Are you worried about worms in your pup?

Protecting and taking care of your dog should be a top priority, so don’t hesitate to give them the quality healthcare they deserve. Dewormers are an essential part of preventive pet care that effectively eliminates parasites from their system. Not only will dewormers keep your pet safe from nasty bugs but they will also help make sure that they remain comfortable during treatment.

With the 7 best dewormers currently on the market, you can rest easy knowing that you have chosen the safest and most effective solution for your beloved pooch! Choose between pill treatments, spot-on liquids, and powders – each proven to successfully eliminate worms quickly with minimal fuss or hassle.

How We Selected The Best Options

It's really hard to find the right dog dewormer for your pup.

There are so many different brands and formulations, and every pup is unique, so it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is best. Not to mention, reading customer reviews and trying to decipher between fact and fiction can add even more confusion.

We've taken the guesswork out of finding the best broad-spectrum dewormer for your pup. Our expertly researched list gives you an unbiased and accurate comparison of the top products so you don't have to worry about making a mistake. Stop wasting time trying to figure out which dewormer is right — get it right the first time with our selected 7 best dog dewormers.

Best Beef-Flavored Dewormer for Dogs 

Elanco Chewable Dewormer for Dogs

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Why It's Our Favorite

Elanco chewable dewormer for dogs is a trusted brand among dog owners and veterinarians alike. This popular dewormer comes in a range of flavors, including beef-flavored tablets. The unique beef flavor is not only delicious to most dogs but also has numerous benefits.

The beef-flavored dewormer makes it easier for pet owners to administer the medication to their furry friends. Unlike traditional dewormers that come in bitter and unpleasant flavors, the beef-flavored tablets are more appealing to dogs and can be easily disguised in their food or treats. This means pet owners do not have to struggle with forcing their dogs to swallow pills, making the process less stressful for both pets and owners.

Things To Know

Maintaining parasite-free health for our pets is essential, and we have a solution - the Elanco chewable dewormer for dogs. Not only is it effective against four different types of worms - tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms - but it's also safe for use in puppies as young as 4 weeks old.

And, as a chewable tablet, it's easy to administer and leaves no mess. With the Elanco chewable dewormer on your side, your dog can enjoy a happier, healthier life free of pesky parasites.

Best Dewormer for Dogs That is Safe for All Types of Dogs

Safe-Guard Dewormer for Dogs

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Why It's Our Favorite

Safe-Guard dewormer for dogs is a reliable and effective solution for intestinal parasites. The best thing about this product is that it is safe for all dogs, regardless of their age, breed, or size. Whether you have a small puppy or a large adult dog, this dewormer can help keep them healthy and free from worms.

The active ingredient in this dewormer for dogs is fenbendazole, which boasts an impressive safety profile compared to other deworming agents. Unlike many other products on the market, it does not contain any harsh chemicals or substances that could potentially harm your dog's health. This product has been clinically tested and proven to be safe even for puppies as young as six weeks old.

Things To Know

If you want to keep your dog healthy and happy as a responsible pet owner, it's important to deworm them. To ensure safety and effectiveness, consider using the Safe-Guard dewormer. It can treat and prevent different types of worms in dogs effectively, and it's safe to use on young puppies as young as six weeks old, debilitated dogs, and pregnant females.

It treats and controls hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms, prevents heartworm infections, and kills adult fleas. Ensuring that your dog is free from worms is crucial for their overall health and well-being, and the Safe-Guard dewormer is a reliable choice to keep them in tip-top shape.

Best Dewormer That Treats All 4 Major Intestinal Parasites in Dogs

Panacur C Canine Dewormer

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Why It's Our Favorite

Panacur C canine dewormer is specifically formulated to treat all 4 major intestinal parasites found in dogs. The 4 types of parasites that Panacur C canine dewormer effectively treats are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

Each type of parasite can cause different symptoms and health problems in dogs, ranging from diarrhea and weight loss to anemia and even death. By using a dewormer that targets all four types of parasites at once, and kills even visible worms passing in your dog's stool.

Things To Know

As a responsible dog owner, it's crucial to prioritize your furry friend's health. One essential aspect of their health is sticking to a proper deworming schedule. The Panacur C Canine dewormer is a reliable product that veterinarians trust widely. One interesting fact to note is that it's safe to use a higher suggested dosing size if your dog's weight falls in-between sizes.

Additionally, the frequency of deworming may vary depending on your dog's activity level and the climate in which you live. With this knowledge in mind, you can confidently keep your pup healthy and happy with Panacur C Canine dewormer.

