Ironing boards are a must-have for any sewer. They help to flatten and press your fabric so that you can create a beautiful finished product. But, not all ironing boards are created equal! What should you look for when choosing an ironing board? Read on to find out!

Size & Shape of the Ironing Board

The size and shape of your ironing board will depend on what kind of projects you’re doing. If you’re working with large quilts or long pieces of fabric, then you’ll need a longer ironing board that can accommodate them. On the other hand, smaller projects may require a shorter or narrower ironing board. Consider the type of projects you usually work on when selecting an ironing board size and shape.

Tabletop vs Freestanding Ironing Boards

Another important consideration is whether to choose a tabletop or freestanding ironing board. Tabletop boards are small and lightweight, making them great for portable sewing projects like quilting retreats and classes. However, they might be too small for larger projects and aren't as stable as freestanding models. Freestanding models offer more stability and surface area, but they take up more space in your workspace. Think about how much space you have available before making your decision!

Cushion & Cover

Finally, pay attention to the cushion and cover of your chosen ironing board. A good cushion is essential for achieving beautiful results; it should be firm enough to provide support but pliable enough to prevent wrinkles in your fabric when pressing it down with an iron. The cover should also be made from heat-resistant material so that it won't scorch or burn easily when exposed to high temperatures. Make sure the cover is easy to remove so that it can be washed regularly—you don't want any dust or dirt getting into your fabrics while pressing them!

Choosing the perfect ironing board for sewing doesn’t have to be hard! All you need to do is consider the size and shape of the project you’re working on, decide between tabletop or freestanding models, and make sure the cushion and cover meet your needs.

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