Are you looking for the perfect litter box for your multiple cats?

A multi-cat litter box is generally larger than regular single-cat litter boxes and features multiple entry points for ease of access for all your cats. When it comes to choosing a multi-cat litter box, there are many factors to consider.

That’s why we've done the research and asked veterinarians from across the country which multi-cat litter boxes they recommend most. Our seven finalists stand out for the unique features that make them ideal for busy cat families.

Having a reliable, well-constructed litter box is important if you want your cats to feel comfortable and safe when using it. With adjustable heights and removable liners with easy disposal, our talented team of experts has found the perfect products designed specifically with your kitties in mind.

Our Process For Selected The Best Options

Multi-cat households often struggle to find a litter box that works for their large furry family. The options can be confusing and the wrong choice can lead to unhappy cats and messy floors.

Traditional single litter boxes, are too small for multiple cats, leading to messes and stress. Even when you find the one litter box that seems big enough, cats have a way of proving you wrong by kicking the litter or missing the tray completely.

We understand your problem and we’re here to help! After hours of research and comparing many options, we came up with the 7 best multi-cat litter boxes to give you all the information you need to choose the right litter box for your cats without any of the guesswork.

Best Cat Litter Box with App Control & Data Reports

Catlink Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box 

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What We Like About It

The Catlink automatic self-cleaning cat litter box with app control & data reports is a game-changer for cat parents. The innovative product comes equipped with an app that enables users to remotely control the self-cleaning litter box anytime, anywhere. With just a few taps on their smartphone, cat owners can activate the cleaning cycle, adjust settings, and monitor usage data in real time.

The app control feature allows cat parents to automate the cleaning process and set up regular cleaning schedules while utilizing the self-cleaning feature of the enclosed litter box. This not only saves time but also minimizes unpleasant odors and promotes healthy hygiene practices for both cats and humans.

Things To Know

The Catlink automatic self-cleaning cat litter box comes with four different clean modes, you can choose the perfect setting to suit your needs. The Auto mode means that the litter box will automatically detect when your cat has finished using it and begin the cleaning process immediately.

The Manual mode allows you to manually activate the cleaning process whenever you need to, giving you complete control over your litter box.

The timer mode lets you set a specific time for the litter box to start cleaning itself, so you don't have to worry about remembering to do it yourself. Finally, there's the convenient empty mode which makes changing all of the cat litter simple and stress-free.

Best Cat Litter Box with Integrated Safety Protection & Anti-Pinch Design

MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box 

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What We Like About It

MeoWant self-cleaning cat litter box with integrated safety protection & anti-pinch design is a must-have for any cat owner. This advanced litter box comes equipped with 10 high-precision sensors that work together to detect surrounding changes in an all-around way. As soon as your cat approaches the litter box, it pauses immediately to ensure that your furry friend is safe and secure.

The integrated safety protection feature is designed to offer extra protection for your cat. The self-test and remote alarm system is included to give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is always safe while using the litter box.

Things To Know

The dimensions and applicable range of this product make it a perfect fit for all kinds of cats weighing between 3.3-18 pounds.

The internal space of 57.6L is spacious enough to accommodate even larger cats comfortably, while the low-entry design makes it accessible for older or less mobile felines. The activity space inside is 14.9 x13.7 x 19.7 inches providing ample room for your furry friend to do their business without feeling cramped or claustrophobic.

Best Cat Litter Box with Auto Cleaning Feature

Petkit Cat Litter Box 

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What We Like About It

The Petkit cat litter box comes with an auto-cleaning feature that works by automatically scooping out waste into a separate compartment. It then seals off that compartment to ensure that odors are contained until it's time to empty it.

This means that pet owners no longer need to spend hours each week scooping out clumps or sifting through multiple litter boxes. Instead, they can simply set up the automatic cleaning feature and let it do its job without any worries.

Things To Know

Petkit cat litter box comes with proximity sensors that can detect when your cat enters or leaves the litter box. Proximity sensors trigger a self-cleaning mechanism once your cat leaves the box. The sensors detect movement and activate a cleaning cycle, which scrapes away any clumps or waste left behind by your feline friend.

This means you don't have to worry about scooping out waste manually, as the Petkit cat litter box takes care of everything automatically. Having proximity sensors in a cat litter box helps monitor your pet's health.

