Do you know what suet cakes are?

Suet cakes are the perfect way to give your feathered friends a much-needed boost of energy. They’re packed with flavor that birds simply can't resist! Plus, they’re a healthy and adventurous snack for wild birds every season. We've put together our top five picks so you can find out which ones you should give your feathered friends this year.

Make bird-watching even more exciting by giving them something special. Treat them with delicious and nutritious suet cake snacks – just one bite pack brings them the full flight experience! Enjoy watching their overall health improve as they get all the benefits from these enticing treats without any of the preservatives or artificial ingredients found in other snacks.

How These Products Make Our List

It can be hard to know which suet cake is best for your backyard birds.

There are so many different brands and flavors of suet cakes on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to buy. And even if you do find a brand you like, there's no guarantee that the flavor or type of suet cake you bought this year will be available next year.

We've done the research for you. We've tested all the different brands and flavors of suet cakes to find the 5 best ones for your backyard birds.

Best Suet Cakes for Birds With All Required Nutrients

Blue Seal Hot Pepper Suet Cakes 

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Why We Like This

Blue seal hot pepper suet cakes for birds offer all the required nutrients for your feathered friends without any mess. With a superior no-melt suet dough formula, these suet cakes are an excellent source of energy for wild birds during colder months when food is scarce.

They contain high-quality ingredients like cornmeal, wheat flour, rendered beef suet, and peanut butter- all of which are rich in proteins and fats that provide essential calories for bird maintenance. With Blue Seal's melt-resistant formula, you don't have to worry about cleaning up greasy messes because they are easy to open and designed for no-mess feeding.

What You Must Know

The Blue seal wild bird suet variety packs are perfect for bird enthusiasts who want to offer a range of flavors to their feathered friends. These cakes are available in 8 flavors such as wild berry, peanut butter, mealworm, and others.

This makes it easy to provide a diverse diet for your backyard birds while enjoying the thrill of watching them feast on these delicious treats. And if you can't decide which flavor your feathered friends will like best - no worries - Blue seal wild bird suet also offers variety packs with a selection of all their delicious treat choices!

Best Suet Cakes for Birds With Healthy Ingredients

St. Albans Suet Cakes 

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Why We Like This

At St. Albans, suet cakes for birds are made with only the highest quality bird-safe ingredients so they can maintain their diet while being attractive to a wide range of species. This product is perfect for those that want to ensure their birds are getting the best nutrition possible without overdoing it or risking the health of their feathered friends.

These healthy ingredients suet cakes provide a natural source of energy, plus essential vitamins and minerals to help fuel them throughout their day. The all-natural mixture is specially chosen for its high level of natural fats and proteins, which complement a wonderful variety of seed blends, nuts, mealworms, and fruits for an enjoyable taste that birds love!

What You Must Know

St. Albans suet cakes for birds have made it easy to feed the feathered friends in our garden. No more reaching into multiple bags or messing with piles of birdseed, everything you need is ready in these convenient cakes. Unlike other methods of feeding suet birds, like old messy trays which require utilizing special tools like scissors and knives to access food, suet cakes are unlocking birds’ access to sustenance.

All you need to do is place the cake in your backyard and watch as all kinds of birds come flocking to your home. This revolutionary product has made caring for and viewing wildlife so much easier – how wonderful!

Best Suet Cake For Birds With No-melt Formula

Heath Outdoor Suet Cake 

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Why We Like This

One of the main reasons why we like Heath outdoor suet cake is its no-melt formula, which ensures that it will not melt or turn rancid in high temperatures. This makes it perfect for all seasons as it can withstand even the hottest summer days without losing its nutritional value.

The no-melt formula in suet cakes is beneficial not only to birds but also to bird lovers. The formula helps to reduce mess and wastage since it does not liquefy when exposed to heat or direct sunlight. As such, birds can feed on these cakes without making a mess around your feeding station or attracting unwanted pests like ants and other insects.

