Worried about the safety of your baby? Glass bottles are a great alternative to plastic bottles, which can leach harmful chemicals into your baby's milk. Glass is a non-toxic material that is safe for your child to drink from.

Not only are glass bottles safer for your child, but they also look nicer and last longer than plastic bottles. If you're looking for a high-quality bottle that will last your child for years, then a glass bottle is a perfect choice.

Our Selection Process

You want to give your baby the best, but there are so many choices for glass baby bottles. How do you know which one is right for your child?

It can be hard to decide what's best for your child when it comes to something as important as their nutrition. Do you go with a classic glass bottle design or try a new silicone sleeve? Should you choose a bottle that's BPA-free?

We've done the research for you and picked out the best glass baby bottles on the market. Give this article a read to know more about our picks!

Best Narrow Glass Baby Bottle

Dr. Brown's Narrow Glass Baby Bottle

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Why They are Liked

Looking for a glass baby bottle that will help your little one sleep through the night? Look no further than Dr. Brown's Narrow glass baby bottle. This unique bottle is designed to help reduce colic and promote better digestion, so your baby can finally get the peaceful night's sleep they deserve.

You'll love the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is comfortable and well-nourished. And they'll love being able to drift off to dreamland without any tummy troubles. Give your baby the gift of a good night's sleep with Dr. Brown's bottle.

Points You Need to Know

Dr. Brown's glass baby bottles are definitely something that you need if you are a parent. They are easy to clean which is always a huge plus, and they fit most breast pumps which can be really convenient.

Another great thing about them is that they are made to withstand high temperatures. This means that you won't have to worry about them losing their shape in steam sterilizers.

Dr. Brown's Glass baby bottle features a unique internal vent system that helps preserve nutrients in milk while helping to reduce spit-up, burping, and gas.

The bottle is made from high-quality, durable glass and is stain and odor resistant. The included nipples are compatible with all Dr. Brown's bottle sizes.

Best Glass Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple

Philips AVENT Glass Baby Bottle

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Why They are Liked

The Philips AVENT glass baby bottle comes with a natural response nipple that is designed to mimic the natural breast milk feeding experience. This makes it easy for the baby to latch on and feed and helps to prevent colic and gas. Plus, it comes with a leak-proof seal to keep messes at bay.

Points You Need to Know

The Philips AVENT No-Drip baby bottle is a great choice for parents who are looking for a quality glass bottle. The no-drip nipple design helps to prevent lost milk from the tip of the baby bottle, giving you peace of mind.

The bottle is 70% glass and 10% plastic, with a silicone nipple. The silicone nipple is vented, which prevents the baby from swallowing air and getting gassy. Another perk of the Philips Avent glass baby bottle is that it is durable and dishwasher-safe. The weight of the bottle is 2.65 Pounds, and the dimensions are 7.52 x 5.87 x 5.79 inches.

Best Glass Baby Bottle with Flexible Nipple

NUK Simply Natural Glass Baby Bottle with Flexible Nipple

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Why They are Liked

The NUK simply natural glass baby 4 oz. bottle comes with slow flow nipples that have 3 holes, providing your baby with the most comfortable feed possible. The sleek design is both stylish and functional, making them a great choice for parents who want the best of both worlds.

The NUK baby bottle is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing you're getting a top-notch product.

Points You Need to Know

NUK glass baby bottles feature multiple nipple holes and an innovative, extra-soft nipple that provide a natural feed-it feels just like mom's breast.

It holds 4 ounces of liquid, making it the perfect size for a newborn. The dimensions are 2.69 x 8.5 x 6.38 inches, making it a compact and lightweight bottle that is easy to carry with you when you are on the go.

This classic glass baby bottle is also accepted by 96% of breastfed babies, making it a safe and reliable choice for your little one.

Best Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottle That Is BPA-Free

Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottle

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Why They are Liked

The Evenflo feeding glass baby bottle is a chic bottle that is made of food-grade materials and is BPA-free. So you can rest assured that your little one is getting the best possible nutrition.

