Looking for a pair of sewing scissors that can cut through even the most delicate fabrics with ease?

From flexible curved stainless steel blades and mini thread snips, we have reviewed some of the best embroidery scissors available on the market today! Featuring precision cutting capabilities and comfortable-to-handle designs, these are sure to give you everything needed for incredibly detailed craftsmanship. Plus they look as good as your designs will!

You’ll be able to confidently work with contrasting piping edges, intricate detailing, or applique pieces without worrying about damaging fabrics during those delicate cuts. Look no further than our selection – designed specifically with fine work in mind.

How Do We Choose the Best Options

It can be hard to know which embroidery scissors are the best for your needs.

There are a lot of different embroidery scissors on the market, and it can be tough to determine which ones are the best for your needs.

We've done the research for you. After testing dozens of embroidery scissors, we've determined that these three are the best for most people.

Best Embroidery Scissors Made of Stainless Steel

Hagupit Embroidery Scissors 

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Why We Like It

For high-quality embroidery and craft projects, look no further than our Hagupit embroidery scissors. These precision shears are made from stainless steel – a dependable and long-lasting material known for its resistance to corrosion, rust, and damage from wear and tear.

Plus, the stainless steel construction provides added strength and durability so you can use these scissors with confidence on any project or material. With their pointed blades that are sharpened to a fine cutting edge, these lightweight scissors will quickly and cleanly snip through threads without causing jagged or frayed edges. Easily maneuver around curves without slipping or slipping out of your grasp thanks to their comfortable ergonomic handle design.

Things You Should Know

The Hagupit embroidery scissors are incredibly versatile, and able to be used for crafting, sewing, cutting fabric, and more.

With a sharp edge for snipping threads and cutting paper for scrapbooking projects, as well as a blunt tip perfect for trimming intricate quilts and delicate cross stitches, you'll never be without the right tool.

It's also the ideal choice for beauty needs such as eyebrow or cuticle trimming - perfect if you're looking for a multi-purpose tool. Ultimately, the Hagupit scissors are an invaluable addition to any crafter or tailor's toolkit!

Best Embroidery Scissors with Slender Blades

Fiskars Embroidery Scissors 

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Why We Like It

Introducing the Fiskars embroidery scissors – the perfect companion for projects large and small! This high-quality tool is specifically designed to make your work easier, faster, and more precise.

Crafted with slender blades, these scissors feature a slim profile that will easily fit in your hand while still allowing you to maneuver fabric with great precision. The finely honed blades are both durable and razor-sharp, offering excellent cutting performance from start to finish.

These embroidery scissors make detail work a breeze! Their slender blades can easily cut through tight stitching without snagging or compromising the project’s integrity. With an improved ability to manipulate fabric and intricate details, you’ll be able to give every project a professional look in no time at all.

Things You Should Know

Fiskars embroidery sharp scissors are the perfect combination of beauty and durability, with their sophisticated gold-plated handle and double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade coating.

Not only does the gold plating create a stunning appearance, but it also prevents the handle from tarnishing or rusting which can extend the life of the product. That is the reason they are people's favorite embroidery scissors.

In addition, double coating of chrome over nickel strengthens the blade’s edge while creating a striking visual effect, allowing you to show off your craftsmanship with confidence. They offer an impressive combination of comfort, precision, and strength and are designed to last through countless projects.

Best Embroidery Scissors with Leather Sheath

Fiskars Embroidery Scissors 

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Why We Like It

If you’re looking for high-quality embroidery scissors, we recommend Fiskars'. Carefully crafted with ease of use in mind, these expertly designed scissors will effortlessly transport you through even the most intricate of projects.

What makes these beautiful embroidery scissors really stand out, however, is their leather sheath.

Not only does this offer a convenient way to carry them around without any damage to either your fabric or the scissors, but it also adds an extra level of safety when storing them at home or in your bag and it is great for machine embroidery.

