Looking to spice up your pup's playtime?

Get the perfect frisbee for your four-legged friend and have them soaring through the sky! Dog Frisbee provides an exciting way of playing fetch that capitalizes on the natural drive of canine companions to chase, catch, and return items. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, our guide highlights all the latest products designed especially for ultimate fetch.

Stop searching endlessly for a dog-friendly disk – discover seven of our top picks today and find one that best suits your furry pal’s needs! You won't need to worry about materials that are too hard or weights that aren't just right - this guide covers it all with options ranging from classic to unique.

How These Products Make Our List

It can be tough to find the best frisbee for your dog, especially if you're not sure what to look for.

With so many different types and brands of frisbees on the market, it's hard to know which one is right for your pup. Do you get a standard plastic disc or go for something more specialized? And how do you know if the frisbee is durable enough to stand up to your dog's enthusiastic playing?

We've done the hard work for you and chosen the 7 best dog frisbees on the market after extensive research. From standard discs to flying saucers, we've got you covered.

Best Dog Frisbee That is Lightweight And Floatable

West Paw Dog Frisbee 

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Why We Love This Product

West paw’s new dog frisbee is a lightweight, floatable toy that will give your pup hours of fun! It's also easy to throw - even if you're not an expert at throwing objects in general! This fantastic frisbee boasts air technology, so it can easily soar through the sky when flung across meadows and lawns with grace and agility.

Not only is this product durable, but it's surprisingly lightweight thrown into the air, and hard to resist catching back. A lightweight dog frisbee makes it easier for both you and your pup to carry it around. Whether you're heading out for a walk in your local park or a hike in the mountains, having a toy that won't weigh down your backpack or pockets is crucial.

Things To Keep In Mind

If you are looking for an easy way to bring food and water along for your canine companion during a long day spent exploring, then the West paw's dog frisbee is the perfect solution. Not only can your pup have hours of fun with the durable, long-lasting frisbee, but when it’s time to refuel or rehydrate, simply flip it over, and voila! you have an instant pet bowl.

The genius design of this product allows dog owners to easily travel with their dogs while still having everything they need.

Best Dog Frisbee Toy That Features Aerodynamic Design

Swift Online Dog Frisbee Toy

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Why We Love This Product

Swift online dog frisbees with its aerodynamic design that takes the strain off your arm. This frisbee is easy to throw with just a flick of the wrist. The grooved design helps keep it flying straight and true, so you won't have to worry about constantly adjusting your aim.

These grooves create air pockets that help keep flying discs smoothly through the air with just a flick of your wrist. The result is a more efficient and effortless throw. Even if you accidentally overshoot and throw it too far, there's no need to worry as its high-visibility blue color ensures that your furry friend will spot it before you do.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Swift online soft dog frisbee is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to ensure their pooch’s safety while they play frisbee. These unique soft frisbees feature natural rubber which is much softer than their hard plastic counterparts and provides a level of comfort as well as durability.

It’s also a lot less likely to break apart into sharp pieces that could harm your pup if it were to catch the edge of the frisbee. With the added peace of mind, you can get from this safe yet sturdy product, you can be sure your dog will have hours of tail-wagging fun every time you take him out for a game of fetch.

Best Dog Frisbee Toy That Comes With Durable Design

Canine Flyer Dog Frisbee Toy

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Why We Love This Product

The Canine dog frisbee is a top-rated pet toy that has gained popularity in the market because of its durable design. This frisbee for large dogs features a multilayer nylon interior that ensures it can withstand rough play and constant use. The soft rubber edges are gentle on the puppy's gums and teeth, making it safe for them to play with without causing any harm.

The durable design of this pet toy also makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as beach trips or park visits. It can handle different weather conditions, including rain and heat, ensuring your furry friend gets to enjoy themselves without worrying about damaging their favorite toy.

The frisbee gradually descends when thrown mid-flight, making it easier for your pet to jump and catch without getting hurt or frustrated.

Things To Keep In Mind

These frisbees are a great way to provide your canine companion with hours of entertainment and exercise while being gentle on their teeth and gums. This factor is critical in maintaining the overall health of your dog's mouth as it prevents the wearing down of the enamel caused by overly hard discs.

Canine frisbees feature rounded edges that eliminate sharp points, which could cause discomfort or other issues. Likewise, they are made of soft, flexible material that makes them easy on your dog's bite and protects them from accidentally chomping down too hard.

Best Dog Frisbee Toy That Glows in the Dark

ChuckIt Flyer Dog Frisbee Toy

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Why We Love This Product

The ChuckIt dog frisbee has become a favorite among pet owners for its unique feature of glowing in the dark. This innovative design allows you and your furry friend to keep playing even after the sun goes down. The glowing effect is bright enough to light up any area, making it easier for you to track the frisbee and perfect that mid-air catches.

