Worried about getting a sunburn this summer?

We've got you covered with the best outdoor tanning lotions to help you get that natural-looking bronze glow. With these formulas, you'll be able to enjoy the sun without worrying about damaging your skin.

All of our recommended outdoor tanning lotions are easy to apply and provide long-lasting results. You'll love how they make your skin look and feel – without any of the harmful chemicals found in other products on the market.

Our Process for Selecting These Products

It can be hard to find the best outdoor tanning lotion for your needs.

With all of the different brands, ingredients, and SPFs on the market, it's no wonder people have a hard time selecting the best outdoor tanning lotion for their needs.

We've simplified the process by testing and reviewing all of the top-rated outdoor tanning lotions on the market that will make your tanning process great and help you achieve a natural-looking sun-kissed glow without risking skin damage.

Best Tanning Lotion for Outdoor With Coconut Oil

That’s What Sea Said 

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Why We Like This Product

Imagine a beautiful day on the beach – soaking up the sun with your toes in the sand. When that special moment arrives, you want to make sure your skin has what it needs to stay healthy with every outdoor adventure! That’s What Sea Said tanning lotion is formulated to give you optimal protection against UV rays while nourishing your skin with coconut oil.

The secret of this great tanning lotion lies in coconut oil! Not only is it natural and vegan; but it is also known for its remarkable rejuvenating properties. Rich in vitamins, omega-6 fatty acids, and lauric acid, coconut oil deeply penetrates your skin to protect and moisturize. So, when you use this Tanning lotion, you can be sure that not only will you look amazing with a perfectly bronzed complexion; but also get better results through hydrated and supple skin without parabens or sulfates!

What You Must Know

That’s What Sea Said tanning lotion for outdoors is an excellent choice for those who are looking to achieve a perfectly bronzed glow. This lotion comes with ultra-darkening agents that give your skin a glossy shine throughout the day, plus color extenders so you don't need to reapply as often.

It also contains botanical extracts, which help prevent sun damage and give skin a beautiful hydrated look and feel - even after hours in the sun! With That's What Sea Said tanning lotion, you can be sure you're getting quality skincare that leaves you looking healthy and stunning.

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion With Bronzer

Australian Gold Tanning Lotion

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Why We Like This Product

If you are looking for a tanning lotion that is going to give you that perfect look, then you need to try Australia Gold outdoor tanning lotion! The buildable and bronze-rich pigments of bronzer provide superior color. With its incredible bronzing system, you will get a deep, golden tan without having to spend hours out in the sun.

Bronzer is a product that can help add extra dimension and depth to your tan while still maintaining the safety of your skin. Not only does it make your color look richer with no added time in the sun, but it also adds more coverage and allows for easy maintenance of your tan. With these natural bronzing powder agents, you get an even application of color with little residue so that you avoid any smudging or blemishes. And for those hard-to-reach areas? Don't worry. Bronzer takes care of them, too!

What You Must Know

Australian Gold outdoor tanning lotion is one of the best options for a natural, sun-kissed look without the risk of skin damage. Enriched with both aloe vera and tea tree oil, this luxurious formula ensures maximum hydration of your skin while it bronzes you with a beautiful golden glow.

Aloe vera has long been celebrated in skincare as it helps to soothe and heal skin while providing powerful nutrients. Additionally, tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic that not only helps to moisturize your skin but also helps to clear away any bacteria or other impurities that can lead to pesky breakouts or sunburns.

Lastly, vitamin E provides powerful antioxidant protection against UV rays and free radical damage, ensuring a perfect balance between color and protection.

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion With Walnut Oil

Somewhere on a Beach Tanning Lotion

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Why We Like This Product

Are you looking for the perfect lotion to keep your skin soft and glowing? Look no further than Somewhere on a Beach Tanning Lotion! This magical lotion is sure to be an instant favorite for those who love spending summer days in the sun. It blends natural walnut oil with other nourishing ingredients, so your skin will thank you for it!

Walnut oil is also known as a tanning oil and is beneficial for a variety of reasons. First, it's a natural antioxidant that helps protect your skin from environmental pollutants. It can help reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin by restoring water loss from exposure to the sun's rays.

Walnut oil also assists in providing flexibility and elasticity to the skin - essential factors if you are trying to maintain youthful-looking skin. Finally, since this oil contains healthy fats, when applied properly it can help strengthen and improve texture.

What You Must Know

Somewhere on a Beach outdoor tanning lotion is the perfect choice for anyone looking to invest in a serious anti-aging skin care regimen. With advanced matrixyl synthe 6 and its powerful anti-aging peptide, it is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while achieving long-lasting results.

Not only do you get the golden sun-kissed look that everyone desires, but you can also be sure of maintaining your youthful complexion too - something that sets this brand apart from others.

Best Tanning Lotion With Glycerin

Devoted Creations Tanning Lotion

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Why We Like This Product

Introducing Devoted Creations, the perfect tanning lotion to help you achieve the deep, sun-kissed glow of your dreams! This potent formulation is made with premium ingredients, including glycerin that helps rejuvenate and nourish your skin for a smooth and silky finish.

