Want to take your favorite movies and shows with you outdoors?

Outdoor TV mounts are designed to securely hold your TV to the wall and protect it from the elements. It can be just the thing to turn a picnic, backyard party, or camping trip into an unforgettable experience. With its flexible adjustments, mounting options, and special features like waterproofing and stability locks, it's never been easier to set up an outside movie theater!

Plus, with our carefully reviewed selection of top-rated favorites from the market today and helpful tips for choosing one that works best for your setup –you'll always get the most out of your outdoor television watching.

Imagine how much more enjoyable it would be if you could watch all your favorite shows on a big screen while in nature! Outdoor tv mounts make this dream come true with their strong stands designed with adjustable heights so you can find just the right angle and view every time. And don’t forget about all those summer night gatherings where you could share great memories in front of a beautiful scenic backdrop while watching your favorite show together!

How These Products Make Our List

With so many outdoor TV mounts on the market, it can be hard for you to decide which one is right for you.

You don’t want to end up making the wrong purchase—one that won’t fit your TV or provide a secure installation.

Don’t worry! We’ve done all the research after analyzing many options and compiled our list of the 7 best outdoor TV mounts to make sure you get the perfect one for your backyard. All you have to do is find your perfect fit!

Best Outdoor TV Mount That Offers Space Saving & Cable Management

AM alphamount Outdoor TV Mount 

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Why We Like This

The AM alphamount outdoor TV mount is an exceptional product that offers space-saving and cable management. This wall mount bracket is that it extends up to 19.3 inches away from the wall, providing ultimate viewing angles and clearing. This feature allows you to adjust your outdoor TV in a precise position for clear visibility without any obstruction.

Moreover, this mount also retracts back to 2.5 inches when not in use, ensuring space-saving and preserving the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor living area. With limited space outdoors, having an efficient mount like AM alphamount will help you create more room for other activities or furniture arrangements.

In addition to space-saving features, this mount also has an excellent cable management system that eliminates messy cables and wires hanging around the wall or floor area.

What You Must Know

One of the best features of this mount is its ability to fight glare. When watching tv outdoors in bright sunlight, glare can be a real issue. Not only does it make it difficult to see the screen clearly, but it can also cause eye fatigue and neck pain as you strain to see past the reflection.

This outdoor tv mount has a tilting feature that allows you to adjust the angle of your screen so that you can reduce or eliminate any glare issues. This means that you'll be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies without having to strain your eyes or neck.

Best Outdoor TV Wall Mount That Comes with Steel Screws

Mount Plus TV Wall Mount

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Why We Like This

Mount plus outdoor tv wall mount comes with steel screws and the use of steel screws makes this outdoor tv wall mount reliable and resistant to harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow. Using steel screws in an outdoor tv wall mount is that they provide maximum support by keeping the device firmly attached to the wall.

Steel is known for its strength, sturdiness, and resilience against corrosion; therefore, it ensures that your outdoor television remains safe and secure even during extreme weather conditions. Steel screws also prevent any potential damage from accidental bumps or knock as they hold the television tightly in place.

What You Must Know

Mount plus outdoor tv wall mount comes with an anti-theft design and this design ensures that your television stays safe and secure from prying eyes. This feature includes a locking system that prevents unauthorized access to the mounting bracket, so you can leave your TV outside without worry.

The locking mechanism also makes it difficult for thieves to remove the TV from the mount, which adds an extra layer of security to your setup. Anti-theft design in outdoor tv mounts is that it helps prevent vandalism or accidental damage caused by passers-by.

Best Outdoor TV Mount That is Easy to Install

USX TV Mount 

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Why We Like This

The USX outdoor tv mount has become increasingly popular due to its easy installation feature. The product comes with all of the necessary hardware in pre-labeled bags, making it simple for even the most inexperienced DIY enthusiasts to set up. The package also includes detailed instructions that guide users through the process step-by-step.

The easy-to-install feature is that it saves time and effort. Customers no longer have to spend hours researching how to install a TV mount or worry about purchasing additional hardware. With everything included in one package, customers can enjoy their new outdoor TV without any delay.

What You Must Know

The USX outdoor tv mount offers a tool-free easy tilting feature. The ability to tilt your tv easily without requiring any tools means that you can adjust it as needed quickly. The easy tilting feature allows you to find the perfect viewing angle for your outdoor space, so everyone can enjoy watching their favorite shows or movies without having to strain their necks or eyes.

With just one hand, you can make incremental adjustments until you achieve the perfect angle. Whether you're sitting on a patio chair or lounging on a pool floatie, this mount's flexibility ensures that everyone gets an unobstructed view of the screen.

