, effectively safeguarding the human body from potential electrical hazards.

Using grounding mats can help protect personnel from shocks due to accidental contact with powered equipment or energized circuits. They are also used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, mining, automotive repair, and aviation maintenance to protect against electric shock hazards.

Are grounding mats effective?

Yes, grounding mats are effective and have a plethora of positive benefits. Grounding mats use conductive material to allow the body to receive electrical frequencies from the earth’s electromagnetic field.

Furthermore, emerging research is even showing that these mats can help with chronic illnesses too! So if you are looking for an easy way to improve your well-being then investing in a grounding mat could be worth it!

What is a grounding mat electrical?

A grounding mat electrical is a device designed to protect people from electric shock. It works by providing an alternate path for electricity to travel to the ground rather than going through the person, thus reducing their exposure to dangerous voltages.

Grounding mats are typically made of rubber or other non-conductive materials and are placed between the user and any exposed energized parts of an electrical appliance, such as a light switch or motor housing. They provide additional safety for activities involving electricity in areas with high levels of humidity or moisture due to their insulating properties. In short, a grounding mat is essential for anyone working with live electrical circuits!

Is it OK to sleep on a grounding mat?

Yes, Grounding mats are incredibly safe to use, and sleeping on them is an excellent way to get the benefits of grounding without having to actually go outside into the earth. The time you spend on a mat should depend entirely on your comfort level but most people find that it helps them relax and feel better overall.

What is a good grounding material?

A good grounding material is one that has high electrical conductivity and low resistivity. It should also be corrosion-resistant, durable, cost-efficient, fast to install, and able to effectively dissipate static electricity to prevent shock hazards.

Popular materials used for grounding include copper wire or rods, galvanized iron strips/rods/bars/plates, exothermic welded connections (copper lugs), and ground plates made from steel/aluminum alloy or concrete encased with copper mesh or bars.

How do I know if my grounding mat is working?

To know if your grounding mat is working, you should first get an ohmmeter and use it to measure the resistance of the mat. If it has high resistance (above 10 megohms), chances are that your grounding mat is functioning properly.

You can also check for any visible wear and tear or signs of damage on its surface. Finally, you should make sure that the wires from the wall electrical outlet or grounded electrical outlet are tightly connected to ensure proper performance.

What are grounding universal mats?

Ground therapy universal mats are part of grounding therapy, which aims to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. These mats work by establishing a direct contact pathway to grounded electrical outlets using a grounding cord.

This connection helps balance the body's voltage, effectively reducing exposure to electricity and promoting relaxation. Most grounding mats available, the ground therapy universal mat stands out for its effectiveness. A simple body voltage test can confirm the benefits of these mats, validating their ability to protect the human body and contribute to stress reduction.

Final Thoughts

After reading through all the options, it's clear that a grounding mat is a great way to protect your electronics from damaging EMI while also improving your overall health and well-being. Whether you have existing electronics or are just starting out, any of these four mats will be an effective and affordable option.

Although they are not the most expensive mats available on the market, they still offer an impressive level of quality and protection for your electronics. For those with less experience in using grounding mats, investing in one of these products will give them better insight into how much protection their equipment requires which can ultimately save money in the long run.