Do you want the best melatonin supplement for your child?

As a parent, you want to know that your children are safe when taking any kind of supplement. That's why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of seven of the best kids' melatonin products on the market today. Our comprehensive review includes everything from efficiency ratings to side effects so that parents can make an informed choice for their child.

With our reviews, you can be confident in knowing that what you choose is reliable, and won't put them at risk. Instead, it will work with efficacy and allow everyone in your family to get some much-needed restful sleep! Trust us to provide top-quality kids' melatonin products reviewed by experts each time.

How These Products Make Our List

It can be tough to find the best kids' melatonin that is both safe and effective.

All parents want what's best for their children, and that includes finding a good night's sleep with a good melatonin production. Melatonin supplements are a popular choice for parents looking for a natural way to help their children get to bed on time.

After careful research, we have chosen the 7 best kids' melatonin supplements that are both safe and effective. These supplements contain all-natural ingredients and are backed by positive customer reviews.

Best Kids Melatonin Gummies with Botanical Blending

VICKS Pure Zzzs Melatonin Gummies 

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Why We Like This

Looking for a solution to your children's sleeping problems? VICKS Pure Zzzs Kidz melatonin gummies, which are natural and botanical, will help give your children's night routines the upgrade they need. For parents who are worn out from unsuccessful bedtime routines after unsuccessful bedtime routines, these melatonin gummies provide the perfect blend of nature and science to ensure your child is rested and happy.

Supplied with natural flavors and powerful ingredients, these non-synthetic melatonin gummies include botanicals like chamomile, lavender, valerian root extract, lemon balm, and passionflower extract - all chosen to induce a restful state of relaxation in both mind and body.

Important Things to Know

VICKS Pure Zzzs kids melatonin gummies are the ideal solution for getting your child to fall asleep naturally each night. They are formulated mindfully with a low dose of melatonin, so you can be sure that your child is getting the exact amount needed to help them drift gently off to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

No more lying in bed and having trouble falling asleep, these melatonin gummies guarantee a good night's rest! Plus, they come in delicious flavors like lavender, chamomile, and vanilla so they make taking medication more fun. With VICKS Pure Zzzs kids melatonin gummies you don't have to worry about your child trying to resist going off to dreamland each evening.

Best Melatonin Gummies That Come in Delicious Strawberry Flavor

Viva Naturals Melatonin Gummies 

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Why We Like This

Help your children get their much-needed rest with Viva Natural's melatonin gummies created especially for kids. These innovative gummies are formulated to guarantee a good night's sleep, giving them the energy they need for everyday activities.

Not only are they loaded with melatonin, but they also have a delicious strawberry flavor that your kids will love. This naturally-sourced supplement makes does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re feeding your family.

It also contains Vitamin B6, which helps ease stress and anxiety, creating a calmer bedtime environment for little ones.

Important Things to Know

Searching for a way to ensure your little ones rest peacefully? Look no further than Viva Naturals kids' melatonin gummies. With an impressive 120-gummy count per bottle, you won't need to worry about reordering in haste. That's an impressive 4-month supply.

The natural berry flavor, and grape-flavored gummies make it easy for your children to enjoy their nightly routine and get the rest they need. Not only that, but the natural ingredients provide a sense of relief knowing that there are no harsh chemicals involved in helping them sleep. Give Viva Naturals kids melatonin a try today and get your little ones on the path to improved sleep.

Best Kids Melatonin Gummy with Tropical Peach Flavor

Vitafusion Melatonin Gummy

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Why We Like This

Vitafusion Kids Melatonin Gummy is a great way to help your children relax and get ready for a good night's sleep. This product is packed with naturally sourced melatonin in each delicious tropical peach-flavored gummy - offering a pleasant and tasty way to unwind and drift off into dreamland.

It's easy to use - just have one serving of two gummies in the evening between thirty minutes and an hour before bedtime. The expert blend of ingredients helps to lull your kids into sleep faster and stay sleeping longer, so your little ones can wake up feeling rested and refreshed for their next day of fun.

Important Things to Know

Vitafusion kids melatonin gummies are an excellent choice for children or adults looking for natural, gentle sleep support. With no high-fructose corn syrup, FD&C dyes, or artificial flavors present in the gummies, you can rest assured that your child's health is being prioritized with this product.

It's also easy to take; one nightly dose comes in delicious strawberry flavor and gives your child a safe and effective way to gently drift off to sleep each night. Vitafusion kids melatonin gummies could just be the perfect way to ensure your whole family gets the restful sleep they need!

Best Kids Melatonin Gummies with Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Ingredients

Carlyle Melatonin Gummies 

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Why We Like This

Carlyle kids melatonin gummies are the perfect way to help your kids get a good night's rest. These natural and non-GMO gummies are formulated with melatonin, which helps reduce the time to fall asleep without harsh synthetics.

