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Outdoor skating is a blast and with the right wheels, it can be even better. Check out our top-rated outdoor roller skate wheel reviews to find the perfect set of wheels for you!

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Our Procedure for Selecting these Products

Roller skating is a great way to get some exercise and have fun, but if your wheels aren't right you'll end up frustrated and sore.

It can be tough to figure out which type of outdoor roller skate wheel is best for you. There are so many options available, it's hard to know where to start.

We've done the research and hard work for you and In this article, we'll explain the different types of outdoor roller skate wheels and help you choose the best option for your needs.

Best Roller Skate Wheels with ABEC-9 Bearings

Tobwolf Roller Skate Wheels

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Important Things to Know

Are you looking for best roller skate wheels that have superior acceleration, speed, and control? The Tobwolf roller skate wheels are the perfect solution! Equipped with ABEC-9 bearings, these skate wheels will give you a smooth and comfortable ride.

The ABEC-9 bearings feature precise dimensions which allow for ultra-fast rolling speeds. They also offer superior noise reduction, and wider contact surfaces than ordinary balls, thereby reducing wear and giving it a better grip on all types of surfaces. This means you will experience amazing power and stability while skating - perfect for those who love to do tricks or those just starting out!

The Tobwolf roller skate wheels are durable, with a premium material construction meant to withstand wear and tear.

What We Like About It

Tobwolf roller skate wheels are certainly a must-have for skaters who need reliable and durable wheels. Each wheel is crafted with Polyurethane material and boasts an eye-catching Cyan color.

This isn't just to make the wheels look good, however, as it also makes them strong and long-lasting too. The 82A hardness rating gives the wheels a greater amount of grip that's especially useful on rough surfaces or when flying high in the air.

Not only this, but Tobwolf taller wheels can move faster, and smoother, and provide better handling in all sorts of terrain. So why not equip your skates today with improved performance from Tobwolf roller skate wheels?

Best Roller Skate Wheels with Sturdy & Durable Bearing

Nezylaf Light up Roller Skate Wheels

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Important Things to Know

Nezylaf light-up roller skate wheels are an innovative way to give your skates a pop of style and make your night skate sessions even more fun. Light up the night with vibrant colors for a fun light show as you rocket around the street.

Each wheel has a top-of-the-line bearing built into its core that exceeds industry standards for both reliability and strength. A strong high-quality bearing will keep your ride stable at high speeds and ensure no matter how fast you’re going, you won’t feel any wobbling or vibration.

So don’t worry about your wheels giving out on you when you need them most- these can handle whatever you throw at them!

What We Like About It

If you've ever wanted to skate in the dark, the Nezylaf light-up roller skate wheels are definitely for you! These LED luminous wheels contain 8 pieces, and each wheel comes with 2 pieces 608 bearings, 1 roller skate wheel core, and 1 mounting wrench.

The roller skate wheel core helps keep your wheels attached to the skating boots enabling a smooth ride every time. The included mounting wrench ensures that you can easily get the wheels onto your skates without having to use too much force. With this awesome set of lighter wheels, you'll be the life of any skating night!

Best Roller Skate Wheels along with 2 Toe Stoppers

Tanzfrosch Roller Skate Wheels 

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Important Things to Know

Introducing Tanzfrosch roller skate wheels - the ultimate in comfort and ease when it comes to skating! These lightweight, high-quality wheels make moving around effortless while being both stylish and affordable. Enjoy a superior performance on all sorts of surfaces including asphalt, concrete, wood, and more.

Plus, with its two toe stoppers included with every single wheel, you'll be able to take on any challenge that comes your way with absolute confidence!

Creating maximum confidence on the rink, the two toe stoppers featured in these wheels provide excellent maneuverability and control.

You'll have extra stability when executing stops or direction changes - which prevents slipping and other mishaps. In addition to helping you stay balanced during tricky maneuvers, these toe stoppers also eliminate wear on specific parts of your shoes and will remain firmly attached due to their unique design.

With convenience like this, your greatest skating endeavors are just a step away!

What We Like About It

The Tanzfrosch roller skate wheels are designed with wear resistance and good pressure resistance to make skating more comfortable.

With their large surface area, they provide smooth, stable braking even when skating at high speed, while the dimple design keeps the skater firmly in place during fast stops.

Additionally, their shock absorption helps ensure a comfortable ride with decreased vibrations being transferred to the feet. These wheels are suitable for many occasions such as indoor and outdoor rinks, parks, and asphalt roads.

It doesn't matter what terrain you need to tackle; Tanzfrosch wheels will help you slowly come to a stop every time.

Best Roller Skate Wheels with Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T Tool

Nezylaf Roller Skate Wheels

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Important Things to Know

If you love roller skating, then you’ll love Nezylaf wheels! They are the perfect wheels for all your skating needs. With their multi-function portable skateboard T Tool, you can change and customize your skateboards in an instant!

You can switch between different speeds and terrains with no hassle. Plus, they provide a smoother ride and faster acceleration. The multi-function tool even comes with a modular system that makes replacing wheels easy and convenient.

