Does your cat leave a mess after using the litter box?

Dealing with messy cats and their daily clean-up routine doesn’t have to be unpleasant anymore! Our team has found 7 of the best litter boxes for messy cats that you won’t regret investing in. All these products are made of high-quality materials and are very easy to keep clean. So no matter how rambunctious your cat gets, everything will stay contained inside the specific product, making it less stress-inducing when it comes time to do cleanup duty.

You can trust that our top picks are all highly reputable items on today's market, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing quality or convenience while choosing one of these great products.

The perfect solution for anyone looking for a reliable way to contain their pet's messes without sacrificing style – this is an absolute must-have item if you share your house with a feline friend!

Our Way to Choose the Best Options

You love your cat, but cleaning up their messes is starting to feel like a full-time job.

It's no secret that cats can be messy when they use the litter box. Not only do you have to deal with the constant clean-ups, but you also have to worry about the smell and bacteria build-up.

We've done the hard work for you and researched the best litter boxes for messy cats. These boxes are designed to reduce spills and make clean-up a breeze.

Best Cat Litter Box with Monitor + Control Feature Via App

Whisker Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Why It's Our Favorite

The Whisker self-cleaning cat litter box with a monitor control feature via the app is one of the most popular cat litter boxes on the market. This innovative device has a variety of features that make it stand out from other products. Firstly, it comes with a built-in monitor control that can be accessed via an app.

This allows pet owners to easily keep track of their cats' health and waste levels by receiving notifications when the waste drawer is full. They can also start clean cycles remotely, as well as reference usage statistics to monitor their cat's health more closely.

In addition to its monitoring capabilities, the Whisker self-cleaning cat litter box also has some great additional features that make it even more appealing.

Things To Know

The litter-robot 3 automatic litter box bundle is the perfect solution to make cleaning up after your cat a breeze. Featuring the Whisker self-cleaning cat litter, you can now easily and quickly keep your home looking and smelling fresh without constantly manually scooping clumped litter.

With the included fence, ramp, Waste drawer liners, carbon filters, and litter mat rap– you get everything you need for a complete setup - worry-free! Thus not only will you have more time for other activities with the automated litter box system, but also save money from continuously buying litter.

As a bonus, this bundle is completely adjustable to fit different environments so that it fits perfectly in any home!

Best Cat Litter Box with Detachable Deodorizer

Petkit Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Why It's Our Favorite

Say goodbye to nasty litter box odors and stress-free cleaning with the Petkit self-cleaning cat litter box! This revolutionary product offers a unique combination of efficiency and convenience – leaving you free to relax or pursue your passion projects.

Fully automated and equipped with a detachable deodorizer, the Petkit self-cleaning cat litter box makes it easy to keep your home smelling as fresh as can be. The pure air smart spray is activated via an app or manually by pressing the puramax button – so you’ll never have to worry about unpleasant odors again.

And when it’s time to clean up, this clever device does all of the hard work for you: after each use, it will automatically scoop, sort, and dispose of waste without any manual labor required on your part.

Things To Know

If you want an easier way to manage your cat's litter box situation, the Petkit self-cleaning cat litter box is the perfect solution. With its specially made Tpe rubber, Puramax stops soft stools from sticking to the bottom, making cleaning your cat's toilet much simpler and quicker.

This special feature also ensures that your cat's bathroom stays clean consistently so neither of you needs to worry about slippery stools again. The Petkit self-cleaning cat litter box makes it easy to keep your feline friend happy and comfortable while eliminating much of your stress in the process.

Best Cat Litter Box with Artificial Arm Shovel & Anti-Stick Technology

Kungfupet Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Why It's Our Favorite

Introducing the revolutionary Kungfupet self-cleaning cat litter box! This innovative cat litter box makes taking care of your pet's waste easier and more efficient than ever before. The artificial arm shovel with anti-stick technology makes cleaning a breeze, as litter will no longer stick to the box or require tedious scrolling shovels.

Everything is automated, so set the cleaning time for at least 15 minutes and get back to relaxing while the Kungfupet takes care of everything else! So what are you waiting for? Invest in this top-of-the-line self-cleaning cat litter box and show your pet how much you care.

Things To Know

The KungFuPet self-cleaning cat litter box is the perfect addition to your home if you have a busy lifestyle. With one touch of a button, or even from your phone via a compatible app, this incredible invention will automatically separate your cat’s excrement from the clean and clumped cat litter.

This technology also offers tracking capabilities for time and volume of trash usage so you know exactly what’s going on in there. Compared to manual sifting or scooping, this innovative product requires very little effort and attention - freeing up valuable time that you could be spending with your pet instead.

Best Cat Litter Box with Leak Protection Tray

Petsafe Cat Litter Box

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Why It's Our Favorite

Are you looking for a leak-proof solution for your cat’s litter box? Look no further than the Petsafe cat litter box with a leak protection tray! All too often our cats make messes outside their designated space, leaving us with puddles of cat litter on our floors and rugs.

