Are you the owner of a stubborn pup?

Training collars can help keep your pup in line, no matter how naughty they may be. With training collars, you’re able to communicate from afar and reinforce good habits with gentle corrections. We’ve put together the 6 best training collars available on the market today – so you can make sure you pick one that works for your pooch.

Pick a collar that fits your playful pal's personality perfectly with offered features. Give your furry friend all the love they deserve while having peace of mind knowing their boundaries are set and properly reinforced.

How We Choose the Best Options

You have a stubborn dog that you need to train but don't know which training collar is the best for him.

Most people think that one training collar is as good as another when it comes to stubborn dogs. But this isn't true - different collars work better on different dogs.

We've done the hard work for you and chosen the 6 best dog training collars for stubborn dogs. Whether your dog needs a gentle reminder or a more forceful correction, we have the perfect collar for him.

Best Dog Training Collar That Comes With 1000ft Distance Control

Orientfire Dog Training Collar

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Why It's Our Favorite

Orientfire's best dog training collar allows you to get your pup's attention from up to a whopping 1000ft away. That’s right, no more running after them, no more trying to shout over those huge distances - just one press of the button and you will have their complete focus! It doesn’t matter where they are, this non-shock collar training makes it possible for you to take control quickly and easily.

Not only is this distance control perfect for training and disciplining reasons, but it also keeps your dog safe in any situation that may arise. With its impressive range, you can quickly find out if there is anything wrong or if your canine companion needs help.

What You Should Know

With advanced technology, the Orientfire dog training collar is designed to keep your pet safe and well-behaved. It features a rechargeable lithium battery that charges up in two hours and can be used for up to 30 days. When not in use, the power-saving mode will activate, which saves your battery life but keeps it ready to use when you need it.

With this collar's advanced technology, you have complete control over your pet's behavior. The convenience of rechargeability allows you greater freedom when training your pet with the best safety measures possible.

Best Dog Training Collar That Supports 3 Dog Training Modes

Paipaitek Dog Training Collar

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Why It's Our Favorite

Paipaitek dog training collar is the perfect way to help your furry family member learn good behavior. From walking on a loose leash to understanding basic commands, this high-tech collar gives you three training modes so that you can tailor your approach to get the best results.

Choose from static stimulation, vibration, and sound modes. With static stimulation, your pet will quickly learn which behaviors are not acceptable; with vibration mode, a gentle alert (controlled by you) encourages desirable behaviors; and with sound mode, a beep playback helps motivate your four-legged friend during training sessions.

Whether you’re teaching a new puppy or trying to break an old habit in the adult dog, these three modes give you the best chance of success.

What You Should Know

Paipaitek's dog training collar is made of the best quality materials, has been tested and certified by UL/ROHS/CE/FCC standards, and has a lifetime warranty offering peace of mind in knowing that you won't have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

If find yourself unsatisfied with the product at any point, simply reach out to customer service by email and they will refund or replace it unconditionally. It's clear why Paipaitek is so confident in its product.

Best Dog Training Collar That Comes With Waterproof Transmitter and Receiver

Dogtra Dog Training Collar 

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Why It's Our Favorite

Dogtra dog training collar is a revolutionary collar that takes pet training to the next level with its waterproof transmitter and receiver. This feature makes it incredibly useful for pet owners who enjoy outdoor activities and want to train their dogs while having fun.

The waterproof transmitter and receiver allow the pet owner to train their dog even in wet conditions without worrying about damaging or destroying the device.

Whether you’re at the beach, park, or pool, this feature ensures that your dog will receive consistent signals from the collar regardless of environmental factors such as water exposure. It eliminates concerns about rusting components due to exposure to moisture or rain.

What You Should Know

This advanced technology features a 1/2-mile range, allowing owners to train their dogs with unprecedented precision and accuracy. Additionally, the patented front-facing Rheostat Dial with 100 Training Levels gives owners the ability to customize stimulation intensity ranging from low to medium.

The Momentary Nick, Constant, and Pager Vibration Only modes make it easier than ever before to accurately communicate signals without physically being in close contact with your pup. With this powerful device comes an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to perfecting your bond and training your furry friend.

