Does your pup need a muzzle?

Dog muzzles are an important tool for safely controlling the behavior of your pet. The best muzzles will be firm and secure but still comfortable for your pup to wear – no shock or other forms of painful correction involved! With so many options available on the market today, you need to know which one is right for your furry friend.

Our top 7 picks roundup has all the information you need to choose the perfect dog muzzle that fits both your lifestyle and pup’s temperament. Learn more now about what makes each type of muzzle stand out, plus how to select which one is most suitable for them.

How These Products Make Our List

Every dog owner knows that at some point they will need to muzzle their dog. Whether you're taking them to the vet, on a walk, or out in public, it's important to have a muzzle that will keep your pup safe and under control.

But with so many muzzles on the market, how can you be sure you're picking the right one for your pup?

We've done the hard work for you and chosen the 7 best dog muzzles based on safety, comfort, durability, and price. From mesh muzzles perfect for summer walks to heavy-duty leather and fabric muzzles for aggressive dogs, we've got you covered.

Best Dog Muzzle with Anti-Slip Feature

Crazy Felix Dog Muzzle 

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Why We Love It

Crazy Felix dog muzzle has become increasingly popular due to its innovative design that addresses the common problem of slipping. The anti-slipped feature is what sets it apart from other dog muzzles in the market. This unique feature ensures that the muzzle stays securely on dog's snout, preventing any unwanted behavior such as biting or barking.

The anti-slipped muzzle provides a sense of security for pet owners and their dogs alike. It greatly reduces the chances of your dog breaking free and running off, which can be dangerous if they are in an unfamiliar environment or near heavy traffic.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Crazy Felix dog muzzle is an essential accessory for those that frequently take their large dogs on outdoor walks and adventures. This humane muzzle guard offers superior protection by providing a full coverage snout mesh, making it difficult for your pup to consume poisoned bait, bite strangers, or scavenge while walking.

Effectively acting as a security guarantee for outdoor activities, the Crazy Felix dog muzzle ensures owners peace of mind and allows them to enjoy their dogs' time outdoors without worrying about dog bites and overall safety.

Best Dog Muzzle with Additional Comfort

Heele Dog Muzzle 

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Why We Love It

Heele dog muzzle comes with a comfortable and breathable feature that ensures your pet stays safe without sacrificing their comfort. The muzzle is made from high-quality nylon material and soft breathable mesh that allows for proper airflow while your dog wears it.

The interior of the muzzle has extra soft padding which provides the ultimate comfort for your pet, making sure they don't experience any pain or discomfort when wearing it. This makes it a practical and reliable choice for pet owners who want to keep their small or large dogs safe without causing them any unnecessary stress.

Things To Keep In Mind

Heele dog muzzle is incredibly easy to wear and clean, making it a convenient option for busy pet owners. The mask can be quickly secured with a hook and loop fastener, ensuring that it won't come loose even if your dog tries to wiggle out of it.

This feature makes putting on and taking off the mask a breeze. The mask's ergonomic design ensures that it fits comfortably over your dog's snout without causing any discomfort. When it comes to cleaning the muzzle, that's easy too. The materials used are easily washable and durable, meaning they won't be damaged despite regular use and wear and tear.

Best Muzzle Guard for Dogs with High-Quality Sliders

GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard 

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Why We Love It

The GoodBoy dog muzzle comes with high-quality sliders, unlike many other muzzles on the market that use cheap buckles. The sliders on this dog muzzle ensure that your pet cannot loosen the straps while wearing it, giving you more control over the exact fit.

Loose ends can be secured with a hook and loop fastener, which is much more secure than traditional buckles. This feature ensures that your dog stays comfortable and safe while wearing the muzzle. High-quality sliders also allow for flexibility in sizing as they can be adjusted easily to fit snugly around your pet's snout without causing discomfort or irritation.

Things To Keep In Mind

This innovative dog muzzle is made with neoprene padding, this muzzle ensures that your dog stays comfortable and doesn't suffer from painful chafing or rough straps. Neoprene is an incredibly soft, flexible material that is often used in wetsuits because of its ability to provide cushioning without adding bulk or weight.

The same properties make it an ideal choice for dog muzzles as well! With its breathable design and soft texture, neoprene helps prevent chafing while also protecting your pet's skin from any kind of irritation or rubbing.

Best Dog Muzzle that is Multipurpose

CollarDirect Dog Muzzle 

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Why We Love It

The CollarDirect dog muzzle is one of the most sought-after muzzles on the market today because it is multipurpose. This basket leather muzzle can be used to prevent dogs from eating unwanted food treats from strangers or while on walks, making it ideal for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends safe.