Best Weatherproof TV Mount for Outdoors

CondoMounts TV Mount

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Why We Like This

CondoMounts tv mount for the outdoors is 100% weatherproof and this means that the television can be left outside without any concerns, regardless of the weather conditions. The steel frame and powder-coated finish that make up the CondoMounts tv mount are designed to protect against wear and tear even in protected outdoor conditions.

This ensures that your television remains safe from water damage or rust caused by exposure to harsh weather elements like rain, snow, or extreme sunshine. The mount's waterproof feature guarantees long-lasting durability and protection for your valuable electronic device, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, or sports while relaxing outdoors.

What You Must Know

One of the most significant benefits of this product is that it does not require drilling, making it very easy to install. This feature saves homeowners a lot of money and time that would have been spent on hiring professionals to drill holes in pillars and walls.

The no-drilling feature also ensures that there is no damage done to the pillars or walls in the installation process, keeping your outdoor space looking flawless. With this tv mount for the outdoors, you can enjoy watching your favorite programs without worrying about ruining the aesthetics of your outdoor living area. This also makes it easier to move or adjust the mount if needed without leaving any unsightly marks behind.

Best Outdoor TV Mount with Adjustable View Angle

USX TV Mount 

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Why We Like This

The USX outdoor tv mount comes with an adjustable view angle. The mount offers an array of benefits including the ability to adjust the viewing angle, making it possible for viewers to enjoy their favorite programs in comfort and style. With 5-15 tilt options, you can reduce glare and make your viewing experience much more enjoyable.

The swivel tv mount with 45 swivels (max swivel angle depends on screen size) allows you to rotate your television in any direction so that you can get the perfect view from any spot in your backyard. This flexibility ensures that everyone has prime seating and no one has to resort to standing or moving around constantly just to keep up with what's happening on the screen.

What You Must Know

USX outdoor tv mount comes with 6 articulating arms. This mount can hold your TV securely while allowing for easy adjustments in terms of viewing angle and direction. The 6 articulating arm of this mount is a unique feature that sets it apart from other mounts. The 6 articulating arm allows you to move your television horizontally and vertically, making it easier to achieve the perfect viewing angle for everyone watching.

The arms also offer swivel motion, which lets you adjust the position of your screen as needed. Whether you are sitting on a patio or deck, lounging in a garden or backyard, or enjoying drinks by the pool on sunny afternoons - the 6-articulating arm ensures that all viewers have an unobstructed view of the screen.

Best Outdoor TV Mount with Dual Wall Plates

Mount-It TV Mount 

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Why We Like This

Mount-It outdoor tv mount comes with dual wall plates. The dual wall plates provide double the support and stability, making it an ideal choice for outdoor settings where harsh weather conditions can easily wreak havoc on your tv.

With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this outdoor tv mount ensures that your tv remains securely attached to the wall even under high winds or other adverse weather conditions. The two wall plates distribute the weight of the tv evenly across a larger surface area, reducing stress on any single point of contact and minimizing any risk of damage.

What You Must Know

One of the most important things to know about this mount is that it comes with a bubble level for alignment. This feature is incredibly useful as it helps ensure that your tv is properly aligned and leveled, providing you with the best viewing experience possible.

The bubble level in this outdoor tv mount works by showing you when the mount is perfectly even. This means that you won't have to worry about your tv being lopsided or tilted, which can affect picture quality and cause eye strain. Having a level mount also ensures that your TV will be securely attached to the wall, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Best Outdoor TV Wall Mount That is Designed to Accommodate Any VESA Pattern

Echogear TV Wall Mount 

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Why We Like This

The echogear outdoor tv wall mount is designed to accommodate any VESA pattern. This means that no matter what brand or model of tv you have, you can use this mount with confidence. VESA patterns are the standard measurements used to determine how a tv will fit onto a wall mount.

Without a VESA pattern that matches your tv, you won't be able to use your wall mount effectively. This outdoor tv wall mount solves this problem by being compatible with all major TV brands including LG, Sony, Vizio, and Samsung. This makes it incredibly versatile and ensures that you'll be able to find a mounting option that works perfectly for your setup.

What You Must Know

The echogear outdoor tv wall mount comes with goop proof template. This innovative feature takes the guesswork out of mounting your tv and ensures that it is level and secure. The goof-proof template is designed to save time and frustration during installation. It includes clear instructions and pre-measured drill holes, so you can be confident that your tv will be mounted correctly on the first try.

The template also helps ensure that your tv is level, eliminating the need for additional adjustments or repositioning once it’s up on the wall. Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or just starting out, the goof-proof template is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add an outdoor entertainment area to their home.


People who want to install a TV in their outdoor space often have questions and concerns about outdoor TV mounts. They may be unsure about the compatibility, installation process, and durability of these mounts, which can make it challenging to securely and effectively mount their TVs outdoors.

