Are you struggling to keep your pup's luxurious fur looking its best?

Having the right brush is essential for maintaining long-haired dogs' beautiful locks. A dog brush for long hair is specifically designed for dogs with long coats. These brushes typically have long, wire bristles that are designed to detangle and remove mats in your dog's fur.

But with so many brushes out there, how do you know which one is really the best fit for your pet? We tested six different brushes and have a definitive answer for which ones work best in brushing through knots and mats without tugging or pulling on delicate fur - no more second guessing what's the most efficient option!

How We Selected These Products

If you have a long-haired dog, you know how important it is to brush their coat regularly. But it can be hard to find the right tool for the job - there are so many different types of dog brushes on the market.

You don't want to waste your money on a product that doesn't work, or worse yet, causes your pup pain and discomfort. And hours of research aren't easy with demanding day jobs and busy families.

We've saved you all the hassle. Our team of pet groomers and vets did the hard work for you and compiled a list of the 6 best dog brushes for long hair, now you can pick one confidently knowing that it's going to work perfectly!

Best Dog Brush For Long Hair Double Teeth Sides

Petgle Dog Brush 

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Why We Love This Product

The Petgle dog brush for long hair has been making waves in the pet grooming industry by offering a revolutionary two-sided grooming solution. The deshedding brush features two different sides, each designed to tackle specific canine hair issues. The nine teeth side is perfect for dematting and detangling knotted fur, while the 17 teeth side helps with deshedding and removing excess hair.

The dual functionality of this dog brush has made it a favorite among pet owners who have long-haired dogs that require frequent grooming. With just one tool, you can easily address both matting and shedding issues that are common in long-haired breeds, making your pet's coat healthier and shinier than ever before.

Things to Keep in Mind

Petgle dog brush has no-rust stainless steel teeth that are ultra-durable and effective in removing tangles, mats, and loose fur from your dog's long coat. This type of material ensures longevity and prevents the teeth from rusting or corroding with time.

The non-rust stainless steel teeth extend beyond durability, as it also saves you money in the long run by reducing replacement costs. The sharpness of these teeth enables them to dig deep into your dog's hair without damaging their skin, making grooming more comfortable for your furry friend.

They are easy to clean and maintain due to their resistance to moisture, thus saving you time on cleaning while keeping the brush hygienic.

Best Dog Brush for Long Hair with Wave Pattern

SleekEZ Dog Brush 

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Why We Love This Product

SleekEZ dog brush for long hair innovative design that is specially created to cater to the needs of long-haired dogs, providing them with an effective and comfortable grooming experience.

With its wave-like pattern, the brush can easily glide through thick layers of fur without causing any discomfort or pain to your furry friend. The wave pattern feature also helps to prevent the matting and tangling of your dog's hair by gently removing loose fur and dirt from their coat.

This means that not only does this brush make grooming your dog much easier, but it also helps to maintain their coat's overall health and appearance. The unique design ensures that even hard-to-reach areas such as the underbelly and tail are cleaned thoroughly.

Things to Keep in Mind

The SleekEZ dog brush for long hair stands out from the rest with the innovative design that makes it easy to clean. The unique feature of this dog brush is that hair collects neatly along the blade of teeth in organized rows before falling onto the ground for later cleanup.

This means that you don't have to pull out clumps of fur from the tool or worry about cleaning up messy piles of hair after brushing your pup. Using this advanced technology saves time and effort while ensuring your pet's coat remains healthy and tangle-free.

Best Dog Brush with 2 In-1 Grooming Function

BV Dog Brush 

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Why We Love This Product

The BV Combo dog brush for long hair includes an amazing 2 in 1 grooming brush feature. This unique feature helps to take care of two important grooming tasks at once, making it a must-have for pet owners who are looking for an efficient and effective way to groom their pets.

The pin side of the BV dog brush is designed to help give your pet a great massage experience while also removing loose hair. By using this side of the brush, you can help stimulate your pet's skin and improve blood circulation, which can lead to a healthier coat overall.

The bristle side of the brush helps remove tangles, dirt, and loose hair, making your pet's coat cleaner and shinier than ever before.

Things to Keep in Mind

BV dog brush comes with a one-year guarantee that ensures its quality. The one-year guarantee means that when you purchase this dog brush for long hair, you're making an investment in your pet's grooming routine that will last for 12 months.

