Are you looking for a way to spark your child’s curiosity in learning about geography and the world?

Our selection of five of the best globes for kids is curated just for that. With a wide variety of different materials, shapes, and designs - each globe is sure to capture their attention by bringing faraway places to life! Whether they're interested in discovering countries, and cultures or stretching their imaginations these globes are perfect.

Kids can explore every continent as they learn more about our planet Earth. From vibrant colors to unique details throughout – these globes will help them understand maps and geographical features like never before! Each globe was chosen with intent because we know how valuable it is for children to have this hands-on approach when studying geography.

How We Picked These Products

It's not easy to find a good globe for kids that is both educational and fun.

Most globes for kids are either too boring or too educational. They don't offer enough fun facts or they're too difficult to use.

We've picked the 5 best globes for kids that are both entertaining and educational. Our list includes globes made of different materials, as well as those with interesting designs.

Best Globe with Educational Facts In the Orboot APP

Shifu Globe for Kids 

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What We Like About It

Shifu educational globe for kids is an incredible device that is sure to take your child's education to the next level! With pre-loaded educational facts coupled with a dedicated or boot app, your kid will get an interactive, immersive, and informative educational journey.

The app shows 400+ highlights and 1,000+ world facts that cover a variety of areas, including animals, cultures, monuments, inventions, maps, and cuisines of the world.

These facts will give your child a unique view of our amazing planet and its diverse offerings. Further, enrich their knowledge by learning about the food chain and balancing the ecosystem in their national park. Your curious little one can even take part in fun quizzes for all categories listed above.

Important To Know

The Shifu educational globe for kids is certainly a revolutionary way to take children on an interactive journey of discovery around the world. With no borders or names, this smart globe takes children on a trip to explore the planet earth and allows them to engage in visual storytelling, listen to animal facts, enjoy music, and partake in quiz games and challenges.

Through their companion app, children can bring their globe alive and explore the world while learning new information. With no prior knowledge necessary, this experience is ideal for kids between the ages of 4-10!

Best Globe with Built-in LED Night Lights

Illuminated Globe of the World 

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What We Like About It

Illuminated globe is incredible globe features switch-controlled LED lights that will turn it into a beautiful lighted globe at night. So during the day, you can learn about geography and all of earth's countries and continents, but at night, your learning journey can take on an entirely different look as its LED lights highlight ocean depths, mountain ranges, and political borders.

This is perfect for an interactive and immersive learning experience that kids are sure to love. Plus, its sturdy construction means it won't move around or wobble even when touched - perfect for curious minds! So don't miss out on uniquely exploring the world.

Important To Know

With a durable, non-tip base, the Illuminated globe of the world provides the perfect educational toy for children to explore. Colorful and inviting, this small globe is an ideal size for little hands and makes a great addition to any desk.

Whether learning about different countries, cultures, or environmental science topics such as oceans and continents, this unique educational tool will inspire curious minds to discover new and exciting things about our world.

An illuminated world globe gives kids the opportunity to bring their studies to life with an interactive globe experience that’s sure to captivate them. Perfectly sized and designed especially with children in mind, it’s no surprise why the Illuminated globe of the world is one of the best educational toys available today.

Best Globe with Interactive Smart Pen

Little Experimenter Talking Globe 

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What We Like About It

Little experimenter talking globe is an incredible product that offers an interactive and engaging way for kids to explore the world from the comfort of their own homes.

With Little experimenter’s built-in smart pen, children can easily touch any country or location on the globe and listen to to to to to as helpful information about a particular place is read aloud. Every time they learn something new, they will feel empowered by this fun fact-finding mission.

This talking globe isn’t limited to geography lessons either – it can teach children science facts, history trivia, animal information, sports knowledge, and much more! So no matter what their interests are, there are plenty of amazing topics to discover.

Important To Know

The little experimenter talking globe is the perfect tool for parents who are looking for a fun, interactive way to teach their children about geography. It offers not only a unique way to explore the world and its countries, but also provides important facts and trivia questions - up to 300 questions in all.

Children will love learning about the world with these captivating trivia questions that help challenge them to remember fun and easy-to-grasp facts. Not only does the globe expand their knowledge of the world, but it encourages them to ask even more questions as they discover new things each day.

Best Globe with the Most Up-to-Date Features

Waypoint Globe for Kids

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What We Like About It

Waypoint geographic world globe for kids offers up-to-date geographical features like no other. With over 4,000 places and points of interest, your kids will never tire of exploring the Earth’s vast landscapes.

Whether it’s noting mountain ranges or discovering historical sites, this globe provides a fun way to learn and discover something new each day. Plus, they’ll have fun testing their knowledge with the built-in world geography game.

Furthermore, what makes this globe stand out is its ability to accurately depict ocean topography as well as recognize site boundaries. Your kids can now get lost in the wonders of ocean life beyond the surface. There are countless possibilities when it comes to learning about our unique planet with Waypoint geographic world globes for Kids.

Important To Know

The Waypoint geographic world globe for kids is an educational tool that any teacher or parent will love. Its high-quality materials create a beautiful and durable object that's perfect for world exploration.