If you don't have the right guidance, you might buy a TV mount that doesn't fit your TV or can't handle outdoor conditions like rain, wind, or temperature changes.

We have created a list of commonly asked questions (FAQs) regarding outdoor TV mounts in response to your concerns. To enhance your outdoor entertainment experience, you can choose and install an outdoor TV mount that securely holds your TV and provides adjustable viewing angles after understanding these FAQs.

What is an outdoor TV mount?

An outdoor TV mount is a type of wall mount specially designed to install TVs outside. These mounts are made from materials that can withstand outdoor conditions such as humidity, temperature fluctuation, and rain or wind. Most outdoor

Is it OK to mount a TV outside?

Yes, it is OK to mount a TV outside as long as you use the right type of mount and follow all safety instructions. However, it is important to note that mounting a TV outdoors can expose it to harsher conditions than if it were mounted indoors.

Do you need a special mount for outdoor TV?

Yes, you will need an outdoor TV mount for your outdoor TV. These mounts are designed with special materials and features to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Outdoor mounts are also designed to protect your TV from weather elements like rain, wind, and dust.

Are outdoor TV mounts different from indoor TV mounts?

Yes, outdoor TV mounts are different from indoor TV mounts. Outdoor mounts are designed to be weatherproof and to also hold up in strong winds or other harsh conditions. 

They are typically made of rust-resistant material and have extra protection around the edges of the mount. This helps to make sure that your TV is securely attached even in windy or other adverse weather conditions.

Are outdoor TV mounts adjustable?

Yes, most outdoor TV mounts are adjustable and can be tilted in different directions to provide the best viewing angle for your outdoor space. The full motion mount allows you to easily adjust the position of the TV depending on where people are sitting or standing in your outdoor area.

Can outdoor TV mounts withstand various weather conditions?

Yes, outdoor TV mounts are designed to withstand various weather conditions and can handle rain, wind, dust, snow, and other elements. These mounts also typically have a protective coating or rust-resistant materials that help to keep your TV safe and secure even in harsh weather conditions.

What materials are commonly used in outdoor TV mounts?

Outdoor TV mounts are typically made of aluminum, stainless steel, or other rust-resistant materials. This helps to ensure that the mount can withstand outdoor conditions and protect your TV from the elements.

Are outdoor TV mounts compatible with different types of TVs, such as LED or OLED?

Yes, outdoor TV mounts are compatible with different types of TVs. Many manufacturers make specific models for LED or OLED TVs to ensure that you can securely mount your TV in any environment.

Can outdoor TV mounts be swiveled to allow for flexible viewing positions?

Yes, many outdoor TV mounts are swivel-capable and can be adjusted for flexible viewing positions. This allows you to easily adjust the angle of your TV so that everyone in your outdoor space can enjoy a clear view of their favorite shows or movies.

Are there any specific safety features to consider when choosing an outdoor TV mount?

Yes, when choosing an outdoor TV mount you should look for features that provide extra safety and stability. This includes rust-resistant materials, weatherproof construction, protective edges, and adjustable straps or clamps to securely hold the TV in place. You should make sure that the mount is compatible with your specific model of TV.

Can outdoor TV mounts accommodate different VESA mounting patterns?

Yes, most outdoor TV mounts are adjustable and can accommodate different VESA mounting hole patterns. This allows you to mount your TV in any position depending on the size of your outdoor space.

How do I properly maintain and clean an outdoor TV mount?

To properly maintain and clean your outdoor TV mount, you should use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the mount. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as these could potentially damage the mount. Make sure to regularly check for any signs of rust or corrosion on the mount as this could lead to instability and potential safety hazards.

Are outdoor TV mounts compatible with different TV sizes and weights?

Yes, outdoor TV mounts are designed to be compatible with different sizes and weights of TVs. Most manufacturers provide specific instructions on the weight limits and sizes that their mounts can accommodate.

What is the maximum weight capacity of outdoor TV mounts?

The maximum weight capacity of outdoor TV mounts can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Most mounts can accommodate TVs up to 55 inches in size and 77 pounds in weight. It is important to check with your mount’s manufacturer for exact specifications.

Summing It Up

Finding the best outdoor television mounts for your backyard is a very important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. With so many options of wall mounts to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which model is right for you. But with the help of this review, you should now be better equipped to make an informed decision on which outdoor tv mount best suits your needs.

Make sure to investigate these wall-mounted tv options and determine which outdoor mount to watch tv is the most reliable and durable while also fitting within your budget. With any luck, this information has given you a great starting point and you'll soon be enjoying quality viewing tv screens in your backyard!