The CollarDirect dog muzzle is also designed to keep large and medium dogs from barking or biting, protecting your pet and others. It's perfect for people who are worried about their pets' safety when walking them in public places or taking them out in unfamiliar environments. With this secure muzzle, you don't have to worry about your dog getting into trouble or causing harm to other animals or humans.

Things To Keep In Mind

The adjustable feature of the CollarDirect dog muzzle is what sets it apart from other muzzles. With two adjustable straps, fitting your dog's muzzle properly and securely is a breeze. This flexible design ensures that your pup won't feel pinched or squeezed while still providing them with enough ventilation.

Not only do these soft muzzles fit dogs comfortably and securely, but the straps are also adjustable to accommodate a dog's head with different shapes and sizes. Plus, they're easy to snap on and off without any hassle.

Best Dog Muzzle Made with Pliable Non-Toxic Rubber

Mayerzon Dog Muzzle Made 

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Why We Love It

The Mayerzon dog muzzle is made of pliable non-toxic rubber. This rubber in a large or small dog muzzle allows your pet to breathe comfortably while still preventing them from biting or chewing. Unlike traditional metal or plastic muzzles that can be harsh on your dog's snout, this material contours perfectly around their nose and mouth without causing any irritation or pain.

This fitting is essential because a poorly fitted muzzle can cause discomfort, making the dog agitated and more likely to try and remove it. Non-toxic rubber ensures that your dog will not have any allergic reactions or other health problems caused by toxic materials used in other muzzles.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Mayerzon dog muzzle not only offers an attractive design but an unparalleled guarantee from the manufacturer to its customers; this is why many pet owners choose it for their furry friends. With a 12-month warranty alongside a 60-day money-back guarantee, you can purchase it with complete assurance that your dog will enjoy crucial comfort in wearing the muzzle.

The company proudly urges customers to make sure that their selection fits properly and securely so that their dog can pant. Rest assured, if customers are unhappy with their purchase or if it isn’t what they expected, they are welcome to return it in like-new condition.

Best Dog Muzzle with Friendly Design

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle 

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Why We Love It

The Baskerville ultra dog muzzle is a game-changer for pet owners with Its unique dog-friendly design. This design allows dogs to pant, drink, and even receive treats while wearing the muzzle. It is especially important for dogs who suffer from anxiety or aggression issues that may require them to be muzzled in public.

The dog-friendly feature of this muzzle is attributed to its innovative design, which includes an open front that permits unrestricted airflow. This means your furry friend will not have any difficulty breathing while exercising or walking with the muzzle on.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Baskerville ultra dog muzzle proves to be a great tool for all-around mouth protection that helps to keep the dog's mouth shut. It features a superior rubber basket design that allows canines to safely drink, pant, and eat while preventing biting or snarling.

What contributes to the muzzle's effectiveness is that it is incredibly soft and lightweight. This means your canine will have no problem wearing the muzzle for long periods, even during vet visits, grooming, or when traveling with them. What makes this muzzle a must-have is that it allows canines the freedom to move without any discomfort or hindrance.

Best Dog Muzzle with Reflective Strips

Barkless Dog Muzzle

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Why We Love It

The Barkless dog muzzle is a product that has gained popularity among pet lovers for its reflective strips. These strips serve as an essential safety feature for dog muzzles, particularly during nighttime walks or in low-light conditions.

These strips reflect light to their source, making it easier for drivers and pedestrians alike to spot your dog from a distance. This added visibility can help prevent accidents and keep your furry friend safe when walking near busy roads or crossing intersections. Reflective strips also add an extra layer of security when walking through areas with poor visibility such as parks at night.

Things To Keep In Mind

This muzzle has been upgraded to make sure it stands the test of time and is made of scratch-resistant material so any adventures you embark on together won't lead to any damage.

Plus, two extra safety loops connect to regular collars for added protection and a safety lock for the buckle, offering double security. This way, you can always rest assured that your furry friend is safe from harm.


You may be considering buying a dog muzzle, but you're not sure which one is right for your pet.

It can be tough to figure out which dog muzzle is right for your pet. There are so many different types and sizes available, it's hard to know where to start.

These FAQs about the different dog muzzles can help. These cover all the basics of the perfect muzzle for your pup, from understanding why dogs need muzzles to finding the best size and type for your needs.

What type of dog muzzle is best?

The best type of dog muzzle depends on the individual needs and preferences of the dog and its owner.

For dogs that need a muzzle for safety reasons, such as those that bark or bite, a basket muzzle is usually the best option. These muzzles allow dogs to open their mouths and pant while still preventing them from biting or barking.

For dogs that need a muzzle only occasionally, such as when visiting the vet or groomer, a nylon or leather muzzle may be preferable.

Do vets recommend muzzles for dogs?

Yes, vets often recommend muzzles for dogs. This is because muzzles can help keep both the dog and its owner safe in certain situations. For example, if a dog is feeling anxious or scared in an unfamiliar environment, a muzzle can help prevent it from biting out of fear.

