Ready to take your volleyball game to the next level?

Outdoor volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world for good reason. It’s a ton of fun and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or an experienced player looking for a more challenging experience – we’ve got you covered.

Check out our list of the top 6 outdoor volleyballs on the market today. We’ve compared materials, weight, and performance level, so you can decide which is right for you! With something for everyone, we know you’ll find the perfect official game ball to up your game.

How We Picked the Best Options

Outdoor volleyball is a great way to get some exercise, have some fun, and spend time with friends. But with so many different types of outdoor volleyball available, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you.

Not all outdoor volleyballs are created equal. In fact, there are a lot of different factors you need to consider when choosing an outdoor volleyball.

We've done the hard work and research for you and picked the best outdoor volleyballs based on price, quality, and customer reviews.

Best Volleyball With Machine-Sewn Construction

WILSON Outdoor Volleyball 

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Why We Love It

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor volleyball to take your game to the next level? Look no further than the Wilson outdoor volleyball! With its machine-sewn construction, this official outdoor volleyball is carefully crafted with superior materials that make it one of a kind.

The reinforced stitching of the panels ensures that each pass and serve's trajectory stays consistent and true. And, even after long hours of play and rough surfaces, the shape retention won't be compromised.

That means you can keep playing on and off the court without worrying about having to replace your ball soon. And, when you're done playing, just toss the Wilson outdoor volleyball in your bag - it'll stay intact until your next training session!

Important to Know

Wilson outdoor volleyball offers a fun and vibrant appearance, and great performance. The innovative graffiti design pays homage to major beach volleyball cities, featuring the perfect combination of unmistakable artistry and no-fuss practicality.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, the ball stands up well to rough play, even in outdoor spaces or on sand-filled courts. The butyl rubber bladder of this great beach volleyball also keeps air pressure for longer periods of time so you don't have to constantly re-inflate it. So if you're looking for an exciting and durable outdoor volley, Wilson is a perfect choice!

Best Volleyball Made of Superior PU

Runleaps Volleyball for Outdoor

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Why We Love It

Look no further for the perfect outdoor volleyball set–Runleaps is the ideal choice for all your sporting needs! This high-quality, superior PU material ensures a sturdy yet pliable feel when you hit it, making it suitable for beach or park activities. Be assured of a consistent bounce and long-lasting durability throughout intense play sessions.

Even better? The material is waterproof and easy to clean after use. Challenging your friends or family in an invigorating game of volleyball has never been so rewarding!

With this versatile Runleaps outdoor official volleyball, you can enjoy hours of thrilling entertainment without worrying about wear and tear.

Important to Know

Runleaps volleyball outdoors is your perfect companion for beach volleyball and other competitive sports! Crafted from the finest materials, these durable balls guarantee that you won't have to worry about them peeling over time.

This sand volleyball can increase flight arcs, giving you more control within the game. With its unique valve system, any possible air leakage is eliminated so you can stay in the game longer; with an upgraded design, you won't get a flat ball ever again! Put your trust in Runleaps for all of your beach volleyball needs.

Best Volleyball with Pump and Needle

Franklin Outdoor Volleyball 

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Why We Love It

The Franklin outdoor volleyball is the perfect volleyball for your summer activities! Enjoy playing outdoors with friends with this comfortable and durable product. This exclusive ball features a signature pump and needle so you don't have to spend time searching for a good one at the store.

With this added technology of an official ball, you can easily adjust the pressure of your ball in a snap! Whether you want a light and fluffy feel or an extra firm grip, the pump and needle allow for both preferences.

The weather-resistant coating ensures that your game won’t be hindered by any moisture, allowing you to enjoy your backyard volleyball session come rain or shine fully! Perfect for groups of friends, family, or events – this outdoor volleyball will bring endless fun in any setting.

Important to Know

Franklin outdoor volleyball is the perfect tool for beach and outdoor, recreational play. Generously constructed according to official size and weight specifications, this ball promises an authentic volleyball experience that is ideal for seasoned tournament players and kids just setting out on their volleyball journey.

