Are you tired of the usual daily stressors associated with giving your pup a bath?

We know how tricky it can be to choose the right dry dog shampoo for bath times! Dry dog shampoos come in a powder dog dry shampoo or spray form and can be applied directly to your dog's coat. They are especially useful for dogs who don't enjoy bath time, those with sensitive skin, or those who are prone to allergies.

We’ve come up with 6 of the best products on the market for you. Our selection promises to make your bathing experience easier, faster, and gentler than ever before - all while still leaving your pup feeling nice, clean, and looking great.

With our top picks, you can enjoy a calm bathtime experience that leaves both you and your pet feeling relaxed. Each product is formulated using ultra-gentle ingredients that won't leave any residue or cause itchiness after application so this is one bath session where everyone will truly come out winning!

How We Selected The Best Options

We know that when it comes to giving our furry friends a bath, some of us are less than eager. All the time and mess that goes into a full shampoo can be overwhelming.

You don’t want your pup to suffer from smelly fur, or worse yet, an infection due to lack of proper bathing, but it’s hard to know what dry shampoo is the right choice for your pup.

That’s why we put in the hard work and picked out the 6 best dog dry shampoos on the market, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong. Now all you need to do is choose one that fits your budget and pup’s needs, and you can trust that your pup is happy and healthy!

Best Waterless Dog Shampoo That is Formulated for Sensitive Skin

Bodhi Dog Waterless Dog Shampoo 

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Why We Picked It

Bodhi dog waterless dog shampoo is a game-changer for pet owners offering a gentle formula that's specifically designed for sensitive skin. The dry pet shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients that are 100% detergent-free and non-toxic.

This means that it's safe to use on dogs of all breeds and ages. The sensitive skin formula in this shampoo ensures that your pet doesn't suffer from any allergic reactions or irritations. It contains natural ingredients like chamomile extract and aloe vera, which soothe the skin while effectively removing dirt and odor.

Thing To Know

Bodhi Dog waterless dog shampoo is not only a convenient solution for busy pet owners, but it also boasts eco-friendly features that make it a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals. The product is made with recycled materials, which reduces the amount of waste in landfills and contributes to a more sustainable future.

The formula is biodegradable and does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm the environment or your furry friend. By choosing an eco-friendly waterless dog shampoo like Bodhi Dog, you are not only taking care of your pet's hygiene needs but also doing your part in protecting the planet.

Best Dry Shampoo with 4 Natural Ingredients

Mighty Mutt Dry Shampoo 

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Why We Picked It

Mighty mutt dry shampoo has quickly become a favorite among fur parents, thanks to its natural ingredients that work wonders on their pets' coats. This dry shampoo is made up of four key natural ingredients - baking soda, cornstarch, lavender oil, and peppermint oil.

These ingredients are carefully chosen for their unique properties that help to keep the pet's hair healthy and clean. Baking soda is a powerful ingredient in this dry shampoo that helps to absorb excess oils and eliminate any unpleasant odors.

Cornstarch acts as an absorbent agent by absorbing the dirt and excess oils from your pet's coat while preventing your pet from scratching or licking itself too much. Lavender oil is known for its soothing properties on both humans and animals alike; it helps calm anxious pets while leaving their coats smelling good.

Thing To Know

With its anti-itch and soothing features, Mighty Mutt dry shampoo offers a quick and easy way to keep your dog's coat clean and soft without the hassle of water, soap, or rinsing.

Mighty Mutt's dry shampoo formula contains natural ingredients that help alleviate itchiness and irritation while also leaving your dog smelling fresh and clean. With this dry shampoo, you no longer have to worry about your dog scratching or rubbing against objects due to itchy skin caused by dirt build-up.

The anti-itch properties in the shampoo work wonder in eliminating bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that cause discomfort for dogs with sensitive skin. The soothing agents of this dry shampoo helps improve blood circulation on your pet’s coat which ultimately promotes healthy skin.

Best Waterless Dog Shampoo with No-rinse Formula

TropiClean Waterless Dog Shampoo 

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Why We Picked It

TropiClean waterless dog rinse shampoo with no-rinse formula is specially formulated to provide quick and easy cleanup for those in-between bath days.

The no-rinse formula is one of the most appealing features of this product, as it saves you the hassle of dealing with water and soap during every grooming session. The no-rinse formula in a waterless dog shampoo cannot be overemphasized.

