Searching for the perfect go-kart for your kid?

Go-karts for kids provide an exciting way to keep them entertained and get some much-needed exercise in the outdoors. With this guide, we’ve highlighted our top 7 picks – featuring models that range from durable enough to withstand wear and tear to fast & speedy options which can be used competitively at races. We have broken down each model offering details on its performance, build quality, and overall value.

We know you want something reliable but also of a certain standard when it comes to your child's safety – so allow us to help you out with finding the best go-kart option! Don’t worry - we gotcha covered so you can make sure they get only the best ride possible.

How We Select the Best Options

It can be hard to know which go-kart is the best for your child.

With all of the different brands, models, and features available it can be hard to know which one is right for your child.

We've done the research for you and selected the 7 best go-karts for kids based on safety, durability, and fun.

Best Go Kart for Kids with Bluetooth Transmission

Segway Go Kart 

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Why We Love It

Let your child explore and take the adventure up a notch with the all-new Segway go-kart! This awesome kart comes with Bluetooth transmission – technology that makes adventures even more fun and safe.

Bluetooth allows your child to customize their speed, steering sensitivity, and ride modes ensuring they’re racing around in complete control – while still having fun.

This go-kart is sure to provide hours of entertainment for your little ones. So what are you waiting for? Get your kids a Segway go-kart and let them compete in a race unlike any other!

Important to Know

The Segway go-kart for kids doesn’t just come with a fun and exciting ride, it also comes with benefits like headlights and rear lights near to rear wheels that help keep your children safe while they explore the world.

Headlights allow young ones to see things in front of them, such as curbs and rocks, that they would normally hit without being able to notice. Rear lights can be especially important if children want to go out after sundown; drivers will easily be aware of their presence on the road with bright and visible tail lights flashing behind them.

Knowing that your kids are safe no matter what time of day or night gives you an extra layer of peace of mind when sending them out on their own adventures.

Best Go Kart Made of Aluminum

Segway Kids Go Kart 

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Segway kid's go-kart! This go-kart is ready to take your little ones on a thrilling ride! Crafted with lightweight aluminum, this exhilarating toy makes an excellent outdoor experience.

Not only is aluminum durable and safe, but it's also easy to transport, providing your kids with ultimate flexibility in their outdoor adventure. With its streamlined frame and ingenious design, this go-kart will have your kids racing around in style — perfect for races and long strolls alike.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that this go-kart is equipped with safety features. Let them explore the great outdoors and enjoy endless excitement with the Segway kids go kart today!

Important to Know

The Segway kids go-kart is a dynamic and customizable ride for children. It has four driving modes that make the kart appropriate for varying age levels and experience in driving.

For starters, there are the benefits of safety mode which ensures a maximum speed of 5MPH so that kids are not endangering themselves by going too fast. Then there is the regular mode, where speeds up to 10MPH can be reached so that steady practice can be achieved.

Finally, sports mode and race mode offer increased speed options up to 15MPH when kids are more comfortable with their skillset and want more of an adrenaline-pumping rush.

All in all, this kart allows riders to improve as drivers while still offering a variety of speeds suitable for their individual level of skill and comfort.

Best Go Kart for Kids with Remote Control

Elemara Go Kart

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Why We Love It

The Elemara go-kart for kids is the perfect way to get your little ones moving and having fun! This go-kart features a remote control, giving parents peace of mind knowing that they always have full control over the speed settings and the direction in which their children are driving.

With the convenient remote, you can make sure that your kids stay safe while they’re enjoying themselves. And when your little one decides they want to take a break, simply turn off the remote and bring the vehicle to a safe stop.

Plus, with its bright colors and durable construction, this go-kart is sure to be your kid’s newest favorite toy! Let your child enjoy carefree racing with the Elemara go-kart for kids!

Important to Know

The Elemara go-kart for kids is the perfect choice for parents who want a safe and reliable kart for their child. This kart benefits from its strong super battery that provides hours of playback with minimal recharging time and it also provides a realistic driving experience with its friction-resistant construction.

Whether you're looking for outdoor fun or an indoor thrill, the Elemara go-kart will provide your child with the ride they need while knowing that they are safe. With all these benefits, you can be sure that your child will be entertained and have a blast!

Best Go Kart with 4800W Engine Power

Segway Kids Go Kart

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Why We Love It

Introducing the brand new Segway kids go-kart! Perfect for kids who want an awesome go-kart racing experience, this sleek and powerful go-kart has a 4800W engine power that will give your child an entirely new level of enjoyment and control!

