Ready to take your events to the next level?

A fog machine can add an extra layer of excitement and creativity that will make your guests feel like they’re a part of something truly special. Whether you’re throwing a small get-together or planning a large-scale event, a fog machine is essential for creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Not sure which fog machine is right for you? No problem! Our comprehensive guide covers everything from the basics of what a fog machine is all about to in-depth reviews of the top 6 models on the market today. We’ve got you covered from start to finish, so you can make the perfect choice for your needs.

How These Products Made Our List

When you want to create a festive atmosphere at your next outdoor party, the last thing you want to worry about is how to create fog.

Outdoor fog machines can be a great way to set the mood for your party, but with so many different models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We've done the hard work for you and chosen six of the best fog machines for outdoor available. Whether you're looking for an affordable machine that does the job or a top-of-the-line model that will make your guests' jaws drop, we've got you covered.

Best Outdoor Fog Machine with Wireless Remote Controller

Vangoa Fog Machine

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How It Made Our List

Are you looking for an outdoor fog machine to add ambiance and drama to your event? Look no further than the Vangoa outdoor fog machine! This remarkable machine has a wireless remote controller which is far better than the wired remote control, making it a must-have for anyone wanting an easy-to-use and reliable way to instantly create an atmosphere.

The convenience of the remote controller can’t be underestimated! You’ll be able to control the direction and density of the fog right from your fingertips. The amazing power of the device allows you up to 300 feet in the range- you can control it while standing wherever you want in your venue!

This portable fog machine comes in a convenient weight, so transporting and setting up is effortless.

Things You Must Know

The Vangoa outdoor fog machine provides a great atmosphere for any occasion. Whether you are throwing a dance or hosting a party, this fog machine offers an impressive steamy effect with stunning fog effects.

It features 3 LED lights when the fog sprays (green, red, and blue) to create a colored LED light effect that will surely uplift the mood of the environment. Additionally, it is equipped with electronic smoke machines that produce long-lasting fog, making it easier to use without having to refill constantly.

When full of machine fluid, it can work continuously for up to an hour. In conclusion, this fog machine is perfect for anyone who wants to add atmosphere to parties or events.

Best Outdoor Fog Machine with 16 Color Controllable Lights Effect

Gejrio Fog Machine

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How It Made Our List

Are you looking to create a moody and mysterious outdoor atmosphere? If so, look no further than the Gejrio outdoor fog machine. This incredible piece of technology will make your party unforgettable by delivering a visual element that is sure to draw everyone’s attention.

You won’t believe the range of options made available through its 16-color controllable lights effect. With the press of a button, you can easily transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary.

The Gejrio outdoor fog machine adds an extra layer of uniqueness that viewers can truly get lost in. Ready to take your outdoor gatherings higher? It all starts with the Gejrio!

Things You Must Know

Knowing all about the Gejrio outdoor fog machine means knowing that it offers both convenience and safety for its users. This top-of-the-line fog machine has been approved by FCC, CE, and ROHS certifications, making it reliable and ready to use without worrying about safety issues.

It has a 250ml tank which ensures that the fog production lasts long so you can enjoy your event with no interruptions. The generous 500W power output gives an amazing result at up to 2000 CFM between 4-5 meters distance, with a duration of 30 seconds, and produces 200 cubic feet of fog per minute - briefly explaining how powerful this machine truly is for outdoor events!

Best Outdoor Fog Machine with Flash Mode

Transifun Fog Machine 

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How It Made Our List

Do you love to be the center of attention? Then you will love the Transifun fog machine outdoor! This newest addition has a specific feature that is sure to bring all eyes toward you as soon as you step outdoors: flash mode.

Flash mode lets you create stunning fogging effects complete with flashing lights that add an extra element of drama to any party, club night, or event. Whether you’re entertaining guests at your home or simply adding atmosphere to a special gathering, the Transifun fog machine outdoor's unique flash mode is sure to turn heads and instantly elevate any event in seconds.

Its easy-to-use design and outstanding results make it ideal for newbies and experienced party professionals alike. Now, making outdoor events even more special is easier than ever—grab the Transifun fog machine outdoors today and make your parties unforgettable!

Things You Must Know

The Transifun fog machine outdoors is worth considering for those special occasions when you want to set a special atmosphere. This useful machine is equipped with nine RGB party lights, each of which supports up to 12 colors with the ability to manually or automatically change colors at the touch of a button.