BPA is a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Secondly, BPA can leach out of plastic baby bottles and into the milk or formula that's being stored in them. This can cause health problems for babies and young children. That's why Evenflo bottles come BPA-free because your baby's safety is our first priority.

It features tempered glass that is strong and durable, so you can rest assured knowing that your baby is safe while using this bottle. Plus, the wide neck makes it easy to clean, so you can keep your baby's feeding bottles clean and hygienic.

Points You Need to Know

The bottles are recyclable, sustainable, and safe for the environment. The company even offers a recycling program for the bottles, so you can feel good about not adding to the landfill. This baby bottle is latex-free and phthalates-free, making it a safe choice for your little one.

Phthalates are chemicals that are used to soften plastics, and they've been linked to all sorts of health issues in both adults and children. Latex is a type of rubber, that is a bigger health hazard.

So, if you're looking for a latex-free baby bottle, glass is your best option. The dimensions of the bottle are 14.6 x 8.4 x 7.6 inches and it weighs 0.5 pounds. The material composition of the bottle is 80% glass, 15% silicone, and 5% plastic.

Best Glass Baby Bottle with Adaptable Design

Tommee Tippee Glass Baby Bottle

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Why They are Liked

Looking for a natural alternative to plastic baby bottles? Look no further than the Tommee Tippee Glass Baby Bottle! This bottle is made of 100% pure glass and features the award-winning breast-like nipple.

The nipple is designed to mimic the natural flow of breast milk, making it easy for your baby to transition between breast and bottle. The bottle also has an adaptable design that matches silicone sleeves which helps your baby to grip it easily. The wide neck makes it easy to fill and clean, while the ergonomic shape is comfortable for little hands to hold.

Made from durable glass, this baby bottle is built to last. The convertible design means it can be used as a baby bottle, food jar, or open cup, making it a versatile addition to your infant's feeding arsenal.

Points You Need to Know

Parents looking for a safe, toxin-free baby bottle will be happy to know that the Tommee Tippee Glass Baby Bottle is made of medical-grade borosilicate glass. This type of glass is free of BPS, phthalates, and other toxins, making it a safe choice for babies. The Tommee Tippee Glass Baby Bottle is also durable and shatter-resistant, making it a good choice for active babies or toddlers.

This glass baby bottle is a thermal shock-resistant and stain-resistant option. The glass material is superior to plastic in terms of durability and odor resistance. Additionally, it comes with a slow-flow nipple, which is ideal for newborns.

Best Baby Bottle with Borosilicate Glass

Natursutten Baby Bottle

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Why They are Liked

The Natursutten baby bottle is made from durable borosilicate glass, this bottle is designed to last, and its simple design makes it easy to clean. Plus, it comes with a nipple cover, so you can always keep it safe from dust and other elements.

Most importantly, this baby bottle is free of harmful chemicals and toxins, so you can feel good about what your little one is consuming.

Points You Need to Know

Natursutten baby bottle comes with several benefits, including the fact that the latex allergy-provoking protein is removed from the product during production. This means that parents do not have to worry about their child having a reaction to the bottle.

In addition, the natural rubber-latex is also incredibly durable, so parents can feel confident that their baby’s bottles will last for years. The Natursutten bottle holds 12.35 ounces and has dimensions of 4.88x0.99x9.17 inches. The advantage to having this glass bottle is that you can see how much liquid is left and it is easy to clean.


It can be hard to know which type of baby bottle is best for your child.

There are so many different types of baby bottles on the market these days, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you and your child.

We've put together a list of the glass baby bottle FAQs to help you make the best decision for your family.

Why are glass baby bottles better than plastic?

There are a few reasons why glass baby bottles are often seen as being better than plastic bottles. For one, glass is a completely natural material, whereas plastic is made from synthetic materials.

Additionally, glass is considered to be a very stable material, meaning that it's less likely to leach chemicals into food or drink - something that can happen with plastic bottles.