It helps to reduce the amount of time spent on grooming your pet while still getting rid of dirt and odor from their coat. It makes it easier to groom dogs that are not particularly fond of water by eliminating the need for rinsing after applying the shampoo.

Thing To Know

One of the most important things to know about TropiClean waterless dog shampoo is that it is soap and dye-free. This means that not only will your dog smell great after use, but they won't be exposed to harsh chemicals or artificial dyes that could irritate their skin.

The lack of soap in this waterless dog shampoo also means that there's no need for rinsing, making it an ideal solution for dogs who hate getting wet or are afraid of running water.

Best Pet-Friendly Waterless Shampoo with Oatmeal Formula

Wahl Pet-Friendly Waterless Shampoo 

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Why We Picked It

Wahl pet-friendly waterless shampoo with oatmeal formula has become a go-to grooming product for pet owners everywhere. The oatmeal formula is one of the primary reasons why this shampoo is so popular among pet lovers. This formula offers many benefits that make it perfect for pets with sensitive skin or allergies.

Its ability to soothe and moisturize dry, itchy skin. Oatmeal works by creating a protective barrier on the skin that locks in moisture, thereby hydrating and preventing further irritation. This makes it an ideal ingredient for pets with allergies or dry skin conditions.

Thing To Know

Wahl pet-friendly waterless shampoo is an alcohol-free formula that offers a unique and effective way of keeping dogs clean without the need for water. This specially formulated shampoo is not only gentle on your dog's skin but also helps to remove dirt, odors, and other impurities from their coat.

Unlike other pet shampoos that contain high levels of alcohol, which can irritate and dry out your dog's sensitive skin, this shampoo ensures a gentle yet effective cleansing experience for your furry friend. With its easy-to-use spray bottle design, this waterless shampoo is perfect for on-the-go grooming needs.

Best Dry Shampoo for Dogs That Helps in Odor Control with Baking Soda

Arm & Hammer Dry Shampoo 

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Why We Picked It

Arm & Hammer's dry shampoo for dogs is a must-have for any pet owner who wants to keep their furry friend smelling great in between baths. This waterless dog shampoo spray includes baking soda, which naturally controls and removes dog odors without causing any irritation or discomfort to your pet.

The use of baking soda as an odor-control agent is a unique feature of this dry shampoo that sets it apart from other products on the market. The helps in odor control feature works by neutralizing odors at the source rather than simply masking them.

Baking soda has been used for decades as an all-natural deodorizer and cleaner, making it an ideal ingredient for this dry shampoo. Its effectiveness at eliminating unwanted smells makes it perfect for use after walks or playtime when your dog may be smelling less than fresh.

Thing To Know

Arm & Hammer has developed a unique formula that is pH balanced specifically for dogs and free from parabens and sulfates. Parabens are synthetic preservatives commonly used in many personal care products like shampoos and conditioners, but they can be harmful to both humans and animals.

They can cause skin irritation, rashes, allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances in the body, and even cancer in some cases. It's made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your dog's coat while still effectively removing dirt, oil, and odors. It also helps to reduce shedding by keeping the coat healthy and nourished without stripping away essential oils.

Best Dry Dog Shampoo with Gentle Citrus Scent Formula

Pawstruck Dry Dog Shampoo 

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Why We Picked It

Pawstruck dry dog shampoo with gentle citrus scent formula provides numerous benefits that make it stand out from other dry shampoos on the market.

Gentle citrus scent formula leaves your dog smelling fresh and clean without any overpowering fragrances. Many dry shampoos use strong fragrances to mask unpleasant odors, but these can often be too overwhelming for both pets and their owners.

The subtle citrus scent in this formula helps eliminate any unwanted odors while keeping your dog smelling natural and fresh.

Thing To Know

Pawstruck dry dog shampoo is a truly natural, biodegradable, and cruelty-free solution to keeping your furry friend clean and fresh. With its non-GMO ingredients, this dry shampoo is not only safe for your pet but also environmentally friendly. Non-GMO ingredients are those that have not been genetically modified in any way.

This means that they are free from any artificial alterations or chemicals that could harm your dog's health. The use of non-GMO ingredients also ensures the safety of the environment since these products break down easily, leaving no harmful residues behind.


Figuring out which dry shampoo to buy for your pup can be a challenge.

