Are you looking for a safe, secure space to keep your pup while you’re away?

Indoor dog kennels are ideal because they provide structure and safety within your home. Not only do they offer secure protection, but also have the potential to house all of your pet's favorite items like toys or bedding neatly together - allowing them room to play without any mess. Plus, we've rounded up the best indoor kennels that range from small breeds to large mastiffs- no matter what budget you’re on there’s something here for everyone!

With the best plastic dog crate, you can rest assured that your pup is safe at home when you're not around. Plus our selection has everything from smaller spaces down to extra large options so every size of a pup can be comfortable and relaxed regardless of how much room he needs.

How We Selected The Best Options

It can be hard to find the perfect indoor dog kennel that fits your needs and your pup's personality.

You want to make sure your furry friend has a comfortable place to stay while you're out, but you don't want a kennel that takes up too much space or is difficult to clean.

We've done the hard work for you after considering multiple reviews and finding the 7 best indoor dog kennels on the market. From heavy-duty dog crate options for big dogs to small and portable options for city living to different material-made crates like plastic dog crates, we've got you covered.

Best Indoor Dog Kennel with Double Door And Wide Top

Internet's Dog Kennel 

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Why We Picked It

Keep your canine loved one safe and sound with the Internet's indoor dog kennel with a double door and wide top! This roomy kennel is expertly designed to provide your pup with a cozy space to relax while still being easy to access. The two entry/exit points—a double side door and an end door—allow for quick in-and-out roaming and give you an effortless way to care for your pup.

The double-door design of this dog kennel allows for hands-free convenience when it’s time to let your pup out. Spend less time struggling with latches, gates, and doors in order to open up the kennel.

The wide tabletop on top of this durable dog kennel is perfect for displaying little treats or keeping their bowls safe. Use it for potted plants, lamps, coasters, drinking cups, or glasses.

Things To Know

The Internet's indoor dog kennel comes with a comfy fitted sleeping bed is the perfect solution for pet owners who want the best for their pups. It provides an extra layer of comfort and plushness for your pup to relax, but it also helps to keep the kennel itself more secure.

A well-fitted sleeping bed top will help to prevent movement within the kennel as even as your furry friends move around – this can be especially important for big dogs or those that are particularly active. Also, since the sleeping bed is removable, you can easily take it with you when traveling or conveniently switch it out for different seasons and weather conditions.

Best Furniture Style Dog Kennel That Is Multi-functional

Aivermeil Furniture Style Dog Kennel

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Why We Picked It

Aivermeil furniture-style dog kennel is the epitome of pet-friendly and multi-functional furniture. It is designed to serve as a comfortable home for your furry friend and seamlessly blends with your home decor.

The kennel's design is inspired by mid-century modern aesthetics, which makes it an elegant addition to any living space. A multi-functional dog kennel like Aivermeil's saves you space while providing a comfortable place for your pet.

You no longer need to have an unsightly crate occupying valuable floor space in your living room or bedroom. With this kennel, you get a stylish piece of furniture that doubles up as both storage and shelter for your furry friend.

Things To Know

What makes this kennel even better is the thickened sponge packaging method that ensures the product arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition.

This new packaging method provides multiple benefits for both the consumer and Aivermeil itself. It ensures that customers receive their dog kennels in pristine condition without any damage during transport.

This not only saves time but also helps to build trust with customers who can rely on receiving quality products from Aivermeil. The thickened sponge packaging method reduces the likelihood of returns or exchanges due to damaged goods.

Best Indoor Dog Kennel That is Sturdy and Chew-Resistant

Feandrea Dog Kennel

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Why We Picked It

Feandrea indoor dog kennel is an excellent choice for pet parents who need a sturdy and chew-resistant shelter for their pets. Unlike traditional wire and a wooden dog crate, this indoor kennel is made of durable particleboard and 0.4-thick steel tubes, providing long-lasting stability that can withstand even the most active dogs.

Many small or medium-sized dogs have a natural inclination to chew on anything they can get their teeth on, which can lead to the destruction of furniture or other valuables around your home.

With a durable kennel like the one offered by Feandrea, you won't have to worry about your pup causing any damage or harm to themselves while inside. Sturdy materials provide better protection against accidental tipping or escaping attempts from restless pets.

Things To Know

The Feandrea indoor dog kennel comes with a pull-out tray feature that makes cleanup quick and effortless. With the tray, you can quickly slide it out to remove fur and dirt without having to move the entire kennel or disassemble anything.

This is especially helpful for busy pet owners as they can just clean up periodically and always keep their pet's area looking neat and tidy. This indoor dog kennel comes with a stopper that attaches to the bottom of the tray preventing it from sliding around while being moved in and out.

All in all, this removable tray is an incredibly convenient feature that helps minimize cleaning time while still keeping a good hygiene standard for your furry friends!

