Do you have a bald head?

If you're like most men, the answer is probably yes. And that's okay! Millions of men suffer from hair loss and baldness for a variety of reasons. But that doesn't mean you have to just sit back and let it happen. There are products on the market today designed specifically to meet your needs – including shampoos!

Not all shampoos are created equal, though. That's why we've put together a list of our seven favorite shampoos for bald heads. So whether you're looking to cleanse away oils or stop hair thinning in its tracks, we've got you covered. Keep reading to find the perfect shampoo for you!

Our Process for Selecting these Products

Baldness is a common problem that can affect anyone, at any age.

Millions of people suffer from baldness for a variety of reasons, including genetics, stress, and illness.

We've compiled a list of the seven best shampoos for bald heads to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Whether you're looking for a shampoo to promote hair growth or one that will help keep your scalp healthy and free of dandruff, we have you covered.

Best Shampoo for Bald Head With Jojoba Esters

Bee Bald Cleanser 

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What We Like About It

Baldness has become an inescapable trend and we are here to help you embrace your look even further! Bee bald cleanser for the bald head is the perfect product to help you maintain a healthy scalp while achieving an attractive shine. This cleanser contains jojoba esters which hydrate and moisturize, preventing razor bumps and skin issues. Jojoba esters condition hair follicles and stimulate natural growth – so you will achieve a radiant shine without worrying about any health concerns.

This product helps to protect your head from aging, free radical damage, environmental stressors, as well as clogged pores – making it a must-have item in any bald man’s beauty routine.

Important Things to Know

The Bee bald cleanser is a great product to keep bald heads - and the skin around your scalp – refreshed and cleaned. It contains glycerin which is a key part of the cleanser, which provides protection from dryness while imparting softness to the skin.

But it's not just glycerin that makes this cleanser a powerful one: it's also full of allantoin and aloe leaf juice, ingredients that are well known for their cleansing properties which help remove oils and other impurities without irritating the scalp. It's gentle enough for daily use and will leave your bald head revitalized and revived.

Best Shampoo for Bald Head With Propanediol

C3 Daily Foam Cleanser

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What We Like About It

Introducing the amazing C3 daily foam cleanser- the perfect product to keep your bald head looking and feeling its best! This foaming cleanser is designed to gently cleanse and exfoliate the sensitive scalp underneath your head without causing irritation or drying out.

Loaded with propanediol, which provides a revitalizing effect that leaves your skin moisturized and well-conditioned. Plus, it helps even out any discoloration on the scalp while delivering a ton of nourishing nutrients.

Keep yourself feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident with just one wash a day using C3 daily foam cleanser. The smoothness of your head will be restored as you shine on through life!

Important Things to Know

The C3 daily foam cleanser for bald heads is an amazing product specifically crafted to clean and hydrate the scalp.

With its non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic formula, it is perfect even for those with sensitive skin; creating a pH-balanced environment that maintains healthy skin on your scalp. After shaving, this product can help reduce razor bumps, and razor burns and eliminate any irritation from shaving; providing you with a smoother shave that feels great.

This gentle daily cleansing foam is designed precisely to give your scalp and bald head the nourishment it needs so you can look and feel good every day!

Best Shampoo for Bald Head With Coconut Oil

Mountaineer Brand Shampoo

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What We Like About It

If you need a shampoo that’ll care for your bald head, look no further than Mountaineer brand bald head shampoo! This superior product is crafted with the highest quality ingredients to nourish and protect your scalp around the clock.

This special formula harnesses the power of coconut oil to give you maximum hydration while keeping your scalp balanced and healthy. You’ll love how soft your hair feels after just one use!

Plus, this formula is designed to easily rinse away without causing irritation or dryness. So, let Mountaineer brand take care of all your bald head needs.

Important Things to Know

The Mountaineer brand bald head shampoo is truly a cut above the rest thanks to its key ingredients - sunflower seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, and essential oils. Sunflower seed oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids that can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Rosemary leaf extract is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as being naturally antibacterial and antifungal, helping to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Essential oils promote healthy and hydrated skin while also providing a pleasant aroma that can enhance your daily shower experience.

A little goes a long way: simply lather up a dime-size amount of the shampoo on your wet head, rinse, and enjoy refreshed scalp all day long!

Best Shampoo for Bald Head With Vitamin E

Old Spice Bald Care Cleanser

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What We Like About It

Old Spice bald care cleanser is the perfect way to maintain your bald head and find smooth nourishment. This specially formulated cleanser will leave you feeling clean, confident, and rejuvenated with every use!

Best of all, it's packed with vitamin E to keep your scalp healthy and refreshed throughout the day. Whether you're looking for cleansing when shaving or just general maintenance, this cleanser is ideal for everyday use.