This glow-in-the-dark feature is that it extends playtime with your pet. Dogs are active animals, and they need regular exercise and playtime to maintain their health and happiness.

However, when daylight dwindles, most dogs are confined indoors or restricted from outdoor activities. With this glowing frisbee, your dog can enjoy extended hours of fun-filled activities which are essential for their physical and mental well-being.

Things To Keep In Mind

The ChuckIt dog frisbee features charges In minutes, allowing you and your furry friend to keep playing after the lights turn off! Simply hold the glow frisbee under sunlight or a flashlight for 5 to 20 minutes and you'll have up to 20 minutes of illuminated play!

The ChuckIt dog frisbee tough toy is made with safe yet durable photo-luminescent material so you can rest easy knowing your pup is playing with a quality product. Now you can extend playtime into the night and enjoy hours of fun as you bond together with this dog frisbee.

Best Frisbee Flyer Dog Disc That Makes a Great Tug Toy

Hartz Plush Frisbee Flyer Dog Disc

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Why We Love This Product

The Hartz dog frisbee not only does it make an excellent frisbee for dogs to play fetch but it also features a unique disc design that makes it a great tug toy as well. The durable construction of the disc is perfect for withstanding the rough and tumble-playtime that dogs love.

The dual feature of the Hartz dog frisbee means that pet owners get two toys in one. The disc shape allows for easy throwing and catching during games of fetch, while the textured surface of the disc makes it easy for dogs to grip during tug-of-war matches.

This versatility adds value to this already affordable toy, making it an ideal choice for pet owners who want more bang for their buck.

Things To Keep In Mind

Having a variety of colors in a Hartz frisbee for dogs is beneficial. Color can influence your dog's mood, making them excited, energetic, or full of energy. This means that having different shades available can keep your pup engaged and ready to play all day long.

The fun of never knowing what color you'll get can bring about an element of surprise - the perfect treat for your furry best friend! Colorful dog frisbees have been shown to help with cognitive stimulation and sensory development too, so not only do they promote physical activity, but mental engagement as well.

Best Dog Frisbee That Floats in the Water

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee 

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Why We Love This Product

The Hyper dog frisbee is a game-changer when it comes to interactive play in the water. Its unique feature of being able to float in the water makes it an excellent choice for a day out at the beach, lake, or pool.

This dog frisbee is made from soft and lightweight material that allows for long-range throws and smooth glides through the air. The benefit of having a frisbee that floats in the water cannot be stressed enough.

It makes it easy for dogs to retrieve even if thrown far away into deep waters. This feature also ensures that you don't lose your beloved pet's toy when playing near bodies of water. It saves you time and money as you won't have to keep buying new toys all summer long!

Things To Keep In Mind

This amazing all-season interactive toy has been designed to take your dog by surprise, providing an exciting activity they'll love all year long. With better agility, speed, and accuracy outcomes than traditional frisbees, it's equally suited to playtime in grass, water, or snow.

It's less likely to be buffeted by windy weather which means a longer flight time. The hyper pet flippy flopper raises the bar when it comes to fitness, exercise, and bonding with your dog Throw yourself into a game of fetch with your furry friend, and get ready to have some serious fun together!

Best Frisbee for Dogs That is Non-toxic And BPA-free

Project Hive Frisbee for Dogs

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Why We Love This Product

Project dog frisbee toy is designed with non-toxic and BPA-free materials, making it a healthy choice for both you and your pet. The non-toxic material used in this frisbee ensures that it won't harm your dog if they accidentally ingest any parts of it while playing.

This feature gives pet owners peace of mind knowing that their pup can safely have fun without worrying about any negative consequences. Another advantage is that this product doesn't contain BPA - a harmful chemical found in many plastics, which has been linked to health problems such as cancer and reproductive issues.

Things To Keep In Mind

Project dog frisbee is not your average frisbee for dogs. It has been designed with the environment in mind, ensuring that it is 100% recyclable. This means that once you are done using it, you can dispose of it responsibly knowing that it will not harm the environment.

In addition to being environmentally conscious, Project dog frisbee is also top-rack dishwasher safe. This feature makes cleaning up after playtime a breeze and ensures that the frisbee remains sanitary for your furry friend's next use.

Cleaning up after playtime becomes effortless since you don't need to spend countless minutes scrubbing away dirt and grime off the toy manually.


You love your dog, and you want to get them a frisbee to play with, but you don't know what type of frisbee is best for your pup.

With so many different types of frisbees on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your pup. Do you get a standard rubber, Frisbee? A flying disc made for dogs? Or maybe a bouncy ball that doubles as a Frisbee?

These FAQs about dog frisbees will help you decide which type of frisbee is best for your pup. We cover everything from the different types of frisbees to how to throw them and how to pick up after your dog.

Are Frisbees good for dogs?

Absolutely! Frisbees are a great way to give your dog exercise and have fun at the same time. Playing with a Frisbee is an excellent way to keep your pup active and healthy, while also providing mental stimulation. Plus, it's a great way to bond with your four-legged friend.