The textured covering ensures a superior grip, while the cushioned exterior gives the ball a soft feel. By providing an excellent source of control and accuracy even in outdoor elements, Franklin outdoor volleyball guarantees hours of fun-filled gameplay for users of all ages!

Best Volleyball made with High-Quality PU Leather

Runleaps Outdoor Beach Volleyball 

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Why We Love It

The Runleaps outdoor beach volleyball is essential for any beach lover out there! Crafted from the absolute highest-quality leather, you won’t need to worry about any unexpected disruptions during a heated game as this product is built with durability in mind.

The real beauty of this volleyball is its flexibility – you can feel it adjust depending on your grip while still staying tight, almost like a glove all the way around. You’ll also enjoy noting that its hand-stitched and hand-cut finish offers superior comfort thanks to the natural support that only comes from exceptional quality.

So what are you waiting for? Get outside, soak up some vitamin seaside, and start playing with the Runleaps outdoor beach volleyball – your perfect partner in sand sports!

Important to Know

Runleaps outdoor volleyball offers participants a great way to increase physical strength and coordination, and even build better relationships with friends. The ball itself is well-constructed from tightly stitched materials so that it can withstand the elements of a day spent outdoors.

Even when pressure is put on the ball, due to strong air retention in its special valve technology, it will still remain in perfect condition. In addition to the practical benefits the board gives players, it also adds an aesthetic element that makes a game of volleyball look classic and professional.

Now you have the chance to practice your skills with a quality and reliable piece of equipment!

Best Volleyball Made With Soft-Touch Technology

Vetra Outdoor Volleyball 

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Why We Love It

Are you ready to take your outdoor volleyball game to the next level? The Vetra outdoor volleyball is here! With its soft-touch technology, this top-of-the-line product will ensure that you have the most enjoyable and exciting experience as you hit the court.

Soft-touch technology gives this volleyball a softer and smoother feel than regular volleyballs. This not only creates a more comfortable play experience but also increases grip and control so that your shots are even more accurate. And with its aerodynamic structure, the ball flies perfectly through the air for reliable rebounds and unrivaled power. Whether you’re training for an upcoming tournament or just casual play with friends, this volleyball offers superior performance every time.

Important to Know

If you're looking for a durable and high-quality outdoor volleyball, look no further than Vetra's. Built with a high-quality PVC cover, the stitching on these indoor and outdoor balls is tested to handle every pass and serve without losing air or shape.

This is one of the best features of this ball- it won't be giving you any red, painful forearms! Not only guaranteed to last season after season, but it also offers outstanding grip while increasing your success rate in all aspects of gameplay. With Vetra outdoor volleyball you can expect nothing less than top-notch performance.

Best Volleyball made with Composite Leather

Reboil Outdoor Recreational Volleyball 

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Why We Love It

Introducing the newest Reboil outdoor recreational volleyball. It’s perfect for game day and leisurely beach days spent outdoors with friends. This king of the beach volleyball is made of composite leather, making it an extremely durable choice that provides a soft feel as opposed to traditional leather. With its long-lasting finish and its resilient bounce, this volleyball was made to bring years' worth of thrilling games outdoors.

The composite leather offers unbeatable strength without sacrificing its comfort. This means it will stand the test of time against bumps, scratches, and hard court surfaces.

Not to mention, the material allows for excellent grip and hand control which makes playing nearly effortless! As you score point after point, you will notice a smooth surface that won't peel off or form unsightly creases as is common in other materials.

Important to Know

Reboil outdoor recreational volleyball allows you to play with unprecedented control and confidence, thanks to its specially designed bottom layer outfitted with second-generation reflective leather.

Along with a full-fledged effervescent gall bladder designed to enhance the ball's durability, winding 200 meter-long threads across the surface of the bladder provides an improved overall texture and stability level of elasticity that keeps it in top condition for outdoor play.

Whether playing for leisure or in organized league matches, Reboil outdoor recreational volleyball guarantees your experience will be one to remember.


Outdoor volleyball can be a lot of fun, but there are some things you need to know before playing.

You might not know the rules, or how to play properly. You might not even have the right equipment!

Our FAQs about outdoor volleyball will answer all your questions and help you get ready for a great game. We cover everything from the basics of the sport to more advanced techniques.

