Worried about leaving your pup alone in the backyard?

An outdoor dog kennel can provide a safe and secure space for your canine companion to play without worrying about them wandering off or getting into trouble. With so many options available on the market today, finding just the right one for you and your pup is easier said than done.

That’s why we have created a list of our top 7 picks for the best outdoor dog kennels plus detailed reviews – so you can make an informed decision that works both for you and Fido!

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that wherever game time takes you, your pooch will be taken care of with a comfortable, durable, and safe kennel. Gain reassurance that no matter how active they get during their outings outdoors, whether it’s running around or snuggling up in their special spot; they are secure while they explore.

How We Selected These Products

You love taking your pup on outdoor adventures, but don't want them to have an accident in the middle of nowhere.

A good outdoor dog kennel is a must-have for any pup parent who loves spending time outdoors. But with all of the different options out there, how do you choose the right one for your pup?

We've done the hard work for you after considering many options and we have chosen the 7 best outdoor dog kennels based on durability, portability, price, and more. No matter what type of outdoor activity you're into, we've got you covered.

Best Playpen Featuring Rain & UV-proof Roof Cover

Petony Outdoor Dog Playpen 

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Why We Like This Product

Introducing Petony outdoor dog playpen- the perfect outdoor play area for your pup to let loose and enjoy life. Made with a high-quality, rain, and UV-proof roof cover, this durable yet lightweight playpen offers all-year-round protection from the elements.

The special waterproof PE cloth construction can keep out dust, snow, and even UV light, so whatever the weather you can be sure your furry friend is having fun in safety. Not only that but you can rest assured knowing they’re securely enclosed thanks to strong mesh panels and reinforced anchor points that won’t give way in windy conditions.

What You Must Know

The Petony outdoor dog playpen utilizes an extra-tough steel mesh construction that offers unparalleled strength and durability. It is also designed to be secured to the ground for added peace of mind, offering maximum protection from unwanted predators or intruders.

The steel mesh also helps improve air circulation in the kennel and keeps it cool even during hot summer days, making it perfect for pets who love spending time outdoors.

Best Dog Kennel With Painless Setup

Houseables Outdoor Dog Kennel 

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Why We Like This Product

At Houseables, this outdoor dog kennel allows pet owners everywhere to make sure that their furry friends are just as secure as they are comfortable.

It features a painless setup! With pre-assembled scattered parts, tightening clamps, and absolutely no tools required—you’ll have your dog’s own personal space in no time at all!

All you have to do is just connect the pieces and voilà; each side of the proprietary kennel becomes strong like steel while remaining lightweight and durable enough for easy transport and storage.

Plus, if you ever need to disassemble it again, all you have to do is reverse the steps! Painless setup is an innovative feature only found with Houseables. So save yourself time and money with this easy-to-use outdoor dog kennel that’s perfect for yards of any size or shape.

What You Must Know

When it comes to your beloved canine buddy, providing a safe and clean environment helps make their life more enjoyable. Houseables outdoor dog kennel helps you do just that! This kennel is conveniently raised 1.5 inches above the ground, making it easy to sweep away spilled food or wash away muddy messes.

You don't have to worry about dirt buildup or rapid decomposition of flooring like some other kennels due to their raised platform structure. So give your pup the clean space they deserve and pick up a Houseables outdoor dog kennel today!

Best Kennel That Can Be Expanded With Connective Kennels

Pawhut Dog Kennel 

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Why We Like This Product

Pawhut dog kennel is designed with your furry friend in mind - and comes with a unique and convenient connective kennel feature that allows you to quickly expand its size. Just add an extra kennel, and your pet will have room to roam, play, and relax.

Plus, what’s great about this particular kennel is that it doesn’t require any additional parts or tools – just connect one kennel to another and it’ll be up and running in no time. So don’t worry if you think your pup will outgrow the traditional kennel – just pick up a Pawhut dog kennel today, and let it grow as much as they need it.

What You Must Know

The Pawhut dog kennel provides a convenient and versatile housing option for pet owners. With its strong compatibility, the kennel has multiple applications and can meet the varied needs of animals.

From small companion pets to larger breeds, this kennel is suitable for an array of pets while providing an accommodating area where they can feel secure.

Aside from multiple dogs, it works great for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals that need an enclosed resting place when outdoors or away from their main living space in the house.

Utilize this multi-purpose kennel to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable wherever life takes them.

Best Kennel With Special Tarp Cover

Grepatio Outdoor Dog Kennel 

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Why We Like This Product

Grepatio outdoor dog kennel features an easy-to-setup and sturdy steel frame and is sure to be a hit with your pup. This kennel also includes a special tarp cover to ensure that your four-legged friend is always dry and protected from outside elements.