It has a compact handle for easy transportability and its flexibly designed base allows it to be mounted in an upright position for fog dispersal.

In addition, it enables users to enjoy the atmosphere whether the fog is present or not. Altogether, this smoke machine can help create an amazing vibe in any party setting.

Best Outdoor Fog Machine with Auto Mode

JDR Mini Fog Machine

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How It Made Our List

Introducing the JDR mini outdoor fog machine–the perfect machine to make your outdoor events memorable! With its innovative auto mode, you'll get maximum convenience with no hassle.

This mode will continuously generate a light fog at regular intervals during operation, so you won't need to worry about manually activating the machine. Plus, it's lightweight and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand for ultimate portability and convenience wherever you go.

Whether you're using it for a party or just looking for a way to spruce up your outdoor space, this handy machine creates an exciting atmosphere with minimal effort. Create an unforgettable moment by adding some haze to your special occasion today!

Things You Must Know

You may have heard about the JDR mini outdoor fog machine, but there is much more to it than a standard fog machine. It is equipped with an advanced electronic thermostat control system and special piping technology which enables it to blast steam at sharp temperatures.

The electronic thermostat gives users more precise control as they view temperatures in real time. On top of this, the pairing with special piping technology prevents overheating, meaning you can use the fogger for extended periods without worrying about damaging it or having to take long breaks in between use.

With these features combined, the JDR mini outdoor fog machine is definitely worth checking out.

Best Outdoor Fog Machine with 18 LED Lights

Upstartech Fog Machine

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How It Made Our List

Change up the atmosphere of your next event with Upstartech’s fog machine! With 18 spectacular LED lights, this fog machine is capable of lighting up any room with mesmerizing colors and captivating displays.

The colors range from fun and festive to mysterious and haunting, all in the same machine! It’s perfect for a variety of events, so whether you're looking for an energizing dance floor or a dreamy atmosphere - you won't be disappointed.

Plus, it's super easy to set up and use, meaning that everyone can feel like an expert tech without needing years of experience. Get ready for your night to become something unforgettable with the Upstartech fog machine!

Things You Must Know

What you should know about the Upstartech fog machine is that it has 4 special effects, including Fade/Strobe/Flash/Smooth, that make it ideal for different environments and occasions.

The device is crafted with high-quality metal materials, making it much tougher than competing models and resistant to corrosion. It is particularly lightweight, making transportation and setup easy. The superior durability of the materials makes for a longer-lasting service life for this smoke machine.

Best Outdoor Fog Machine with Color Mixing Gradient

Oloaxolx Fog Machine

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How It Made Our List

Introducing the Oloaxolx outdoor fog machine! Get ready to make your outdoor events extra special with our amazing fog machine. It's perfect for concerts, picnics, or outdoor parties.

This fog machine features a color mixing gradient, allowing you to create a beautiful range of different colorful hues. The proprietary color mixing gradient is like no other: it creates a smooth, vibrant array of colors and produces thick clouds of fog.

The machine's timer can be set up so you can enjoy your foggy event without having to worry about replacing the fog machine fluid (fog juice). Plus it's easy to use and you'll have no trouble setting up the perfect fogging ambiance. With this awesome fog machine, all your outdoor gatherings will be nothing less than spectacular!

Things You Must Know

The Oloaxolx outdoor fog machine is an impressive piece of technology that offers many benefits to those who use it. It can produce single color and is conveniently controlled with wireless remote control from up to 150 feet away.

Its power allows it to reach an impressive 2000 CFM (cf/min) within 4-5 yards, which is more than enough for many outdoor applications. Not only does this fog machine prove to be efficient, but it also does not release any toxic gases into the atmosphere, making it a safe option for both indoor and outdoor settings.


You want to buy an outdoor fog machine, but you're not sure what to look for and you have some questions.

Buying an outdoor fog machine can be confusing because there are a lot of different options available. It's hard to know which one is the best fog machine for your needs.

Our FAQs about outdoor fog machines will help you make the right decision. We answer all of the most common questions that people have about these machines, which covers all the required information about them.

Can you use a fog machine outside?

