Want to connect with angels?

Crystals are a great way to start connecting with angels. They have vibrational properties that allow us to communicate with higher realms, including angelic influences. In this blog post, we will explore the best crystals for angels and discover exactly why they are so effective at helping us connect with these spiritual beings.

You can use these stones to help manifest blessings into your life and create a stronger connection with the divine. Each stone has unique properties that can offer different benefits, so it’s important to understand which one is right for you before you begin working with them.

Our Process for Selecting these Products

People are looking for guidance and support from angels, but don't know how to choose the right crystals for them.

It's not always easy to know which crystals are best for angels, because there are so many different types of crystals out there.

We've done the research for you and have chosen the 3 best crystals for angels. These crystals will help you connect with your guardian angel and receive their guidance and support.

Best Crystal Made With Moonstone

Justinstones Crystal Angel

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Why We Picked It

Experience divine power with Justinstones’ crystal angel! This elegant figurine is made with natural moonstone, which has been believed to be a powerful source of protection and inner peace since ancient Greek and Roman times.

By connecting to the light of the moon, this crystal angel is thought to bring clarity, balance, and inspiration into our lives while amplifying our connection with the Divine.

It’s the perfect gift for any spiritual seeker or even to treat yourself! Crafted with exquisite care, this beautiful piece is sure to spark conversations and add grace and energy to your home. The unique sheen of the moonstone reflects off its delicate wings as well as its halo – you won’t want to miss out on this wonderful piece!

Things to Know

The Sunyik crystal angel is a special stone that holds magical healing potential and properties. This powerful stone can have a positive effect on your wellbeing, from aiding the stabilizing of mood swings to purifying one's blood and kidneys.

It can be used on its own for Reiki healing, or in combination with other healing stones and jewelry pieces. The best place to keep this crystal angel is somewhere peaceful and serene; carrying it in your pocket may even bring a sense of tranquility when needed!

Best Crystal Made With Rose Quartz

Nobranded Crystal Angel

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Why We Picked It

Make an angelic impression with the Nobranded crystal angel figurine. This unique piece is crafted with responsibly sourced rose quartz and offers a refreshing yet glamorous display in any interior décor setting.

Energize your home or office space by taking advantage of the special power that comes from having a pure rose quartz crystal. In many metaphysical healing traditions, it’s known for having the ability to open the heart chakra and attract love – allowing for gentle emotional healing to occur all around.

The glorious beauty of this Nobranded crystal angel radiates love, peace, and harmony for everyone who enters the room!

Things to Know

The Nobranded crystal angel is a holy guardian that serves to restore balance in your life as well as purify your blood and kidneys. It's a luminous and lovely stone that features rainbow hues when placed in the light. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but this pocket-sized talisman can also invoke feelings of tranquility and peace.

It's perfect for those experiencing intense emotional swings or high-stress levels. No matter the moment, the Nobranded crystal angel has the potential to be your faithful companion, ready to support you through difficult times with its calming power.

Best Crystal Made With Amethyst

Sunyik Crystal Angel

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Why We Picked It

The Sunyik crystal angel is the perfect companion for those longing for spiritual enlightenment. Made of beautiful amethyst, this piece will bring its owner closer to the divine.

Amethyst has been treasured across many cultures since ancient times, prized as a powerful protector and symbol of faithfulness. It is said to help promote a sense of inner peace and protect its wearer from harm, allowing them to focus on the best outcomes in any situation.

With its healing properties, amethyst can open one's consciousness and promote clarity and understanding when making life decisions. When brought into your home or sacred space, the Sunyik crystal angel will instill feelings of security and comfort that only comes with being connected to a higher power.

Things to Know

The Sunyik crystal angel is made of a powerful gemstone that has been revered for centuries due to its divine power. It is closely associated with the energy of the moon, and its reputation for aiding in spiritual awakening and enlightenment is well-earned. The power of the Sunyik crystal angel has been used to promote personal growth, success, peace, and balance.

Carrying Sunyik crystal angel can be a way to invite more positive vibrations into your life and may help unlock hidden potential buried deep within you. Additionally, it can be used as an aid in meditation to connect more deeply with the Universe and manifest your desired reality. Try working with a Sunyik crystal angel today to help enrich your life journey!


People are curious about the crystals for angels, but they don't know where to start.

A lot of people are wondering if the crystals for angels actually work. They're curious, but they're not sure where to start or who to trust.

We've answered some of the most common questions about the crystals for angels below to help you know all about these crystals so you may choose the best option for you.

What is an amethyst angel?

An amethyst angel is a crystal figurine crafted from natural amethyst. This stone has long been used for its healing and spiritual properties, and the shape of an angel signifies divine guidance and protection. Amethyst angels are believed to help you connect with your guardian angels, receive their support, and manifest blessings in your life.

What is an opalite angel?

An opalite angel is a crystal figurine crafted from natural opalite. This stone is believed to be a powerful source of spiritual energy, and it has strong metaphysical properties that help bring balance and harmony into your life. Like amethyst angels, opalite angels are used to connect with guardian angels and receiving their guidance.

What angel number is associated with rose quartz?

The angel number associated with rose quartz is 9. This crystal helps bring abundance and luck into your life, and its pink hue signifies unconditional love and divine connection. Those who work with this stone often report an increase in happiness and peace. Rose quartz is believed to help manifest blessings from the angels and invite their presence into our lives.

What is the best crystal to wear for healing?

There are many different crystals that can be used for healing purposes. However, clear quartz is often considered the best crystal to wear for healing. Clear quartz has items that have the ability to absorb and store energy, which makes it ideal for promoting balance and harmony in the body. If you are looking for a crystal to help promote healing, consider wearing clear quartz.

What angel is Citrine?

Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal that has many healing properties. It's also known as the "success stone" because it helps to promote success, creativity, and abundance. Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is located in the center of the stomach. This chakra is responsible for our personal power, controlling anger, and self-confidence.

Archangel Jophiel is known as the angel of beauty and wisdom, and that can help us to see the beauty in all things. They also help us to access our own inner wisdom so that we can make wise choices in our lives.

What does 555 mean spiritually?

The celestial figure of 555 stands for transformation, liberation, and exploration. If you keep spotting this sequence in your life, it may mean that angels are attempting to communicate with you by encouraging any upcoming changes while simultaneously advising against pushing them too hard.


While all crystals have unique and special powers, there are some that work particularly well with angelic energy. If you’re looking to connect with your guardian angels or receive their guidance more clearly, consider working with one of these three powerful stones. Do you have a favorite crystal that you use for communicating with your angels? We’d love to hear about it!