Planning a summer fish fry with friends and family?

An outdoor fish fryer is a cooking apparatus designed for outdoor use, typically fueled by propane gas or charcoal. It is exactly what you need to help ensure perfect meal timing, temperature, and flavor. Our picks are of the highest quality that guarantees you not only tastier results but also easier operations that will make every cookout enjoyable for everyone involved!

Get ready to start sizzling those seafood recipes over open flames in no time at all! Whip up some delicious fried fish, fries, and other tasty treats without ever having to worry about under or overcooking them again. Create unforgettable flavors while bonding over great food cooked outdoors with your loved ones - how could anyone resist this opportunity?

How We Picked the Best Options

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor fish fryer for your backyard cookouts? You're in luck! It can be difficult to find the best one for your needs, with so many on the market.

Don't settle for mediocre fish fryers that won't give you the crisp and delicious taste you want. Comparing each model can be a full-time job, taking hours of research and product reviews.

Fortunately, we've done all the hard work for you. Our team has carefully curated the 7 best outdoor fish fryers that will give you that crispy and delicious taste every time. With our list, you don't have to worry about picking a disappointing fryer ever again!

Best Outdoor Fish Fryer Featuring Combo Design

CreoleFeast Outdoor Fish Fryer 

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Why It Made Our List

CreoleFeast outdoor fish fryer featuring a combo design is an excellent appliance that has been designed to make outdoor cooking more enjoyable and convenient. Its combo design feature offers a perfect solution for those who love to cook several types of food at the same time. With this fryer, you can easily fry your fish, chicken, vegetables, and other favorite foods without worrying about the hassle of using multiple appliances.

The combo design feature allows you to use both the fish fryer and burner stove simultaneously. This means that you can boil or steam food on one side while frying on another. You no longer have to worry about serving cold food as everything is cooked and served hot from the same appliance.

Things to Keep in Mind

CreoleFeast outdoor fish fryer with a perforated basket comes with the 2-level adjustable perforated basket of the fryer with scale lines, which makes it easy to fry turkey and seafood as per your requirements. With this basket, you can ensure that your food is cooked evenly from all sides.

A perforated basket in an outdoor fish fryer is helped to drain the excess oil or water from the food, ensuring that it remains crispy and fresh. Additionally, the perforated basket allows you to cook multiple items at once without any mixing up or overlap issues. You can use one level of the basket for frying fish while using another level for boiling vegetables or steaming rice.

Best Fish Fryer Offering Wide Applications

Rovsun Fish Fryer 

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Why It Made Our List

Rovsun fish fryer offers a wide range of applications, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities such as backyard parties and camping. The deep fryer kit includes a 30QT pot for frying turkey under 20 lbs and a 10QT frying pot suitable for making fried fish, French fries, and fried chicken wings, among other dishes. This variety of applications makes this fish fryer an ideal tool for those who love to cook outside.

The wide application of the Rovsun fish fryer allows it to be used in multiple settings. Its versatility enables it to be used for cooking various types of dishes, which is perfect for people who like to try different recipes while enjoying the outdoors.

Things to Keep in Mind

A Rovsun fish fryer is a great option that comes with an easy-to-assemble feature. This feature allows you to quickly set up your fryer without any hassle. With the easy-to-assemble feature, you do not need any special skills or tools to set up your fish fryer.

It only requires a few simple steps to put together the cast iron burner and basket handle for the frying basket of the fish fryer pot. This means that even if you are not handy with tools or have limited experience in assembling equipment, setting up this fryer will be a breeze.

Best Outdoor Fish Fryer with Timer

Propane Outdoor Fish Fryer 

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Why It Made Our List

Propane outdoor fish fryers with an unlimited timer eliminate the need to constantly restart the switch every 15 minutes. This makes the cooking process more enjoyable and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on other tasks while your food cooks to perfection.

An unlimited timer in an outdoor fish fryer is that it offers greater flexibility and convenience. You can cook at your own pace without worrying about constantly checking or restarting the fryer. This feature also adds safety as there are fewer chances of accidents occurring due to forgetfulness or negligence.

Things to Keep in Mind

Propane outdoor electric fryers come with an anti-scald hook and a 1oz marinade syringe are the perfect tools for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. The anti-scald hook is an important safety feature that can save you from burns while frying your favorite fish.

The anti-scald hook allows you to easily lift your food out of the hot oil without having to reach in and risk getting burned. This feature is especially helpful when dealing with larger pieces of fish that may be difficult to manage with tongs or other utensils.

Another great feature of this propane outdoor fish fryer is the 1oz marinade syringe. This tool allows you to inject flavor directly into your fish, ensuring that every bite is packed full of delicious flavor.

Best Fish Fryer That Offers Special Features

Nuuk Fish Fryer 

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Why It Made Our List

Nuuk Fish Fryer offers a plethora of special features and most notable feature of this fryer is its smart drain system, which allows you to easily drain oil from your fried turkey or water for boiling cooking.