With so many options on the market, you don’t know what’s best for your four-legged friend. You want to make sure he gets the perfect product without wasting money or compromising his safety.

That’s where we come in! Our furry experts have put together a comprehensive section of FAQs that answers everything you need to know about our dog dry shampoos.

What is a dry shampoo for dogs?

Dry shampoo for dogs is a product designed to help keep your pup clean and smelling fresh without the need for a full bath. It works by absorbing dirt, oil, and other debris from the fur and skin of your dog. It also helps to reduce shedding and leaves your pup's coat looking shiny and healthy.

Which dry shampoo is best for dogs?

When it comes to finding the best dry shampoo for your dog, there are a few important features to consider. Look for a product that is specifically formulated for dogs. Human shampoos can be too harsh and dry on a dog’s skin and coat.

You want to make sure the dry shampoo is easy to use. Look for one that is aerosol-free so you don’t have to worry about any mess or residue. Finally, find one that contains natural ingredients such as oatmeal and aloe vera which will help soothe your pup’s skin and provide gentle cleansing without irritating their coat.

Does dry dog shampoo really work?

Yes, dry dog shampoo does work. It is a great way to keep your pup clean and smelling fresh between baths. Dry shampoos are designed to absorb dirt, oil, and odors from your pet's fur without the use of water. Simply spray the product onto your dog’s coat and massage it in. The shampoo will then absorb oils and dirt from their fur, leaving them with a pleasant scent.

Do I need to rinse off dry shampoo after bathing my dog?

It is not necessary to rinse off dry shampoo after bathing your dog. Dry shampoo is formulated to be non-rinse, meaning that it will not require rinsing off in order to be effective. However, if you want to ensure that all of the product has been removed from your dog’s coat, you can rinse it with warm water.

Does dry shampoo help with dog smell?

Yes, dry shampoo can help with dog smell. It is an effective way to remove odors from the fur and skin of your pet. Dry shampoo works by absorbing the oils and dirt that cause odor, leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean

How often can I dry-shampoo my dog?

Dry shampooing your dog is a great way to keep them clean and smelling fresh between baths. However, it is important to be aware of how often you are dry shampooing your dog. You should only use dry shampoo on your dog once every 2-4 weeks. This will ensure that the natural oils of their coat are not stripped away, which can lead to skin irritation and hair loss.

Is dry shampoo safe for dogs?

Yes, dry shampoo is generally safe for dogs. It's an effective way to clean your pup without using water. Dry shampoo is a great solution when you don't have access to a bathtub or hose and it can help keep your pup smelling fresh between baths.

Can I use baby powder as a dry shampoo on my dog?

No, you should not use baby powder as a dry shampoo on your dog. Baby powder is made from talc, which can be dangerous when inhaled by your pet. In addition, baby powder is not designed to clean your dog’s fur and skin. Instead, it will just coat the fur with a layer of powder that may contain fragrances or other irritants that could be harmful to your pet.

Is baking soda safe to use as a dry shampoo on my dog?

Baking soda can be used as a dry shampoo on your dog, but it is important to use it correctly and in moderation. If used too often, baking soda can cause skin irritation and other issues.

Is waterless dog shampoo good for dogs?

Waterless dog shampoo can be a great alternative for dog owners who are short on time or don’t have access to a bathtub. It is designed to be used without water and can effectively clean and deodorize your pup’s coat.

Is dry dog shampoo better than washing?

Dry dog shampoo can be a great alternative to washing your pet in between baths. It is an effective way to clean and deodorize your pup’s coat without the need for water or bathtubs. However, it is important to remember that regular bathing with soap and water is still essential for optimal skin and coat health.

Is it OK to bathe a dog daily with dry shampoo?

No, it is not recommended to bathe your dog daily with dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are designed to be used in between baths and should not replace regular bathing with warm water and soap. Overbathing your pup can strip away the natural oils from their coat and lead to skin irritation or other issues.


In conclusion, making bath time more stress-free for both you and your pup has never been easier! With the help of any one of these 6 best dry dog shampoos, you’re sure to have a much more enjoyable experience next time it’s wash day.

From sprays that don’t compromise on cleaning power to coat refreshers that will leave your pup soft and smelling fabulous, you now have all the tools to ensure a perfectly clean pup every time. Even better yet, each of them is crafted with natural ingredients so there’s no need to worry about irritating sensitive skin or challenging allergies.