Tired of your pup’s destructive chewing?

No-chew dog sprays are designed to discourage dogs from chewing on items such as furniture, shoes, or other household items that could cause them harm. Finding the right no-chew spray for your furry friend is essential, but where do you start? Check out our list of top picks and expert tips on how to use them safely and effectively. From active ingredients to proper application techniques – we have you covered!

Stop those pesky chews once and for all with our help. Our blog will tell you everything you need to know about choosing the best dog spray that works without harming your pup in any way. An easy solution for peace of mind in their safety (and furniture!).

How These Products Make Our List

Do you have a dog that loves to chew on your furniture and belongings? It can be frustrating, and traditional solutions like covers don’t seem to work.

Chewing can cause permanent damage to your furniture, not to mention the trauma of seeing your hard-earned possessions destroyed! You need an effective solution.

Look no further than our list of 7 best no-chew dog sprays! Our research team has carefully chosen the best products on the market so you can find a safe, non-toxic product that really works. Try one today and start restoring order in your home!

Best No-chew Dog Spray That Acts as Training Aid

Mxyoo No-chew Dog Spray 

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Why It Made Our List

Mxyoo no-chew dog spray is an excellent tool for pet owners who want to train their furry friends in a positive way. This specially formulated spray acts as a training aid that helps correct your dog's disruptive habits without resorting to aggressive or harmful methods. Whether you're dealing with destructive chewing, barking, or other unwanted behaviors, this no-chew dog spray can help.

This product is that it provides a safe and effective alternative to harsh correction techniques like yelling or swatting. Instead, you can use patience, persistence, and rewards to break bad habits and encourage positive behavior in your pup.

What You Must Know

Mxyoo no-chew dog spray comes with a gentle formula that won't leave a stain and is completely harm-free for pets and humans.

The no-chew dog spray has been specifically designed to discourage pets from chewing, biting, or licking objects without causing any harm or discomfort.

It is also safe for your furry friend's health as it does not contain any harmful chemicals that could trigger allergies or cause adverse reactions. It's an effective solution that will help keep your pet away from things they shouldn't be chewing on.

Best Anti Chew Bitter Spray Featuring Alcohol-Free Formula

Ebpp Anti Chew Bitter Spray 

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Why It Made Our List

This Ebpp anti-chew bitter spray featuring alcohol-free formula is the ideal solution to discourage furry friends from chewing and licking on furniture, clothing, and other items. The alcohol-free formula won't cause any irritation or discomfort, making it safe and gentle to use.

Unlike other bitter anti-chew dog sprays that contain alcohol, Ebpp's formula is gentle and safe to use on your pets without causing any harm or discomfort. Alcohol-free formulas are particularly beneficial for pets with sensitive skin or allergies. The absence of alcohol means that there is less potential for irritation, redness, or dryness in the affected areas.

What You Must Know

Ebpp anti-chew bitter spray not only promises to deter pets from destroying furniture and other household items but also offers a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. This means that if for any reason the spray does not work as intended, pet owners can simply return the bottle and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

This benefit allows pet owners to feel confident in their purchase and have the reassurance that they will not be wasting their money. With this anti-chew bitter spray and its satisfaction guarantee, pet owners can focus on enjoying their time with their furry friends instead of worrying about their belongings

Best Spray for Dogs to Stop Chewing with 5x Bitterness Strength

Bitter Apple Spray 

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Why It Made Our List

Bitter Apple spray boasts a 5x bitterness strength that makes it one of the most effective options on the market today. The 5x bitterness strength feature in this spray is what sets it apart from other similar products. The extra-strength formula ensures that it will deter even the most persistent chewers, making it an ideal option for puppies and adult dogs alike.

The intensified bitterness helps to discourage dogs from chewing on furniture, shoes, and other items around the house. The added strength means that you won't need to use as much product to achieve results.

What You Must Know

One of the most important things to know about Bitter apple spray for dogs to stop chewing is its long-lasting benefits. This anti-chew dog spray provides a strong and effective deterrent that lasts long after application. Whether you're dealing with a puppy who loves to chew on everything in sight or an older dog who just can't seem to break the habit, this spray is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

Unlike other dog anti-chew sprays that may wear off quickly or require frequent reapplication, this spray delivers a long-lasting solution to your dog's destructive chewing behavior.