If anything happens to the brush within this time frame, you can easily get a replacement or refund from the manufacturer without any extra cost to you. This guarantee gives pet owners peace of mind and shows how confident the company is in its product.

Best Brush for Dogs with Non-slip Rubberized Handle

Doggiez Brush for Dogs 

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Why We Love This Product

Doggiez dog brush features a non-slip rubberized handle that offers a secure grip that prevents the brush from slipping out of your hand while grooming your dog's coat.

This design is especially beneficial for pet parents who have dogs that wriggle around during brushing or those with arthritis, making it difficult to maintain a firm grip on the brush. The non-slip rubberized handle of this dog brush provides maximum control and maneuverability when brushing your dog's coat.

It allows you to apply just the right amount of pressure without putting too much strain on your hands and wrists, reducing fatigue and discomfort during prolonged use. It ensures that you can focus on grooming areas that require extra attention without having to worry about the brush slipping away from you.

Things to Keep in Mind

The important thing to know about Doggiiez dog brush is its anti-scratch design. The anti-scratch design of this dog brush ensures that your pup's skin remains unhurt during grooming. This feature is essential as it helps to prevent any potential discomfort or pain that may arise from scratching while brushing.

This design makes sure that you can groom your pet without causing any damage to its coat. Apart from being gentle on your dog's skin and coat, the anti-scratch design also ensures that the brush lasts longer than other brushes on the market.

Best Dog Brush For Long-Haired Dogs with Wide Range of Applications

DSKRUI Dog Brush 

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Why We Love This Product

The Dskrui dog brush for long hair is the slicker brush that is perfect for Poodles, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Alaska, golden fur, and other large long hair dogs. Whether you have a fluffy or wiry coat type, this versatile tool can manage all types of hair with ease. It is designed to fluff, detangle, and style in one go.

This dog brush is that it caters to all hair types - long, straight, curly, thick, shaggy, or wire. The bristles on this slicker brush are fine and gentle yet firm enough to reach deep into your pet’s undercoat without causing any discomfort.

Things to Keep in Mind

Dskrui pin brush is specially designed with longer than standard pins, which effectively reaches the undercoat on double-coated breeds, saving time and energy during pet grooming sessions. Each pin on the brush measures approximately one inch long, making it easier to penetrate through thick fur layers.

With its extra-long pins that reach deep into the undercoat, this brush can help untangle knots and mats without pulling or damaging the hair. This grooming tool helps distribute natural oils throughout your pet's coat evenly.

Best Pet Brush for Dogs with Smart Design

Round Bristle Pet Brush 

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Why We Love This Product

Round dog brush for long hair comes with its smart design making it an essential tool for any pet owner looking to keep their pup looking and feeling great. One of the standout features of this brush is its hanger hole, which allows you to hang it wherever you need it for convenient access during grooming sessions.

The thumb rest on the handle ensures a secure grip and just the right amount of pressure when brushing your dog's coat. The round shape of the brush also helps to prevent tangling and matting while evenly distributing natural oils throughout your dog's fur, promoting healthy growth and shine.

Things to Keep in Mind

Round dog brush for long hair is made with a strong plastic material that can withstand wear and tear, this brush is a durable tool that will last for years to come.

The rubber sides of the Round dog brush are not only comfortable to hold onto, but they also provide a sturdy grip even when dealing with a fidgety pet. The round shape of this brush allows you to easily access hard-to-reach areas like underarms and behind ears without causing any discomfort or pain to your pet.

Its bristles are designed specifically for long-haired dogs, removing tangles and preventing mats from forming, while promoting healthy skin and smooth coats.


Having trouble brushing your pup’s long hair? It can be a real chore, and you don’t want to damage their coat.

Failing to properly brush your dog's long fur can lead to tangles and knots that cause discomfort, matting, mat-related skin problems, and bacterial growth.

Stop worrying! With the help of these frequently asked question's section about dog brushes for long hair, you can quickly and easily find the best brush for your pooch’s fur length. Save time and keep your dog healthy and happy!

What brushes are best for long hair?

