Pet parents – are you looking for a secure, warm home away from home for your furry friends?

Bunnies need lots of space to jump around in and explore while staying safe and comfortable. Outdoor rabbit hutches provide maximum security from predators and extreme weather conditions, so your hop-along can enjoy the best possible living environment. Plus, these rabbit cages come in an array of different styles and sizes, allowing you to pick what works best for both you and your hoppy pals.

With an easy assembly process that allows you to put it all together quickly, create a cozy little home not just once but multiple times! Give your bunny family members their own special place where they can feel relaxed with our selection of top 6 outdoor rabbit hutches.

How We Selected These Products

When we look for the best outdoor rabbit hutch for our pet, there are so many choices, it’s hard to know which one is right for us.

We don’t want to just pick any old hutch and risk our beloved pets being unhappy, disappointed, or worse—injured.

Fortunately, we have found the solution. The 6 best outdoor rabbit hutches on the market today! Our team of experts has painstakingly curated a collection of the highest-quality hutches available. Not only are they incredibly durable and safe, but they offer plenty of space and comfort too.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch That Includes Wire Style Enclosure

Pawhut Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 

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Why We Like This

The Pawhut outdoor rabbit hutch with wire-style enclosure is an excellent option for those looking to give their rabbits a safe and cozy place to call home. This hutch has many screened walls, providing excellent ventilation for your animals while keeping them protected from predators.

The wire-style enclosure is particularly beneficial in outdoor rabbit hutches as it allows airflow and light into the hutch while still providing ample protection from potential dangers such as predators. The wire design ensures that there's enough space for your pets to move around freely without feeling cramped or confined.

Things to Keep in Mind

Pawhut outdoor rabbit hutch is designed with a portable compact footprint, meaning it easily fits into smaller outdoor spaces or on patios and balconies. The compact low-footprint design of this hutch means that even if you live in an apartment or have a small backyard, you can still provide your rabbit with adequate living space.

This rabbit hutch is designed to be easy to move around and takes up very little space. This makes it easy to move from one location to another whenever needed without having to worry about it taking up too much room. Furthermore, because of its portable compact footprint design, it allows for greater flexibility when arranging the outdoor area for your rabbit.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Featuring Detachable Side Doors

Aivituvin Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 

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Why We Like This

Aivituvin outdoor rabbit hutch featuring detachable side doors that enhances its functionality and convenience for bunny owners. It makes cleaning such a breeze and reduces the stress on both you and your pet.

The detachable side doors also provide easy access to your bunnies, allowing you to feed them or check up on them with ease. It's a great way to make sure they're doing okay without having to remove the entire roof or lift the hutch. This feature also helps with bonding time between you and your furry friends since it eliminates any barriers between you two.

Things to Keep in Mind

One of the most important features of this hutch is its waterproof asphalt roof. With this hutch, your pets can enjoy running around outdoors even on rainy days, without worrying about getting wet or being exposed to the sun.

Apart from protecting your pets from harmful elements, the waterproof asphalt roof also helps keep the interior of the hutch dry and comfortable. This means that your pets will not have to deal with damp bedding or floors, which can lead to health problems such as respiratory issues.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch with No Leak Plastic Tray

Gutinneen Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 

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Why We Like This

Gutinneen outdoor rabbit hutch comes with a no-leak plastic tray. The thicker plastic material ensures that the tray won't leak, making it easy to clean without worrying about any mess or spillage. It is an essential feature for outdoor rabbit hutches, especially if you don't want to clean up after your pet every day.

The pull-out tray from both the back and front of the hutch makes cleaning even more convenient. You can easily slide out the tray and dispose of any waste without having to open the cage door.

This also prevents bunnies from escaping while cleaning their living space. Because of its durable material, the tray can hold up against harsh weather conditions and won't crack or warp over time.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Gutinneen outdoor rabbit hutch features six wheels, two of which are locking to ensure that it stays in place and is safe for not only your rabbit but guinea pigs and other pets. This feature makes it easy to relocate the hutch as needed, whether you're looking for a spot with more shade or simply want to change up your pet's environment.

In addition to its mobility, this rabbit hutch on wheels also boasts exclusive latches that allow for longer usage. These latches help keep your rabbit secure while also making it easier for you to access the hutch when needed.