This makes cleaning up after your meals a breeze and saves you time and energy. Another feature that sets Nuuk fish fryer apart from others is its electric ignition light burner, which is easy to use and ensures safety with an AA battery.

You don't have to worry about lighting matches or using other dangerous methods when starting this electric fish fryer; simply press a button and you're good to go. The pot and fryer handles are covered by silicon material, ensuring maximum safety while handling hot foods.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Nuuk fish fryer comes with stainless steel thermometer and with its included 12-inch and 4-inch thermometers, this fryer helps you monitor the temperature during different cooking methods. This feature is especially useful when deep-frying fish or other seafood, as maintaining a consistent temperature ensures that your food cooks evenly and retains its moisture.

A thermometer in an outdoor fish fryer allows you to control the cooking process more precisely. When frying fish, for example, maintaining a consistent oil temperature prevents the food from becoming greasy or overcooked. By monitoring the internal temperature of the food with a thermometer while cooking, you can ensure that it reaches a safe temperature before serving.

Best Outdoor Fish Fryer with Welded Coated Steel Frame 

Propane Outdoor Fish Fryer 

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Why It Made Our List

The Propane outdoor fish fryer with a welded coated steel frame ensures that these propane fish fryers remain stable and secure while cooking, preventing any accidents or spills. The welded coated steel frame also adds durability to the overall construction of the fish fryer.

It is made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and repeated use, making it an ideal investment for those who enjoy outdoor cooking. The sturdy frame helps to protect these propane deep fryers against wear and tear, ensuring that your fish fryer lasts longer and performs at its best every time you use it.

Things to Keep in Mind

A propane fish fryer with an adjustable adjuster makes it easier to control the temperature while frying fish or any other seafood delicacy. The adjustable adjuster helps to regulate the heat of the burner, ensuring that your food doesn't get burned or overcooked.

With this feature, you can easily switch between high and low heat settings depending on what type of fish you're frying. Besides, the adjustable adjuster saves you time and effort by eliminating guesswork and making it easier to attain the perfect temperature for your fish fry.

Best Outdoor Fish Fryer with Safe & Eco-friendly Flame

Summerville Outdoor Fish Fryer

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Why It Made Our List

Summerville outdoor fish fryer with a safe & eco-friendly flame is a perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts and the CSA-approved regulator and hose ensure that this fryer meets all necessary safety standards, giving users peace of mind when cooking outdoors.

The use of an eco-friendly flame means that there is no soot or ash left behind after use. This saves time and effort in cleaning up after a meal, allowing more time to enjoy the great outdoors. The lack of smoke produced by traditional wood burning or charcoal fires also makes this fryer a healthier option for both individuals using it and those around them.

Things to Keep in Mind

The important thing to know about this product is that it comes with a durable steel base. This feature not only increases the longevity of the fryer but also makes it more reliable and safe to use. The stainless steel frame technology used in this outdoor fish fryer ensures that the burner remains stable while cooking, which means you don't have to worry about any accidents or mishaps during your outdoor fish fry.

Moreover, its high-quality stainless steel construction makes it resistant to corrosion and rusting even when exposed to harsh weather conditions or saltwater environments. A durable steel base in an outdoor fish fryer provides uniform heat distribution throughout the cooking process. This ensures that your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly without any cold spots or overcooked areas.

Best High Performance Fish Fryer with Powerful Burner

Creole Outdoor Fish Fryer 

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Why It Made Our List

The Creole outdoor fish fryer is high-performance with a powerful burner feature that offers an incredible 50,000 BTU output. This burner ensures that you get consistent and reliable heat for all your outdoor cooking needs, making it perfect for frying up your favorite fish or chicken dishes.

The adjustable air control panel on this outdoor fish fryer allows you to control the heat levels of the flame effortlessly. This means that you can adjust the heat to suit your particular needs, whether you are frying up something delicate or something more robust like a turkey. The high-performance burner also ensures even heating, which means that your food will be cooked through perfectly every time.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Creole outdoor fish fryer comes with a specially designed turkey rack that can be used to cook large cuts of meat or poultry. The rack ensures that the meat is held steady while it cooks, preventing it from falling apart or sticking to the bottom of the pot.

In addition to the turkey rack, this outdoor fish fryer also comes with a marinade injector. The injector allows you to infuse your meats and poultry with delicious flavors before cooking. It works by injecting marinades and seasoning directly into the meat, ensuring that every bite is full of flavor.

With this tool, you can easily add your favorite spices and seasonings to your food without having to worry about them burning off during the cooking process.


Individuals who enjoy cooking outdoors and want to indulge in the deliciousness of fried fish may have questions about outdoor fish fryers. They may be uncertain about the functionality i.e whether they want propane-fueled or electric fish fryers, safety, and suitability of these fryers, which can make it difficult to choose the right one for their needs.

