Embroidery can be challenging but with the right tools, it doesn't have to be.

With so many types of needles on the market, weaving together a masterpiece may seem daunting. But finding the perfect needle for your project should not be a chore! Our guide is here to help you choose from 7 top-rated embroidery needles sorted by skill level and craft type so that you can find what's best suited for your needs in no time. We have all the information you need from manufacturers' warranties to sharp tips or large eyes - whatever your project requires!

You deserve an effortless experience when crafting those intricate designs. Get ready for smooth sailing when stitching and don’t let mismatched supplies get between you and beautiful artwork! By investing in our reviews today, you'll save yourself plenty of time sifting through endless options online. Plus our guide helps make sure that every piece bursts with vibrant colors and high-quality details – each stitch at a time.

How These Products Make Our List

It can be hard to know which embroidery needle is the best for your project.

Different projects require different types of needles, and it can be tough to figure out which one you need.

We've done the hard work for you and picked the 7 best embroidery needles for all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we have the perfect needle for your next project.

Best Embroidery Needles with Plastic Bottle

Jnenery Embroidery Needles 

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Why We Love This Product

Introducing Jnenery embroidery needles, the perfect solution for all your embroidery needs! Crafted from high-quality materials and precision-designed for perfect results every time, these needles are sure to make every project a breeze.

But that's not all! With these embroidery needles, you also get something extra - a convenient plastic bottle for easy storage and transport of your needles. Not only does this durable plastic keep your needles safe and secure, but it also features an ergonomic design for effortless carrying.

Plus the vibrant colors ensure you never lose one of your precious tools. So now your needles not only look great when you're using them; they will be kept stylishly organized too!

What You Must Know

Working with leather can be a daunting task, but the Jnenery embroidery needles make it easier! With a revolutionary design, these needles are perfect for sewing leather, making them ideal for when you want to craft beautiful wallets, belts, or other items.

The stable material also ensures that they keep their shape even when you’re pushing them through multiple layers of material - as opposed to traditional needles that lose their shape after a while.

Plus, it allows you to penetrate thicker pieces of fabric without snagging or shredding. A must-have accessory for any serious leather crafter!

Best Embroidery Needles with Aluminum Storage Tube

Kyuewrt Embroidery Needles 

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Why We Love This Product

It’s not easy to find the perfect needle for your embroidery projects – but we think we've found the perfect solution with Kyuewrt embroidery needles! These needles are made with high-quality materials and come with an aluminum storage tube, keeping them safe from punctures and dirt.

The lightness of the aluminum ensures that you can take them anywhere, while the airtight lid ensures that they stay sharp and protected throughout their lifetime. The ease of use provided by this product makes it a great option for all embroidery needs.

Start creating beautiful embroidered fabrics with precision and accuracy today – trust us when we say you'll be glad you chose Kyuewrt!

What You Must Know

Many needle crafters are always looking for ways to make the stitching process easier, and the Kyuewrt embroidery needles can do just that!

These versatile needles have a special groove, so they can easily be threaded with yarns of all sizes - even thicker fibers than most other regular needles.

You don't need a threader or any help to get your yarn through smoothly; these Kyuewrt embroidery needles take care of it all in less time than it takes to blink! They're truly an invaluable tool for any serious needle crafter.

Best Embroidery Needles with Large Eyes

Clover Embroidery Needles 

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Why We Love This Product

Introducing the Clover embroidery needles! These needles are perfect for novice, intermediate, and professional embroiderers alike. With large eyes and a smooth finish, these needles will glide through any fabric with ease.

The increased eye size of these needles makes threading simpler, saving time and frustration. Additionally, larger eyes facilitate bulky threads like wool or large strands of pearls that may be too large for other needles to handle.

The diminutive and lightweight design allows you to maneuver around intricate patterns with ease and maximal accuracy. Don’t worry about them bending or breaking as these are extremely strong and durable needles, able to withstand even the most rigorous stitching conditions.

What You Must Know

The Clover embroidery needles are a popular choice among crafts lovers looking for an easy way to create beautiful embroidery materials. It's designed with a sharp point that enables you to navigate through the material easily.

Moreover, the Clover needles come in various sizes which makes them perfect for any project size. Mainly, these embroidery needles are used for cotton or ribbon embroidery, although they can also be used on wool appliqué and ribbon work.

The high quality of these needles ensures long durability and good performance even after numerous uses. Ultimately, whether you're an experienced crafter or just starting out your creations, these embroidery needles offer an easy and effective way to make your projects look their best.

Best Embroidery Needles Made of Alloy Steel

Flrhsjx Embroidery Needles 

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Why We Love This Product

Introducing Flrhsjx embroidery needles – the perfect solution for all your creative projects. These needles are made of alloy steel, which makes them stronger and significantly more durable than any other needle on the market.