Best Indoor Dog Kennel That Comes With Corner Use Design

Unipaws Dog Kennel 

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Why We Picked It

Unipaws indoor dog kennel is a great space-saving solution for pet owners who have limited room in their homes. The corner-use design of this functional dog crate helps to maximize the available space while keeping your home more tidy and organized. This is particularly beneficial for those who live in apartments or small houses where every square inch counts.

Using a corner-use dog kennel like Unipaws Indoor dog kennel is that it can help you make the most out of your living space. Instead of placing a traditional rectangular-shaped crate in the middle of a room, which often takes up valuable floor area, you can use this innovative design to neatly tuck away your furry friend's personal space into an unused corner.

This not only frees up precious floor space but also creates more open areas for playtime and other activities.

Things To Know

The Unipaws indoor dog kennel is a fantastic way to both stylishly decorate your home and provide a safe space for your canine companion- all in one product! Not only does the kennel appear as an elegant corner table but it can also provide a comforting retreat for your pup when they need some 'me time'.

This dual-purpose solution adds to the creativity of any homeowner looking for innovative ways to make their home stand out and provides an excellent way to multi-use smaller spaces.

Best Dog Kennel For Indoor Use with Flip Top Storage

Idealhouse Dog Kennel 

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Why We Picked It

Ideal house dog kennel comes with a flip-top storage compartment that provides extra space to store your dog's food, toys, or other supplies. Not only does it help you save space by keeping everything in one convenient location, but it also ensures that your dog's food stays fresh and protected from pests or rodents.

You no longer need to worry about finding room for your pet's large bags of kibble or searching through cabinets for their favorite treats since they will be right at hand when you need them.

Things To Know

The simplest and most effective way to protect your puppies is the magnetic latch on the door of this dog kennel. This extra layer of security ensures that your pet won't be able to escape and get themselves in trouble while they are home without supervision.

It also makes sure that no other animals or people can gain access and cause harm to your beloved pup. You can trust that this safety feature will keep your puppy secure so you don't have to worry about their safety, even when you are away from home.

Best Indoor Dog Kennels With Adjustable Feet

Gdlf Dog Kennels

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Why We Picked It

Gdlf indoor dog kennels with adjustable feet option provides a stable platform for your dog's kennel, even when the floor surface is not flat. This makes it perfect for those who are living in areas with uneven flooring or those who want to keep their pets safe and secure indoors.

The adjustable feet design ensures that your dog's kennel stays in place, even during rough playtime or when your furry friend tries to escape. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe while you're away from home or sleeping at night.

This feature helps reduce noise levels as well as minimize vibrations caused by movement, making it ideal for apartment dwellers.

Things To Know

The Gdlf indoor dog kennel's construction features a strong steel tube structure instead of the more fragile iron wire in many other similar products. The kennel offers unparalleled protection while remaining lightweight and highly maneuverable.

Perhaps best of all, its superior strength also provides added peace of mind, since it can easily handle being knocked into and pushed against with far less fear of damage or distortion than you would normally have to worry about.

Best Indoor Corner Dog Crate With Thick And Soft Cushion

Xilingol Corner Dog Crate

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Why We Picked It

Xilingol indoor dog kennel comes with thick and soft cushions that offer your pup a cozy spot to relax, sleep, or play. The cushion provides insulation from cold floors and hard surfaces, giving your dog much-needed comfort.

The thick and soft cushion is not only comfortable but also durable enough to withstand regular use. Whether you have a small pup or larger breeds like labrador retrievers or German shepherds, this cushion can support their weight without flattening out easily.

The cushion is made of high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain. You can remove the cover and machine wash it whenever it gets dirty or smelly.

Things To Know

The Xilingol indoor corner dog crate is made of sturdy solid fir wood that makes a durable and comfortable kennel for your pup, while its thickened wire mesh adds an extra layer of security. Not only does the solid fir wood provide strength and durability, but it also prevents any possible breakdowns from happening.

Meanwhile, the thickened wire mesh ensures that your dog will not be able to break out or escape from their new home. In addition, the top of the kennel is designed to hold up to 150 pounds, making it strong enough to suit any size dog.

With the combination of these two materials in a single kennel, you can guarantee that your pet gets a secure and comfortable enclosure that won't fail them at critical moments.


You may be thinking about getting an indoor dog kennel, but you have some questions.

Buying an indoor dog kennel is a big decision. You want to make sure that you're getting the right one for your pet and your home.

This FAQ section has everything you need to know about indoor dog kennels. We answer all of the most common questions, from sizing and installation to cleaning and use to help you know more about them.

How big should an indoor dog kennel be?

The size of an indoor dog kennel will depend on the size of your dog. It should be large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. For smaller dogs, a kennel that measures 24” x 18” x 19” should suffice. For larger breeds such as German Shepherds or Labradors, you may need a kennel that is 36” x 24” x 27”.