It's lightweight so it won't weigh down on your head during the day, yet strong enough to tackle dirt and oil buildup. You'll feel completely reinvigorated after every use - so no more tiring greasiness!

Important Things to Know

The Old Spice bald care cleanser is a must-have for any man with a shaved head. Its special formula deep cleans your scalp and removes those pesky build-ups that you can sometimes get from styling products.

Plus, it leaves you with the feeling of a clean and refreshed scalp. And if that weren't enough, this amazing set comes with both a shaving cream and a moisturizer to keep your scalp feeling smooth and healthy all day long.

So now you know why it's one of the best grooming kits out there: because its versatile and effective formulation makes for an unbeatable combination.

Best Shampoo for Bald Head With Beeswax

HeadBlade Exfoliating Cleanser 

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What We Like About It

Introducing HeadBlade exfoliating cleanser – a unique formula that provides superior cleansing and exfoliation for your head. This product uses natural ingredients like beeswax to deeply clean water-resistant areas of the scalp, giving you a revitalized feeling every time you use it.

Beeswax is a great natural conditioner and it helps to seal in moisture. It can also help to protect hair from the sun and other environmental pollutants.

In addition, it helps remove dead skin cells and residual dirt, leaving your scalp looking and feeling healthier with each wash.

Important Things to Know

The HeadBlade exfoliating cleanser is essential for anyone experiencing issues with their bald head. Shea butter and grape seed powder are key ingredients; the benefits of shea butter are that it soothes irritated or dry skin while grape seed powder helps reduce oil and keeps your scalp feeling great.

This cleanser also exfoliates the skin and preps hair follicles for a close, smooth shave which prevents tugging, pulling, and ingrown hairs. Unleash the hidden benefits of these natural ingredients for a better shaving experience every time!

Best Shampoo for Bald Head With Vitamin C

Smooth Headcare Shampoo

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What We Like About It

Experience the power of Smooth Headcare shampoo for the bald head! Get ready to regain your confidence with a shine that's nothing short of perfect. This shampoo contains Vitamin C to help replenish essential oils, leaving your scalp feeling invigorated and refreshed. It will help bring strength back to your hair follicles and amplify the volume of any existing strands. Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation associated with thinning hair while preventing brittle strands due to breakage or sunlight exposure damage.

With Smooth bald Headcare shampoo, you can enjoy all the benefits without fear of damaging or drying out your delicate scalp skin. From cleansing to nourishing, it's never been easier to promote healthy, luscious locks!

Important Things to Know

The Smooth Headcare shampoo for bald heads contains three powerful ingredients to keep your scalp clean, healthy, and hydrated: niacinamide, glycolic acid, and citric acid.

Niacinamide aids in reducing inflammation and irritation on the scalp, as well as promoting overall scalp health. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps create a balance between skin cells on the scalp. Glycolic and citric acid work together to remove impurities and dead skin cells that can clog pores on the scalp.

This fragrance-free shampoo is ideal for those dealing with extreme dryness or other issues due to baldness since these ingredients help unclog pores, rejuvenate cells and nourish the scalp.

Best Moisturizer for Bald Head With Argan Oil

Blackmane Skincare Moisturizer

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What We Like About It

Welcome to Blackmane Skincare bald head moisturizer! This product is perfectly designed to complement any shampoo. We know ensuring your scalp stays healthy and looks great is of the utmost importance. This unique blend contains argan oil that will ensure your scalp is as soft, smooth, and hydrated as ever before.

Argan oil is high in antioxidants, which can help protect your scalp from damage caused by free radicals. Also, argan oil is a good moisturizer that can help keep your scalp hydrated. Additionally, argan oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which could help reduce inflammation and irritation on the scalp.

Blackmane Skincare bald head moisturizer will help seal moisture into your scalp and protect it from the environment, giving you a beautiful look throughout the day.

Important Things to Know

The Blackmane Skincare bald head moisturizer is formulated with the key ingredient, cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is known for being especially rich and nourishing while being reasonably lightweight and non-greasy, making it ideal for bald heads.

Not only that, but cocoa butter also has high levels of fatty acids which help hydrate, repair, and protect your scalp as well as help minimize the itchiness often associated with shaving.

With its fast absorption rate and extra moisturizing effects on bald scalps, this special formula can be used after a shave to soothe irritated areas while providing long-lasting hydration.


You're not sure which shampoo is the best for you if you have a bald head.

There are a lot of different shampoos out there that claim to be the best for bald heads, but it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you.

We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about shampoos for bald heads so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Which shampoo is best for bald heads?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best shampoo for bald heads will vary depending on the individual's hair type and scalp condition. However, some key qualities to look for in a good shampoo for bald heads include:

• A gentle formula that will not strip away natural oils or cause irritation

• A silicone-free formula to prevent build-up and greasy hair

• A pH-balanced formula to avoid alkalinity or acidity that can damage the scalp

Should you use shampoo with a bald head?