Best Dog Training Collar with Pavlovian Tone Feature

Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar 

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Why It's Our Favorite

The Educator dog training collar's innovative ergonomic design features that have recently been introduced are game-changing. The unique design of this collar ensures maximum comfort and safety for your furry friend while being trained.

The Educator collar's innovative ergonomic design features include a contact point made from conductive plastic instead of metal, which does not cause any skin irritation to your dog. It boasts an adjustable strap with a quick-release buckle for easy removal and adjustment.

This feature comes in handy when you need to remove the collar quickly in case of an emergency or when you want to adjust it according to your dog's neck size.

What You Should Know

The Educator dog training collar is essential for any pet parent who needs a simple and dependable tool to help train their pup. Not only does the collar come with two sets of contact points (5/8" short hair and 3/4" long hair) but its accessories are a bonus for those with more specific training needs.

In addition to the shorter hair contact points that can be purchased separately, hypoallergenic titanium points help fur babies with sensitivities and comfort pads offer uninterrupted ease of use throughout the day. If your dog pulls hard or tries to shake its way out of the collar, that extra loop of fabric quickly tightens the collar so your dog cannot get out.

Best Dog Training Collar That Features 4 Training Buttons

Garmin Dog Training Collar 

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Why It's Our Favorite

Garmin dog training collar gives you complete control over your pup’s training, at any time and any place. With four efficient training buttons—continuous and momentary stimulation, vibration, and tone—training your pup has never been easier.

The continuous and momentary stimulation features allow for precise timing of corrections so that you can a dog make appropriate behavior decisions quickly and correctly. The unique vibration feature promotes in-the-moment communication between the two of you, quickly getting the dog's attention for positive behaviors like staying close by or when responding to come commands.

Finally, by utilizing tone alerts—instead of harsh audible noise from other models—you are sure to avoid startle alarms both to your ears as well as your pup;

What You Should Know

The Garmin dog training collar is a great solution for busy pet owners or those with multiple animals. Featuring the quick turn dial on its handheld, quick and easy changes are made between 10 stimulation levels and controlling auxiliary functions without taking your eyes off of the task at hand.

This simple, intuitive design allows for "no look" one-handed operation - making it an ideal choice for dog owners who need a reliable system they can use quickly and effectively while out in the field. If your vet or dog trainer gives you the smallest dog shock collar to use, always begin with the lowest possible setting.

Best Dog Training Collar That Features Precise Stimulation Control

Dogtra Dog Training Collar

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Why It's Our Favorite

The Dogtra dog training collar offers a unique feature that sets it apart from other dog collars' precise stimulation control, which allows you to choose between 127 levels of controlled stimulations that fit your dog's personality. This means that you can tailor the collar's settings to meet your dog's specific needs and preferences, ensuring that they respond positively to the training process.

The precise stimulation control feature also includes three different correction options: nick (quick 1-2 seconds), constant (up to 12 seconds), and vibration corrections. These options allow you to choose the most appropriate level of correction for your dog, depending on its behavior and temperament.

What You Should Know

The LCD screen on the Dogtra dog training collar is an invaluable feature that not only can show you can precisely customize the training level for your pooch but ensures you never get caught in a bind when out at the park.

The clear battery status display allows you to keep track of power usage and react accordingly if levels become too low, giving you peace of mind that your pup will remain responsive during any key moments in its training program.

This specially-designed LCD screen provides precise value for user convenience, allowing greater control over your pet’s learning process and making sure you are prepared for any eventuality.


Many people have questions about the different types of training collars and which one is best for their dog.

There are a lot of different training collars on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for your dog.

These FAQs about many training collars can help you make the best decision for your pet. We answer common questions about collars so you may know it all.

What type of collar is best for dog training?

The best type of collar for dog training is a flat buckle collar. This type of collar is adjustable and fits snugly around the dog’s neck. It also provides a secure fit that won’t slip off during play or training sessions. It is lightweight and comfortable for the dog to wear, making it ideal for everyday use.

Do dog training collars work?

Dog training collars can be a useful tool when attempting to teach our canine friends certain behaviors. However, it should be noted that these collars alone will not miraculously make your dog an obedient follower of commands.