Best Multi-Cat Litter Box with Convenient Storage

PetSafe Multi-Cat Litter Box

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What We Like About It

The PetSafe multi-cat litter box with convenient storage takes things up a notch by providing an innovative storage solution that makes cleaning up after your furry friends quick and effortless.

With its easy-to-access compartments in the removable waste bin, you can scoop out waste and store the litter scoop all in one place. This unique feature not only saves you time but also eliminates the need for multiple trips back and forth to the trashcan or storage area.

The convenient storage feature not only makes cleaning up more efficient but also keeps your home cleaner as well. By having a designated area for storing your litter scoop, you eliminate the possibility of spreading germs or bacteria around your living space.

Things To Know

PetSafe multi-cat litter box is designed to make your life easier with its metal litter scoop feature. The ergonomic, oversized design of the scoop allows you to quickly and efficiently rake through multi-cat messes. This means less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying your furry companions.

The metal litter scoop is also durable and long-lasting, making it an excellent investment for any cat owner. Unlike plastic scoops that may warp or break over time, the metal construction ensures that it will withstand regular use without wearing down.

Best Cat Litter Box with Extra Features Included

Suitfeel Cat Litter Box 

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What We Like About It

The Suitfeel cat litter box comes with extra features and the standout feature of this litter box is the protective mat that comes with it. This mat can be placed underneath the litter box, providing an extra layer of protection for your floors or carpets.

Not only does this minimize potential damage from spills or accidents, but it also makes cleanup tasks much easier and less smelly. The included litter scoop is another useful feature - it can be hung on a built-in hook on the side of the box for easy access whenever you need it.

Things To Know

The most important feature of this litter box is the protective floor mat that comes with it. This mat serves as a barrier between your cat's paws and the litter on the ground, preventing any mess from being tracked around your home.

The protective floor mat included with this cat litter box also helps to keep your floors clean by trapping any loose litter particles that may have clung to your cat's paws. This not only saves you time and effort in cleaning up after your feline friend but also helps to maintain a hygienic environment for both you and your pet.

Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box That is Extra Quiet

Bebeblue Cat Litter Box

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What We Like About It

Bebeblue self-cleaning cat litter box is extra quiet with less than 37db of noise, you can hardly hear any sound when it operates. This feature makes it perfect for pet owners who live in small apartments, as they can now enjoy peace and quiet without being disturbed by loud noises.

The extra quiet feature also allows pet owners to set the sleep mode without disturbing their daily life routine. This means that even if your cat needs to use the litter box during the night, you won’t have to worry about waking up from sleep due to loud noises or beeping sounds.

Things To Know

The Bebeblue self-cleaning cat litter box comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of your purchase for years to come.

The one-year warranty on this great litter box means that you can get any defects or malfunctions fixed within the first year of purchase without incurring any additional costs. This ensures that the product performs optimally and meets customer expectations.

Additionally, lifetime technical support means that you can reach out to the manufacturer’s customer service team at any point during usage for guidance or troubleshooting assistance.

Best Cat Litter Box with Upgraded Odorless Technology

KungFuPet Cat Litter Box 

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What We Like About It

The KungFuPet cat litter box with upgraded odorless technology is a game-changer in the world of pet litter boxes. Compared to traditional or covered litter boxes, this innovative product effectively eliminates unpleasant odors well.

With its advanced odor control technology, it provides pet parents with a more pleasant and hygienic experience. Upgraded odorless technology is that it prevents bad smells from spreading throughout your home.

This is because after cleaning, the self-cleaning system will automatically turn on the light to remove any remaining odor particles. As a result, your home will remain fresh and free from any unwanted pet odors.

Things To Know

The most important feature of this single litter box is its powerful anti-stick technology, which ensures that the litter remains stuck to the bottom of the tray and doesn't stick to your cat's paws. This technology is an absolute game-changer as it not only makes cleaning up after your cat a breeze but also helps reduce tracking around your home.

The anti-stick technology in this works by creating a special coating on the surface of the tray that repels any moisture or urine from sticking to it. This means that when your cat uses the automatic litter box, there won't be any residue left behind, making it much easier for you to clean up.


Trying to find answers to all your multi-cat litter box questions can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Whether it’s which type of litter is best or how to properly clean the box, finding reliable information on the internet can be a chore.