Without proper guidance, individuals may end up with fish fryers that are not efficient or safe to use outdoors.

For that, we have created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about outdoor fish fryers to assist you in selecting one that meets your cooking preferences. With a good understanding of these FAQs, you can enjoy cooking outside and be sure to get tasty and crispy fried fish every time.

What is an outdoor fish fryer?

An outdoor fish fryer is a specialized cooking appliance designed for frying foods such as fish, chicken, and other meats. It typically has a large cooking surface area to accommodate larger quantities of food at once, as well as adjustable temperature settings to ensure that the desired level of doneness is achieved.

Is an air fryer good for fish?

Yes, air fryers are suitable for cooking fish. Air fryers use circulating hot air to cook food quickly and evenly without the need for extra oil or fat. This makes them a healthier option compared to traditional deep-frying methods.

What should I look for in a fish fryer?

When selecting a fish fryer, you should look for one with a powerful burner that can maintain consistent heat levels. It should also have adjustable temperature settings so that you can easily adjust the heat depending on what type of food you are cooking.

It is important to choose a fryer with safety features such as an automatic shut-off function and a cool-touch exterior. Finally, look for a fryer that has an effective oil filtration system so you can reuse the oil without compromising its quality.

How does an outdoor fish fryer work?

An outdoor fish fryer works by heating a large pot filled with oil to the desired temperature. When food is placed in this hot oil, it quickly cooks and seals in moisture while creating a crispy and flavorful exterior. 

The heat of the oil makes sure that the food is cooked evenly throughout. Once the food is cooked, it can be easily removed from the fryer with a slotted spoon or similar utensil.

Do outdoor fish fryers require oil?

Yes, outdoor fish fryers require oil to cook the food effectively and safely. Most fryers come with their own types of oil, such as vegetable oil or peanut oil, but you can also use other types of oil if desired. Be sure to only use food-grade oils that are safe for deep frying.

Are outdoor fish fryers safe?

Yes, outdoor fish fryers can be used safely when proper precautions and safety guidelines are followed. This includes making sure the fryer is placed on a level surface, checking the temperature of the oil before adding food, and not overfilling the fryer with too much oil or food.

Can I use an outdoor fish fryer for other types of food besides fish?

Yes, you can use an outdoor fish fryer to cook a variety of different types of food. These include poultry, vegetables, and even desserts such as donuts or beignets.

How long does it take to fry fish in an outdoor fish fryer?

The cooking time will depend on the type of fish and the size of the pieces, but generally, it should take about 7-10 minutes for most types of fish. Be sure to monitor the temperature of the oil regularly to ensure that it stays at a safe level.

Can I use regular cooking oil in an outdoor fish fryer?

Yes, you can use regular cooking oil in an outdoor fish fryer. However, it is important to keep in mind that some oils have a lower smoke point than others, which means they may not be able to withstand the high heat generated by the fryer. It is best to choose a high-quality oil that has been specifically designed for deep frying.

What is the maximum temperature an outdoor fish fryer can reach?

The maximum temperature an outdoor fish fryer can reach will depend on the model, but it is generally between 350-400°F (177-204°C). It is important not to exceed this temperature as overheating can cause a fire hazard.

Are outdoor fish fryers portable?

Yes, most outdoor fish fryers are designed to be portable. Look for one with a convenient carrying handle and non-slip feet so you can easily transport it from place to place.

Can I use an outdoor fish fryer indoors?

No, outdoor fish fryers are designed for outdoor use only and should not be used indoors due to the fire hazard they pose.

What safety precautions should I take when using an outdoor fish fryer?

When using an outdoor fish fryer, it is important to take precautions such as monitoring the temperature of the oil and not overfilling the pot. Always make sure that the fryer is placed on a level surface away from any flammable materials. 

Never leave the fryer unattended when in use and wear protective clothing when handling hot oil. Lastly, be sure to use a fryer that has an effective oil filtration system so you can reuse the oil without compromising its quality.

How do I clean an outdoor fish fryer?

Cleaning an outdoor fish fryer is relatively simple. First, make sure to turn off the heat and allow it to cool completely before attempting any cleaning. Then, remove the pot from the fryer and empty out any remaining oil. Rinse out the pot with hot, soapy water, and then use a wire brush or scrubbing pad to remove any stuck-on debris.


All in all, the deep fish fryer makes any cookout more enjoyable and convenient so everyone can enjoy their food with ease. With the seven best outdoor fish fryers for backyard cookouts reviewed above, you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

Whether you want a basic outdoor fryer that can just do the job or a smoker-style fryer to add extra flavors during cooking, these fryers offer a wide variety of features that makes it easy to cater to any type of culinary fan. So gather your friends and family around, fire up your outdoor fish fryer, and prepare yourself for an outdoor experience with an outdoor deep fryer you won't forget!