Which volleyball is best for the outdoors?

There are a few qualities to look for when choosing a volleyball for the outdoors. The ball should be made of a durable material that can stand up to the elements, such as rain and wind. It's also important that the ball be brightly colored so it can be easily seen against a background of trees or grass. Finally, the ball should have a good bounce so it can be tossed and caught easily.

Are outdoor volleyballs harder?

Yes, outdoor volleyballs are harder than indoor balls. The cover on an outdoor ball is typically made from a harder rubber compound than the cover on an indoor ball. This makes the ball more durable and able to withstand the harsher elements outdoors, but it also makes the ball less responsive and more difficult to control.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor volleyball?

The main difference between the best indoor volleyball and the best outdoor volleyball is that indoor volleyball is played on a hardwood court while outdoor volleyball is played on sand.

The other main difference is the size of the court. An indoor volleyball court is 9 meters by 18 meters, while an outdoor volleyball court can be any size as long as it meets the international specifications for a playing surface.

What are the 3 types of volleyball?

There are three types of volleyball: indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, and grass volleyball.

Indoor volleyball is played in a gymnasium on a hard court. The ball is served and hit underhand.

Beach volleyball is played on the sand with two teams of two players. The ball is served and hit overhand.

Grass volleyball is played on a grass surface with two teams of two players. The ball is served and hit underhand.

What volleyball do 13-year-olds use?

13-year-olds typically use a regulation-size volleyball. It's 6.5 inches in diameter and weighs between 9 and 10 ounces. The ball is made of leather or synthetics and is inflated to a pressure of 7.5 to 8.5 pounds per square inch.

Is B or BB better at volleyball?

The B rating is better for players who are new to the game and just learning the basics. The BB rating is better for more experienced players who have mastered the fundamentals of the sport and are looking to improve their skills.

No matter which rating you choose, volleyball can be a fun and rewarding experience when played with friends or family.

What volleyball do pros use?

The pros use a composite volleyball, which is made of different materials (usually plastic and rubber). A composite volleyball is more consistent in terms of bounce and flight than an all-rubber ball. It also has a harder surface, which makes it easier to control.

Can outdoor volleyballs go in the water?

It depends on the type of water.

If you're playing in salt water, your ball will quickly rust. If you're playing in fresh water, your ball may become a bit slimy and harder to grip. But as long as you're not dunking it or submerging it for extended periods of time, your ball should be fine to play with in most types of water.

Can I use an outdoor volleyball in a pool?

Yes, you can use an outdoor volleyball in a pool. In fact, a lot of people do this during the summertime when they want to get some exercise but don't want to go outside and deal with the heat. Just make sure that the ball is made for water use, meaning that it's specifically designed for playing in pools or other bodies of water. There are a lot of different brands that make these types of balls, so just do a quick online search and you'll find what you're looking for. Have fun!

Are beach volleyballs different from normal volleyballs?

Yes. Beach volleyballs are made of a special material that is designed to stay inflated in warm weather and withstand the sand and sun.

The material used for beach volleyballs is also slightly porous, which allows it to absorb some moisture from the air. This helps to keep the ball inflated in hot weather since most normal volleyballs would quickly deflate in those conditions.

Do beach volleyballs hurt?

The short answer is yes, beach volleyballs can hurt if you're not careful. Volleyballs in general are pretty tough and durable, but their surface can still cause scrapes and bruises if you're not careful.

Beach volleyballs are especially prone to causing injuries because of the sand that gets stuck all over them. The sand makes the surface of the ball very rough, and it can easily cut or scrape your skin if you're not paying attention.

Why are indoor volleyballs heavier?

Best indoor volleyballs are heavier than beach and grass volleyballs because they need to be able to bounce correctly on a hard court surface. A heavier ball will have more momentum when it hits the ground and will be less likely to slow down or change direction abruptly.


When it comes to having fun outdoors with friends, family, or even teammates, volleyball is a great option. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. With so many different options on the market, it can be tough to choose the right volleyball for your needs. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve put together a list of the six best outdoor volleyballs currently available. After reading our reviews, you should have no trouble finding the perfect ball for your next game. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and head outside for some fun today!