Plus, they're conveniently gluten-free, and no parents should have to worry about their kids consuming unnecessary chemicals or ingredients that don't agree with them.

The secret to many sound nights of sleep is cooperation between parents and children. With Carlyle Kids Melatonin Gummies, you'll find it easier than ever: just have your child take two gummies thirty minutes before bedtime and it will help them drift off more easily. We won't blame you if you feel tempted to sneak one of these delicious gummies every now and then too.

Important Things to Know

The Carlyle Kids Melatonin Gummies are an excellent choice if you are looking for top-of-the-line supplements to give your children. All ingredients contained in this product have been laboratory tested and trusted by parents all over the world, so rest assured that your family is getting a superior quality supplement with each dose.

Moreover, this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money or feeling dissatisfied with the results. With Carlyle Kids Melatonin Gummies, you can trust that your children are getting only the best in supplement nutrition.

Best Melatonin Gummies with Well-Balanced Formula

Dr. Moritz Melatonin Gummies

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Why We Like This

Dr. Moritz melatonin gummies for kids is a revolutionary sleep aid specially formulated just for your little ones. Featuring a well-balanced formula and natural ingredients, these gummies will bring sweet dreams in no time.

When it comes to healthy sleep practices, nothing beats Dr. Moritz's unique blend of melatonin and other carefully selected ingredients.

These gummies are vegan-friendly and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and other common allergens, so even the pickiest eaters can enjoy them without worry. Unlike other products that use artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes to mask the taste, these gummies are naturally flavored with natural fruit juices.

Important Things to Know

Sleepless nights can cause everyone, adults and children alike, a lot of stress and frustration. Dr. Moritz kids melatonin gummies offer a safe and natural way to help reduce restlessness, jet lag, nighttime anxiety, and insomnia. These chewable gummies are specially formulated with the naturally occurring compound melatonin which helps people relax into a deep sleep more easily.

Additionally, they provide both physical and mental nourishment so not only will your body be well-rested but you'll also feel energized and invigorated the next morning. So if you're looking for a way to give your children's sleep quality an upgrade, Dr. Moritz kids melatonin gummies are definitely worth a try.

Best Melatonin Gummies for Kids that are Non-Habit Forming

Purefinity Melatonin Gummies 

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Why We Like This

For parents looking for a safe, non-habit-forming sleep aid for their children, Purefinity’s melatonin gummies are the perfect solution! These gummies are created with one thing in mind – to help boys and girls of all ages get a good night's rest. Each delicious gummy provides your child with an optimal dose of melatonin that is clinically proven to naturally promote relaxation and fall asleep faster.

What sets this melatonin gummies apart from the rest is that it's non-habit forming, so you won't have to worry about your child becoming reliant on this product to fall asleep. That's why parents trust Purefinity – because we've designed a sleep aid that offers peace of mind.

Important Things to Know

Parents looking for a melatonin product they can trust should know Purefinity's kid's melatonin gummies are created with the utmost care. Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, each gummy follows strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards to ensure purity and safety.

This attention to detail ensures that parents can rest assured of their child's safety when taking this natural insomnia treatment every night. So when your kid needs help getting a good night's sleep, try Purefinity kids melatonin gummies.

Best Melatonin for Kids with Vitamin D and Premium Ingredients

SleepBerry Melatonin 

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Why We Like This

The revolutionary SleepBerry melatonin for kids is designed specifically with children in mind, using only premium ingredients and packed with vitamin D which makes this melatonin safe. This melatonin supplement helps improve your child’s overall sleeping quality and duration, establishing healthier and higher-quality bedtime habits. This kid-friendly product makes it easy to slip into a restful sleep without the hassle of counting sheep.

SleepBerry melatonin for kids is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring safe and consistent amounts of melatonin perfect for children. Enhanced with vitamin D and other trusted ingredients, this supplement is sure to provide not just peace of mind but also lasting benefits.

Important Things to Know

SleepBerry kids melatonin gummies are a fantastic option for parents looking to promote a healthy sleep schedule for their children specifically those with an autism spectrum disorder. Not only do these gummies contain melatonin, the natural hormone that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, but they also have elderberry and vitamin D3 which have numerous other health benefits.

Elderberry and vitamin D3 supports the immune system and provide essential nutrients needed for healthy bones and teeth. With SleepBerry kids melatonin gummies, you not only benefit from improved sleep but may experience better overall well-being in your kids’ bodies as well.


It can be hard to know how and when to give your child melatonin, especially if you're not sure what type of melatonin is best for them.

There are a lot of questions about kids' melatonin- how much to give when to give it, and what kind is best. It's enough to make any parent feel overwhelmed.