A slicker brush and a round bristle brush are the best brushes for long hair. Slicker brushes are great for detangling, while round bristle or pin brushes provide a gentle and effective way to remove dander, dirt, and excess fur from your pet’s coat.

How often should I be brushing my dog?

Most experts recommend brushing your dog at least once a week. This helps keep their coat healthy and free of tangles and mats. For dogs with longer hair, it’s best to brush them more frequently – ideally every other day or even daily.

Is there a brush specifically for double-coated breeds?

Yes! The round bristle pet brushes are specially designed for double-coated breeds, providing a gentle and effective way to remove dander and dirt while maintaining healthy skin and coats. 

The round shape helps evenly distribute natural oils throughout your dog’s fur, promoting growth and shine.

Do long-haired dogs need to be brushed?

Yes, it’s important to brush your long-haired dog regularly. This helps prevent tangles, mats, and skin problems caused by excess fur. Additionally, brushing helps distribute natural oils throughout the coat for a healthier look and feel.

Is a comb better than brush dogs?

It depends. Some pet owners prefer to use combs for longer-haired breeds, as a comb can help remove dirt and detangle hair more effectively than a brush.

 However, brushes are generally recommended for double-coated breeds with long fur, as they provide a gentler and more effective way to remove dirt and dander without damaging the fur.

Can you use a human brush on the dog?

No, it’s not recommended to use a human brush on your dog. Human brushes are designed for people and may be too abrasive or uncomfortable for your pet. It’s best to use a brush specifically designed for dogs.

How do I choose a dog brush?

When choosing a dog brush, it’s important to consider the type of fur your pet has. For dogs with long hair, a slicker brush and a round soft bristle brush are great options. For double-coated breeds, a round bristle brush is best as it helps evenly distribute natural oils throughout the coat. 

Finally, be sure to choose a brush with comfortable grips and quality bristles for the best brushing experience.

Should I brush my dog after a bath?

Yes, it’s important to brush your dog after a bath. This helps remove any lingering dirt or debris from your pet’s coat and detangle their fur for a healthy and shiny look. Additionally, brushing after a bath helps evenly distribute natural oils throughout the coat for added shine and hydration.

Are brushes good for dogs?

Yes, using the right type of hair brush for your dog can be very beneficial. Regularly brushing your dog's fur helps to remove loose hair and mats, improve circulation, distribute natural oils throughout their coat, and prevent skin irritations. 

It can also help to reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds in your home and prevent hairballs from forming in their stomach if they groom themselves excessively.

Should I brush my dog wet or dry?

It’s best to brush your dog when their coat is dry. Wet fur can make brushing difficult, as it’s more prone to tangles and mats. Brushing a wet coat can cause skin irritations or damage the hair follicles.

How long should you brush your dog?

It depends on the type and length of your pet’s fur. Generally, it’s best to brush for at least 5-10 minutes per session. For long-haired breeds, you may need to brush for longer periods of time in order to remove tangles and mats. Dogs with double coats may require more frequent brushing to keep their coat healthy and free of debris.

How do you brush a long-coated dog?

When brushing a long-coated dog, it’s important to use the correct tools. A slicker brush with comfortable bristles is ideal for removing dirt and debris from the coat without damaging the hair follicles.

You may want to use a comb or mat rake to gently detangle and remove any mats or tangles in the fur. Begin by brushing in the direction of your pet’s hair growth, and then brush against the grain to remove any excess dirt and debris. Be sure to take breaks as needed and be gentle with your brushing motions.

What size brush for long hair?

When brushing a long-haired breed, you’ll want to use a brush with longer bristles for maximum coverage. The size of the brush should be determined by the length and type of fur your pet has. If in doubt, consult with your vet or groomer for specific recommendations.

What happens if you never brush your dog's hair?

If you never brush your dog’s fur, it can lead to mats, tangles, and uncomfortable skin irritations. Dirt and debris can accumulate in the fur leading to skin infections or a dull coat with dead hair.


Maintaining a long-haired pet can be challenging but there are ways to care for them to keep smooth-coated dogs looking and feeling their best. The six long-hair dog brush options featured in this post all promote a healthier, shinier coat as well as prevent tangles and mats for smooth and curly coats. From slicker brushes to deshedding tools, these products are designed with keeping the dog's coat type and comfort in mind.