With this fantastic product, however, you will never have to worry about cleaning up again! Their leak protection tray features a durable plastic lining that creates an impenetrable shield against any and all residual liquid. No more worry, no more mess – just a happy healthy home for your kitty!

Things To Know

Keeping your home tidy with pets can be a challenge, but the Petsafe cat litter box promises an easier solution. The low-tracking crystals used in this litter box ensure that the mess stays inside since it won’t stick to your cat's paws and is also 99% free of dust. The hooded cover keeps the cat litter where it belongs and prevents much of the mess from reaching the floors--keeping your house sparkling clean!

With this hooded litter box, forget about cleaning up long trails of kitty litter around your house; the Petsafe cat litter box says farewell to messy floors for good!

Best Cat Litter Box with Intelligent Health Monitoring System

Famree Smart Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Why It's Our Favorite

Introducing the future of feline hygiene – Famree smart self-cleaning cat litter box! With their advanced intelligent health monitoring system, you can keep an eye on your furry friend’s health and well-being, from the comfort of your own home. The box is equipped with four weight sensors and infrared sensors that monitor your cat’s frequency, time spent in the litter box, and weight.

This information is updated through our convenient APP, so you can stay informed on your kitty’s health every day! Cleaning up after your pet has never been simpler as our proprietary self-cleaning feature automatically rakes newly used litter into a cleaner top compartment.

Things To Know

Keeping cats safe is always a priority for pet owners, so the Famree smart self-cleaning cat litter box offers cat parents peace of mind in its unique All-in-One waste disposal system. Instead of relying on drawer-style collection methods, this patented design integrates the litter box and waste bin together to ensure optimal efficiency while eliminating risks of cat entrapment altogether.

Its advanced construction has been designed to keep curious cats away from potential harm and make cleaning up after your furry friend a breeze!

Best Cat Litter Box with Dual Odor Purification

Hholove Automatic Cat Litter Box

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Why It's Our Favorite

Say goodbye to enduring unpleasant odors and incessant litter cleanup with the Hholove automatic cat litter box! The Hholove box is one of the few litter systems that uses advanced dual odor purification to capture and neutralize even the strongest odors before they reach your nose! With its intelligent deodorizer, it automatically adjusts the number and length of deodorization depending on your cat's potty habits.

Plus, the box itself has a plant essential oil deodorizing box built right in to help take care of any odors that slip through. So you never have to worry about foul smells again! The Hholove automatic cat litter box is perfect for homes with multiple cats who don't necessarily like sharing or when cleaning up after your kitties aren't most convenient for you.

Things To Know

The Hholove automatic cat litter box offers cat owners peace of mind like no other device. Through its microwave radar 360-degree defense, cats are automatically stopped from approaching the box before they even get close.

In addition to external protection, the heat sensing within the bucket allows for it to stop functioning as soon as a cat is identified inside, therefore preventing any accidents. Furthermore, it's infrared sensing on the bottom of the bucket halts its movement if a cat is caught and owners receive notification through an app in such cases.

Best Cat Litter Box with Large Entrance & Interior Space

Petnf Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Why It's Our Favorite

Petnf's self-cleaning cat litter box is quickly becoming a popular choice for cat owners everywhere due to its large entrance and interior space. The Petnf litter box has an impressive footprint of 2.2ft, making it ideal for even the smallest spaces in your home such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, living rooms, offices, basements, and bedrooms.

This smartly designed litter box also features a 12 9-inch large entrance and a hollow circular design inside which allows even larger cats to comfortably use the litter box without any issues.

This is especially great news for long-haired cats who may find themselves getting stuck in smaller spaces like with other products on the market. The Petnf self-cleaning cat litter box can comfortably accommodate cats up to 24 inches!

Things To Know

The Petnf self-cleaning cat litter box is revolutionizing how cats relieve themselves with the world's fastest cat well-being system. With its exclusive custom TOF infra-red sensor technology, this litter box offers unsurpassed precision and safety for cats of all sizes. This system captures cat movement within 0.1 seconds and integrates thousands of detections per second for comprehensive protection.

By combining these features, the Petnf self-cleaning cat litter box ensures that cats have a safe, comfortable experience every time they do their business. This new-age tower of cat protection puts pet owners at ease, allowing them to rest assured that their beloved family member is safe from any accidents or malfunctions.


Cleaning up litter box spills can be a pain, especially if your cat is messy.

A lot of people think that the only way to reduce litter box spills is to get a messy cat, but that's not true! There are actually a lot of different top-entry litter boxes on the market that help reduce messes.

We've compiled a list of the FAQs and answered some of the most common questions about them. After going through them, you would be able to know more about them.

How do I stop my cat from making a mess in the litter box?

The first step to preventing your cat from making a mess in the litter box is to make sure you are using the right type of litter. Clumping litter is usually the best option as it will help contain any mess your cat makes.

Also, make sure that you are regularly scooping out the waste and cleaning out the box at least once a week. This will help keep odors down and ensure that your cat has a clean place to do their business.