Now there's an easier way. With our FAQs about multi-cat litter boxes, you get quick, reliable answers to all your questions in one place. Get the answers you need without spending hours online sifting through random platforms.

What is a multi-cat litter box?

A multi-cat litter box is a large litter box that can accommodate up to four cats. It usually has multiple compartments, each of which can be used for a different purpose. Some may have two or three separate compartments for scooping and clumping litter, while others may feature an enclosed area to prevent odors from spreading.

Do I really need multi-cat litter?

Yes, if you have multiple cats in your home, then it's important to get a multi-cat litter box. This type of innovative litter box offers more space than a traditional litter box and is designed with larger areas to accommodate more than one cat at a time.

How big should a litter box be for multiple cats?

A multi-cat litter box should be at least 2-3 times as large as a single cat's litter box. This allows plenty of room for multiple cats to move around and reduces the likelihood of any accidents occurring.

Can multiple cats use the same litter box?

Yes, multiple cats can use the same litter box. However, it is important to make sure there is enough space for all of them to comfortably fit inside. If you have more than one cat, a multi-cat litter box with separate compartments is best so that each cat has their own area.

Do cats prefer covered or uncovered litter boxes?

It really depends on the individual cat. Some cats prefer an uncovered litter box, as it allows them to feel more in control of their environment and helps reduce any anxiety they may have about being enclosed. On the other hand, some cats prefer a covered litter box as it provides a bit more privacy and helps contain odors better.

What is the best litter box for multiple cats?

The best litter box for multiple cats should be large enough to accommodate all of them at once, without taking up too much space in your home. It should also feature odor-controlling technology and an anti-stick coating on the surface of the tray so that it is easier to clean up after your cats. 

Additionally, look for a litter box with a top-entry lid or an enclosed compartment to help contain odors and keep it mess-free.

How do I keep my multi-cat litter box clean?

The best way to clean a litter box designed for multiple cats is to scoop it daily and perform a complete cleaning once a week. When performing the weekly cleaning, make sure to use mild detergent and warm water to remove any waste or debris. Changing out the litter completely every month will help reduce odors and bacteria build-up.

Are automatic litter boxes good for multiple cats?

Yes, automatic litter boxes are a great option for multiple cats. These boxes offer self-cleaning features that can help reduce the amount of work needed to keep your litter box clean.

Which type of scoopable cat litter should be used in a multi-cat household?

Clumping litter is the best choice for a multi-cat household. Clumping litter forms tight clumps around urine and feces, making it much easier to scoop out of the box. It also helps reduce odors better than other types of cat litter.

What are the benefits of having separate litter boxes for multiple cats?

Having separate litter boxes for multiple cats can help reduce the amount of stress between them, and it can also help prevent fights over territory. Separate litter boxes can also help reduce odors as each cat has their own space to use. Separate litter boxes make scooping and cleaning much easier.

How many times should a cat have a litter?

The number of times a cat should have a litter will depend on their age and health. Kittens can go without having a litter for about 12 hours, while adult cats should have one every 24-48 hours.

Where do you put multiple cat litter boxes?

Cat litter boxes should be placed in a quiet, low-traffic area of your home. Make sure to keep the box away from any noisy appliances or areas with high foot traffic. The litter box should also be placed somewhere that is easy for your cats to access and offers privacy when they are using it.

How often do you clean the cat litter tray?

It is recommended to scoop out the litter tray daily and do a full cleaning with mild detergent and warm water once a week. It is also important to change out the litter completely every month to prevent odor and bacteria build-up in the box.

Can you use sand as cat litter?

No, sand should not be used as a cat litter. Sand is too heavy and can cause issues with the tracking when cats jump out of the box. It is difficult to scoop and can make cleaning the litter box more challenging. It is best to stick to clumping or natural litters that are specifically designed for cats.

In Conclusion

In sum, finding the best multi-cat litter box for your younger and older cats is an important decision. After exploring some of the most popular and recommended options from veterinarians, it is clear that there are a variety of great options available. Ultimately, each cat and its needs will be different so make sure to consider factors like ease of cleaning, size of the space needed, cost, and odor control capabilities when shopping for your cats’ bathroom.

Additionally, if you have multiple cats in the house (or plan to add more soon), investing in a larger capacity litter box or even two boxes might be necessary. When it comes to keeping your kitties happy and healthy, multi-cat litter boxes are a crucial investment!