So if you want to elevate your rides each time, choose Nezylaf roller skate wheels! They are fast, reliable performance combined with great features – like portability, durability, adjustable speeds, and more.

What We Like About It

The Nezylaf roller skate wheels are a unique and valuable skate accessory, providing a great and safe option for any skater looking to take skating outdoors.

These hybrid wheels provide the same smooth roll as any other wheel but are softened slightly so that even tough terrain like gravel, sticks, and rocks can be navigated with ease.

This makes them an ideal choice for beginner skaters who might struggle on more slippery or hard surfaces. Truly, these Nezylaf roller skate wheels will offer you the perfect combination of speed, comfort, and ability to handle more rugged terrain compared to other options.

Best Roller Skate Wheels made with Durable and Soft Urethane

Clas Fox Quad Roller Skate Wheels 

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Important Things to Know

The Clas Fox quad roller skate wheels are the perfect choice for those who love to go fast! Thanks to their tough and soft urethane, these wheels can handle all the rough and tumble of a day at the skate park.

The durable urethane is less likely to chip or break, ensuring you get top-notch performance for every session. Plus, because it's softer than traditional hard plastics, you also get a smoother ride that won't hurt your feet or joints. It's the ideal balance between speed, agility, and comfort!

So whether you're a beginner skater looking for reliable performance or an expert speed demon looking to make every turn smooth as butter, Clas Fox quad roller skate wheels have you covered. Buy your set today--you won't regret it!

What We Like About It

Clas Fox quad skate wheels offer a fantastic skating experience. The 78A PU material is designed to reduce vibration and provide a smooth experience on any surface - from the roughest pavement with rocks and cracks to the slickest rinks and waxed surfaces.

These outdoor wheels are perfect for both beginners and experienced skaters, as their 78A hardness provides plenty of grips while rolling. The Clas Fox quad roller skate wheels can fit nearly any type of roller skate, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a smoother skating experience.

Best Roller Skate Wheels Come in Eight Different Colors

Riedell Sonar Roller Skate Wheels 

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Important Things to Know

Embrace your dynamic style with the Riedell Sonar roller skate wheels. Forget boring one-color skates and make a bold statement with these vibrant, multi-color options. The Sonar wheels come in eight shades to choose from, ranging from bright neon to soft pastel tones. Show off your individual flair and start turning heads!

These innovative wheels are more than just great visuals — they are durable and long-lasting for performance both on the rink and off. Built for speed, the unique design includes specialized core construction that offers responsive control under heavy acceleration.

Take your skills up a notch with the colorful Riedell Sonar wheels in your favorite hue today! Feel satisfied knowing each purchase supports best-in-class industry standards and ensures your product quality is never compromised.

What We Like About It

The Riedell Sonar roller skate wheels are designed to provide outstanding control and grip on many different surfaces. Whether you need it for a smooth floor in a rink or even on the street and sidewalk, these skate wheels offer you unparalleled levels of stability.

The unique design ensures that imperfections on any surface are easily absorbed, so you can expect a smooth ride every time. A great choice for casual outdoor skaters, the Riedell Sonar roller skate wheels will give you a long-lasting grip and performance.

Best Roller Skate Wheels With High-Quality PU Material

Hlaill Roller Skate Wheels 

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Important Things to Know

Introducing the Hlaill Roller skate wheels! Our wheels are unique, super stylish, and most importantly high quality. The PU material used is of an exceptional standard, meaning these wheels will last you for years to come.

Forget about shortcuts and poor-quality materials – with Hlaill wheels you can skate with an absolute assurance of durability and longevity. The benefit of using high-quality PU goes beyond the superior performance it offers.

As well as being incredibly long-lasting, the smooth ride ensures a comfortable experience so that you'll be able to roll on in comfort all day long no matter where your journey takes you. Furthermore, its lightweight design makes sure that they won’t wear out your feet after hours of skating.

Whether you skating for fun or performing tricks at the highest level of competition, our PU material will never let you down!

What We Like About It

The Hlaill roller skate wheels are the perfect combination of convenience and reliable performance. They come in a package of four and have a 5-pack core for an enhanced experience.

This core helps to reduce friction and maximize speed, so you can enjoy your skate time to the full – whether you're casually skating around indoors or competing in derby tournaments. Their versatility makes them ideal for many kinds of skating endeavors.

These wheels can make you faster, more agile, and more coordinated. They can also help improve your balance and provide a great workout.


Roller skating is a really fun activity, but it's hard to know which wheels are the best for outdoor use.

There are a lot of different types of roller skate wheels on the market, and it can be tough to figure out which ones are right for you.

Our FAQs about outdoor roller skating wheels will help you choose the right set of wheels for your needs. We'll help you figure out what type of wheels suits you as per your needs so you may make an informed decision about buying them.

What kind of wheels do you need for outdoor skating?