You can use a fog machine outside, but it's important to be aware of the effects of fog on the environment. Smaller fog machines use either water or oil to create a thick fog. Water-based machines are more environmentally friendly, but they can also cause more damage if used incorrectly.

When using a fog machine outdoors, be sure to follow these guidelines:

- Keep the machine at least 20 feet away from any buildings, vehicles, or other equipment

- Never point the machine toward any people or animals

Can low-lying fog machines be used outside?

Yes, but there are a few things you need to consider. First, the fog machine will need to be weatherproof. Second, you'll need to set up some kind of containment system around the fog machine to keep the fog from dissipating too quickly. Finally, you'll need to make sure that there is no breeze blowing in the direction of your guests or spectators.

If you can take care of those things, then using a low-lying fog machine outside can be a really cool effect.

How do you make outdoor fog?

Outdoor fog machines use a very fine water droplet mist which is pumped through a special nozzle. This nozzle causes the water droplets to break up into very small particles. These small particles are then blown out of the machine by a powerful fan. As these tiny particles move through the air, they quickly evaporate and this causes them to cool down. This creates a thick fog that looks like it is floating in the air.

Some of the best outdoor fog machines are the Oloaxolx fog machine, Upstartech fog machine, Professional Grade fog machine, and Coffin Skeleton fog machine.

What can I use instead of a fog machine?

You could use a humidifier. A humidifier is a device that releases water vapor into the air to increase the humidity level. This can be helpful for people with colds, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems.

Another option is to boil some water on the stove and place it in a big bowl or pot. Then, place a towel over your head and shoulders, and lean over the bowl or pot of hot water. Breathe in the steam for about 10 minutes.

Do fog machines pollute the air?

Yes, fog machines can pollute the air. They release tiny droplets of chemicals into the air that can be hazardous to your health. It is important to use a good quality machine and check it regularly for signs of wear or malfunctioning parts. Also, make sure you use water-based fog machines whenever possible.

Does a fog machine work in the cold?

Yes, fog machines can work in the cold. However, it is important to make sure your machine is properly insulated and protected from the elements. You may need to use a heavier-duty pump and nozzle or even an anti-freeze solution in extreme temperatures. It's also important to note that fog machines tend to be less effective in cold weather, so you may need to adjust the power and density settings accordingly.

Does a fog machine ruin electronics?

No, a fog machine should not ruin electronics. Most fog machines have safety features built in to prevent damage to delicate electronics. However, you should always be cautious when using these machines as excessive moisture can still cause damage to sensitive equipment. It is also important to make sure the area where the machine is being used is well-ventilated so that moisture does not accumulate in the air.

What is the difference between a fog machine and a low-lying fog machine?

A fog machine is the traditional type of machine which emits a thick, vertical plume of fog. Low-lying fog machines are newer devices that emit a low-lying cloud of fog that sits close to the ground. This type of fog is often used for theatrical or special effects purposes and can be created both indoors and outdoors.

Is fog just evaporated water?

Indeed, fog is nothing more than evaporated water. Using a special misting nozzle, these machines break the fog liquid up into microscopic droplets that are quickly absorbed by the air. This causes them to chill and create an impenetrable wall of vapor that appears as if it's hovering in mid-air!

How do you make a homemade fog machine?

Making a homemade basic fog machine is actually quite easy. All you need is an old aquarium pump, some water, vegetable glycerin, a plastic bottle, and tubing. Simply fill the bottle with warm water and add a few tablespoons of glycerin. Then attach the tubing to the aquarium pump and place it in the bottle. Turn on the pump and you should have a steady stream of fog coming out! You may need to adjust the amount of glycerin and water depending on the desired thickness and density of your fog.

How long does fogging in your yard last?

The amount of time fogging in your yard will last depends on the environment and the conditions. Generally speaking, though, fogging can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or so. The fog will dissipate as it is absorbed into the air, so you may need to apply more if it's a particularly windy day.

Can you use just distilled water in a fog machine?

Yes, you can use distilled water in a fog machine. However, some people prefer to add glycerin or vegetable oil to the mixture as this helps create a thicker and dense fog. This can be especially helpful when using a fog machine outdoors as it will help the fog hang in the air longer.

Summed Up

Any of the outdoor fog machines we reviewed would be great for your next party or event. The most important factors to consider when choosing an outdoor fog machine are the size of the unit, the fog output volume, the wattage, and the nozzle type. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.