With its powerful engine, this go-kart will be able to race up hills with ease, while still maintaining precise control around sharp corners. With its top speed, your kid can experience an adrenaline-pumping ride that is sure to make them the envy of their peers.

The ergonomic design of the seat of this best electric go-kart ensures a comfortable and safe riding experience no matter how long they ride it. So let them blast off with the Segway go-kart – they'll have nonstop thrills as they race through their favorite course!

Important to Know

The benefits of the Segway kids go-kart's dual communication technology and auto hold system are enormous. With dual communication technology, the go-kart is prepared to drive with two distinct transmissions.

This allows for a smooth transmission over longer distances at higher speeds while still providing intuitive control. The vehicle also features an auto-hold system that records and maintains a rider's preferred speed, thus allowing them to maintain their focus on maneuvering the go-kart without having to constantly adjust the speed settings.

This technology paired with their dual-engine delivers a reliable and precise driving experience that kids love.

Best Go Kart That is Made of Steel

Go-Bowen Kids Go-Kart 

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Go-Bowen kids go-kart—the ultimate toy for rugged, outdoor fun! This amazing product is an incredibly durable choice for children who love to explore and play. Constructed of steel, their kart will be robust enough to take a beating and still keep offering tons of joy.

Unlike plastic products that can easily break or deteriorate with outdoor use, this kart was designed with the most resilient materials in mind. Steel is known for its superior strength capabilities, meaning that it resists corrosion and rusting. So no matter how hard your little one pushes the boundaries while playing out in nature, they’ll always have a reliable vehicle to help them explore.

Important to Know

Those who are shopping for a reliable and safe go-kart for their kids should consider the Segway kid's go-kart. Its brushless motor is significantly more efficient and powerful than a traditional motor, meaning it can generate greater torque while at the same time requiring less energy to operate.

Furthermore, its disc break is much more reliable and responsive than other types of brakes, ensuring that your kids can slow down or stop with confidence and precision. The benefits offered by these two features make the Segway kids go-kart an excellent alternative for those looking for an enjoyable yet safe driving experience for their children.

Best Go Kart with Rubber Wheels

Hauck Kids Go Kart 

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Why We Love It

The Hauck go-kart for kids is the perfect way to give your little one hour of fun and adventure! With its soft rubber wheels, this go-kart offers a safe yet exciting ride on all surfaces.

The rubber tires material guarantees a quiet yet smooth ride that’s gentle on your child’s sensitive footings. The semi-organic elasticity of these pneumatic tires helps to absorb shocks through bumpy terrain, making it easier for your little one to stay in control.

That means you can keep your kids entertained for hours without worrying about bumps and bruises too! With these durable little marvels beneath them, there’s no stopping your kids from taking their adventures as far as they want.

Important to Know

The Hauck go-kart for kids is a great option for parents who are looking to surprise their child with something fun and exciting. One important thing that many parents don't know is that it includes all the bolts and hardware required for assembly with the Hauck lightning pedal—making it perfect for those who need something quick and easy to put together.

This type of hardware ensures that the go-kart can be assembled correctly and safely while also ensuring longevity so your kids can enjoy it season after season.

Along with being conveniently packed and ready to assemble, you can save time because the necessary components to assemble the kart will already be included in the package - no need to purchase additional items!

Best Go Kart with Adjustable Seat

Rollplay Kids Go Kart 

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Rollplay go-kart for kids – an incredibly fun and safe way to get your children outside! This brilliant kart offers optimum playtime exhilaration, complete with an adjustable seat for personal comfort.

The adjustable seat ensures that each kid can customize their own driving experience according to their individual height and size, which is perfect for children who are still growing.

Plus, with this go-kart’s durable construction, it’s sure to provide years of entertaining adventures! So get ready to hit the open road and experience some serious joyriding with the Rollplay go-kart for kids!

Important to Know

One of the benefits of Rollplay go-karts for kids is its anti-slip rubber strips. This is especially important for young children who are just learning to drive, as the rubber strips help provide extra traction and prevent any unexpected slips or accidents from taking place.

Its steering wheel is made of durable material and the seat belt is not included. It also features a top speed of 5 MPH, meaning peace of mind, parents don't have to worry about their kids driving out at too fast a speed. The go-kart provides the perfect balance between fun and safety – no matter what the age of your child.


Buying a go-kart for your kid can be a daunting task. With all of the different types, brands, and features available, how do you know which one is right for your child?