Best No Chew Spray for Dogs with Water and Neem Oil Ingredients

Milo No Chew Spray

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Why It Made Our List

Milo no chew spray for dogs stands out because it uses water and neem oil ingredients that are safe and non-toxic for your pet. Water is an essential ingredient in Milo no chew spray as it helps to dilute the neem oil which can cause skin irritation if applied directly. Water also helps to create a formula that is easy to apply and dries quickly without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Water ensures that the product remains stable over time, providing consistent results every time you use it. Neem oil is another key ingredient in Milo no chew spray, known for its natural insect-repellent properties as well as its effectiveness against fungal infections.

What You Must Know

One of the most prominent features of this spray is that it is steroid-free, which means it does not contain any harmful chemicals that may cause adverse reactions or side effects in your dog.

The steroid-free formula of this no-chew spray provides numerous benefits for pet owners who want to discourage their dogs from destructive chewing behavior. Without steroids, the spray prevents any harm or toxicity that may occur when ingested by your pet. It also helps avoid any allergic reactions or skin irritations; therefore, you can ensure safety while using this product on your furry friend.

Best Apple Spray for Dogs That Works Persistently

DogChew Bitter Apple Spray

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Why It Made Our List

DogChew bitter apple spray for dogs is a great solution for pet owners who are tired of their furry friend's chewing habits. The key feature of this bitter spray is that it works persistently, which means that you won't have to keep reapplying it every few hours. This makes the product very convenient and easy to use.

The persistent action of DogChew bitter apple spray is due to its special formula, which has been designed to work effectively even after multiple uses. This means that you can rely on this product to help train your dog not to chew on things they shouldn't, without having to worry about constant reapplication.

What You Must Know

One of the key ingredients in this bitter apple effective anti-chew spray for dogs is tea tree oil. This essential oil has been used in various products for its therapeutic benefits, including antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea tree oil is known for its ability to soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation. When applied topically, it can help alleviate skin conditions such as hot spots, itching, and rashes. In this bitter apple spray for dogs, tea tree oil plays a role in preventing dogs from chewing on objects by making them taste unpleasant.

Best No Chew Spray for Dogs That is Easy To Use

Aeridok No Chew Spray

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Why It Made Our List

AAeridok's formula can be easily sprayed where you want your pet to stop its destructive behavior. This feature makes it an ideal choice for busy pet owners who don't have the time or energy to go through complicated procedures just to prevent their dogs from chewing on things.

The spray can be used as often as 3-4 times a day, and later on, as needed depending on the level of training of your dog. This easy-to-use feature not only saves time but also ensures that your pets are trained without causing any inconvenience or stress.

What You Must Know

Aeridok no chew spray for dogs is a godsend for pet owners who struggle to stop their furry friends from incessant licking on hot spots, wounds, and bandages. This spray is designed to be highly effective in discouraging pets from licking, thanks to its bitter taste. It is incredibly easy to use - simply spray it directly on the fur or affected area and let it do its magic.

The added bonus is that the spray ingredients also boost the healing process, promoting quicker wound healing in the process.

Best No Chew Spray for Dogs with Calming Copaiba Oil for Soothing Hot Spots

Rocco & Roxie No Chew Spray

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Why It Made Our List

Rocco & Roxie No chew spray for dogs with calming copaiba oil for soothing hot spots helps pet owners to manage their dogs' hot spots effectively. Hot spots are common skin conditions that cause intense irritation, inflammation, and itching in dogs.

They can be caused by a wide range of factors, including allergies, parasites, and infections. These conditions can make your dog uncomfortable and restless. Fortunately, this no-chew spray is formulated to help ease the discomfort associated with hot spots. The calming copaiba oil feature of this no-chew spray is particularly beneficial as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated skin.

What You Must Know

Rocco & Roxie no chew spray has been designed with a double-strength formula that makes it twice as bitter, ensuring your pets keep away from things they shouldn't chew on. It is the super bitter taste that pets hate and can be used in various ways to ensure your furry friend stays safe.

This extremely bitter formulation of this no-chew spray has several great benefits for pet owners. For one, it is very effective at deterring dogs from chewing on furniture, shoes, or other household items.


No-chew sprays for dogs can be an effective way to stop destructive chewing, but many people don't know the basics of how to choose, apply and maintain a no-chew spray.

Without knowing how to properly use a no-chew spray, you may be wasting money buying products that won't work. Worse yet, you may cause harm to your pet if the application instructions are not followed correctly.

We understand the challenge, which is why we created our FAQs about all information about no-chew dog sprays. With these FAQs, you can find everything you need to know in order to choose and safely apply the right no-chew extreme bitter spray for your pet.

Does no chew spray work for dogs?

Yes, no chew spray can be effective in discouraging dogs from chewing on items they shouldn't. This type of spray is often used to prevent dogs from chewing furniture, shoes, or other household items. It typically contains bitter-tasting ingredients that make these items unappealing to the dog.