This means your designs will stand tough against wear and tear and last for a long time – even with frequent use! The special alloy used to make these needles also gives them an additional advantage in terms of temperature control.

You can keep your needle heated up without risking softening or weakening the tip, so you can finish your intricate designs even faster. These beautiful needles come in various sizes to suit any type of project and they’re designed to feel light and comfortable in your hands while still being strong enough to get the job done quickly.

What You Must Know

When it comes to the Flrhsjx embroidery needles, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, both chenille needles and tapestry needles are included in the set. Chenille needles are great for embroidery that requires heavier thread, while tapestry needles, which have a blunt point at the end of them, are perfect for cross stitch and other intricate designs.

Whatever type of embroidery you want to do can be done with this convenient set. The possibilities are endless; your only limitation is your imagination.

Best Embroidery Needles That are Rust Proof

DMC Embroidery Needles 

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Why We Love This Product

Introducing the DMC embroidery needles - your go-to choice in needles for all of your creative projects! These rust-proof embroidery needles are made with high-quality material to ensure that they stay rust-free, even through those hours of intense stitching.

Unlike other low-grade needles that can corrode and tarnish after just a few uses, these embroidery needles are designed to last – so when you put hours into mastering that perfect stitch, it’s not gone in just a few days.

With the perfect blend of quality and convenience, these DMC embroidery needles create the ideal tool for anyone out there looking for an extra boost in crafting success.

What You Must Know

DMC embroidery needles are premium-grade nickel-plated that are a superior choice for all your embroidery projects. Not only are they made of durable and rust-resistant metals, but the added nickel coating reduces drag on each stitch, making for an even sewing experience.

This particular type of needle will not only provide you with better control, but it can also protect against fraying or breaking with more intricate stitches. Additionally, the nickel plating makes it easier to slide fabric over the needle without tugging or snagging.

With these additional benefits, it’s no wonder so many experienced sewers have made premium-grade nickel-plated DMC embroidery needles their go-to choice stitch after stitch.

Best Embroidery Needles with Needle Threader

Yuran Embroidery Needles 

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Why We Love This Product

If you’re looking for an efficient and precise way to embroider, look no further than Yuran embroidery needles! These needles are designed to make each of your projects successful.

Crafted with longevity in mind, these needles not only stay sharp and intact longer but offer superior control that nevertheless feels light in your hand.

But what really sets our needles apart is the handy needle threader feature which saves time by automatically pushing the thread through the eye of the needle while allowing users to easily switch between threads during their stitching process.

It’s just one click away, with a flexible wire loop constructed into each needle that already performs half of the job!

What You Must Know

Yuran embroidery needles have been at the forefront of modern needlework for years. What people may not know is that it also comes with a plastic needle threader.

This needle threader helps to save time and simplify the tedious task of threading different-sized needles, making cross-stitching less daunting and more enjoyable. The plastic material makes it strong enough to easily loop through a variety of fabrics, such as quilting cotton or linen.

It also gives the right amount of tension needed when inserting and securing threads easily – so you can spend more time stitching, and less time fiddling! With all these benefits, Yuran embroidery needles offer an easy and effective solution for any stitching project.

Best Embroidery Needles with Wooden Needle Case

Febsnow Embroidery Needles 

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Why We Love This Product

Febsnow embroidery needles are the perfect accessory for every needlework enthusiast! The included wooden needle case allows you to easily store and identify your needles, avoiding misplacing them.

The natural wood material is both sturdy and lightweight, protecting the sharp tips of your needles from any damage or bending. It makes organization easier than ever, letting you choose the exact type of needle you need in no time.

In addition to these practical benefits, these classic tools also make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any workspace. With Febsnow embroidery needles, you'll enjoy a professional finish on all your creative projects!

What You Must Know

The Febsnow embroidery needles are a great tool for anyone looking to tackle any kind of craft project. From stitching, sewing and even crafting, these needles work well for a variety of tasks such as hand sewing, darning, and thin leather projects.

The needles come in different sizes and thicknesses for your convenience, so you can choose which one best fits the size and strength of thread needed for the job.

So next time you need some extra help with that special project of yours, be sure to check out the Febsnow embroidery needles!


You're considering buying some embroidery needles, but you don't know what to look for.

Buying the right embroidery needles can be confusing because there are so many different types available.

We've put together a list of the most common questions we get about embroidery needles to help make your decision easier.

What type of needle is used for embroidery?

Embroidery needles have a long, sharp point and an eye that is larger than other types of needles, making it easier to thread yarn or thread through the eye. Embroidery needles come in a variety of sizes, from fine to extra-large, depending on the type of fabric and thread you are using. Generally speaking, finer threads require smaller needles while thicker threads require larger needles.

Are embroidery needles different than regular needles?

