Do you have kids who are active in sports that require shin protection?

Your children need the right shin guards to stay safe and protect them from painful injuries. But finding quality, comfortable gear that won't break your budget can be a challenge – so we've done the hard work for you. Our comprehensive list of the four best kids' shin guards is tried and tested by experts in protective equipment, so you know they meet high safety standards while still allowing your children to move freely on and off the field.

With our list of reliable models that provide superior protection at an affordable price, parents can rest assured knowing their children will be able to take part in all their favorite activities comfortably and safely.

How Do We Pick the Best Options

As a parent, you want to make sure your child has the best protection when playing soccer. But with so many different brands and types of shin guards on the market, how can you be sure you're making the right choice?

It can be tough to decide which kids' shin guards are right for your child. Do you go with a brand that you trust, or do you read all the reviews and try to find the perfect fit?

We've done the hard work for you. After reading hundreds of reviews and comparing different brands and types of shin guards, we've chosen 4 of the best shin guards on the market.

Best Kids Shin Guards Made of PP Plastic

ECJWEI Kids Shin Guards 

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What We Love About It

Welcome ECJWEI kids shin guards to your family of protective gear for the youngest soccer players! These lightweight and durable guards are made with PP plastic, a breathable and strong material perfect for developing athletes.

Designed with flexibility and comfort in mind, these kids shin guards not only shield your little one from impact but allow them to move freely on the field. The PP plastic ensures breathability during intense workouts or hot days, so nothing is standing between them and an enjoyable soccer experience.

Let their love for the game soar without having to worry about their safety. Get ready for your young athlete’s next game with the ECJWEI kid's shin guards – perfect security for their feet!

Things You Must Know

Kids need the most protection while playing, especially when it comes to soccer. ECJWEi shin guards offer the benefits of seamless, breathable, and Dri-FIT technology that provides kids with a comfortable and secure fit.

Their double-tube construction design helps keep the guards in place during play; no more sliding or readjusting is needed. Not only are ECJWEi shin guards designed for optimal protection but comfort as well; perfect combination for any children out on the field! Their shin guards are designed with superior cushioning and impact absorption in mind, making them perfect for sprightly mini-athletes!

Best Shin Guards with Hard Front Plates

JVIGUE Shin Guards for Kids 

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What We Love About It

Looking for the perfect protection for your child while they play sports? Try JVIGUE shin guards. Your child will be safe and secure when they’re running, jumping, or kicking thanks to the hard front plates these shin guards come equipped with.

Hard front plates provide an extra layer of defense against the impact that soft plates can’t match. And their comfort never takes a hit—an adjustable calf wrap ensures a snug fit so there won’t be any movement or pinching.

Easy to put on and take off adjustable straps make sure it stays in place once it’s on. JVIGUE shin guards help you keep your children out on the court or field where they belong!

Things You Must Know

If you're looking for the best soccer shin guard for your child, you should definitely check out JVIGUE's selection. Not only do they offer guards that are made from top-quality materials and designed for maximum comfort—they also come with socks to go along with them!

The included socks are made from a combination of cotton and latex, which offers superior breathability and wicks away moisture to keep your kid's legs cool and dry. This ensures their feet stay comfortable all day whether playing sports or running around outdoors.

Plus, the fabric is lightweight giving them extra flexibility and freedom of movement as compared to other types of shin guards currently on the market.

Best Shin Guards for Kids with Ankle Sleeves

Dashsport Shin Guards 

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What We Love About It

Introducing Dashsport shin guards for kids – the perfect solution to keep your little ones safe and comfortable during their football practice. These shin guards are designed to provide superior protection while still allowing free movement on the pitch.

They feature innovative shin guard sleeves that provide extra protection and comfort. The added ankle sleeve helps protect your child’s shins from any contact injury, preventing abrasions or bruising caused by impact from cleats or pitches.

The ankle sleeve also gives them an extra layer of support to help increase mobility, which can help improve performance on the field. With these high-quality shin guards, you know your child will be safe and secure during every game!

Things You Must Know

DashSport shin guards are an ideal choice for parents looking to provide their youngsters with improved protection when out on the field.

Not only do these slip-in shin guards provide enhanced fit and retention, but they also carry an innovative ankle support sleeve that provides extra protection during practice and games.