Rather, successful results require consistency and patience on the part of the owner, as positive reinforcement and clear instructions are essential for any desired behavior to stick.

What are the 3 types of dog collars?

The three main types of dog collars are flat collars, buckle collars, and martingale collars. Flat collars are the most common type of collar and usually have a buckle or plastic snap closure. Buckle collars are similar to flat collars but feature a metal buckle closure, making them more secure than flat collars.

Martingale collars are designed to prevent dogs from slipping out of their collar when being walked on a leash. They feature two loops that tighten when pulled on, providing extra security for dogs that may try to escape their collar.

Should a dog sleep in a training collar?

No, a dog should not sleep in a training collar. Training collars are designed to be used for short periods during active training sessions.

They are not meant to be worn all day or overnight. Sleeping in a training collar can cause skin irritation and discomfort for the dog, as well as potential injury if the collar gets caught on something while the dog is sleeping.

How many hours can a dog wear a collar?

The amount of time a dog can wear a collar depends on the type of collar and how it fits. It’s best to limit the amount of time your dog wears a collar to no more than 12 hours per day.

If you’re using a metal buckle or choke chain collar, check for signs of irritation or discomfort such as redness, swelling, or hair loss. These collars should be removed after 8 hours of wear.

How much does a training collar cost?

The cost of a training collar can vary greatly depending on the type of collar and features desired. Basic training collars start at around $20 and can range up to $200 or more for more advanced models.

Do training collars need batteries?

Training collars, also known as e-collars or shock collars, are used to train dogs and other animals. The answer to whether or not these collars need batteries depends on the type of collar being used.

Some electronic training collars use a remote control that is powered by a battery. This type of collar typically has an adjustable setting that allows the user to set the intensity of the shock or vibration given when the button is pressed. The battery in the remote dog training collar needs to be replaced periodically for it to work properly.

How do I choose the best training collar for my dog?

Consider the size of your dog when selecting a training collar. Many collars come in various neck sizes, so make sure you measure your pup’s neck before making a purchase.

Think about what type of training you plan to do with your pup and select a collar that is appropriate for that purpose. For example, if you plan to use positive reinforcement techniques such as clicker training, look for a collar that has an attachment specifically designed for this type of training.

Are training collars good for dogs?

Training collars can be beneficial for dogs when used responsibly and appropriately. When used correctly, these collars allow owners to easily communicate with their small and large dogs and provide positive reinforcement.

Training collars can help reinforce basic commands such as sit, stay, and come, as well as more complex behaviors such as walking on a leash or retrieving objects.

Is it better to train a dog with a harness or collar?

It depends on the dog and the training goals. A harness is better for multiple dogs that pull while walking, as it distributes pressure more evenly over their chest and shoulders than a collar. A harness also provides more control when walking a strong or unruly dog.

On the other hand, a collar is better for teaching basic commands like “sit” or “stay” because it gives you more direct control over the head and neck area of your dog. Ultimately, the best option for your dog will depend on what type of training you are doing, as well as their personality and behavior.

How soon can you use a training collar?

It depends on the situation and the dog. You can use a training collar as soon as your pup is old enough to be trained. For some breeds, this may be as early as 8 weeks old. However, it’s best to wait until your pup is at least 4 months old before using a training collar. This will give them time to mature and understand basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” before introducing the collar.

What is the best way to use a training collar?

It’s important to understand the purpose of a training collar. They are designed to provide an immediate correction when a dog is exhibiting unwanted behavior, such as barking or jumping up on people. The goal is not to punish the dog but rather to interrupt its behavior and redirect its focus back onto the desired action.

Start with the lowest setting and increase only if necessary. This will help ensure that you don’t cause any unnecessary distress or discomfort to your pet.


The six best collars for training stubborn dogs listed here can prove to be invaluable tools for any dog owner. Each of them offers a unique solution for training your pup and provides its own different feature sets that could make all the difference.

With this knowledge, making an educated decision on which one to get should be easier than ever. As far as price tags go, all of these choices come in at very affordable prices, so you won’t have to break the bank while keeping your furry friend in line.

Of course, it’s important to also research carefully before making any big decision, so we'd encourage researching further depending on what features you want or need most in a collar — after all, it is still an investment into your loving pup.