Are you looking to increase your spiritual intuition?

Crystals have been long used for their spiritual properties, as well as for their beauty. Each crystal has its own unique metaphysical qualities that can open up the Crown or Third-Eye Chakras depending on which one is used. If you're looking for a powerful and effective way to open up your spiritual intuition, then continue reading to check out our top 5 best crystals for Third Eye Chakra!

Each of these crystals can help you focus and develop your intuitive power. Use them regularly to help unlock your Third Eye Chakra and increase your awareness and spirituality!

How We Selected These Products

People are looking for the right crystals to help them open and balance their third eye chakra, but it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

It's no secret that working with your chakras can be incredibly beneficial, but it can also be confusing trying to figure out which crystals work best for each one.

We've done the hard work for you and have chosen the 5 best crystals for opening and balancing your third eye chakra. These crystals will help you connect with your intuition and higher self, and allow you to see the world in a new way.

Best Crystal Ball Made With Lapis Lazuli

Orgonite Crystal Ball 

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What We Love About It

Unlock the power of crystal healing with this beautiful Orgonite crystal ball for the third eye chakra! crafted with a stunning Lapis lazuli gemstone, this protective and spiritual stone is known to bring hope and inner peace.

Lapis lazuli has been prized since antiquity for its mesmerizing deep blue pigment, believed by many cultures to have magical powers. It helps clear emotional wounds and looks inward while promoting open communication and creativity.

This orgonite crystal ball provides a special solution for those who want to access their inner wisdom. Use visualization techniques to help relax your mind as you hold it in your hand—the energy of the crystal can flow through your body and open the third eye chakra.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Orgonite crystal ball is a beautiful tool used to promote purpose and courage. Constructed from resin-cast metals and featuring the flower of life symbol, it is an excellent addition to any meditation studio, office, or bedroom.

With its accompanying stand, this orgonite crystal ball can be positioned for optimal access and is perfect for activating your third eye chakra.

Combining physical properties with metaphysical benefits, this crystal acts as a key to unlocking deep inner self-knowledge and harmony. Be sure to add this crystal ball to your regular meditation routine!

Best Crystal Set with Amethyst

The Magic Third Eye Chakra Tumbled Crystal Set 

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What We Love About It

Are you looking for something that can help unlock your third eye? Look no further than the Magic third eye chakra tumbled crystal set!

This amazing product not only helps to unlock the power of your third eye but also provides an abundance of therapeutic benefits. Made from the finest quality amethyst, this one-of-a-kind product is a must-have in any spiritual practice.

Amethyst is a powerful stone that has been held in high regard by ancient cultures for hundreds of years. It is highly revered for its ability to bring clarity and deep healing within oneself, both spiritually and emotionally.

Its energy boosts intuition, harmony, balance, and positive thoughts which makes it ideal to use when trying to access our inner wisdom.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Magic third eye chakra tumbled crystal set is a powerful and helpful set of third eye chakra stones to support mental clarity, intuition, awareness, and inner wisdom. It comes with labradorite and moonstone which are both powerful crystals used for balancing the third eye chakra.

Labradorite helps open up intuition, prevents negative energies, and brings in energies of spiritual awareness and peace. Thereby aiding one in becoming more grounded and centered within themselves.

Moonstone on the other hand helps keep emotions balanced while opening up pathways to deeper intuition, helping one find out what one truly wants in life. This set of crystals will be of great help if you are trying to develop your inner awareness or reconnect with your higher spiritual self.

Best Crystal Necklace Made with Sodalite

Sugandha Crystal Necklace 

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What We Love About It

For the spiritual and fashion-forward, we have the perfect accessory: Sugandha's crystal necklace for the third eye chakra! If you're drawn to beauty, power, and metaphysical properties, then this is your one-of-a-kind necklace.

Crafted with sodalite – an ancient mineral believed to foster self-expression and encourage clear communication – this necklace purports to help those who wear it in focusing on one's true purpose.

Be empowered when you access the energies of the third eye chakra with Sugandha's stunning necklace that not only looks beautiful but opens pathways so that wearers can reach their highest potential.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Sugandha crystal necklace is said to bring harmony and balance to its wearer, while also providing an increased sense of awareness. It is often used as a tool for connecting with higher guidance, assisting with intuition, inspiration, and creativity - making it particularly suitable as a third-eye chakra accessory.

Additionally, it adds a wonderful flow to any outfit and helps to open up the throat and third eye chakras. In essence, when worn or held in hands, it encourages alignment with our source of inner truth and power.

Best Crystal Necklace Made with Aquamarine

Ayana Crystal Necklace 

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What We Love About It

Introducing the Ayana crystal third eye chakra necklace – a beautiful piece of jewelry to help you expound upon the power of your third eye and achieve greater mindfulness, focus, clarity, and insight.

Crafted from the finest aquamarine crystal beads and finely polished silver accents, this exquisite necklace is perfect for beautifying any look and honoring your spiritual side in style.

Aquamarine is a crystal stone known to promote harmony and connection with yourself while also soothing and calming your emotions—making it an ideal gemstone for setting intentions related to opening up your third eye chakra.

By wearing this lovely necklace close to your heart, you’re harnessing these powerful energetic vibrations which can then be radiated outwards into the world.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Ayana crystal necklace for the third eye chakra is an amazing tool to help you experience the power of chakra balancing. It works with two key energy points in your body, the throat and third eye chakras, and helps to stimulate creativity and emotional balance.