Yes, embroidery needles are different than regular needles. Embroidery needles have a larger eye than regular sewing needles, allowing for thicker threads to be used. Additionally, the tip of an embroidery needle is slightly more rounded and blunted than that of a regular sewing needle. This allows the needle to pass through the fabric more easily while still providing enough grip on the thread to form stitches. The shaft of an embroidery needle is also longer and thinner than a regular sewing needle.

How do I choose embroidery needles?

There are a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from, so it is important to understand the characteristics of each type before purchasing. Embroidery needles come in multiple sizes, ranging from 8-12 (8 being super thin) and they all have different uses. Additionally, there are different shapes available such as sharps or between, and different materials like steel or nickel plating that can affect not only the overall performance of your needle but also which type of fabric you should use them on.

What size needles are best for embroidery?

The size of the needle you should use for embroidery depends on the type of fabric and thread you are using. Generally, a size 7-9 embroidery needle is best for most fabrics and threads. However, if you are using heavier threads or fabrics, such as denim or canvas, then a size 8-10 needle may be more appropriate.

Some of the best embroidery needles are Kyuewrt embroidery needles, Clover embroidery needles, DMC embroidery needles, and Sewline Tulip embroidery needles.

Can you use sewing needles for embroidery?

No, sewing needles are not suitable for embroidery. Embroidery needles differ from sewing needles they are specially designed to work with different types of thread and fabric, whereas sewing needles are designed for heavier fabrics such as denim and canvas. Embroidery needles have a larger eye than sewing needles which allows the thread to be easily passed through the needle and also makes it easier to pull the needle through the fabric when stitching.

Does needle size matter in embroidery?

Needle size does matter in embroidery. The size of the needle you use will depend on the type of fabric and thread you are using. The size of the needle also affects how easily your thread passes through the fabric and can impact the overall look of your project. if you use a too-large needle with a lightweight fabric, it may create holes that are too large and end up ruining your design. 

What is the best tension for embroidery?

The best tension for embroidery depends on the type of fabric and thread being used. For most fabrics, a medium-tension setting is recommended. This will allow the thread to form nice, even stitches without too much strain on the fabric or thread. If you are using thicker threads or heavier fabrics, a higher tension may be necessary to ensure that the stitches stay in place. On the other hand, if you are using lighter threads and fabrics, a lower tension can help prevent puckering and distortion of the fabric.

How often should I change my embroidery needle?

It is recommended to change your needle after every project or after 8-10 hours of stitching. If you are using metallic threads, you should change your needle more frequently as they can cause damage to the eye of the needle. Additionally, if you notice that your stitches are not forming properly or that the thread is fraying, then it is a sign that you need to replace your needle.

What speed should you embroider?

Speed is an important factor to consider when it comes to successful embroidery. Many experienced embroiderers agree that the best speed for embroidering is around 600-700 stitches per minute. That said, depending on the type of fabric and the thickness of thread being used, different speeds may be suitable.

How many stitches can an embroidery needle do?

The number of stitches your needle can do depends on the type and size of your needle. For example, smaller size 11 needles are best for fine detail work and will allow you to make a maximum of 40-50 stitches per inch. This means that if you need to create intricate patterns or designs, using a smaller needle size will help ensure accuracy and precision. On the other hand, larger size 18 beading needles are great for thicker materials like denim or canvas and can accommodate up to 20-25 stitches per inch.

Does higher string tension mean more power?

Higher string tensions do provide more power, allowing embroiderers to penetrate thicker or denser fabrics without difficulty. This is why choosing the right type of needle is essential; larger needles with wider eyes are best suited for materials with a lot of durabilities, while smaller needles with sharper points are ideal for lighter fabrics. Using a higher string tension along with one of these specialized sharp needles will help ensure maximum power and accuracy when stitching any design.

Which needle size is less painful?

The larger the needle size, the more comfortable it will be to work with. This is because large crewel needles have a bigger eye that makes threading easier and helps reduce friction on your hands as you stitch. Additionally, large needles create bigger holes in the fabric for the embroidery thread to pass through more easily - making them ideal for embroidery projects where comfort is key.

What material can you not embroider?

Leather is one example of a material that you cannot use to create an embroidered design. Leather tends to be thick and stiff, which makes it difficult to stitch into without special tools and techniques. Additionally, the leather's texture can cause the thread to fray or break during the embroidering process. Furthermore, leather breaks down quickly when exposed to moisture or heat that may come from using a colonial needle or ironing the fabric after stitching.

Summing It Up

No matter what your level of expertise is, we hope that this guide has helped you understand a little more about hand embroidery needles and find the perfect one for your projects. With so many different types and sizes of needles available on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to choose just one! We’ve made things easy for you by narrowing down the field to seven of the best options out there. So go forth and stitch with confidence, knowing that you’re using the best needle possible for the job. Thanks for reading!