Best Rabbit Hutch with Spacious Space & User-friendly Design

Ogrmar Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 

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Why We Like This

The Ogrmar outdoor bunny rabbit hutch with spacious space & user-friendly features has been making waves in the market due to its exceptional design and functionality. This 58" chicken coop offers ample space for your pets to move around freely, ensuring they get enough exercise and fresh air daily.

The nesting box allows your poultry to lay eggs comfortably without any inconvenience, providing you with a steady supply of fresh eggs. The sliding door and ramp make it easy for your pets to access the raised housing area, which ensures their safety from predators while protecting them from slipping back due to timber ridges placed above the ramp.

Things to Keep in Mind

Ogrmar outdoor rabbit comes with anti-corrosion and UV-resistant features. These ensure that the hutch can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and extreme heat.

Anti-corrosion properties protect the hutch from rusting and deteriorating over time due to exposure to moisture or other environmental factors. This means that your rabbit's home will stay in good condition even after being exposed to different weather patterns throughout the year.

The UV-resistant feature protects against fading caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, which often causes materials to weaken and become brittle.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Made with Sturdy Material

Cozowow Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 

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Why We Like This

The Cozowow outdoor rabbit hutch is made from high-quality fir wood and provides excellent durability and resistance against various weather conditions. The waterproof paint coating also ensures protection against rain and moisture, preventing any damage or rotting to the wood.

This adds an extra layer of protection from harsh outdoor elements. Aside from its sturdiness, this hutch also provides ample ventilation through wire fencing that surrounds its run area. This allows for proper air circulation, keeping your rabbit cool during hot summer days while also keeping predators out.

Things to Keep in Mind

One of the standout features of this hutch is its gridding fences and lockable door, which provide exceptional safety protection from outside predators or prevent your little one from slipping out. The lockable door feature on this outdoor rabbit hutch is essential because it prevents unwanted guests from getting in and keeps your rabbits from wandering off.

The door can be securely locked with a latch system that ensures your pets remain safe inside their enclosure. This feature gives pet owners peace of mind knowing that their bunnies are safe, even when they're not around.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Cage That Features 5 Easy Entry-Doors

Scurrty Outdoor Rabbit Cage 

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Why We Like This

The Scurrty outdoor rabbit cage comes with 5 easy entry doors and the large open-hinged roof cage provides ample space for your furry friend to hop around and enjoy the fresh air.

With three big front doors, accessing your rabbit has never been easier. Whether it's feeding, cleaning, or playing with them, you can do so without any hassle. The middle sliding-out access door is a unique feature that allows you to separate three spaces within the cage. This is perfect if you have multiple rabbits or need to divide their living areas for any reason.

The side-opening removable door makes maintenance an absolute breeze! You can easily clean every nook and cranny of the cage without having to struggle with awkward angles or difficult-to-reach spots.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Scurrty outdoor rabbit cage comes equipped with several features that make assembly easy, including pre-drilled holes. This feature ensures that even those who are not experts in DIY projects can put together the cage without any difficulty.

The use of pre-drilled holes in this outdoor rabbit cage makes life easy for pet owners who may not have much experience in assembling cages. These holes serve as guides, making it easier to know where each piece should go and helping to avoid mistakes that could cause frustration or waste time.

With these holes already marked out, you can easily connect different parts of the cage using screws or other fasteners without worrying about drilling your own holes or damaging any part of the cage during assembly.


Many people who own rabbits as pets or livestock have questions about how to properly house them outdoors in a rabbit hutch. They may be unsure about the best size, material, and design of the hutch, as well as how to provide proper ventilation, insulation, and security for their rabbits.

Without the right knowledge and guidance, it can be difficult to choose and set up an outdoor rabbit hutch that provides the right level of comfort, safety, and protection for your rabbits. This can lead to health problems, injury, and even death for your rabbits, as well as stress and frustration for you as a caregiver.

That's why, we have created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding outdoor rabbit hutches and their use. By reviewing these FAQs and their solutions, you can choose an appropriate hutch, set it up correctly, and maintain it properly to provide a safe and comfortable living space for your rabbits. This will help ensure that your rabbits are happy and healthy and that you have a more enjoyable experience as a rabbit owner.

Are outdoor hutches good for rabbits?

Yes, outdoor hutches can be a great option for rabbits if they are designed and set up properly. Outdoor hutches provide more room than cages and allow your rabbits to get fresh air and sunshine.

A hutch is also more secure than a cage, as it can be securely locked with a latch system. Hutches are typically easier to clean than cages since they have removable flooring and side-opening doors for easy access.