This necklace is made from pure crystals that encourage compromise, negotiation, courage, and harmony. It also comes with a special storage pouch to preserve its natural shine and power over time. For added assurance, it also has a money-back guarantee should you decide it's not right for you.

Best Blue Aventurine Palm Stone

Amazing Gemstone's Stone

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What We Love About It

Feel the power of your third eye chakra awaken with an Amazing Gemstone palm stone! This exquisite blue aventurine is natural, beautiful, and sure to bring serenity and balance to your energy field.

Blue Aventurine is known as a powerful healer believed to amplify natural creativity, create emotional stability, and aid in understanding one’s inner self. Use this durable stone as a massage therapy tool or simply keep it in your pocket when you need a little extra guidance.

Regardless of how you use it, the healing properties are sure to make an impact on your life. With its sleek, spiritual design and ability to heal, this palm stone for third eye chakra is truly incredible!

Things to Keep in Mind

The Amazing Gemstone palm stone for third eye chakra is a unique, specialized tool that can be used for many purposes. For example, its tactile shape and small size make it versatile enough to be placed almost anywhere on the body or in any location for massage therapy, chakra balancing, reiki healing, crystal grid meditation, and other esoteric healing practices.

Because of its convenient size and weight, it can be easily transported or even used as part of a person's day-to-day routine. To add an extra spark of care, the third eye chakra stone comes with an attractive velvet pouch from the company.


Many people are interested in the third eye chakra but don't know where to start.

The third eye chakra is a powerful energy center that can help you see beyond the physical world and connect with your intuition. However, opening this chakra can be challenging because it's located in the center of your forehead.

FAQs about the different crystals for the third eye chakra are here to help. This guide provides clear and concise information about each of the crystals that are known to support the opening of the third eye chakra.

What is the best crystal for the third eye chakra?

The best crystal for the third eye chakra is amethyst. Amethyst has many qualities that make it perfect for the third eye chakra, including its ability to stimulate spiritual growth and intuition, promote inner peace, and clear away negative energy. It is also said to be a powerful protector against psychic attacks.

What is the purpose of crystal for the third eye chakra?

The third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo and is located in the center of the forehead. It is related to intuition, psychic abilities, and imagination. The purpose of using a crystal for this chakra is to help open and activate it, thereby enhancing intuition and psychic powers.

How do you charge crystals for the third eye chakra?

You charge crystals for the third eye chakra by holding them over your crown chakra and visualizing a white light flowing from the crown of your head down through your body and out your heart, filling you with light.

As you do this, say to yourself: "I am open to receiving the guidance and insight of my highest self. I am willing to see the truth in all situations." Then mentally ask for the highest good of all concerned in whatever situation you are seeking guidance about.

How long does it take to open the third eye chakra?

It takes a lifetime to open the third eye chakra.

The third eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead and is associated with intuition, wisdom, and seeing beyond the physical world. This chakra can be opened through practices such as meditation, yoga, and contemplation. It's also said that the more you use your intuition and increase your wisdom, the more this sixth chakra will open. So it's a lifelong journey that requires dedication and patience.

How do I energize my crystals?

You can energize your crystals by holding them in your hand and envisioning a bright white light emanating from the crystals.

As you hold the crystals, visualize the energy of the light filling up your entire being and flowing through every cell in your body. As you do this, feel yourself becoming more energized and alive.

How do I know if my 3rd eye is open?

You don't. Not really. It's a bit like trying to determine whether you're dreaming or awake; you can never be completely sure. However, there are some signs that can suggest you might be more open to seeing the spiritual realm.

For example, some people who have a more open third eye might start seeing flashes of light or colors out of the corner of their eyes. They may also begin to have more vivid and lucid dreams or experience deeper states of meditation and trance.

What religion is the third eye chakra?

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, the Ajna chakra is known as the third eye. This powerful force of enlightenment lies in between a person's eyebrows, signifying wisdom attained through meditation. The third eye serves as a spiritual connection that guides each individual toward greater understanding and purpose.

What do you feel when the third eye chakra is balanced?

When there is a balanced third-eye chakra, you feel more intuitive and open to new ideas. You may also find that you are better able to focus and concentrate, and have a stronger sense of inner peace.

How do you know when to recharge your crystals?

You don't need to worry about when to recharge your crystals. The best way to keep your crystals working optimally is to simply cleanse and charge them regularly.

Cleansing your crystals can be done by running them under cold water, placing them in the sunlight or moonlight, or smudging them with sage or another cleansing herb. Charging your crystals can be done by holding them in your hands, placing them on a windowsill, or burying them in the earth.

How do you use crystals for the first time?

When using crystals for the first time, it is important to set your intention and connect with the crystal. To do this, hold the crystal in your hands and focus on what you want to manifest or achieve. Visualize yourself manifesting this outcome as you stare at the crystal.

Final Thoughts

If you are wanting to open and cleanse your third eye chakra, then giving some of these eye chakra crystals a try may be helpful for you. Out of all the crystals that can help with this particular chakra, these five seem to work the best and offer the most benefits. Of course, it is important to gemstone shop around until you find what crystal speaks to you on a personal level as well—this will magnify its effects.