We've created FAQs about kids' melatonin so that you can have all the information you need in one place. By understanding more about melatonin and its effects on children, you can feel confident giving your child this natural sleep aid.

Is it safe to give kids melatonin?

It is generally safe to give kids melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles and can be used as a supplement to help with sleep issues. It has been studied extensively in children and found to be both safe and effective when used according to the recommended dosage

At what age can kids take melatonin?

Melatonin should not be given to children under the age of 3 due to their sensitive systems. For those over 3, melatonin should be administered only with the guidance of a medical professional. It is a good idea for parents to research this subject further in order to ensure that their child is receiving the correct dosage and will not suffer any adverse effects from taking melatonin. Ultimately, it should always be left up to advice from an experienced doctor when considering giving melatonin to a child of any age.

Can kids take melatonin every night?

Although both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health advocate against the long-term use of melatonin for children, they don't provide a definition as to what constitutes 'long-term'. Many kids may take longer than parents would prefer to fall asleep; however, this does not automatically mean that melatonin is necessary.

Can melatonin affect a child's development?

While it is thought that short-term use of melatonin is safe, concerns exist regarding the effects prolonged exposure may have on a child's development. Studies suggest that long-term use could potentially disrupt nocturnal melatonin levels, thus delaying sexual maturation in children.

Can melatonin cause behavior problems?

Melatonin may solve immediate problems with catching up on rest, it is important to note that there are potential risks and side effects associated with its use. In some children, consuming melatonin may produce mild symptoms such as bedwetting, drowsiness, headaches, and agitation. For this reason, it is essential that parents speak with their pediatrician before introducing the supplement into their child’s daily routine.

Does melatonin stunt puberty?

Melatonin is widely recognized to suppress the onset of puberty in healthy children. At the time of puberty, its levels drop by a staggering 75%, which initiates a cascade effect in the hypothalamus that triggers GnRH and other pubertal changes. This decline allows for these metabolic transformations to occur naturally.

What can I give my child instead of melatonin?

For parents looking to alleviate sleep issues with their kids, melatonin is often suggested as a solution. But many parents are turning toward natural, holistic remedies to help their children find restful sleep. Techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can help to relax a child prior to bedtime and make it easier for them to get to sleep naturally. Quiet activities like reading can be beneficial close to bedtime, as well as avoiding caffeine during the later part of the day.

Does melatonin make it hard to wake up?

It may make it hard to wake up in the morning! Taking melatonin at night has been found to increase sleep quality and duration but due to its effects on our circadian rhythm, we may find ourselves groggier than normal once morning rolls around. It’s important to understand how melatonin works and the best way for each individual to use it for successful and consistent sleeping patterns that won't impair waking up during daylight.

Does melatonin affect the brain?

Melatonin boasts antioxidant abilities, and may even be linked to the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, it has been observed that this hormone can act as a neuroprotectant and foster neuroplasticity - implicating its potential for treating depression symptoms.

Does melatonin have long-term side effects?

Melatonin doesn't seem to cause any serious long-term side effects, although some people may experience transient headaches, nausea, or daytime sleepiness when taking melatonin dietary supplement. Generally speaking, melatonin is considered very safe with few risks and short-term use doesn't appear to be associated with any severe side effects.

Does melatonin work immediately?

Melatonin begins to have an effect within 30 minutes, but its full effects may not become apparent for up to two hours. Additionally, Melatonin does not always induce drowsiness. In many cases, Melatonin can help stabilize the sleep-&-wake cycle which could lead to more restorative sleep without feeling overly sleepy during the day. Ultimately, it's important to work with your doctor or pharmacist if you choose to use Melatonin as part of your health management strategy.

How much melatonin is too much for a child?

With regard to melatonin, it is impossible to determine a definitive amount that constitutes an overdose. Before using this supplement for your child, be sure you have consulted with their doctor since consuming too much can lead to serious side effects, and not all supplements are equivalent in quality or dosage. Every child's needs may vary so it is advisable to carefully investigate the best option for them.

What foods are high in melatonin?

Foods high in melatonin include tart cherries, goji berries, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, and bananas. Additionally, some fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut also contain higher levels of hormones. These foods can help increase your body’s natural production of melatonin which may help regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle.

What is the best time to take melatonin?

It is generally recommended to take melatonin about half an hour before bedtime. The timing for this varies depending on the individual, but it is best to find a regular time frame that works for you and your sleep-wake cycle. Taking it too late in the evening may end up making it difficult to wake up in the morning, so be sure to talk to your doctor if you are unsure of the best time for you.


After doing extensive research, we have compiled this list of the 7 best melatonin for kids that are safe. We hope you find this helpful in your journey to finding the perfect product for your child. As always, please consult with a physician before starting your child on any new supplement.