What's the difference between a dog Frisbee and a regular Frisbee?

The difference between a dog Frisbee and a regular Frisbee is that dog Frisbees are specifically designed for use with dogs. Dog Frisbees are usually made of softer materials, such as fabric or rubber, which makes them easier to catch in a dog’s mouth.

Regular Frisbees, on the other hand, are typically made from harder plastic and do not have any special features designed for use with dogs. These discs can be used for playing with dogs but may not be as easy to catch or grip.

Can you use a regular Frisbee with a dog?

Yes, you can use a regular Frisbee with a dog. However, you should make sure to choose one that is designed for dogs. These types of Frisbees are usually made of softer materials than traditional Frisbees and have a more flexible design. This helps protect your dog's teeth and gums from potential injury while they catch the disc.

Are Frisbees safe for dogs?

Frisbees are safe for dogs to play with. However, it is important to use caution when playing with your dog and a Frisbee. Dogs can injure themselves if they catch the Frisbee incorrectly, so always make sure to supervise your pet while they are playing.

What is dog Frisbee called?

Dog Frisbee is formally known as a canine disc. It is a sport that involves throwing a disc for a dog to catch in mid-air. The goal of the game is to get the dog to successfully catch the disc

What kind of Frisbee is for beginner dogs?

A beginner dog Frisbee should be lightweight and easy to grip. The best type of Frisbee for a beginner dog is a soft plastic disc. These are usually made from a flexible material, like foam or rubber frisbee, which makes them easy for dogs to grab onto with their mouths. 

\They also tend to be more durable than traditional plastic discs, so they won’t break if your pup accidentally drops them.

At what age can you teach a dog to catch a Frisbee?

You can begin teaching a dog to catch a Frisbee as soon as they are old enough to understand basic commands. This means that puppies should be at least 4-6 months old before you start teaching them to catch.

During this time, the pup should have had some basic obedience training and be comfortable with being handled by people.

How far should you throw a Frisbee for a dog?

The distance you should throw a Frisbee for a dog depends on the size and energy level of the dog. For smaller breeds with lower energy levels, you should only throw it a few feet away. 

For larger breeds or dogs with higher energy levels, you can throw it further, up to 10-15 feet away. It's important to start small and gradually increase the distance as your dog gets used to playing with the Frisbee.

Are frisbees bad for dogs' teeth?

Frisbees can be bad for a dog's teeth if they are not used properly. When dogs catch and chew on frisbees, the hard plastic can cause damage to their teeth. Over time, this can lead to broken or missing teeth, as well as gum and jaw problems.

Is Frisbee mentally stimulating for dogs?

Yes, frisbees for dogs can be mentally stimulating. It provides a great way to exercise their minds and bodies at the same time. When playing Frisbee, dogs have to use their problem-solving skills to anticipate where the Frisbee will land and how they will catch it. This type of mental stimulation helps keep them sharp and engaged.

How do I introduce my dog to Frisbee?

Introducing your dog to Frisbee can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your pup. To get started, it’s important to make sure your dog is comfortable with the Frisbee. Start by showing them the Frisbee and letting them sniff it, so they are familiar with the object.

Once they are comfortable, try rolling or tossing the Frisbee short distances away from you. When they bring it back, reward them with treats or praise to reinforce positive behavior. As your pup gets more comfortable with the game, you can start throwing it farther away and teaching them commands like “fetch” or “drop”.

Why do dogs love Frisbees?

Dogs love Frisbees because they are an active and engaging way to play with their owners. The bright colors and aerodynamic shape of a Frisbee make it an exciting toy for your pup. Not only is it fun to chase, but dogs also enjoy the feeling of catching the disc in midair.

Playing catch with a Frisbee can be a great form of exercise for your pup as they learn to jump and twist to catch the disc.

Is dog Frisbee a sport?

Yes, dog Frisbee is a sport. It is a competitive activity that involves two teams of one or more people and their dogs. The goal is for the handler to throw a Frisbee for the dog to catch, and for the dog to return it back to the handler. Professional disc dog tournaments are conducted for the dog owners to participate.

What color is best for a dog Frisbee?

The best dog frisbee color for a dog Frisbee depends on the individual dog and their preferences. Dogs are attracted to bright colors like red, orange, blue, and green. These colors stand out in the sky and make it easier for your pup to spot the Frisbee when you throw it


Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or just one that is durable and can stand up to hours of playtime, there is a frisbee on our list that is sure to meet your needs. Each of these frisbees provides hours of outdoor fun for both you and your pup. Plus, the portability of these disks makes them great for taking on vacations or trips to the park.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference when deciding which is the favorite dog frisbee for your pooch! But we hope this review has given you some ideas or sparked some inspiration so that together, you and your pup can get out and enjoy the sunshine — with some throw-and-fetch action!