Is it time to upgrade your outdoor shed flooring?

Interlocking flooring is an alternative flooring solution that can be used in many settings, including outdoor sheds. This flooring system works by interlocking individual tiles together to create a seamless, durable, and water-resistant surface. From wood, stone, and ceramic tiles to durable rubber tile floors - if you're looking for the perfect flooring for your shed, we have just what you need with our top seven picks!

Not sure which material is best for you? We've got that covered too. Check out all of our reviews here so that you can learn about each one's unique benefits and decide which will be best suited to your needs.

Our Process For Selecting These Products

When it comes to outdoor sheds, the flooring can often be overlooked. With so many options out there, finding the right flooring for your outdoor shed can be overwhelming.

Not only do you have to consider the look and feel, but also the temperature, moisture level, and durability of your chosen material. It’s easy to make a mistake and end up with a poor-quality floor that doesn’t stand the test of time.

But there’s no need to worry! After deep research and comparing multiple options, we have compiled a list of the 7 best flooring materials for an outdoor shed that are both stylish and durable, making them perfect for any kind of garden space. With our guide, you can easily pick out the ideal flooring for your outdoor shed!

Best Flooring for Outdoor Shed with Good Load-bearing Capacity

Candockway Flooring for Outdoor Shed 

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What We Love About It

Candockway flooring comes with a good load-bearing capacity and this flooring is constructed using high-density plastic that can withstand heavy loads without compromising its stability and strength.

The use of this material translates into a durable and long-lasting floor that can adapt to harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure to water. The good load-bearing performance of Candockway flooring makes it an ideal solution for those who need to store heavy equipment or vehicles in their outdoor sheds.

It can support the weight of machinery, tools, and other items with ease while providing a safe surface for walking or driving on. Moreover, its lightness adds extra convenience as it makes installation easier and faster than a traditional concrete shed floor.

Important Things to Know

Candockway flooring for outdoor sheds is easy to assemble and disassemble. The innovative interlocking design of the floor makes it simple to put together, meaning that you can have your shed up and running in no time.

This flooring solution comes with three DIY assembly patterns, making it fun for both adults and children to get involved in the installation process. Whether you are setting up a new shed or refurbishing an old one,

The ease of disassembly feature allows you to quickly remove and replace individual tiles as needed without having to dismantle the entire floor. Whether you need to access pipes or cables beneath the surface or simply want to rearrange your shed's layout, this flooring makes it easy to do so without any hassle.

Best Outdoor Flooring That is Easy to Install

MinCHI257 Outdoor Flooring 

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What We Love About It

MinCHI257 outdoor flooring features a click-together design that is like solving a puzzle, making it effortless for anyone to install them without the need for professional help.

Moreover, they are rigid and don't slide around on any surface you put them on. The easy-to-install outdoor flooring is that it saves time and money. With traditional flooring options, homeowners often have to hire professionals who can take days or even weeks to complete the job.

However, with this outdoor flooring, anyone can install it in no time at all. This means that you won't have to pay extra costs for labor or wait around for long periods before enjoying your new space.

Important Things to Know

The MinCHI257 outdoor flooring comes in a perfect 12" length x 12" width x 0.75" height, making it an ideal choice for any indoor or outdoor setting. This interlocking patio tile can also be used as balcony tiles and bathroom tiles. Its flooring size is just thin enough to not obstruct doors while still providing adequate protection against weathering and wear and tear.

Its small size allows you to customize any room according to your requirements without worrying about cutting larger pieces down to fit smaller spaces. Furthermore, the compact size of these interlocking tiles makes them easy to transport and install, even in tight or hard-to-reach areas.

Best Outdoor Flooring with Efficient Drainage System

Goovilla Interlocking Outdoor Flooring 

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What We Love About It

Goovilla interlocking outdoor flooring comes with an efficient drainage system and the cleverly designed tiles feature three drains that effectively channel water away from the surface and prevent any pooling or flooding. This is especially important for areas that experience heavy rainfall as standing water can not only damage the flooring but also create a slip hazard.

With proper airflow and ventilation underneath the tiles, moisture is able to evaporate quickly, reducing the chances of mold and mildew growth. By improving air circulation, this type of flooring can keep your outdoor space cooler during the hot summer months, making it more enjoyable for you and your guests.

Important Things to Know

Goovilla interlocking outdoor flooring is designed with easy-to-clean features that make it hassle-free for homeowners to maintain their outdoor space. With just a water gun or any other cleaning tool, you can easily flush away dirt and grime from the surface, leaving your deck looking brand new.

This low maintenance cost feature is not just convenient but also saves you time and energy while keeping your decking area in top-notch condition. The ease of cleaning helps ensure that your outdoor space stays hygienic and safe for use at all times.