Best Dewormer for Dogs with No Fabric

Elanco Tapeworm Dewormer for Dogs

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Why It's Our Favorite

Elanco tapeworm dewormer does not contain any fabric, making it an ideal choice for pet owners who are concerned about their dog's health and safety. The no-fabric benefit means that the active ingredient in Elanco tapeworm dewormer is contained within a chewable tablet that can be easily administered to your dog.

This makes it simple to use, even if you have never dewormed your dog before. The absence of fabric eliminates any risk of choking or gastrointestinal obstruction, which can occur when administering traditional dewormers that contain bulky fabrics.

Things To Know

Pet owners need to know about the Elanco Tapeworm dewormer for dogs to ensure the well-being of their furry friends. This deworming medication is specially formulated to remove the common tapeworms, Dipylidium caninum, and Taenia pisiformis, from your dog or puppy.

Whether you prefer to crumble the tablets and mix them with food or give them orally, this dewormer will effectively eliminate tapeworm infestations to keep your four-legged companion healthy and happy. Don't let your precious pooch suffer from the discomfort and potential health hazards of tapeworms. Stay informed and keep them safe with Elanco Tapeworm dewormer.

Best Worm Treatment for Dogs Made with Safe Ingredients

HomeoPet Natural Worm Treatment for Dogs

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Why It's Our Favorite

HomeoPet natural worm treatment for dogs featuring safe ingredients. WRM Clear is a natural dewormer that uses gentle and safe ingredients to aid in the removal of intestinal worms from your pet's system.

Unlike other commercial dewormers that use harsh chemicals, this worm treatment for dogs features natural ingredients such as pumpkin seed, clove bud, and wormwood. These ingredients work together to support your pet's immune system in eliminating worms while also promoting overall gastrointestinal health. Your pet will benefit from a healthier gut without any harmful side effects commonly associated with chemical-based dewormers.

Things To Know

HomeoPet's WRM Clear worm medicine is a safe and effective product suitable for all pets, making it easier to find a worm treatment that meets your needs. Not only is it safe enough to use with puppies, large dogs, kittens, and senior pets, but it is also versatile enough to be used with a variety of other pets, including birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

HomeoPet's WRM Clear worm medicine uses natural ingredients to give you confidence that your pet is getting the best possible care. Your furry friend will be happy and healthy, and you can finally say goodbye to worry.

Best Dewormer for Small Dogs with Vet Quality Formulation

Sentry Dewormer for Dogs

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Why It's Our Favorite

Sentry Dewormer small dogs with vet quality formulation is a product that guarantees the highest standard of quality and effectiveness. Vet quality formulation means that this dewormer has been developed based on the recommendations of veterinarians – experts in animal health.

It contains powerful ingredients specifically chosen to target common intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. With these small dogs, you can be confident that your furry friend is receiving the best possible treatment for these pesky parasites. A vet-quality formulation ensures that the dosage is safe and effective for your dog's size and age.

Things To Know

Pet parents often choose the Sentry Dewormer for dogs for its effectiveness in protecting against a wide range of parasites with just one chewable tablet, providing a full month of protection. You don't have to worry about giving your dog multiple doses or remembering the next dose.

Additionally, the Sentry Dewormer comes in chewable tablet form, making it easy to give to your dog without any trouble. If you want an easy and reliable way to deworm your pet, you might want to consider using the Sentry Dewormer.

Best Dewormer For Dogs with Fenbendazole Ingredients

Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer For Dogs

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Why It's Our Favorite

Safe-Guard canine dewormer is one of the most popular and effective dewormers for dogs. It contains fenbendazole Ingredients, which is a powerful anthelmintic agent that treats various types of intestinal dog worms. Fenbendazole Ingredients work by inhibiting the metabolism of parasites, resulting in their death.

Fenbendazole Ingredients are safe and easy to administer to dogs, making it an ideal choice for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends healthy and free from parasitic infections. This dewormer with fenbendazole Ingredients comes in different forms like granules, tablets, or suspension which can be given as per your veterinarian's recommendation based on your dog’s weight, age, and health condition.

Things To Know

Safe-Guard Canine dewormer can help keep your dog healthy and parasite-free, which is crucial for any responsible dog owner. What sets it apart from other dewormers is its proven safety for a dog's body, making it a reliable choice for both puppies and adult dogs of all breeds.

Not only that, but pregnant dogs can safely take it as well, which provides peace of mind to pet owners. Consider using Safe-Guard Canine dewormer if you want a safe and effective way to deworm your dog.


Trying to find the best dewormer for your dog can be a confusing and overwhelming process.

With so many medications out there, it's hard to know what type of dewormer is right for your pup and which brands are the most effective.

