Do you have a pup that loves outdoor adventures?

Summertime is all about enjoying the wonders of nature, and why should our furry friends be left out? But while they’re having fun outside, don’t forget to protect them! Dog sunscreens are specifically designed to shield your pooch from harmful UVB rays and other sun damage. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from painful sunburns or skin cancer if not properly protected.

We know how important it is to find reliable sun protection for your pup so we've done the research and put together a list of our top 3 canine sunscreen picks! With such an array of options, you're sure to find something just right for your furry friend's needs.

Whether you're looking for extra coverage on long hikes or beach trips, groomer-approved sunscreens, or products that reduce common irritations caused by UV rays—we've got it all covered!

How We Selected These Products

With so many pet sunscreens available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right product for your pup.

Not all sunscreens offer the same level of protection and some contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your dog’s sensitive skin. Poorly chosen sunscreens can leave your pup vulnerable to painful sunburns and allergies.

We have done the hard work for you! We tested and reviewed dozens of dog sunscreens and selected the top 3 best ones for protection, quality, ease of use, and affordability. Check out our list of the 3 best dog sunscreens now!

Best Sunscreen Sunstick Featuring Gentle Non-greasy Formula

Petkin Dog Sunscreen Sunstick 

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What We Love About It

Petkin dog sunscreen with gentle non-greasy formula is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to protect their dogs from harsh UV rays without causing any discomfort. The gentle non-greasy formula ensures that the sunscreen does not leave a greasy residue on your dog's fur, making it convenient and easy to apply.

The lightweight formula also makes it comfortable for dogs to wear, ensuring that they don't get irritated or agitated by the product. The gentle nature of this sunscreen ensures that it doesn't cause any skin irritations or allergies in pets with sensitive skin.

What You Must Know

Petkin dog sunscreen comes is veterinarian-approved that offers superior protection against damaging UV rays. A veterinarian-approved dog sunscreen is the peace of mind it provides.

You can trust that these products have been thoroughly tested and evaluated by veterinary professionals to ensure they are safe and effective for the dog nose and delicate skin.

This approval also means that this dog sunscreen balm contains only high-quality ingredients specifically formulated for dogs, reducing the risk of adverse reactions or side effects.

Best Sunscreen Spray with Natural Aloe Vera Ingredients

Warren London Dog Sunscreen Spray 

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What We Love About It

Warren London's dog sunscreen with aloe vera moisturizer has become a popular product among dog owners for many reasons. Its ability to provide relief to dogs with itching skin caused by sun exposure. This is because aloe vera, which is a natural ingredient in sunscreen, works as an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes and cools irritated skin.

In addition to providing relief from itching skin, the aloe vera moisturizer also helps prevent dry and scaly skin from prolonged sun exposure. This means that your furry friend can have fun in the sun without having to worry about developing painful sunburns or other irritating skin conditions.

What You Must Know

This specially-formulated sunscreen is designed specifically for dogs and features a non-oily formula that makes it easy to apply and won't leave your pup feeling greasy. It ensures that the sunscreen won't clog your dog's pores or make them feel uncomfortable.

Dogs have sensitive skin, and applying oily products can lead to irritation or even breakouts. The non-oily formula means that this pet sunscreen will stay put on your dog's coat without rubbing off easily.

This is especially important if you're taking your dog for a swim or they tend to roll in the dirt – you don't want their sunscreen washing away too quickly!

Best Dog Sunscreen Made with Pet-safe Ingredients

Bodhi Dog Sunscreen

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What We Love About It

Bodhi dog sunscreen is specially formulated with pet-safe ingredients, which means that it does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins that can cause harm to your dog's skin or overall health.

The use of pet-safe ingredients in this sunscreen ensures that your dog is protected from the sun's harmful rays without any negative side effects. Pet-safe ingredients in this sunscreen are alcohol-free. This means that there are no harsh chemicals in this product that can dry out your dog's skin or cause irritation.