What is the difference between a pet crate and a kennel?

A pet crate and a kennel are both used to house animals, but they serve different purposes. A pet crate is typically used to provide a safe and comfortable space for an animal in a home environment. It provides a secure place for the animal to sleep or rest and can be easily transported if necessary.

A kennel is usually larger than a pet crate and is designed to provide shelter and safety for an animal in an outdoor or indoor setting. Kennel's wire dog crate may include additional features such as runs, fencing, or even heating systems.

What is the best indoor dog kennel?

When looking for the best indoor dog kennel, it’s important to consider your pup’s size and personality. If you have a larger breed, you’ll want to make sure you get one that is big enough for them to comfortably move around in. For smaller breeds, you may want to look for one with adjustable panels so they won’t feel cramped inside.

It should also be made of sturdy materials that can withstand wear and tear from chewing or scratching like plastic crates. In terms of design, look for one with a removable top or door so you can easily access your pup when needed. This will also allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Is it OK for a dog to live in a kennel?

It is not ideal for a dog to live in a kennel. Dogs are social animals that thrive on companionship and interaction with humans and other animals. Kennels can be quite isolating for dogs, as they often lack the stimulation and companionship needed to be happy and healthy.

What is an indoor dog kennel for?

An indoor dog kennel is a safe and secure space for your pet to retreat to when they need some time away from the hustle and bustle of the household. It can provide a place for them to relax and get away from any potential stressors, like loud noises or visitors.

The kennel can also be used as an area for potty training, providing your pup with a designated spot to go when it’s time to do their business

Do dogs like sleeping in kennels?

It depends on the dog. Some dogs may find sleeping in a kennel comforting, while others may not enjoy it. For those who do like sleeping in a kennel, it can provide them with a sense of security and comfort, since they are in their own space.

Can dogs stay in a kennel all day?

It is not recommended for dogs to stay in a kennel all day. Dogs need regular interaction with their owners and other animals as well as they need regular exercise, mental stimulation, and playtime to remain healthy and content. If a dog is left in a kennel all day, it can become bored, anxious, or even depressed.

Are kennels better than cages?

Absolutely, kennels are much better than cages for a variety of reasons. Kennels provide more space for animals to move around in. This allows them to get exercise and be comfortable in their environment. Kennels offer more comfort to animals since they can nest and find shelter from the elements.

Finally, kennels are often made with more durable materials than cages, which ensures that your pet will be kept safe and secure.

How do you set up an indoor dog kennel?

Setting up an indoor dog kennel is a great way to give your pup its own space within your home. Once you have the kennel, you can place it in an area of your house that’s out of the way but still accessible for you and your pup.

Put a comfortable bed or blanket inside and make sure there are plenty of toys and chews to keep them occupied. You may also want to include a few treats or special items that will help make the kennel feel at home.

How do I keep my indoor kennel clean?

Keeping your indoor dog crates clean is essential to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Here are some tips for keeping your kennel clean:

Make sure to vacuum or sweep the area around the kennel regularly. This will help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that can build up in the kennel. Also, it’s important to keep the bedding inside the kennel clean. Wash bedding weekly with hot water and mild detergent. You should also sanitize the walls of the kennel every few weeks with a disinfectant spray or wipe down with a damp cloth.

How do I stop my kennel from smelling?

Keeping your kennel clean is the best way to prevent it from smelling. Start by cleaning out any debris or dirt that has accumulated in the kennel, and then give it a thorough scrub with a pet-safe disinfectant. After that, you can use an odor-neutralizing spray or room freshener to help reduce any lingering odors.

Where is the best place to put a dog kennel?

The best place to put an indoor dog crate is in a quiet area of the home that is not heavily trafficked. This will give your pup a safe and comfortable spot to relax and sleep without being disturbed by family members or visitors. If possible, choose a space near a window for natural light and ventilation.

Should I put a bed in a kennel?

No, it is not recommended to put a bed in a dog's crate. Kennels are meant to provide a safe and secure area for your pet when they are not able to be supervised. Beds can be a source of distraction and provide an inviting place for your pet to hide away from you, making it difficult to keep an eye on them.

What age is OK to put dogs in kennels?

It will depend on the individual dog and its specific needs. Puppies should not be placed in a kennel until they are at least four months old. Puppies need to be socialized and exposed to different environments, so keeping them in a kennel for long periods of time could be detrimental to their development.


In conclusion, there's no doubt that the best dog crate can bring peace of mind, allowing your pooch to have their own special space and letting you have yours. With this list of the 7 best dog crates available on the market, your pup will certainly be happy with any of them.

The right choice depends on a variety of factors such as your budget and the size and breed of your pup. Addresses each one accordingly to find the perfect fit for you and your furry family member.