Make the process easier by checking out our FAQs about dog dewormers. Our experts have done all the research so you don't have to, ensuring you make an informed decision when choosing a dewormer for your beloved pet.

What is a dog dewormer?

A dog dewormer is a medication that is used to treat parasitic infections in dogs. These medications contain various active ingredients, like pyrantel pamoate and fenbendazole, that are designed to kill worms living in your pet’s system.

What is the fastest way to deworm a dog?

It depends on the type of worm your dog has, as different types require different treatments. For example, roundworms and hookworms can be quickly eliminated with medication prescribed by your vet, while tapeworms may require specialized medication. It's important to always consult with a veterinarian to determine the most effective and fastest way to deworm your dog.

How many times dog will deworm?

The deworming treatment takes only 24 hours to complete. However, it may take several weeks for adult worms to reappear in the dog's intestine and for contagious eggs to be eliminated. The recovery time for roundworms is about four weeks, for tapeworms, it is usually longer, and for the less common hookworms, it is less than four weeks.

What are the signs of worms in a dog?

Common signs that indicate a dog may have worms include vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, change in appetite, lethargy or fatigue, and a dull coat. Worms can seriously affect your pup’s health, so it's important to look out for any of these signs and seek professional advice from your vet if you notice any changes.

What is the best time of day to deworm a dog?

Many veterinarians recommend deworming in the morning before your dog has had a chance to eat. This is because when your dog has an empty stomach, the dewormer can be more effective. Additionally, deworming your dog in the morning, allows you to keep an eye on them throughout the day ensuring they are not experiencing any side effects from the medication.

Can I mix dewormer with food for dogs?

Yes, you can mix dewormers with food for dogs. However, it's important to make sure the medication is mixed in thoroughly and evenly with your pup’s food so that they consume the entire dose. This will ensure your dog receives the full benefit of the dewormer.

How fast does dewormer work?

It depends on the type of dewormer. For most common types of worms, such as roundworms and hookworms, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the medication to take effect. However, for parasitic worms, tapeworms (mostly appear in dog's feces) and other more serious infections, it may take several weeks for all the worms to be eliminated from your pup's system.

What are the benefits of dog dewormers?

Dog dewormers can help eliminate worms, parasites, and other harmful microorganisms from your pup’s system. This helps to improve their overall health and well-being by preventing further infections and complications. Dewormers also reduce the risk of contagious diseases being spread between different dogs. Lastly, they are an effective way to prevent any potential worm infestations from occurring.

Can I deworm my dog myself?

It is not recommended to deworm your dog yourself. It is important to consult with a veterinarian first to determine the type of worms present in your pup's system and the best course of treatment. Additionally, improper administration of dewormer can lead to side effects or even further complications for your pet.

How do I know if the dewormer is working?

You will know if the dewormer is working if you notice any improvement in your pup's health. This may include fewer symptoms of worms, such as vomiting or diarrhea. Additionally, your pup’s coat may become shinier and they may have more energy after taking the medication.

How do you deworm naturally?

There are several natural treatments that can help to prevent and treat worm infestations in dogs. These include feeding your pup a raw food diet, adding garlic or pumpkin seeds to dog's food, and giving them probiotics or herbal remedies.

Additionally, regular exercise and proper hygiene such as washing hands after contact with your pet can also help reduce the risk of worm infections.

Is it OK to deworm your dog every month?

It is not recommended to deworm your dog every month. The frequency of deworming will depend on the type of worms present in your pup’s system, their lifestyle, and risk factors.

Can dogs eat immediately after deworming?

It is not recommended to feed your pup immediately after deworming. The medication needs time to take effect and your pup may experience an upset stomach from the treatment. It's best to wait at least one hour before feeding them again.

Can a dog take a bath after deworming?

To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, it is advisable to check the product packaging or consult your veterinarian to know when to bathe your dog. Generally, it is recommended to wait for at least 48 hours after the treatment. Also, avoid bathing your dog 48 hours before applying the treatment to prevent any negative impact on effectiveness.


Finding the right dewormer for your dog can be difficult but it's essential for your pup's health and well-being. With so many options available, we hope our reviews of the 7 best dog dewormers have been useful in helping you decide which one to buy for your furry friend. Keep in mind that ingredients vary with each brand and type of dewormer; what works best for one pup may not work as effectively on another.

Whether you opt for liquid or pills and even natural formulas, the most important thing is that you pick a medication designed to target the specific type of parasite present in your pet’s system. Taking care of a pet isn’t always easy but providing them with the right treatment will ensure they live long, happy, and healthy lives!