Creating perfect ponytails can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to toddlers. Their hair tends to be softer and finer than adults, making it difficult to achieve the desired look without using the right tools. Fortunately, hair ties specifically designed for toddlers make ponytails easier than ever. Here’s how you can create perfect ponytails every time with hair ties for toddlers.

Start With Dry Hair & Use the Right Type of Hair Tie

It is always best to start with dry hair when creating a ponytail. Wet or damp hair will stretch out when brushed and make it harder to achieve a neat style that will stay in place all day long. Depending on your toddler’s hair type, you will want to choose a specific type of hair tie that works best. For instance, if your toddler has fine or thin hair, opt for an elastic covered in fabric as this will help hold the ponytail in place better than a plastic one. If your toddler has thick or curly hair, go for an elastic that is slightly larger so that it can hold more of their mane in place better.

Brush & Secure Their Hair Before Applying the Hair Tie

Once you have chosen the right type of elastic band, begin by brushing through your toddler’s locks and detangling any knots they may have before attempting to secure them into a ponytail. Make sure that you brush all their strands back towards their crown before grabbing them at the nape of their neck with one hand and smoothing them down over your other hand until they are neat and tangle free. When you are happy with their arrangement, use your fingers or a comb to help gather all their strands together into one neat bunch before wrapping the elastic around it twice (for extra grip).

Finish Styling Their Ponytail With Decorative Accessories

Now comes the fun part – styling! This is where you get creative with decorative accessories such as ribbons, bows, or clips depending on what look you would like to achieve. You can also add some texture by using bobby pins or curling irons if desired, but whatever style you choose make sure it is appropriate for your child’s age and activity level so that they don’t tug at it throughout the day causing discomfort. Once complete stand back and admire your work! You have just created a perfect ponytail every time with just a few simple steps!

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