As an added bonus, glycerin increases your skin’s ability to absorb other beneficial elements found within this special product – giving you fast, efficient results.

Glycerin works by softening and moisturizing the skin with its unique combination of fatty and water-based ingredients. The result? Minutes after application, you’ll experience softer skin that feels refreshed and replenished all day long.

What You Must Know

For serious tanners, finding the perfect tanning lotion can be tricky. Luckily, Devoted Creations has made it simpler with its cucumber & aloe cooling-infused hydra-dark optimizer.

This lightweight lotion is both hydrating and nourishing, helping to maintain healthy skin while you build your ideal bronze glow. It features a unique blend of cucumber and aloe vera to soothe and cool, plus aloe extract to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Moreover, this paraben-free product won't leave any greasy residue or clogged pores, making it safe and perfect for those who want that gorgeous golden tan without any hassle. Get ready to reveal your beautiful bronze hue with Devoted Creations optimizer!

Best Tanning Lotion With Aloe Leaf

Dolce Black Tanning Lotion 

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Why We Like This Product

Are you looking to get the perfect tan that is both natural and sun-kissed in all the right places? Dolce Black tanning lotion has you covered! Not only does this luxurious lotion provide a deep, golden hue that looks flawless on any skin type, but it also comes with aloe leaf extract and other natural ingredients for an added boost of nourishment.

The key is in the aloe leaf extract, which helps to soothe and moisturize skin while providing antioxidant protection. It has been known to reduce inflammation, reduce itching and protect against age spots. Its anti-bacterial properties help to accelerate the healing process, meaning your skin will stay vibrant and healthy long after you’ve finished tanning. Plus, this formula prevents streaking or patchy tan lines, so you can get beach ready with confidence.

What You Must Know

Dolce Black tanning lotion has unique benefits that make it stand out from other tanning products. It includes special color enhancers to give you maximum color with one application, as well as dark tan extenders so your color will last longer.

This product also contains tattoo protectors that ensure the safety and longevity of your ink while you’re tanning. Not to mention, the great smell of this lotion soothes and relaxes everyone in your vicinity. With Dolce Black tanning lotion, you not only get a beautiful golden glow but all the added benefits listed above!

Best Tanning Lotion for Outdoor With Passion Fruit

QLV Tanning Lotion

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Why We Like This Product

For those of us serious about getting that perfect golden tan, QLV tanning lotion for outdoor is the go-to choice. This luxurious lotion contains passion fruit, which comes with passion fruit ingredients that give a variety of amazing benefits essential to locking in maximum moisture and protection.

Passion fruit is high in antioxidants, meaning that it helps to protect our skin from environmental stressors while conditioning and hydrating. Plus, the delicious fragrance of this exotic tropical fruit leaves a lingering sweet scent behind – no chemical smell here!

You’ll also appreciate its intensity; one application offers superior coverage and absorption while allowing your skin time to stay bronzed longer. Go out with confidence wearing this tanning lotion and never worry about streaky patches or discoloration!

What You Must Know

QLV Tanning lotion for outdoor is an incredibly nourishing skincare product that comes with some amazing ingredients. The seaweed extract it contains has terrific benefits, such as being rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals -all great for brushing up dull complexions.

Additionally, it helps nourish and protect the skin against environmental stresses while still allowing it to breathe and reduce wrinkles. Coconut milk is a powerhouse of goodness too! It's super moisturizing and hydrating, resulting in silky-smooth skin all over the body.

Finally, hibiscus extract is perfect for providing the skin with an extra boost of hydration as well as replenishing its natural glow. Not only is it packed full of nutrients but it's also highly effective at prolonging or improving your existing tan.

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion With Vitamin C

Maui Babe Outdoor Tanning Lotion

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Why We Like This Product

Are you looking for a way to get that golden tan while also taking care of your skin? Look no further than Maui Babe outdoor tanning lotion! With its vitamin C protection, the natural ingredients in this unique formula allow you to achieve a beautiful sun-kissed outlook without damaging your skin.

Vitamin C helps combat the effects of UVA and UVB radiation on the skin; with it, you can look bronzed and lovely – all while protecting yourself from harm! Plus, not only does Maui Babe give you an incredible tan, but these same vitamin-filled ingredients also help nourish and rebuild your skin so you can maintain your healthy appearance long after finishing your session.

So don’t just tan safely — pamper your skin with Maui Babe outdoor tanning lotion!

What You Must Know

Maui Babe browning lotion is a great choice for those wanting to get a beautiful tanned look without damaging their skin. It comes packed with light mineral oil, which helps nourish and soften the skin while providing a heat shield, meaning you can stay out in the sun for longer without worrying about getting sunburned.