The durable oxford fabric of the cover has a silver coating for ultimate protection and comes with elastic cords to securely attach it to the structure. With its pitched roof to help water run off and debris accumulate, this kennel gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

What You Must Know

The Grepatio outdoor dog kennel comes with connected points with steel clamps, ensuring it remains sturdy. The comprehensive accessories kit includes five panels, two gate panels with quick-release locks, four stakes to secure the kennel in place, two ground stakes for extra stability, a pitched roof for sun and weather protection, and additional fixings for assembly.

With its easy setup process and a complete list of accessories, you can safely keep your dog contained without ever having to worry about them getting out or being harmed.

Best Kennel That Comes With All-Closed Cover

Beimo Dog Kennel 

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Why We Like This Product

The Beimo dog kennel comes with an all-closed cover! their all-closed cover design prevents water from pooling inside and keeps out predators and debris. Corrosion and rust won't be an issue either, as this kennel is made of durable, high-quality material.

Most of all, they keep your pup secure outside with bungees that easily secure the kennel to the surface below it so they can’t escape or get pulled off. This solution is great in any climate—rainy days are no problem since this product allows water to drain off from it.

This durable dog house for large dogs outdoors is perfect if you want maximum safety and security for your pup!

What You Must Know

The Beimo dog kennel is constructed using heavy-duty steel with galvanized ground nails for added strength and improved stability. This makes it the perfect option for dog owners in search of a long-lasting, secure, and comfortable shelter for their canine companions.

The ground nails increase the strength of the frame, allowing it to withstand strong wind and cold temperatures, while also providing an anchor system that ensures the kennel stays in place. This type of kennel can be set up or taken down quickly; great for on-the-go pet owners who need to travel with their pups from time to time.

Best Kennel With Invisible Latch Door

Pawgiant Outdoor Dog Kennel 

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Why We Like This Product

The Pawgiant outdoor dog kennel is designed with your pup's safety in mind. Their innovative Invisible latch door is easy to use and provides superior security for your furry friend. With an invisible latch door, you can have peace of mind knowing that no intruders can get into the kennel.

Just give the door a gentle push, and it will instantly be locked shut, keeping your pup safe and sound. It also prevents smart puppies from wrestling their way out of the kennel – they won't even know how they got out!

And with its spacious rooms, wide deck area, and fully customizable design options, this kennel will make sure your fur buddy has plenty of space to stretch their legs while staying within the confines of the kennel walls.

What You Must Know

The Pawgiant outdoor dog kennel is ideal for pet owners who want to keep their faithful companion secure outdoors. It's strong 0.8mm pipe wall will help prevent escape and damage, while the smooth edges won't scratch your furry friend.

Furthermore, assembly and installation are simple--the modular screw and nut fixing clips can be easily connected with hand-tightening clamps.

With its robust construction and easy setup, the Pawgiant outdoor dog kennel is a perfect choice to create a safe space for your pup to explore happily and securely.

Best Dog Kennel That is Lockable & Stable

Pawhut Dog Kennel 

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Why We Like This Product

The Pawhut dog kennel provides your pup with a safe and secure place to play and rest outdoors. Where it really stands out is in its lockable and stable features. The built-in door has a lock that ensures your pup stays safe when outdoors unattended and won't be able to escape — think of it as an extra layer of protection!

You can use the spring button clips to securely fasten the cover in place, preventing any gaps or openings. Your pet will feel comfortable and secure inside its own little space, giving you some much-needed peace of mind.

What You Must Know

The Pawhut dog kennel is an ideal choice for many dog owners looking to provide their canines with a safe and secure space outdoors. Boasting an overall dimension of 55.5" L x 55.5" W x 60.25" H, the sturdy kennel is suitable for medium and small dogs under 44 lbs, featuring a reliable door at 22" W x 44.5" H for easy entry and exit.

With its robust design, this dog pen is designed to last and will look great in your backyard or lawn - giving your pup plenty of room to roam around confidently.


You want to buy an outdoor dog kennel, but you're not sure which one is best for your pet.

Outdoor dog kennels can be a great way to keep your pet safe and happy, but with so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Our FAQs about the different outdoor dog kennels will help you make the best decision for your pet. We'll answer all of your questions about size, material, weatherproofing, and more to make it easy for you to decide.

Are outdoor kennels good for dogs?

Outdoor kennels can be a great option for some dogs, depending on the individual dog's needs and preferences. For example, if a dog is left alone for long periods of time, an outdoor kennel can provide a safe space for them to stay active and entertained. It also allows them to get fresh air and exercise in a secure environment.

What is best to put an outdoor dog kennel on?

The best surface to put an outdoor dog kennel on is a flat, solid surface such as concrete or asphalt. This will provide a stable foundation for the kennel and prevent it from shifting or moving. 

If a solid surface isn’t available, you can also use gravel or pea stone, but be sure to check the kennel periodically for any signs of shifting or instability.

How long can a dog stay in an outside kennel?

The amount of time a dog can stay in an outside kennel depends on the size and breed of the dog, as well as the climate and weather. Small dogs, they should not be left in an outside kennel for more than a few hours at a time.