What You Must Know

Heath outdoor suet cake for birds is a great way to attract woodpeckers and other birds to your yard. These specialized bird treats are made with premium blends of both grains and nuts, including sunflower seeds, peanuts, pecans, millet, and corn.

The special woodpecker seed blends contained in the suet cakes make them, especially appealing to these birds. This makes it easy for the birds to pick apart the ingredients and enjoy them piece by piece or in natural suet form – either way, they can’t resist!

Woodpeckers enjoy suet cakes because they provide much-needed energy during cold weather months when other food sources are scarce.

Best Suet Cakes With Universal Appeal

Blue Seal Sunflower Suet Cakes

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Why We Like This

Blue seal sunflower suet cakes have been specially formulated with universal appeal in mind. This means that they are suitable for a wide variety of bird species, making them an ideal choice for bird lovers who want to attract as many different types of birds to their suet feeders as possible. The secret behind their universal appeal lies in the high-quality ingredients used in each cake.

The universal appeal of these suet cakes means that they're suitable for use throughout the year. During the winter months, when food sources are scarce, these suet cakes provide birds with much-needed energy and warmth. In spring and summer, they offer a valuable source of protein for nesting adults and growing chicks.

What You Must Know

Blue seal sunflower suet cakes are made with rendered beef suet, cracked corn, millet, and black oil sunflower seed. This nutrient-rich blend is packed with energy to fuel the birds' activities throughout the day. This combination not only tastes great for birds but is also a good nutritional source.

All the ingredients used are rich in proteins and healthy fats, especially the black oil sunflower seed which is favored by many species of birds and provides essential fat for their nutrition. These cakes can be an easy and convenient way to supplement a bird's diet.

Best Suet Dough Cakes That Help Preserving Nature

Blue Seal Orange Surprise Suet 

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Why We Like This

Blue seal orange surprise suet dough cakes are more than just a suet bird food product. They also help to preserve nature and protect the environment. The suet dough cakes are designed with an easy-open wrapper that uses 80% less packaging than traditional suet products in trays. This helps reduce waste and minimizes the environmental impact of the product.

Blue seal orange surprise suet dough cakes are made with 100% recyclable packaging materials, making them an eco-friendly choice for bird lovers who want to do their part for the planet. By choosing these suet cakes consumers can enjoy feeding birds while also promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

What You Must Know

Blue seal orange surprise suet dough cakes are the perfect addition to any backyard birds’ buffet. These year-round treats provide high-energy nutrition for your feathered friends that helps sustain them through whatever mother nature throws their way.

Packed with a variety of seeds and berries, these dough cakes are designed to satisfy birds like woodpeckers, chickadees, jays, nuthatches, and more. Plus, the orange flavoring provides an extra hint of sweetness that will have your feathered visitors coming back time and time again!

By offering this nutrient-rich suet mix throughout the year in a convenient form, you will be giving insect-eating birds energy for growth and development even during harsh winter months.


Feeding birds is a great way to get close to nature, but it can be hard to know which food is best for them.

There are so many different types of bird food on the market including suet cakes, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your backyard birds.

Our FAQs about the different suet cakes for birds will help you to know all about suet cakes for birds like whether are they good for them or what type attracts the birds more etc.

What is bird suet made of?

Bird suet is a type of bird food that is made from rendered beef fat. It is usually mixed with other ingredients such as grains, nuts, and seeds to create a high-energy food source for birds. The fat content in the suet provides an important energy source for birds during the winter months when natural food sources are scarce.

Are suet cakes good for birds?

Yes, suet cakes are a great source of nutrition for birds. Suet cakes are made from rendered animal fat and usually contain nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. This combination of ingredients provides birds with the high-energy fuel they need to stay warm in cold weather and to power their long migrations.

Which suet cakes attract the most birds?

Suet cakes are a great way to attract a variety of birds to your backyard. The type of suet cake you choose depends on the types of birds you want to attract. The most popular suet cakes for attracting birds are those that contain fruits and nuts. These ingredients provide essential nutrients and energy for the birds, making them an attractive food source.