Additionally, Bodhi dog sunscreen does not contain zinc oxide, a common ingredient in many human sunscreens which can be toxic to pets if ingested.

What You Must Know

Bodhi dog sunscreen comes with an easy-to-use non-aerosol sprayer that makes application effortless and stress-free. The best part about this feature is that it ensures equal distribution of sunscreen across your dog's skin, preventing any missed spots.

To use this sunscreen, you need to apply it 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours. This way, your dog's skin remains protected throughout their outdoor activities, whether it's at the beach or on a hike.

The ease of use of this sunscreen also means that you can easily apply it to dogs with thick fur without leaving any residue behind.


Did you know that dogs can get sunburnt just like us, but often don’t have the same protection?

With summer coming up, now is the time to be aware and protect your furry friends from UV rays. Traditional sunscreen for dogs can be difficult to apply, making it hard to ensure your pup is properly protected.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to FAQs about dog sunscreens so you may have all the required information before using them on your pup.

Yes, dogs should wear sunscreen when they are outdoors to protect their skin and coat from the sun's harmful rays. It is especially important for dogs with light-colored coats or thin fur as they can be more susceptible to sunburns. Additionally, short-haired dogs should always wear sunscreen when outdoors.

What kind of sunscreen is safe for dogs?

The kind of sunscreen for dogs that is safe is one that is specifically formulated with pet-safe ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals or toxins. It should be alcohol-free and should not contain zinc oxide, which can be toxic to pets if ingested.

Should dogs wear sunscreen?

Yes, dogs should wear sunscreen when they are outdoors to protect their skin and coat from the sun's harmful rays. It is especially important for dogs with light-colored coats or thin fur as they can be more susceptible to sunburns. Additionally, short-haired dogs should always wear sunscreen when outdoors.

Can dogs wear human sunscreen?

It's important to remember that their skin is quite different from ours. While we may be tempted to slather our own sunscreen onto our pups for convenience, it's actually not a good idea.

Human sunscreen can contain harmful ingredients that can irritate your furry friend's skin or be toxic if ingested. Instead, it's best to reach for a sunscreen specifically designed for dogs. These formulas are free of harmful chemicals and are typically fragrance-free, which can be important for dogs with sensitive skin.

How do I choose sunscreen for my dog?

When selecting a sunscreen for your dog, make sure it is specifically formulated for pets and contains pet-safe ingredients. Avoid sunscreens that contain harsh chemicals or toxins that can be harmful to your pup's skin or overall health. 

Additionally, look for sunscreens with easy-to-use applicators like sprays, which ensure equal and easy coverage.

Can dogs wear human sunscreen?

Making natural sunscreen for your dog is easy! The best natural ingredient for sun protection is coconut oil, which has an SPF of about 4-6. Mix together equal parts coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax, and add in a few drops of lavender essential oil for its soothing properties. Apply the mixture onto your pup's exposed areas, such as their nose and ears, before heading out into the sun.

With this DIY natural sunscreen, your furry friend can enjoy some fun in the sun without any harsh chemicals. This homemade sunscreen can be applied to your pup 15 minutes before sun exposure and will provide them with natural skin protection.

What is the difference between dog sunscreen and human sunscreen?

The difference between dog sunscreen and human sunscreen is that the former is formulated with pet-safe ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals or toxins. 

Additionally, most dog sunscreens do not contain zinc oxide, which can be toxic to pets if ingested. Human sunscreen, on the other hand, often contains these ingredients and should never be used on dogs.


Protecting your pup from the sun can be made easier with the help of dog sunscreen. Whether you're planning some outdoor activities for your pup or just want to keep them safe when out for a walk, sunscreen is a must. Not only will it help protect their fur and skin from the sun's harsh rays, but it can also provide some extra comfort and peace of mind for you.

These 3 products have been discussed above and each has something unique to offer that could help make life easier for pet owners in the summer months. With these factors in mind, you are now better equipped to choose a dog sunscreen that will give sufficient coverage and protection against the sun while simultaneously being comfortable enough for everyday wear by your four-legged family members.