Best Outdoor Flooring That Provides Long-Lasting UV Protection

Flybold Interlocking Outdoor Flooring 

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What We Love About It

The Flybold interlocking outdoor flooring provides long-lasting UV protection. The product is coated with oil and UV protection, making it resistant to weather and fading. UV rays from the sun can cause discoloration and fade in outdoor flooring options over time. With long-lasting UV protection, it will retain its original color for years to come.

The oil coating helps protect against inclement weather conditions like rain and snow; it ensures that water doesn't seep into the surface of the tiles which could lead to rotting or other forms of damage.

Important Things to Know

Flybold interlocking outdoor flooring is made with 100% solid teak wood and teak wood is renowned for its toughness, sturdiness, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The use of 100% solid teak wood plank floor ensures that this interlocking outdoor flooring can endure even the harshest conditions while maintaining its strength and beauty.

Teak wood contains natural oils that make it highly resistant to water damage, decay, insect infestations, and warping. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor flooring as it can withstand rain, snow, hail, or heat without deteriorating in quality or appearance over time.

Best Durable & Practical Outdoor Interlocking Flooring

FresGard Outdoor Interlocking Flooring

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What We Love About It

FresGard outdoor interlocking flooring is specifically designed to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors and maintain its quality throughout its product life. The tiles are made waterproof, which means they can effectively resist moisture, rot, and decay.

In addition, FresGard outdoor interlocking flooring is also very practical. The deck tiles are perforated for drainage, allowing rainwater to flow through easily. This feature makes it easy to clean and maintain the deck tiles since water won't accumulate on them after heavy rain or snowfall.

This drainage design also helps prevent any potential slipping hazards when the deck is wet. Mostly, wooden shed floors are made by using oriented strand board osb that ensures durability.

Important Things to Know

FresGard outdoor interlocking flooring is a versatile and durable flooring solution that is perfect for any outdoor space. Whether you are looking to update your backyard decor, create a beautiful balcony floor, or add a touch of elegance to your patio, this interlocking flooring system has got you covered.

With its wide range of applications and benefits, it is no wonder why so many homeowners are opting for this outdoor interlocking flooring. This tile can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the look and feel of any outdoor space. For example, they can be used as balcony flooring tiles to create an inviting and stylish space for relaxation and entertainment.

They can also be installed around swimming pools, patios, or decks to provide a slip-resistant surface that adds both safety and beauty to your outdoor environment.

Best Outdoor Interlocking Flooring in Unique Design

Sunnygalde Outdoor Interlocking Flooring 

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What We Love About It

Sunnygalde outdoor interlocking wooden shed floor features a unique design that includes four slats per tile, with each tile measuring 12 inches by 12 inches by 0.8 inches. This simple but beautiful design is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

It allows for better drainage compared to other types of flooring available in the market. The small gap between each slat ensures that water can easily flow through, preventing any pooling or stagnant water from forming on top of the tiles. This makes it an ideal choice for areas that receive heavy rainfall or where there's a lot of moisture in the air.

Important Things to Know

One of the key features of this product is its durable platform base, which provides superior stability and support for interlocking tiles. The raised platform base is made from high-quality industrial materials that offer excellent protection against moisture and other environmental factors that can cause damage to wood or other natural materials.

This not only helps to extend the life of the tiles themselves but also ensures that your outdoor flooring stays looking great for years to come. In addition to protecting against moisture and other elements, the durable platform base also offers ample drainage space.

This allows water to flow freely beneath the tiles, preventing standing water from accumulating on top of them and reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Best Non-Slip & Waterproof Outdoor Floor Tiles

Happybuy Outdoor Floor Tiles 

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What We Love About It

Happybuy outdoor floor tiles are non-slip & waterproof and this ensures that people can walk on the tiles without slipping or falling, even in wet conditions. This makes them suitable for use around swimming pools, patios, and other areas that are frequently exposed to water. The waterproof feature means that the tiles do not absorb water which prevents damage from moisture-related issues such as mold and mildew.

These floor tiles can also support heavy loads such as large vehicles like SUVs and pickups without cracking or shifting due to their slip-resistant design. Their four-side loop-to-peg interlocking system also makes installation easy while providing stability to keep the tiles in place.

Important Things to Know

Happybuy outdoor floor tiles offer a sturdy interlocking feature that makes installation hassle-free and stable. The deck tiles' four-sided loop-to-peg interlocking system ensures maximum stability and safety for all users. The sturdy interlocking feature of this floor tile is particularly important in outdoor settings where extreme weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, and other elements can cause the flooring to shift or move around.

With the loop-to-peg interlocking system in place, you won't have to worry about your floor tiles shifting or coming apart during use. This feature provides additional support for heavy furniture and equipment that may be placed on top of the tiles.


Choosing the right flooring for an outdoor shed can be difficult without proper guidance. People who are building or renovating an outdoor shed may have questions and uncertainties about the durability, maintenance, and suitability of different flooring materials.