What kind of cat litter is the least messy?

Clay litter is the least messy type of cat litter. It clumps together when it comes into contact with moisture, making it easier to scoop out and dispose of. Additionally, clay litter is highly absorbent, which can help reduce odors and keep your house smelling fresh.

However, some cats may not like the texture of clay litter or may find it too dusty, so you should always consider your cat's preferences when choosing a litter.

Do cover litter boxes help with the mess?

Yes, cover litter boxes can help with the mess. The lid helps contain the dust and debris that is kicked up when a cat scratches in the litter. This reduces the amount of litter that gets scattered around the room. If you have an extra-large or multiple cats, a covered box can help reduce odor because it contains it within the box.

Why does my cat leave litter everywhere?

Cats are naturally curious creatures, and they may be leaving litter around to explore their environment. Cats also have a natural instinct to bury their waste, so it's possible that your cat is trying to do this and is having difficulty finding the right spot. Additionally, cats can become bored with the same litter box and may be looking for a new spot to use as a bathroom.

What cat litter do vets recommend?

Veterinarians typically recommend clumping cat litter for its ease of use and effectiveness in absorbing odors. Clumping litter is made from natural clay, which absorbs moisture and forms clumps when it comes into contact with urine.

This makes it easy to scoop out the soiled litter and keep your cat's box clean. Many clumping litters contain baking soda or other odor-absorbing ingredients that help neutralize odors quickly.

Are cats happier with a clean litter box?

Yes, cats are happier with a clean litter box. Cats are very particular about their environment and like to keep things neat and tidy. A dirty litter box can be uncomfortable for them and make it difficult for them to do their business. It can also lead to health issues such as infections caused by bacteria or viruses.

Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes?

The preference of cats when it comes to the open or enclosed litter box can vary from cat to cat. Cats prefer a covered litter box as it provides them with more privacy and security while they are doing their business. A covered litter box also helps keep the area around the box cleaner and less smelly by trapping odors. Also, some cats may feel intimidated by larger open boxes and may be more likely to use a smaller enclosed one.

Where should you not put a cat litter box?

A cat litter box should not be placed in a high-traffic area, such as a hallway or living room. Not only is it unsightly and can create an unpleasant odor, but cats also prefer their litter boxes to be in quiet areas. If the box is too close to where people are constantly walking by, it could make your cat feel uncomfortable and less likely to use it.

What can you use instead of litter for a cat litter box?

There are a few alternatives to traditional cat litter that you can use for your cat's litter box.

One option is to use paper-based products such as shredded newspapers, paper towels, or even recycled paper pellets. These materials are cost-effective and biodegradable, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Another option is using natural materials such as wood shavings, sawdust, or shredded coconut husks. These materials are also biodegradable and can be composted if needed.

How often should you clean a litter box?

Cleaning a litter box should be done at least once a week to ensure that your cat’s environment remains healthy and hygienic. The more cats you have, the more often you should clean the box as it will get dirtier faster. If your cat has any health issues such as urinary tract infections, then it is recommended to clean the box twice a week or more.

Can cats sleep near their litter box?

Cats should not sleep near their litter box. This is because the litter box can contain bacteria and germs that can be harmful to cats. The cats may also associate their sleeping area with the smell of the litter box and become uncomfortable sleeping there.

It is best to keep the litter box in a separate room from where your cat sleeps, or at least far enough away that your cat does not have to smell it while they are trying to rest.

How do I clean a litter box daily?

Cleaning a litter box daily is an important part of keeping your cat happy and healthy. Here are some tips for how to do it:

First, scoop out the litter box once a day. Make sure you remove all solid waste, as well as any clumps of wet or soiled litter.

Next, dump out all the old litter and give the box a good scrub with warm water and dish soap. Rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry before refilling it with fresh litter. If you use a covered litter box, be sure to wipe down the inside of the lid and sides as well.

Can I put bedding in the litter box?

No, you should not put bedding in the litter box. Bedding is typically made from materials that are not suitable for use in a litter box, such as cotton and synthetic fibers. It can absorb odors from the litter box more easily than other materials and can be difficult to clean.

Why is my cat so messy with her litter box?

There are a few reasons why your cat may be making a mess with her litter box. One reason may be that she is not used to the type of litter you're using, so switching it up could help. There are plenty of options available and you may switch to some alternatives like top entry litter box etc. Another reason may be that she is not comfortable with her litter box's location, so you might want to try moving it to a quieter spot in the house.


Although a little mess is a part and parcel of having a feline companion, sometimes the kitty mess can become too much to handle. For those instances where spills, splatters, and litter drifts seem like too much, having an extra entry cat litter box or some other suitable option could be just the answer you've been looking for.

With seven of the best litter box for messy cats available in this blog post, it’s easy to find one that will fit your furry friend's personality as well as your budget. Hopefully, this review has helped you to have a better understanding of which type of litter box is best tailored to your own cat's needs.