Is it OK for a dog to wear a muzzle all day?

It is not recommended for dogs to wear a muzzle all day. Muzzles are typically used as a safety precaution in situations when a dog may be prone to aggression or may be at risk of biting. It is important that dogs are only muzzled when necessary and for short periods.

Do muzzles make dogs feel safer?

Muzzles can certainly help dogs feel more secure in certain situations. For example, if a dog is uncomfortable around other dogs or people, a muzzle can provide them with an added layer of protection from potentially dangerous interactions.

Do muzzles make dogs less aggressive?

Muzzles can be a helpful tool in preventing dogs from biting, but they do not necessarily make dogs less aggressive. Muzzles can help to reduce the risk of a dog biting someone by stopping them from opening its mouth. 

However, muzzles do not address the underlying causes of aggression. If a dog is showing signs of aggression, it's important to identify and address the source of the problem.

How long can a dog wear a muzzle?

The amount of time a dog can wear a muzzle depends on the individual dog and the type of muzzle being used. It is not recommended to leave a muzzle on for more than two hours at a time. However, if the muzzle is comfortable and fits properly, some dogs may be able to wear it for longer periods without any adverse effects.

Can a dog bark while wearing a muzzle?

Yes, a dog can bark while wearing a muzzle. Muzzles are designed to prevent dogs from biting or chewing, but they do not completely prevent them from barking. The muzzle should be loose enough so that the dog can open its mouth and make noise, but tight enough so that it cannot bite or chew on anything.

What can I use instead of a muzzle?

One alternative to a muzzle is a head halter. This type of collar fits around the dog's neck and snout, similar to a muzzle, but does not restrict the dog's breathing or panting. It allows for more control over the dog's movements and can be used to redirect their attention away from negative behaviors.

What are the three types of muzzle?

The three main types of muzzles are basket muzzles, nylon muzzles, and leather muzzles. Basket muzzles are made from metal or plastic and are designed to fit snugly around the snout of a dog. Nylon muzzles are lightweight and adjustable, making them a great choice for dogs that require extra control. They can also be used as a training tool to help teach a dog to not bark excessively.

Leather muzzles provide more control than either basket or nylon muzzles but may be less comfortable for some dogs. Leather is also more durable than other materials, making it an ideal choice for long-term use. Other than these types, you can also opt for a custom dog muzzle for safety.

How do you train a dog to accept a muzzle?

Training a dog to accept a muzzle can be done in several steps.

It’s important to make the process as positive and stress-free as possible for your pup. Start by introducing the muzzle to your dog without putting it on. Let your dog sniff and explore it, offering treats or praise when they do so. Once they seem comfortable with the muzzle, you can begin to put it on a dog's face for short periods, again rewarding them with treats or praise.

Are dog muzzles cruel?

Whether or not a muzzle is considered cruel depends on the context in which it is used. Muzzles can be used to protect dogs and other animals from harm, such as by preventing them from eating something toxic or harmful. In these cases, a muzzle is an appropriate tool for protecting the animal and is not considered cruel.

Should a muzzle touch a dog's nose?

It is not recommended that a muzzle touch a dog's nose. Muzzles are designed to keep dogs from biting or barking and should be fitted properly to ensure the dog’s comfort and safety.

If the muzzle is too tight, it can pinch the skin around the nose or cause breathing difficulties.

It is important to make sure that there is enough space between the muzzle and the nose so that your aggressive dog can pant and breathe easily.

What kind of muzzles do vets use?

Vets use a variety of muzzles, depending on the size and breed of the animal. Smaller animals like cats and small dogs like french bulldogs are typically fitted with a soft nylon or cloth muzzle that wraps around their snout and is held in place with velcro straps.

For larger animals, such as large breed dogs, vets may use a basket-style muzzle that fits over the animal's nose and mouth. This type of muzzle typically has an adjustable strap to ensure a secure fit.

Can a dog eat with a muzzle on?

Yes, a dog can eat with a muzzle on. It is important to make sure that the muzzle fits properly and securely so that the dog can open their mouth wide enough to eat. If the muzzle is too tight or restrictive, it may cause discomfort or even prevent them from eating altogether.


To make sure that you choose the right muzzle for your pup, be sure to consider their size and needs. Make sure that the muzzle is comfortable enough that they won’t try to chew it off and that it fits them correctly. The 7 best muzzles reviewed above should provide you with enough variety that you’ll find something perfect for your pup to keep the dog's mouth closed.

All of the muzzles reviewed come in multiple sizes, allowing you to get the perfect fit for your pup every time. Overall, with just a bit of knowledge and care, finding the right muzzle for your pup can be easy and stress-free! Happy shopping!