Choosing flooring that can withstand outdoor conditions, heavy use, and moisture while also being low maintenance is crucial.

That's why, to make it easier for you, we've gathered a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you select the suitable flooring for your outdoor shed. These will assist you in creating a functional and long-lasting space that satisfies your requirements.

What are the best flooring options for an outdoor shed?

One of the best flooring options for outdoor sheds is concrete. It’s strong, durable, and requires very little maintenance. Concrete floors are also resistant to moisture which makes them perfect for areas that experience high humidity or rainfall. They can be painted with concrete paint to add extra protection against oil spills and stains.

Another option is pressure-treated wood. This type of wood is designed specifically for outdoor plywood floor options and has been treated with chemicals that resist rotting and insect infestation.

How do I protect my shed floor from moisture?

One of the best ways to protect your shed floor from moisture is by installing tiles with a raised platform base. The small gap between each tile allows water to easily flow through and prevents any pooling or stagnant water from forming on top of the tiles. 

If your shed floor is made of concrete, then you can seal it with a waterproof coating to provide extra protection against moisture. Adding rugs or mats to the inside of the shed will help absorb any excess moisture that may be present.

What is the average lifespan of different outdoor shed flooring materials?

The average lifespan of different outdoor shed flooring materials can vary significantly. Concrete is one of the most durable and longest-lasting flooring materials, with an expected life span of up to 40-50 years. 

Pressure-treated wood has a slightly shorter lifespan but still offers around 20-25 years of protection. Tiles with a raised platform base are also very durable and can last for up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

How do I maintain and clean the flooring in my outdoor shed?

Cleaning and maintaining the flooring in your outdoor shed is relatively easy. For concrete flooring, simply sweep away any dirt or debris with a broom and mop up any spills immediately using warm soapy water. 

Pressure-treated wood should be swept clean at least once every two weeks and treated with a sealant annually for added protection. Tiles with a raised platform base should be swept regularly and wiped down with a damp cloth.

Can I install hardwood flooring in my outdoor shed?

Hardwood flooring is not recommended for outdoor sheds due to its susceptibility to moisture-related damage such as warping and rot. Instead, opt for concrete, pressure-treated wood, or tiles with a raised platform base that are designed specifically for use in outdoor settings.

What is the cost range for different types of outdoor shed flooring materials?

The cost of outdoor shed flooring materials will depend on the type and quality of the material you choose. Concrete is the most affordable option with prices starting at around $2-4 per square foot for a concrete slab. Pressure-treated wood can range from $3-6 per square foot while tiles with a raised platform base usually start at around $5-7 per square foot.

Are there any specific considerations for shed flooring in areas with extreme temperatures?

Yes. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, it is important to choose flooring materials that can withstand heat and cold. Concrete and pressure-treated wood are both suitable for such climates as they do not expand or contract with changing temperatures. 

Tiles with a raised platform base should also be chosen carefully as some materials may not be able to withstand extreme temperatures.

What is the recommended thickness for shed flooring materials?

The recommended thickness for shed flooring materials will depend on the type of material you choose. For concrete, a minimum thickness of 4 inches is recommended to ensure a strong and durable floor. Pressure-treated plywood should be at least 1 inch thick while tiles with a raised platform base can vary from 0.5 to 2 inches thick depending on their design.

Can I use the regular carpet for my shed flooring?

No, it is not recommended to use regular carpet for your shed flooring as carpets are not designed to withstand the elements. Instead, use a carpet specifically designed for outdoor use that is more durable and weather-resistant.

Are there any specific safety precautions I should consider when installing shed flooring?

Yes. When installing shed floor covering, you should always take the necessary safety precautions such as wearing protective equipment and using appropriate tools for the job. 

Ensure that all materials used are of high quality and have been treated with chemicals that resist rotting and insect infestation.

What should I do if my shed floor gets damaged?

If your shed floor gets damaged, it is important to repair or replace it as soon as possible. Depending on the type of material used, you may be able to make repairs yourself or hire a professional for a more extensive job.

Can I install the flooring myself, or should I hire a professional for the job?

It is possible to install the flooring in your shed yourself, however, it is generally recommended to hire a professional for the job. A professional installer will have the experience and know-how to ensure that your shed floor is properly installed and will last for years to come.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right interlocking flooring for your outdoor shed by considering multiple shed flooring ideas can be a difficult decision to make - and an even more difficult installation process if you try to go the DIY route. Researching all the shed flooring options takes time, effort, and energy, and not every option will fit into everyone's budget or requirements.

Hopefully, this article has provided some insight into what types of outdoor shed floors are available and how they differ in terms of flooring material, installation methods, and pricing. As always, safety should come as the first priority – no matter what kind of concrete floor you choose, make sure it is rated for shed floor coverings in your climate specifically.