The acrylic sphere and thick plastic base are solid enough to withstand hours of use while its smooth rotation ensures it's easy to turn while explaining the earth's geography. Its semi-transparent meridian also allows light to make its details pop out even more.

On top of all these amazing features, the globe comes fully assembled and ready to offer a great learning experience right away.

Best Puzzle Globe with Number of Pieces Set

Learning Resources Globe 

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What We Like About It

This Learning resources puzzle globe is a must-have for the classroom, playroom, or home! It teaches the fundamentals of geography interactively and engagingly. The colorful and quality-made 8” puzzle globe comes with 6 continent puzzle pieces, encompassing the Eastern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, Oceania, Asia, and Africa,  all conveniently labeled.

Kids also have fun customizing it with an included sheet of blank label stickers to fill in any missing place names or notes. Through movement and exploration, this globe encourages intellectual curiosity about our planet and its wonders.

Studying world landmarks becomes so much more rewarding when children can interact with a three-dimensional model! With this learning resources puzzle globe, young scholars everywhere will be wowed by their newfound knowledge and eager to welcome new explorations.

Important To Know

Kids will make learning geography fun with the Learning resources puzzle globe! perfect for little hands, the continent pieces are chunky and easy to hold. Even the largest piece (Asia) is 5¾ inches in length, allowing kids to easily pick it up and place each of the 20 colorful puzzle pieces in their correct spot.

For parents, this amazing globe is a great way to get your children excited about exploring all corners of the world! Plus, it makes a fun décor item that's sure to be a conversation starter in any home.


When it comes to buying a globe for your child, there are many things you need to consider.

It can be hard to figure out which globe is the best for your child. There are so many different globes on the market, each with its own set of features.

We have compiled a list of FAQs about the best globes for kids. This will help you decide which globe is right for your child.

How do you explain the globe to a child?

To explain a globe to a child, start by pointing out the different colors on the globe. Explain that each color represents a different country or continent. Then, show them how to use the lines on the globe to find out what country they live in and where other countries are located. You can also talk about how people use globes to explore the world and learn about different cultures.

What is the best world globe for children?

The best world globe for children depends on their age and interests. For younger children, a brightly colored globe with cartoon-like illustrations and night light may be the most engaging and educational. This type of globe helps to capture the attention of young learners and can help them learn about the different continents, countries, oceans, and other geographical features.

Some of the best globes for kids are the Little experiment globe, Waypoint globe, Learning Resources globe, Life Basics World globe, and Leapfrog Magic adventures globe.

What is a globe for grade 1?

A globe for grade 1 is a 3D model of the Earth, designed to help young students learn about the world. It usually has labels and illustrations that show various countries, bodies of water, mountains, and other geographical features. A globe for grade 1 might also include information about different cultures or climates around the world.

Why do we need a globe for kids?

Globes are a great tool for teaching children about the world. With globes, kids can learn about geography, cultures, and history. They can explore different countries and continents, see where rivers and mountains are located, and discover how people live in different parts of the world.

What is the main benefit of a globe?

The main benefit of a globe is that it provides a visual representation of the Earth. Globes are great for understanding the relative size and shape of continents, countries, oceans, and other geographical features. They also help to illustrate how different parts of the world are connected.

What are the globe and its uses?

A globe is a three-dimensional model of the Earth that shows accurate geographic features, including land and water bodies, countries and their boundaries, and other physical features. Globes are used for a variety of purposes, including educational and scientific research.

What are the features of a globe?

The main feature of a globe is its spherical shape which allows for a more accurate representation of the Earth's surface than that provided by flat maps. The features shown on globes include continents, oceans, bodies of water, mountain ranges, cities, and other geographical features. Additionally, some globes also show political boundaries between countries and states.

What are the three types of globes?

The three types of globes are physical, political, and thematic. The physical globe shows the physical features of the Earth such as mountains, rivers, and deserts. The political globe shows the different countries and their boundaries. Thematic globes focus on a particular topic or theme such as population density, climate zones, or ocean currents. They often include labels that explain what is being shown on the globe.

How is a globe made?

Globes are made using a variety of processes. The first step is to create a sphere from a material such as plastic, metal, or wood. This sphere serves as the base of the globe and is usually hollow. 

The next step is to apply a map of the world onto the surface of the sphere. This can be done by printing a design onto paper and then transferring it onto the sphere using adhesive or heat transfer methods. Also, details such as labels and borders are added to complete the globe.

What are the two parts of the globe?

The two main parts of the globe are the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere. The Eastern Hemisphere is located east of the Prime Meridian and includes Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The Western Hemisphere is located west of the Prime Meridian and includes North and South America, as well as some islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Summing It Up

Finding the best globe for kids to learn about geography doesn't have to be a daunting task. With this guide, you now know what to expect when making your purchase decision. Each offers its unique benefits, so parents are sure to find something that best suits their individual needs.

Whether looking for a fun globe that highlights the world's natural wonders or a traditional globe useful in teaching geography and landforms, these globes make learning fun and exciting for kids of all ages.