What spray stops dogs from chewing?

There are a few different types of sprays available on the market that can help stop dogs from chewing. The most common type is a bitter-tasting spray that works by making the object taste unpleasant to your dog, discouraging them from continuing to chew. Many of these sprays are safe for use on furniture, fabrics, and other household items.

Does vinegar stop dogs from chewing?

Vinegar can be an effective chew deterrent for dogs who are chewing on items they shouldn't be. The strong smell and taste of vinegar are unpleasant to most dogs, so spraying or wiping vinegar onto items that you don't want your dog to chew on can help discourage them from doing so.

Is anti-chew spray safe for dogs?

Anti-chew sprays are safe for dogs, but it is important to use them correctly. It is recommended to only spray the product on items that you do not want your dog to chew and not directly onto your pet.

How long does no chew spray last?

No-chew spray is designed to last for a few days, depending on how often and how vigorously your pet chews or licks the sprayed area. No-chew sprays contain ingredients that are harmless to animals but have a bitter taste that discourages them from chewing or licking the sprayed area.

Should I ignore my dog chewing?

No, you should not ignore your dog chewing. Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, and it can be beneficial in helping them to relieve stress, keep their teeth clean, and provide mental stimulation. 

However, you should ensure that your dog is only chewing appropriate items. If you notice your dog chewing on something that they shouldn't be, such as furniture or shoes, it's important to redirect their attention to an appropriate item.

Can I use pepper to stop the dog from chewing?

Pepper can be used to stop a dog from chewing, but it should not be the only solution you rely on. Dogs may find the taste of pepper unpleasant, but it does not always work as a deterrent. Some dogs may become desensitized to pepper over time.

What is the best homemade anti-chew spray?

The best homemade anti-chew spray is a mixture of white vinegar and water. This simple solution is safe for pets, people, and furniture. To make the spray, mix one part white vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to combine the ingredients, then spray the solution onto any areas that your pet likes to chew on.

The sour taste of the vinegar will discourage them from chewing on these items. And alternatively, if you want to go for some branded spray, you can have multiple choices like grannick's bitter apple spray which will surely satisfy your needs.

At what age does a dog stop chewing?

The age at which a dog stops chewing varies from one individual to the next. Puppies stop teething and chewing around 6-12 months of age, but this can vary depending on the breed and size of the dog. You can start their grooming through chew toys.

Does lemon spray stop dogs chew?

Yes, lemon spray can be a useful tool for discouraging dogs from chewing. It has a strong scent that dogs find unpleasant and so it can act as an effective deterrent. The spray is also safe to use around your home and won't harm your pet if they do come into contact with it.

Does Vicks stop dogs from chewing?

Vicks are not recommended for use on dogs as a deterrent from chewing. The strong smell and taste of Vicks can be unpleasant to dogs, but it should not be used as dog anti-chew spray because the ingredients in Vicks can be toxic to pets if ingested. It is best to stick with pet-safe sprays specifically designed for this purpose.

What smells do dogs hate to chew?

Dogs tend to avoid items that have a strong, unpleasant odor. Some of the smells dogs don't like include vinegar, citrus, menthol, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Sprays or wipe-on solutions containing these scents can be used to deter dogs from chewing on furniture or other items.

How often should you apply no chew dog spray?

No chew dog spray should be applied to the desired area as needed. Most no-chew sprays are designed to last for a few days, depending on how often and how vigorously your pet chews or licks the sprayed area. If you notice that your pet is still exhibiting chewing behavior after a few days, simply reapply the spray as needed. 

It is best to apply the spray in a spot that your pet can't reach, such as on furniture or in corners, and avoid directly spraying it onto your pet.

Are no chew dog sprays safe for other pets or humans?

Yes, no chew dog sprays are safe for other pets and humans. Most pet-safe sprays contain ingredients that are non-toxic and harmless to animals if ingested in small amounts. However, it is still important to use caution when spraying your pet's environment and keep the spray away from children or other animals in your home.

Summing It Up

If your pup is a chewer, you know how difficult it can be to keep them from destroying your furniture and shoes. Thankfully, there are a variety of bitter anti-chew sprays that are designed to help prevent dogs from chewing. Of all the options available, these 7 no-chew dog sprays have been reviewed as the most effective and safe for your pup.

All of them use formulas that are non-toxic and leave no color residue behind. The selection of natural oils and ingredients ensures little to no harm to both animals and humans. So try out one of these no-chew dogs sprays the next time your pup starts gnawing away! You'll both be thrilled with the results — those furniture legs will thank you too!