This added protection won’t just keep your project and equipment from harm—it will also ensure that you are kept safe from any unfortunate accidents that could arise as a result of accidentally misplacing them. So get yourself a pair of high-quality Fiskars embroidery scissors today for maximum craftsmanship and peace of mind!

Things You Should Know

Fiskars embroidery scissors are an essential tool for any crafter or seamstress. Whether you are a professional sewist or a budding needleworker, the sharp blades and easy grip of Fiskars' product make it the perfect tool for small, precise cuts in fabric, thread, and yarn!

These scissors come with an unbeatable offer - a lifetime warranty with proof of purchase.  This is an essential feature, as it guarantees a lifetime of reliable use and avoids any hassle of having to buy replacements.


You're considering buying a new pair of embroidery scissors, but you're not sure which ones are best for your needs.

Buying the right pair of embroidery scissors can be confusing because there are so many different types available on the market.

Our FAQs about the different embroidery scissors will help you decide which type of scissors is best for your needs. We explain the differences between all the different types of scissors, so you can choose the pair that's perfect for you.

What are embroidery scissors used for?

Embroidery scissors are an invaluable tool for any avid embroiderer. Known for their durability and versatility, these specialized scissors provide accuracy and precision when cutting thread, yarn, or fabric. 

With a small, curved blade and sharp points, they safely cut intricate details while minimizing damage to the fabric. Embroidery scissors have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the increasing prevalence of handmade crafts and the need for intricate designs that require precision cuts.

Can embroidery scissors cut fabric?

Embroidery scissors can be used to cut fabric! This is particularly useful due to their sharper tips that create more precise and intricate cuts compared to other embroidery scissors. 

Some caution must be exercised, however, as the thin blades on embroidery scissors are not suitable for sturdy types of fabric such as fleece or thick denim. When used on appropriate materials these specialty scissors make quick work of cutting fabric with beautiful results!

Why are embroidery scissors curved?

Embroidery scissor's curved shape ensures that fabric won't be accidentally cut as it is manipulated around the blades during stitching. A curved blade shape also helps provide a stronger cutter with steadier manipulation than a straight edge, due to its ability to capture more material in the curve, making finer cuts easier and more precise. 

The ergonomic handles of embroidery scissors help maintain control during intricate cutting tasks and make them comfortable to use over long periods of time.

Can you sharpen the embroidery scissors?

Yes, it is possible to sharpen embroidery scissors. The best method for doing so involves a small number of steps and requires very few supplies. Using sharpening stones, a dedicated sharpening cloth, or even sandpaper can help to make the blades of the scissors like new again. While it may take a little bit of time and effort, whenever you're in a pinch and facing dull embroidery scissors, sharpening them yourself is an easy solution!

Can you use embroidery scissors on yarn?

Yes, you can use embroidery scissors to cut yarn. In fact, many crafters prefer to because it offers a cleaner cut than regular scissors. Many embroidery scissors feature sharp tips that can easily snip yarn for intricate projects. 

With the right tools, crafting with yarn can be made faster and easier. However, it’s important to remember that these special scissors are meant solely for cutting thread, floss, and thin plastic pieces such as buttons—so be sure not to use them on anything else!

What are the five embroidery tools?

The five most essential embroidery tools are

1) An embroidery hoop, which is used to keep your fabric taut and in place during stitching.

2) Embroidery scissors, such as (Fiskars, Hagupit, Stork embroidery scissors or vintage style scissors) which are specifically designed for cutting thread, cutting jump stitches, yarn, and fabric with precision. These scissors especially stork scissors provide years of hassle-free work.

3) Embroidery machines, which come in a variety of sizes and types.

4) An embroidery needle threader, which helps to pull the thread through the eye of a needle effortlessly.

5) Embroidery floss, which is used to create colorful designs. With these five tools, you can create beautiful pieces with ease.


No matter which pair of scissors you choose, always remember to take good care of them. These little tools are designed to make your stitching quicker and easier, but only if they’re well-maintained. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed our detailed reviews of the three best embroidery scissors on the market today.