Does your pup need some help getting around?

Is your canine companion an aging senior or perhaps a puppy that still needs to learn the ropes? If so, dog ramps that are specially designed for beds allow them to reach their favorite napping spot without having to worry about hurting themselves in the process. And with our chosen 7 top-rated dog ramps for bed, this has never been easier! From super lightweight models that are perfect for travel and small spaces to extra sturdy options designed with larger dogs in mind—you can trust us to have the right ramp for your furry friend.

With the right choice, you can give Fido a safe way up without having to worry about them straining themselves. Sounds great, right? So don't delay any longer. Take advantage of our valuable knowledge on this subject and get ready to find the best dog ramp for bed today!

How We Selected These Products

It can be hard to figure out which dog ramp is the best for your needs.

There are a lot of different dog ramps on the market, and it can be tough to figure out whether you want a folding one or something else.

We've done the hard work for you. We've researched and tested all of the top dog ramps on the market so that you can choose the perfect one for your needs. Whether you're looking for a small dog ramp or a large dog ramp, we have something for everyone.

Best Dog Ramp for Bed That is Height Adjustable

Cooenia Dog Ramp for Bed 

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What We Love About It

The Cooenia dog ramp is designed to be adjustable to match the height of your bed so that your pet can easily access their favorite spot. This pet ramp can be adjusted to five different heights, making it suitable for most pieces of furniture in your home. Whether you have a high bed or a low sofa, this ramp has got you covered.

The pet ramp is available in different sizes ranging from 13.8"to 27.6". They come with adjustable platforms to help your pet easily reach its desired location without any hassle or stress on its joints.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Cooenia dog ramp is made of durable pine wood, this ramp has a smooth surface that won't irritate your dog's paws. It's also non-toxic and tasteless, making it safe for both pets and humans.

It's worth noting that the ramp has passed multiple tests to ensure that it can support pets of up to 200 pounds. Whether you have small dogs, medium dogs, or large dogs, this pet ramp will work perfectly for them.

Best Dog Ramp for Bed With Safer, Wider & Deeper Steps

Topmart Dog Ramp for Bed 

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What We Love About It

Topmart dog ramp for bed offers a safer design with wider and deeper steps that allow for more stability and secure footing for your pet. Each step measures 15.75 inches by 7.1 inches, which provides plenty of space for even larger dogs to climb up without fear of falling.

The safer, wider & deeper steps in this dog ramp are clear. For older dogs or those with injuries, constantly jumping up and down from a bed or sofa can be a significant strain on their joints. This can lead to pain and discomfort that limits their ability to enjoy everyday activities like playing fetch or going for walks outside.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Topmart dog ramp for the bed adds a waterproof and washable cover that enhances an extra layer of protection to the sponge, making it easy to keep clean even if your pet accidentally pees on it. This feature not only saves you time but also money, as you won't have to replace the entire ramp due to stains or odors.

The machine-washable cover makes cleaning a breeze. You can simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine without worrying about damaging any part of the ramp itself.

Best Dog Ramp That is Multi-Purpose

Pawnotch Adjustable Dog Ramp 

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What We Love About It

The Pawnotch adjustable dog ramp is one such tool that has become increasingly popular amongst pet owners due to its multi-purpose features. With a length of 40 inches and an adjustable design, this dog ramp can be used for various purposes, including helping your furry friend get on beds, couches, sofas, cars, trucks, SUVs, and much more.

The multi-purpose feature of this ramp is its versatility. Pet owners no longer need to struggle with different types of best dog ramps for multiple purposes as this one can do it all.

Things To Keep In Mind

Pawnotch adjustable dog ramp makes getting into vehicles and upstairs easier for your pet, but it also provides safety features that protect their backs. The adjustable feature of this ramp allows dogs of different sizes to use it comfortably without fear of injury.

Many dogs are prone to joint problems, especially as they age or due to certain breeds' genetic disposition. This ramp can help reduce the pressure on their joints by providing a gradual incline instead of forcing them to jump up and down from high places like beds or couches.

Best Ramp for Dogs Featuring Portable Handle Design

XCVBDE Adjustable Ramp for Dogs 

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What We Love About It

The Xcvbde adjustable ramp for dogs is a great tool for helping your pup get around. It features a portable handle design, which makes it easy to carry indoors or outdoors. With a weight of only 17 pounds, this cat ramp is lightweight and can be easily transported from one place to another.

It allows you to easily move the ramp around your house or yard, so your dog can access different areas without any difficulty. If you need to take your dog on a trip or visit friends and family, you can bring the ramp along with you without any hassle. The carabiner keeps the base and walking surfaces together during transport so that they do not separate.