It depends on your own personal preference. Some people prefer to use shampoo when they have a bald head, while others do not. The main purpose of shampoo is to clean the scalp and hair, so if you feel like using shampoo is helping to keep your scalp clean then go ahead and use it!

How do I take care of my bald head?

There are a few things to keep in mind when taking care of your bald head. First, always use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when going outside, as the sun can be very damaging to the scalp. Second, use a shampoo and conditioner designed for bald men, as these products will help to keep your scalp healthy and free of infection. 

Finally, try to avoid wearing hats or other headwear that could cause irritation or excessive sweating.

Do I need to moisturize my bald head?

Yes, you need to moisturize your bald head! When you shave your head, you're actually removing the top layer of skin. This can leave your scalp feeling dry and itchy. That's why it's important to use a good quality moisturizer after you shave. 

Look for a product that contains ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, tea tree oil or tea tree essential oil, and coconut oil. These ingredients will help to nourish and protect your scalp.

Which oil is best for bald heads?

Coconut oil is best for bald heads. Coconut oil is great for the hair and scalp because it contains lauric acid, which has antimicrobial properties. It also contains capric acid, which helps to reduce sebum production. Sebum can clog the pores on the scalp, leading to hair loss. Other than oils you can also use specialized shampoos like body shop ginger shampoo and Smooth Headcare Shampoo etc for that problem and they are way too effective.

Can bald head grow hair again?

Thankfully, there are now technological advances that allow you to grow your hair back. With a follicular unit extraction (FUE) treatment, surgeons can transplant viable hair follicles and implant them in bald spots. This method is minimally-invasive and more heavy-duty than previous treatments.

How do bald heads get shiny?

The natural oils on the scalp help keep hair healthy, but when there's no hair to absorb them, they can make the scalp look shiny.

Bald heads get shiny because they don't have any hair follicles to absorb the natural oils that are secreted by the sebaceous glands. These oils usually help keep hair healthy, but without any hair to absorb them, they can make an oily scalp look shiny.

How often should I moisturize my bald head?

You should moisturize your bald head every day. In fact, it's one of the most important parts of taking care of your flaky scalp and preventing dry skin, dandruff, and scalp psoriasis.

The best time to moisturize is right after you shower when your skin is still damp. Simply apply a thin layer of moisturizer to your dry scalp and massage it in. Be sure to avoid getting any moisturizer in your eyes.

Is coconut oil good for bald heads?

Yes, it is good for bald heads. Coconut oil has a high lauric acid content which helps to kill the fungus that causes dandruff. It also helps to strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth.

To use coconut oil as a scalp treatment, massage it in thoroughly, then cover your head with a shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual afterward.

Should you shave your bald head every day?

No, you don't need to shave your bald head every day. In fact, you really only need to shave your head when you start to see new growth. Once the hair has been shaved down to the skin, it will take about a week for it to grow back fully. During that time, make sure to keep the scalp moisturized so that it doesn't become dry and irritating.

Why does my bald head get so greasy?

Your bald head is getting greasy because the sebaceous glands on your scalp are overactive and produce too much sebum. Sebum is the oily, waxy substance that normally lubricates your hair and skin. But when there's too much of it, it can clog your pores and lead to acne and other skin problems.

The best way to deal with an overactive sebaceous gland is to keep your scalp clean and free of dirt and oil.

Is Vaseline good for bald heads?

Although it can help prevent breakage and dryness, using Vaseline will not make your hair grow any faster. Additionally, some people caution against putting it on your scalp or face as it might clog pores or create a bacteria-friendly environment.

Why is my bald head itchy?

Dry skin, sunburn, and eczema are all common causes of itchy scalps. Seborrheic dermatitis is a more serious condition that can cause itching, flaking, and redness on the scalp.

If your bald head is itchy, the best thing to do is to find the underlying cause of itching on your bald scalp and treat it accordingly. If you have dry skin, you can apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to help relieve the itchiness. If you have sunburn or eczema, you can apply a topical steroid cream or ointment to help reduce inflammation and itching.

Why is my scalp so itchy but with no dandruff or lice?

If you have an itchy scalp but no dandruff or lice, the most likely cause is dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by a variety of things, including cold weather, harsh soaps and detergents, sun exposure, and harsh chemicals in hair products.

The best way to treat scalp irritation is to use a gentle soap or bald head shampoos without sulfates and moisturize your scalp regularly with a quality moisturizer.

In Conclusion

So, if you are looking for a shampoo that can help you keep your bald head in check, any of the seven shampoos we’ve reviewed today will do the trick. Just be sure to read the labels and follow the directions so that you get the most out of your shampooing experience. Have you tried any of these shampoos? Do let us know!