What are suet cakes used for?

They are used to attract wild birds to bird feeders and gardens. Suet cakes provide a high-energy food source for birds, especially during the winter months when natural food sources are scarce. In addition to providing nutrition, suet cakes also provide an important source of fat and protein for birds, which helps them maintain their body temperature in cold weather

What type of suet is best for birds?

The type of suet that is best for birds depends on the species of bird you are trying to attract. Suet with high-fat content is best for most species of birds. This includes beef suet, which is made from rendered beef fat and can provide a lot of energy for birds in cold weather.

Some birders prefer to use seed-based suets, which contain a blend of seeds and nuts that provide an additional source of nutrition. Other best options for suet cakes are suet log feeder and window suet feeder.

How long do bird suet cakes last?

Bird suet cakes typically last for about a month when stored in a cool, dry place. However, the shelf life of suet cakes can vary depending on the type of ingredients used and how they are prepared. Suet cakes made with lard or other animal fats will spoil more quickly than those made with vegetable shortening.

How do you give birds suet?

The best way to give birds suet is to place it in a bird feeder that is specifically designed for suet cakes. This helps to keep the suet safe from other animals and protects it from the elements. If you do not have a bird feeder, you can also hang the suet cake on a tree branch or nail it to a post in your yard. Be sure to keep the suet away from hot surfaces, as high temperatures can cause it to melt and spoil quickly.

Can you use chicken fat for bird suet?

Yes, you can use chicken fat for bird suet. Suet is a type of animal fat that is typically used to feed wild birds in the winter. It is high in calories and provides birds with much-needed energy during cold weather. Chicken fat can be used just like any other type of animal fat to make suet cakes for birds. However, it is important to remember that chicken fat can spoil quickly, so it should be stored in the refrigerator and used within a few days.

Does bird suet attract rats?

No, bird suet does not typically attract rats. Rats are drawn to human food sources and prefer foods that are high in sugar or carbohydrates. Suet contains mostly fat and protein, which rats do not find as appealing.

However, rats may be attracted to a bird feeder if there is spilled seed on the ground from birds eating at the feeder. To prevent this from happening, make sure to place the feeder in a spot that is away from areas where rats may congregate, such as garbage cans and alleys.

What happens if the bird suet gets wet?

If the bird suet gets wet, it can spoil quickly and attract insects. To prevent this from happening, make sure to store the suet in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If you do find that your suet has become wet, it is best to discard it and replace it with fresh suet. Never feed wet suet to the birds, as it can make them ill. It is also a good idea to regularly check your suet cakes for signs of spoilage and replace them as needed.

Is homemade suet good for birds?

Yes, homemade suet is a great way to attract birds to your backyard. Suet is a high-energy food that provides birds with the essential fats and proteins they need to survive. It's easy to make at home using simple ingredients like lard, peanut butter, birdseed, and cornmeal.

This mixture can be placed in mesh bags or feeders and hung from trees or poles for birds to enjoy. You can even add dried fruit, nuts, or other treats to the mix for an extra special treat!

Where do you put suet cakes for birds?

Suet cakes for birds can be placed in one of two locations. The first option is to hang the suet cake from a tree branch or other hanging location. This allows the birds to easily access the suet without having to land on the ground. Make sure you hang the suet at least five feet off the ground and away from any areas where cats may be able to reach it.

The second option is to place the suet cake directly on a platform feeder. Platform suet bird feeders are great for attracting a variety of birds, including woodpeckers, jays, and cardinals.


Whether you’re a novice or expert in feeding the birds, it's important to consider setting up a suet feeder and filling it with some of the best cakes for birds. We've listed the five most popular cakes that are sure to please your feathered friends. These range from all-natural organic ingredients to those that contain a variety of nuts, berries, and other delights.

Whatever choice you opt for, taking into account the amount of space you have for the feeder and any dietary needs your birds may need is critical for establishing a successful feeding program for them. Thanks for reading – now go forth and offer some suet treats to bird-kind!