Things To Keep In Mind

Xcvbde adjustable ramp for dogs comes into play with its unique anti-shake design and removable support bars. This anti-shake design adds an extra layer of stability to the ramp, making it safe and secure for your pup to use.

The ramp includes removable support bars at the bottom, which help prevent wobbling or tipping over while your dog is using it. This feature also ensures that the ramp can hold up to even larger or elderly dogs without compromising on safety.

Best Dog Ramp for Beds With Special Pawgrip Surface

DoggoRamps Dog Ramp 

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What We Love About It

DoggoRamps dog ramp for beds with a special paw grip surface is an innovative product that has been designed with the comfort and safety of your furry friend in mind. The unique paw grip surface on this ramp ensures that your dog will not slip or slide as it climbs up to its bed or couch. This feature is especially important for older dogs, those with disabilities, or breeds prone to hip dysplasia as they may struggle with balance and coordination.

The rubber grips on this dog ramp have been crafted using a non-slip material that provides excellent traction even for wet paws. This means that you can use this ramp both indoors and outdoors without worrying about slips or falls.

Things To Keep In Mind

DoggoRamps dog ramp for beds is an essential tool for dog owners who want to ensure the safety and comfort of their furry friends. The ramp comes with several features that make it stand out from other pet ramps in the market. One of these features is the safety rails that keep your dog focused on the ramp from top to bottom. Unlike other ramps, where pets can easily slip or jump off, this ramp ensures that your pet remains on track.

The unique "Anchor Rope" feature adds another layer of stability and security to the ramp. This rope helps secure the dog bed ramp in place, preventing it from sliding or tipping over during use. It's particularly useful if you have a high bed frame or a wiggly pup who tends to move around while climbing up and down.

Best Dog Ramp for Bed That Features Foldable Design

Aimseal Dog Ramp for Bed 

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What We Love About It

The Aimseal dog ramp is a popular choice among pet owners due to its foldable design that makes it easy to store and transport. When not in use, the ramp can be folded up and stored away without taking up too much space.

This also makes it ideal for pet owners who enjoy traveling with their furry friends since they can easily bring the ramp along on trips. The foldable feature also allows you to adjust the ramp's height according to your needs, making it even more versatile. You can use it for different-sized pets or adjust its steepness depending on your pet's abilities.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Aimseal folding pet ramp is lightweight but sturdy enough to hold up your pup as they make their way from the floor to the bed. And if you're worried about it getting dislodged, don't be – this ramp for beds comes with two built-in magnets to secure it firmly in place. Built-in magnets hold the base firmly in place on the bed frame.

Best Dog Ramp With High Traction Feature

Soko Dog Ramp 

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What We Love About It

The Soko dog ramp with high traction feature is an amazing addition to your pet supply collection. The walking surface of the dog ramp is covered in high traction fabric rug with grooves. This feature ensures that your dog can easily climb up and down without slipping or losing their balance.

The high dog traction feature of this ramp also provides maximum claw grip for your dog and pet. This means that they will be able to maneuver on the ramp without any difficulty, even if they have long nails or paws that don't provide much grip.

Things To Keep In Mind

The most important feature of the Soko dog ramp is its durable structure. The ramp's conform-to-mechanically designed construction support dogs of every size, making it stable and able to withstand the weight of even the heaviest dogs.

It ensures that the ramp will last a long time without wearing down or breaking under pressure. This means that owners can rely on their dog ramp for years to come, saving them money in the long run by not having to constantly replace it with new ramps. A stable and durable dog ramp can provide peace of mind for owners who may be worried about their dogs falling off or getting injured while using an unstable ramp.


You bought a ramp for your dog to get up on the bed, but you're not sure how to use it or if it's safe.

A lot of people buy ramps for their dogs without knowing how to use them or if they're even safe.

Our FAQs about the dog ramps for bed will help you figure out how to use the ramp, whether it's safe for your pup, and how to keep your pet safe while using the ramp.

Are stairs or a ramp better for dogs?

Both stairs and ramps can be beneficial for dogs, depending on the situation. Stairs are great for helping dogs to move from one level to another, such as getting into a car or onto a bed. Ramps, on the other hand, are better for helping dogs with joint issues and older dogs that may suffer from arthritis.

Ramps provide an easier angle of ascent and descent than stairs, which helps reduce strain on their joints. A few products feature a stair and ramp combination that snaps together easily.

Which is the best ramp for dogs?

The best ramp for dogs depends on the individual needs of each dog. If your pup is elderly or has mobility issues, a longer, steeper ramp may be the best option to help them get in and out of the car with ease. Look for a ramp that is lightweight and easy to carry, as well as one that has a non-slip surface so your pup can safely navigate it.

How do you make a dog ramp for a bed?