Finally, glass is also recyclable, while most plastics are not. So those are some of the reasons why glass baby bottles tend to be seen as being the better choice.

How to heat glass baby bottles?

There are a few ways to heat glass baby bottles. You can use warm glass baby bottles, you can warm the bottles under hot water, or you can microwave the bottles. If you use a bottle warmer, make sure to read the instructions carefully.

If you warm the bottle under hot water, be careful not to scald the milk. If you microwave the bottle, make sure to remove the lid and teat first. Microwave on a low setting for 30 seconds at a time until the desired temperature is reached.

Do glass bottles reduce colic?

Yes, it has been seen that glass bottles reduce colic. Babies who were exclusively fed from glass bottles for the first four months of life cried and fussed less than those who were fed from plastic bottles.

This is because plastic bottles may release chemicals that can cause irritation and inflammation in the baby's gut.

Do glass bottles help with gas?

Yes, glass bottles may help reduce gas in babies. Glass bottles are thought to be less reactive with milk and other liquids than plastic bottles. This means that the milk doesn't break down as quickly and can release fewer gases.

If you're concerned about your baby's gas levels, it might be worth trying a glass bottle to see if there is a difference.

How do you Sterilize glass baby bottles?

You can sterilize glass baby bottles in a few ways. One is to use a microwave sterilizer. Another is to boil the bottles in water for five minutes. And yet another is to use a steam sterilizer.

Some people also choose to sterilize their bottles by using a sanitizing solution, such as bleach. Although this is not recommended because it can be harmful to both you and your baby.

Be sure to follow the specific instructions that came with your particular sterilizing method, as each one varies.

Can we boil a glass feeding bottle?

It is possible to boil glass feeding bottles. Well, not only you can boil glass bottles but also freeze glass baby bottles as well. However, it is important that you take certain precautions.

First, make sure that your bottle is made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is heat-resistant and will not shatter when boiled. If your bottle is not made from tempered glass, it may shatter when boiled, which could cause injuries.

Also, make sure that the cap of your bottle is securely fitted in place before boiling. If the cap comes off during boiling, the hot liquid could easily spill out and cause burns.

When should you throw away baby bottles?

Glass baby bottles can last for years if taken care of properly. That said, if you notice any cracks or damage to the bottle, it's probably time to get a new one. Bacteria can build up in cracks and damage the structure of the bottle, making it more likely to break.

If your baby is using glass bottles daily, you may need to replace them more frequently than if they're only being used occasionally. Over time, the constant use can wear down the overall quality of the bottles.

What happens if you don't sterilize baby bottles?

If you don't sterilize baby bottles, bacteria and other germs can grow in the milk or formula. This can make your baby sick.

It's important to sterilize bottles and nipples before each use. You can do this by boiling them for five minutes, using a sterilizer, or microwaving them on high for two minutes.

Can you reuse bottles for 2nd baby?

Yes! You can totally reuse glass bottles for your second baby. We did it with our son and it worked out great. Just make sure to sterilize them thoroughly before each use.

Do glass baby bottles break?

Yes, glass baby bottles can break. Glass is a brittle material that can easily shatter if it's dropped or mishandled.

That said, there are plenty of quality glass baby bottles on the market like a lifefactory glass baby bottle that is designed to be durable and withstand occasional drops.

So if you're careful with your bottle and take precautions when traveling or during other activities that could potentially damage your glass or plastic bottle. A glass baby bottle can be a safe and environmentally friendly option for feeding your child.

At what age can you stop sterilizing baby bottles?

There is no need to sterilize baby bottles after a certain age. Once your baby starts eating solid foods, its immune system will become stronger and it'll be less susceptible to infection.

You can stop sterilizing bottles when your baby is around six months old or as soon as they start eating solids. Just be sure to wash the bottles thoroughly with hot soapy water before each use.

Final Words

Thank you for reading our review of the six best glass baby bottles. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision about which bottle is best for your little one.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love helping parents find the perfect products for their families!