It can be tough to figure out what's important when buying a go-kart. Should you buy one with suspension? What about brakes? How fast should it go?

We've created this FAQs page to help answer some of the most common questions that parents have about purchasing a go-kart for their children. By reading through this page, you'll learn more about the different types of go-karts available, as well as the features and benefits that each one offers.

What is the youngest age for go-karting?

The youngest age is typically 6 years old for a pedal go-kart. However, it varies from track to track. Some tracks have a minimum age of 7 or 8 years old. Others don't have a minimum age requirement but will require that the child be able to reach the pedals and be tall enough to see over the dashboard.

Can a 3-year-old go go-karting?

No, most tracks will not allow children younger than 6 years old to a go-kart. It is important that they are tall enough to reach the pedals of pedal go-karts and be able to see over the dashboard.

What age is good for a go-kart?

Most go-karts are designed for children aged 6 and up. However, there are models available that can accommodate younger kids as well. It is important to check with the track or manufacturer to make sure that the go-kart you choose is suitable for your child's age and size.

How much does go-karting cost?

Go-karting costs vary depending on the track, the type of go-kart, and the number of laps. Most tracks offer packages that include multiple races and a variety of go-karts. Prices can range from $30 - $60 per session.

How fast do go-karts go?

The top speed of a go-kart can vary depending on the model, but they typically reach speeds of around 25 to 35 mph. For racing competitions, karts can go up to speeds of around 50 to 60 mph.

How do I start my child in karting?

It depends on the age of your child.

If your child is 6-8 years old, you can start them in a junior kart. If they are older than 8 years old, they can start in a senior kart.

When starting your child in karting, make sure that you find a track that offers clinics or lessons. This will help teach them the correct way to drive and how to handle their kart. It's also important to find a track that has good safety measures in place.

Do go-karts use petrol?

Yes, some go-karts use petrol. However, there are also electric go-karts available which do not require petrol. Electric go-karts are often preferred by parents as they are quieter and more environmentally friendly than petrol karts.

Some people also buy gas-powered go-karts for their kids but gas-powered go-kart is more expensive than pedal go-karts or electric go-karts.

How heavy is a go-kart?

A go-kart typically weighs about 150 pounds, give or take a few pounds.

This weight can vary depending on the specific model of go-kart you are looking at. For instance, a smaller, lighter kart might weigh around 100 pounds, while a larger, more robust kart could weigh closer to 200 pounds. But in general, 150 pounds is a good estimate for the average go-kart weight.

Does it hurt to crash a go-kart?

It really depends on the go-kart and how you crash it. If you hit another kart or something hard, it could definitely cause some damage. Most karts have a roll cage for safety, but that doesn't mean you can't get injured if you're not wearing a helmet. So be careful out there!

How long does go-karting last?

It usually lasts around 10 minutes.

The amount of time it lasts can vary depending on how many people are racing and the size of the track. Typically, races last for about 10 minutes, but this can vary depending on the situation. For example, if there are more people racing or if the track is significantly longer, then the race will last longer.

Are kids go-karting safe?

Yes. Go-karting is generally a very safe activity for children. In fact, it can be a great way to teach them how to handle a car in a safe and controlled environment.

That said, there are always some risks associated with any activity, and parents should take the time to educate their children about safety before they go out on the track. Some key things to keep in mind: make sure your child wears appropriate safety gear (including a helmet), obey all traffic signals and warnings, and stay within the designated track boundaries.

What should you not wear go-karting?

You should not wear loose clothing, skirts, or anything that might get caught in the machinery. You should also not wear high heels, as you may lose your balance. It is best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Do go-karts flip easily?

It depends on the type of go-kart. Some older models were prone to flipping, but most modern ones have safety features that prevent them from doing so. That said, it's still possible for a go-kart to flip if it hits a bump or goes over a sharp edge at high speed, so drivers need to be careful when racing.

Can You go-kart without braking?

No, braking is absolutely necessary for a fast lap time. In order to make the most of your engine power, you need to be able to slow down and corner quickly. Failing to brake will only lead to disaster on the track.

In Conclusion

Now that you know all about the 7 best go-karts for kids, as well as what to look for when making your purchase, it’s time to get out there and have some fun! These go-karts are sure to provide hours of entertainment for your little ones. Just be sure to supervise them while they’re playing and help them stay safe. And if you’re looking for more great toys for your kids, be sure to check out our other reviews. Thanks for reading!