Making a collapsible dog ramp for a bed is a relatively simple process. First, choose the right materials. Plywood or particleboard is best as it’s lightweight and easy to work with. Measure the height of your bed and cut the wood to size, making sure it’s slightly longer than the height of your bed.

Then, attach two pieces of wood together using screws or nails to create an A-frame shape. Cover the frame in carpet or another slip-resistant material so that your pup can get up and down safely. If you’d like, you can even paint this wooden dog ramp to match your décor.

What is a safe angle for a dog ramp?

The safe angle for a dog ramp depends on the size and weight of your dog, as well as the type of ramp you are using. It is recommended to have an angle of no more than 20-25 degrees for larger dogs or heavier breeds. For smaller dogs or lighter breeds, a steeper angle may be necessary.

How long should a ramp be for a dog?

The length of a ramp for a dog will depend on the size of your dog and the height of the object you are trying to access. For small breed dogs, ramps should be around 3-4 feet long. For larger dogs, ramps should be longer, up to 6-8 feet long. In addition, if the object is particularly high or steep, you may need a longer ramp.

How do I train my dog to walk up a ramp?

Training your dog to walk up a ramp can be done with patience and positive reinforcement. Start by teaching your dog to stand on the ramp. Offer them treats as a reward for standing on it.

Once they are comfortable standing on the ramp, start walking them up one step at a time while offering treats as rewards. Gradually increase the number of dog steps until they are able to walk all the way up using pet gear without hesitation.

How do you calculate a dog ramp?

Calculating the size and shape of a dog ramp can be a tricky process. The first step is to measure the height of the surface you want your dog to access. This could be the height of a couch, bed, or even stairs.

Once you have this measurement, you'll need to decide how steep you want the ramp to be. For every foot of height, the ramp should be at least one foot long. For example, if your surface is two feet high, then your ramp should be at least two feet long.

How wide should the dog ramp be?

The width of a dog ramp should depend on the size of your dog. Small and medium dogs will require narrower ramps, while larger dogs will need wider ramps. A ramp should be at least 12 inches wide to give your pup enough space to comfortably walk up and down the ramp. Additionally, if you have multiple pets that use the same ramp, it should be wide enough to accommodate them.

What material is used for dog ramps?

Dog ramps are typically made from durable materials such as aluminum, plastic, and wood. Aluminum is the most lightweight material and is often used for portable ramps that may need to be moved around frequently.

Plastic is a more affordable option and can be used for both indoor and outdoor dog ramps. Wood is a popular choice because it's strong and can easily be customized with different colors or finishes. All of these materials are designed to hold up to wear and tear from regular use by your pet.

Should I consider height-adjustable dog ramps?

Absolutely! A height-adjustable dog ramp is a great choice for pet lovers who have multiple large or small dogs. It allows you to adjust the ramp height to match your pet's size, which can make it easier and safer for them to get in and out of vehicles or onto furniture.

What are the basic types of dog ramps for high beds?

There are three basic types of dog ramps for tall beds: folding, telescoping, and adjustable. Folding ramps are typically made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or plastic and can be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

Telescoping ramps also fold up for storage but can be adjusted to fit different heights with the help of a crank handle. Adjustable ramps are the most versatile option as they feature adjustable legs that allow you to adjust the height of the ramp to fit your bed.

Is it easier to use a ramp or stairs for a dog?

It depends on the particular dog. A ramp is easier for older or disabled dogs that may have trouble with stairs. A perfect ramp also allows the dog to enter and exit the vehicle more easily and safely than if they were using stairs. On the other hand, younger, healthier dogs might find it easier to use stairs since they usually have more energy and agility.

Why won't my dog use a ramp?

It could be that your dog is simply not used to using a ramp yet. Dogs are creatures of habit and can be hesitant to try new things. To help your dog get comfortable with the ramp, you should start by introducing it to them slowly.

Place the ramp near their bed or favorite spot and allow them to explore it on their own time. Give them treats when they approach it so they learn that the ramp is a positive thing.

How do I train my dog to walk up a ramp?

Training your dog to walk up a ramp is a process that requires patience and positive reinforcement. Start by introducing the ramp in a low-stress environment, such as your living room or backyard. Make sure the ramp is stable and secure before allowing your dog to approach it.

Once they are comfortable with the ramp, begin by luring them up with treats. Stand at the top of the ramp and encourage them to come up with verbal commands and treats. If they are hesitant, you can also try leading them up the ramp on a leash.


With the wide range of dog ramps for beds to consider, it can be overwhelming to pick the best. However, we have provided you with seven that are worth looking at further. Each of them has its own advantages and with different designs and materials, there is something perfect for every pup and every budget.

As a final note before signing off, it's important to remember that your pup should always be supervised while they use any type of ramp or dog stairs and ensure they fit securely in place.