 For larger breeds, they can usually stay in an outside kennel for up to eight hours, but it is important to make sure that the kennel provides adequate shelter from sun and rain, as well as plenty of fresh water.

Should dogs sleep outside in a kennel?

Whether a dog should sleep outside in a kennel depends on the individual dog and its needs. 

Dogs are social animals and prefer to be around their owners. If a dog is left alone in a kennel outside, it will likely experience some degree of stress. The temperature and weather can be unpredictable outside, and extreme temperatures can be dangerous for dogs.

What can I use instead of a dog kennel?

If you are looking for an alternative to a dog kennel, there are several options. One option is to create a safe and secure area in your home for your dog. This could be as simple as designating a room or corner of the house that is just for your pet.

Another option is to build an outdoor kennel in your yard. This can be as basic or elaborate as you like but should include some type of shelter from the elements, such as a tarp or doghouse. Also, make sure it is well-ventilated and has plenty of space for your pet to move around and play.

What is the best material to make a dog kennel?

The best material to make a dog kennel depends on the size of the dog and the climate you live in. For smaller dogs, plastic or metal dog crates are ideal because they are lightweight, easy to clean and provide a secure environment for your pet.

For larger dogs, a wooden kennel is recommended as it offers more durability and strength. It also provides better insulation from extreme temperatures. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and can be stained or painted to match your home décor.

How can I make my outdoor dog kennel more comfortable?

Making your outdoor dog kennel more comfortable for your pup is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. Make sure the kennel is well-ventilated and protected from the elements. 

If it’s too hot or cold outside, consider investing in a kennel cover to help keep your pup warm and dry. Provide plenty of bedding material such as blankets or towels so that your pup has something soft to lay on. 

Add some toys and treats to the kennel to give your pup something to do when they are in there. This will help keep them entertained and give them something to look forward to when they go into the kennel.

How do you heat an outdoor dog kennel?

The best way to heat an outdoor kennel is with a heating pad designed specifically for pet use. They are easy to install and provide a consistent, safe source of warmth for your pup.

Another option is to use a heated dog bed, which can be placed inside the kennel for extra warmth. This type of bed has an internal thermostat that keeps the temperature regulated so it won't get too hot or too cold.

Do dogs get tired in kennels?

Yes, dogs can get tired in kennels. Dogs are social animals and need stimulation and exercise to stay healthy. When they are confined to a kennel for long periods of time, they may become bored or anxious, which can lead to fatigue. 

Kennels often do not provide enough space for a dog to move around comfortably, so they may become physically exhausted from lack of activity.

Are dog kennels a good idea?

Dog kennels can be a great idea for certain situations. If you have a dog that needs to be separated from other animals or children in the home, a kennel can provide them with their own safe space.

If you need to leave your dog alone for short periods of time while you are away, a kennel can give them a comfortable place to stay and help prevent destructive behaviors like chewing or barking.

How big should an outdoor dog kennel be?

The size of an outdoor dog kennel should depend on the size and breed of your dog. For small to medium-sized dogs, a kennel that is at least 4 feet by 6 feet should be suitable. 

For larger breeds, the ideal size would be 6 feet by 8 feet or larger. The kennel should have enough space for your pet to move around and stand up comfortably. It should also provide enough room for food and water dishes, a bed or blanket, and toys.

Are dogs happy in kennels?

Dogs can be happy in kennels if they are well cared for and receive plenty of attention, exercise, and socialization. Dogs who are used to living with humans may struggle to adjust to life in a kennel and may become depressed or anxious. 

On the other hand, some dogs may enjoy kennel life because it provides them with structure, routine, and companionship from other animals.

What are the signs of dog kennel stress?

Dogs can experience stress when confined to a kennel, and there are several signs that owners can look out for. First, dogs may become more vocal than usual when in a kennel. Barking, whining, and howling are all common signs of distress for dogs in a kennel. 

Second, dogs may show physical signs of stress such as pacing or trembling. Finally, some dogs may become withdrawn or lethargic when confined to a kennel. This can be a sign that the dog is feeling overwhelmed and needs time away from the stressful environment.

What is the purpose of an outdoor dog kennel?

An outdoor dog kennel is a great way to provide your pet with a secure and comfortable space outdoors. It can be used as a safe place for your pet to stay while you are away, or it can be used as an outdoor play area.

The kennel provides protection from the elements, such as rain, wind, and snow, and also helps keep your dog safe from other animals. The kennel can provide shade in hot weather and shelter during cold weather. With the right size and materials, an outdoor backyard dog kennel can be a great addition to any backyard.


Choosing the perfect outdoor dog kennel for your pup can be a difficult decision, as there are many factors to consider and a large variety of styles available. We hope this review of the 7 best options has helped you in making a more informed choice about what type of kennel will work best for your pup.

Whether it's quality build materials, size choices, or ease of portability, the options we highlighted have something for everyone. Whatever kennel you finally choose, just make sure your pup loves it and feels safe, secure, and comfortable!