The addition of kukui nut oil helps promote deeper and more even absorption of the tan so that you look natural at the end. Vitamin A allows your skin to remain healthy during and after tanning sessions by promoting cell regeneration, which means fewer wrinkles and softer, smoother skin in the long run.


It can be tough to find the best outdoor tanning lotion for your needs.

There are so many different types of sunscreens and tanning lotions on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about outdoor tanning lotions to help make your decision easier.

What is the best outdoor tanning lotion?

Some qualities to look for in a good outdoor tanning lotion include:

-A high SPF to protect your sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays

-Ingredients that help boost your natural melanin production, such as tyrosine or beta-carotene

-Ingredients that help keep your skin hydrated and healthy, such as vitamin E or Shea butter

-A light, non-greasy formula that is easy to apply and quick to absorb

Will tanning bed lotion work outside?

It really depends on the type of tanning bed lotion. Many sunscreens are meant for outdoor use and will provide protection from the sun's rays. However, some tanning bed lotions are specifically designed to be used in a tanning bed and may not offer the same level of protection when used outdoors. It's always best to check the label to be sure.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor tanning lotions?

The difference between indoor tanning lotion and outdoor is that indoor tanning lotion typically has a higher SPF, which helps to protect your skin against the UV rays emitted by the sun. Indoor tanning lotions also typically contain moisturizers, which can help to keep your skin hydrated. Outdoor tanning lotion generally doesn't have a high SPF rating, and it also doesn't usually contain any moisturizers.

Should I shower after outdoor tanning?

You should shower after outdoor tanning to help remove the tanning lotion and also sweat from your skin. Showering will also help to cool your body down.

Should you rinse off after tanning outside?

There's no need to rinse off after tanning outside. The sun's natural ultraviolet (UV) radiation will help darken your skin without the need for any artificial chemicals. Just make sure to use sunscreen when you're outside for an extended period of time to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

How do you get a dark tan outside?

The best way to get a dark tan outdoors is to expose your skin gradually to the sun. Start by spending a few minutes in the sun each day, and then slowly increase your exposure time as your skin becomes accustomed to the UV rays.

Make sure you use sunscreen when you're out in the sun, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, avoid being in the sun during peak hours (between 10 am and 4 pm) when the UV rays are at their strongest.

What are 10 minutes in a tanning bed equal to?

10 minutes in a tanning bed is typically equal to about 30-45 minutes of direct sunlight exposure. The amount of time it takes to get the same results can vary depending on your skin type and how often you tan. It's always best to consult with a professional if you're unsure how long you should be in the bed for optimal results.

Is it better to tan with or without lotion outside?

It's always better to tan outside with good-quality sunscreen or tanning lotion. Sunscreen will help protect your skin from UV rays, while tanning lotions can help to boost melanin production for a deeper and longer-lasting tan. Make sure you choose a product that is specifically formulated for outdoor use.

Why do you smell after tanning?

The smell you experience after tanning is caused by the tanning lotion. The active ingredients in some lotions can react with sweat and bacteria on your skin, which creates an unpleasant odor. To reduce the smell after tanning, make sure to wash off the lotion properly with soap and water before showering.

How long does it take for a tan to show up?

The time it takes for a tan to show up can vary depending on your skin type, the length and intensity of sun exposure, and the type of tanning lotion you're using. Generally speaking, a noticeable tan should appear within 2-3 days after spending time in the sun. However, it may take up to a week or more for the tan to reach its peak darkness.

Why do I tan better at the beach?

You may tan better at the beach because the environment is usually more conducive to optimal sun exposure. The sand and water reflect UV rays, which means that your skin receives a larger dose of the sun's ultraviolet radiation than it would in a typical outdoor setting.

Are there health benefits to tanning?

There are some health benefits associated with tanning, such as a heightened sense of well-being and an increase in vitamin D production. However, the risks of excessive sun exposure (including skin cancer) greatly outweigh any potential benefits. It's important to always keep your skin protected when tanning outdoors by wearing sunscreen and avoiding prolonged periods in direct sunlight.

How many times a week should I tan outside?

The frequency of sun exposure should depend on your individual skin type and how quickly you're able to tan. Generally speaking, it's best to limit outdoor tanning sessions to no more than three times a week, with each session lasting no longer than 30 minutes. Make sure to wear sunscreen and reapply every couple of hours for optimal protection from the sunlight.

Does tanning help you lose weight?

No, tanning does not help you lose weight. Tanning can temporarily make your skin appear darker and thinner, but it won't have any impact on the actual amount of fat in your body. If you're looking to shed pounds, it's best to focus on a healthy diet and regular exercise instead.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the outdoor tanning lotions we recommend and love, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the sun! While getting a beautiful sun-kissed glow, don’t forget to take care of your skin by applying generous amounts of sunscreen, reapplying as needed, and seeking shade during the peak hours of sunlight. Creating and following a solid skincare routine is essential for maintaining healthy and happy skin all summer long – no matter how much time you spend outdoors. With our top 7 picks in mind, go forth and find the best outdoor tanning lotion for you!