What are the best rabbit hutches?

The best rabbit hutches are those that provide ample space, ventilation, and protection from predators. Look for hutches made of durable materials such as wood, wire mesh, or plastic. A two-story hutch with a sheltered sleeping area is also recommended. 

The hutch should have enough room to accommodate all the rabbits in your home and provide easy access for maintenance. Some famous brands like petsfit wood rabbit cage make sure that their petsfit rabbit hutch fulfills all the parameters that make a hutch best for rabbits.

What size hutch should I get for my rabbit?

The size of the hutch you should get for your rabbit depends on the number of rabbits and their breed. Each rabbit should have at least 6-8 square feet of living space in its hutch. If you plan to keep more than one rabbit in a single hutch, make sure it is large enough for them all to move around comfortably.

How do I set up an outdoor hutch for rabbits?

To set up an outdoor hutch for your rabbits, start by selecting a location that is safe and secure. Make sure the hutch has adequate ventilation and protection from the elements and predators. 

You should also provide appropriate bedding such as straw or wood shavings in the sleeping area of the hutch. Ensure that access to food and water is easy for your rabbits.

How often should I clean a rabbit hutch?

You should clean your rabbit hutch at least once a week. This includes removing any uneaten food, replacing the bedding, and scrubbing the floors of the hutch to remove waste and debris. 

If possible, you should also let your rabbits out of their cage for exercise every day. Doing so will help reduce odors in the hutch and keep your rabbits healthy.

What kind of bedding is best for an outdoor rabbit hutch?

The best bedding for an outdoor rabbit hutch is straw or wood shavings. These materials provide insulation and cushioning for your rabbits, as well as absorb any urine or other liquids. You should avoid using cedar shavings, which can be toxic to rabbits.

How long do rabbits live in an outside hutch?

The lifespan of a rabbit depends on several factors such as genetics, diet, and living conditions. On average, rabbits kept in outdoor hutches live for 5-8 years. However, some rabbits have been known to live up to 10-12 years if given proper care and attention.

How can I clean the rabbit hutch?

To clean the rabbit hutch, start by removing all of the bedding and uneaten food. Next, scrub the floors of the hutch with warm water and mild detergent to remove waste and debris. Allow the hutch to dry completely before replacing any bedding or other items. 

Finally, you should sanitize the entire hutch with a diluted bleach solution to kill any bacteria and germs.

What kind of flooring material is best for an outdoor rabbit hutch?

The best flooring material for an outdoor rabbit hutch is wire mesh. This type of flooring provides good ventilation, stability, and protection from predators. It allows droppings to fall through so they can be easily cleaned up. You should avoid using solid wood floors as they can become slippery and uncomfortable for your rabbits.

How can I protect my rabbits from extreme temperatures in an outdoor hutch?

You can protect your rabbits from extreme temperatures in an outdoor hutch by providing proper bedding and ventilation. You should place the hutch in a sheltered area such as under a tree or next to a north-facing wall. 

You may also want to consider covering the hutch with a cloth during cold months to provide extra insulation.

Is it OK to keep a rabbit in a hutch?

Yes, it is OK to keep a rabbit in an indoor rabbit hutch as long as the hutch is large enough and provides adequate ventilation, and keeps the rabbit safe from predators. 

However, rabbits need plenty of exercise so you should make sure to let your rabbits out for at least a few hours every day. Provide fresh food, water, and bedding on a regular basis, and clean the hutch frequently to keep your rabbits healthy.

Where is the best place for a rabbit house?

It's important to ensure that your rabbit's living space is protected from predators such as dogs, cats, and wild animals. If you're housing your bunny outside, make sure the enclosure is sturdy and secure with no gaps where predators can enter.

Rabbits are sensitive animals and require consistent temperature control. They cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold temperatures; thus, it is crucial to place their house in an area that is well-ventilated and insulated.


The outdoor rabbit hutches are among the most important purchases you can make when it comes to looking after your bunny. It’s essential to understand what materials and sizes are best for your particular bunny, as well as weighing up the pros and cons of different construction styles.

The seven outdoor rabbit hutches outlined in this blog post are all safe and warm options that will be sure to keep your furry friend content. Not only do they provide enough living space, but they also offer several features that bunnies will enjoy while still keeping them protected from natural elements such as wind and rain.

We hope this article has served as a helpful guide in pointing you to choose the perfect outdoor rabbit hutch for your needs.