The best type of outdoor skating wheel is the polyurethane wheel. They are harder and last longer than the standard rubber skateboard wheels.

However, they don't grip as well on some surfaces so you may need to experiment a little to see which type of surface you will be skating on the most.

Do you need special wheels to roller skate outside?

There is no need for special wheels to roller skate outside. In fact, most roller skaters choose not to use them because they make it more difficult to skate on uneven surfaces. The general consensus is that if you are comfortable skating on outdoor surfaces with the regular wheels that came with your skates, then there is no need to switch to a different type of wheel.

Just be sure to exercise caution when skating on uneven surfaces, as you may find it harder to control your skates in these conditions.

Are 78A wheels good for outdoors?

Yes, 78A wheels are good for outdoors. They're a bit softer than some other wheel types, so they'll provide a bit more grip and be less prone to wear when skating on rough surfaces.

However, they won't be as durable as harder wheels, so they may not be the best choice for those who skate predominantly outdoors.

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor skating wheels?

The main difference between indoor and outdoor skating wheels is the type of material used to make the wheels. Outdoor skating wheels are typically made of a hard plastic or polyurethane material, while indoor skating wheels are typically made of a softer rubber compound.

This difference in material construction results in different characteristics for the two types of wheels. Outdoor skating wheels have better durability and are more resistant to wear and tear, while indoor skating wheels provide better grip and are less likely to slip on smooth surfaces.

Are softer wheels better for outdoor skating?

Some skaters prefer softer wheels for outdoor skating because they provide more grip and a smoother ride. However, softer wheels also wear down faster than harder wheels, so you'll need to replace them more often if you use them outdoors.

Ultimately, it's up to individual skaters to decide what type of wheel works best for them.

Are outdoor skate wheels hard or soft?

Outdoor skate wheels are typically soft, with a hardness rating of under 90A. This is because they are designed to grip the surface and provide traction, as opposed to speed. Wheels with a higher hardness rating will be faster, but will also be less likely to grip the surface.

The wheel durometer (a measure of wheel hardness) is often expressed in A (Shore A). In general, softer wheels are better for cruising and carving, while harder wheels are better for speed and tricks.

Are 85A wheels good for outdoors?

Yes, 85A wheels are good for outdoors. They provide a good amount of grip and are resistant to abrasion. The durometer rating is based on the materials used in the wheel and the way it's been manufactured.

The higher the durometer rating, the harder and more resilient the wheel will be. This means that it will resist wear and tear better, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Why is it harder to skate outside?

When skating on ice, you are basically trying to move forwards by sliding on a very thin layer of water. This is why it's harder to skate outside - because the ice is thinner and the colder temperatures make it harder for that water layer to form.

Can I skate inside on outdoor wheels?

You can skate inside on outdoor wheels, but it's not recommended. The bearings in outdoor wheels are not meant to withstand the friction and heat created by indoor skating surfaces, which can cause them to wear down more quickly.

Additionally, the softer material of outdoor wheels can create more noise and wear on indoor skating surfaces than indoor-specific wheels.

Are gummy wheels good for outdoor skating?

Yes, gummy wheels are good for outdoor skating. They provide a softer ride than traditional wheels and are less likely to get caught in cracks and bumps in the pavement.

To get the most out of your gummy wheels, make sure you use them on a smooth surface. They work best on paved roads or skateparks, rather than asphalt or concrete. And remember to always wear a helmet and pads when skating, no matter what type of wheel you're using!

Can I roller skate on concrete?

Although it's possible to roller skate on concrete, it's not advisable because concrete is a very hard surface. Skating on concrete can cause wear and tear on your skates and also lead to joint pain.

A much better option for roller skating is an asphalt rink or a wooden floor. These surfaces are softer and provide more cushioning, which will help keep your outdoor skates in good condition and prevent joint pain.

How do you roller skate outside?

One way to roller skate outside is to find a smooth, paved surface like a sidewalk, parking lot, or track. You can also go to your local skating rink and use their outdoor rink.

If you're skating on a sidewalk, be aware of people and cars. Stay to the right side of the pavement if you're going downhill and to the left if you're going uphill. When you're crossing streets, always use the crosswalk and look both ways for traffic.

Can you practice roller skating on the grass?

Roller skating on grass is not recommended. It's a soft surface that can cause you to lose your balance and can also damage your soft wheels or bearings. If you want to practice roller skating, it's best to find smoother pavement like asphalt, concrete, or even an outdoor rink.

What to do when you can't skate outside?

If you can't skate outside, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy roller skating. You can practice indoors on a wooden surface, or take classes at your local rink to learn more about the sport.

You can also try out virtual skateboarding apps to get a feel.

In Conclusion

After reviewing the 7 best outdoor roller skate wheels available on the market, it's evident that there are many great options to choose from. While all of these products have their own unique features and benefits, it's important to select the right one for your needs.

Be sure to consider the size, hardness, and terrain you'll be skating on before making a purchase. With so many great options available, you're sure to find the perfect set of wheels for your next skating adventure!