What's more, DashSport youth shin guards come with the added assurance of a 1-year replacement guarantee, giving parents peace of mind that their purchase did not go to waste.

Best Shin Guards with Adjustable Straps

Vizari Kids Shin Guards

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What We Love About It

Are you looking for a pair of shin guards that provide ultimate protection while offering maximum comfort? Look no further! Vizari kid's shin guards are a great choice to have your little one play with confidence.

These kids’ shin guards feature adjustable straps that make them perfect for growing children. As their legs grow, the adjustable straps ensure a snug fit, giving your child great security and mobility in any game.

What’s more, placing and securing the straps is effortless and fast. Parents can quickly put them on in moments before the big game or practice.

These kids' skin guards are ideal for young athletes who want to perform at their best without compromising on safety—while parents can rest easy knowing their children will be secure during playtime.

Things You Must Know

When it comes to safety, Vizari kid's shin guards offer the best protection for your children. Made from EVA padding and featuring flexible straps, these guards are not only comfortable but also provide superior shock absorption so you can be sure your little ones will be well taken care of during play.

The benefits of the padding and straps mean that the guards provide an ultimate fitness aid as it protects against potential injury, allowing your kids to move freely and with confidence. The adjustable straps also ensure a perfect fit every time, so your child can have the same comfort and protection no matter how much they grow.

So get your kids ready for their next game with Vizari shin guards – the ultimate in safety, comfort, and performance!


You want to buy your child some shin guards, but you're not sure what to look for and you don't know how to choose the right size.

Buying the right kids' shin guards can be confusing. Do you get the ones with the most padding? The ones that cover most of your child's shins? What about the size? How do you make sure you're getting the right size for your child?

We've got you covered. Our FAQs about kids' shin guards will answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect pair of shin guards for your little one. Plus, we've got a sizing guide to help you get an accurate measurement.

What size shin guards does my child need?

The size of shin guards your child needs depends on the size of your child's calf. You can measure the calf by wrapping a cloth around the widest part of your child's calf and then measuring the distance from one end to the other.

Shin guards are typically sized in inches, so you would need to convert your measurement to inches. To do this, divide the measurement by 2.54 (the number of cms in an inch).

How do you size youth shin guards?

Youth shin guards are sized according to a player's height. The general rule is to get a shin guard that is about 2 inches shorter than the player's height. For example, if the player is 4 feet tall, then they would wear a size 2 shin guard.

Do kids need shin guards?

It depends on the child's age and activity level.

For very young kids, it's not typically necessary to wear shin guards, as they're not running around and doing a lot of physical activity. However, as a child gets older and participates in more physical activities (such as soccer or basketball), then it becomes increasingly important to wear shin guards to protect their shins from being injured.

Do kids wear socks under shin guards?

Yes, kids often wear socks under shin guards. This helps to protect their shins from getting injured and also keeps the shin guards in place.

What is the difference between shin pads and shin guards?

Shin pads and shin guards are both designed to protect your shins, but they serve different purposes. Shin pads are smaller and more lightweight, and they're worn under your socks. Shin guards are larger and more protective, and they're worn over your socks.

Lightweight shin pads offer basic protection against scrapes and bruises, whereas shin guards provide more comprehensive protection against injuries such as fractures. So if you're looking for maximum protection for your shins, you'll need to wear shin guards.

Do toddlers need shin guards for soccer?

Shin guards are not necessary for toddlers playing a casual game of soccer. However, they may be needed if the child is playing in a more competitive environment or if they are participating in contact sports.

Are shin socks the same as shin guards?

Shin socks and ankle shin guards are different. Shin guards are made of foam or other materials and are designed to protect your shins from injury. Shin socks are made of fabric and are designed to keep your shins warm.

What happens if kids don't wear shin guards?

Shin guards protect kids' shins from getting bruised and bloody when they play sports. They also help protect kids' shins from getting broken or fractured.

Not wearing shin guards can lead to serious injuries, including fractures and concussions. Shin guards are a must-have piece of equipment for any kid who plays sports, and they should be worn every time they play.


Ultimately, the best ankle shin guard for kids is the one that provides the most comfort and protection. However, with so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. That's why we've put together this list of the four best soccer shin guards for kids, complete with detailed reviews. We hope that you found this information helpful and that you are now able to make a more informed decision about which product is right for your child.