Are you a pet parent to the long-haired dog?

If you own a long-haired dog, then the struggle is real as tangled hair can cause discomfort and pain, not only for your pup but also for the guardian who must carefully detangle it. You want a tool that not only helps speed up the grooming process but also ensures your furry friend's comfort while they are being groomed.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done all of the research for you. We’ve rounded up seven of the best de-matting tools available so that you find one that fits both your pups’ unique needs and budget.

Whether it is handheld, electric, or a combination of both, no matter what type of tool works best for your pup – get ready to run away from those tears during grooming time with these top-rated tools.

Our Process For Selecting These Products

Dog owners know that de-matting their dog's fur is an important, but often difficult task.

Not only does matting make your dog look messy and unkempt, but it can also be painful and lead to skin irritation.

We've done the research for you after comparing a number of tools in detail and found the 7 best de-matting tools for dogs. From slicker brushes to undercoat rakes, we've got you covered.

Best Dematting Tool for Dogs with All-In-1 Features

Rubold Dematting Tool 

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Introducing, the Rubold dematting tool for dogs with All-In-1 features! save time, money, and all that fussing with regular brushing and combing, and go straight to dematting that perfect coat.

This revolutionary tool has all the features you need in just 1 tool. Detangle, deshed, and brushing at the same time is made easy thanks to its ergonomic handle that's strong and unbreakable making it the perfect grooming aid no matter what type of fur your pup has. With this denatting tool, say goodbye to stressful grooming sessions when you can easily finish up in minutes.

What You Must Know

Are you fed up with the pain and frustration that come with using traditional dematting tools to remove mats and tangles from your dog's fur? The Rubold dematting tool is the perfect solution – it's designed with 17+9 precision teeth to provide gentle, precise grooming without damaging the skin.

Plus, the rounded exterior lies snugly along your pet's body, reducing irritation and preventing scratches. And to top it all off, the sharp edges inside the tool allow for quick and easy mat removal so your dog can look their best in no time at all.

Best Dematting Tool with No-Scratch Round Teeth

Hertzko Pet Dematting Tool 

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Why It Made Our List

The Hertzko pet dematting tool features sharp, but fine-rounded teeth engineered to perfectly groom undercoats without scratching or hurting your pet’s sensitive skin, this tool is created with your pet’s well-being in mind.

This innovative dematting tool works efficiently to help you remove mats, tangles, and dirt without damaging the coat or irritating skin. The rounded edges ensure that even delicate hair isn't pulled out or damaged. Get rid of shedding bothersome coats with this must-have tool for pet owners!

What You Must Know

The Hertzko pet dematting tool is the perfect tool for grooming your furry friend. Not only will it remove pesky mats, but it also helps to protect your pet's skin and coat by removing the loose fur. Featuring calm stainless steel edges, the Hertzko de-matting comb doesn't cause any discomfort or harm to your pet while using.

Furthermore, their renowned customer service offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your purchase - ensuring you can pick this quality product with confidence! The Hertzko pet dematting tool is an essential accessory for keeping your pet looking and feeling its best.

Best Dematting Tool for Dogs with Dual-Sided Design

Fida Dematting Tool 

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Why It Made Our List

Say goodbye to mats, tangles, and fur buildup on your dog's coat with the Fida dematting tool for dogs! This unique tool features a dual-sided design, which allows you to start by using the 12-teeth side to break up tougher mats and tangles with help of its double-sided pet comb.

Then move on to the 23-teeth side, which quickly thins out and desheds even sensitive areas such as around the eyes, nose, and chin and pain without skin irritation or damage. Plus their tool is made of high-quality stainless steel teeth which helps keep blades sharp for long-time use. So don't be afraid to turn up the fluff this season.

What You Must Know

The Fida dematting tool for dogs provides a unique and modern take on traditional dematting tools for our canine companions. It features rust-proof blades which are specifically designed to remove knotted, matted hair from your pup's coat without weighing them down with a bulky tool.

Not only does this provide greater comfort in the process of dematting, but the rust-proof blades minimize the chances of any bacteria infiltrating the fur while still providing an effective experience.

These blades are incredibly sharp and expertly crafted; they are capable of cutting through thick dog coat fur like a hot knife through butter, making quick work even of the most stubborn mats.

Best Dematting Tool Ergonomic Slip-resistant Grip

Shiny Pet Dematting Tool

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Why It Made Our List

The Shiny pet dematting tool is a revolutionary pet grooming tool that eliminates mats and tangles with ease! Its ergonomic, slip-resistant grip allows for maximum control to ensure your pet's comfort.

They know pets come first—that's why they designed the grip to feel comfortable in your hand, giving you enough power to tackle tough mats without hurting your furry friend. With a simple pass of the tool and some special love and care from you, your pet will be looking and feel better than ever before! So don't wait—make sure your precious fur baby gets the care it deserves with its shiny pet dematting tool.

What You Must Know

This innovative pet grooming tool is exactly what you need if you're considering thinning, shedding, and dematting your pet's undercoat. Featuring a carefully designed two-sided head, it effortlessly removes mats, tangles, and loose hair from the undercoat without damaging the topcoat.

In addition, it comes with a useful pet care ebook that includes their "How to brush your pet's hair" guide - detailing all the steps required when it comes to brushing your pet's fur safely. As pet owners ourselves, we understand just how important it is to have all the necessary information available so our furry friends can look and feel their best at all times.

Best Dematting Tool for Dogs That Provides Soothing Massage

Pets First Dematting Tool

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Why It Made Our List

Keep your pup’s coat looking beautiful and healthy with Pets first dematting tool for dogs! Their comb does more than just remove mats – it also provides a soothing massage so your pup can feel pampered and relaxed. Your dog’s coat will look shinier and healthier than ever before, with increased blood circulation from the massage reducing dryness, knots, and tangles.

Plus, our tool is easy to use, making grooming time fun and stress-free for both you and your pet. So don’t wait – invest in Pets' first dematting tool for dogs today! With its combination of dematting benefits and comforting massage, this is the ultimate way to show your pup some extra love.

What You Must Know

The Pets First dematting tool for dogs combines safe and effective brushing with comfortable control to make grooming a pleasure for both pet and owner. Its small precise holes are designed to trap matted fur, while its rounded teeth won't pull hair or scratch your pet's skin.

The tool also features a thumb rest for ultimate control, allowing you to easily and safely detangle your four-legged friend. This gadget is sure to revolutionize the way you groom your pup, providing deep cleanings with fewer risks of injury or discomfort. With the pets first dematting tool for dogs, grooming has never been so easy and enjoyable.

Best Dog Dematting Tool That is Safe & Pleasant to Use

Pet Republique Dog Dematting Tool

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Why It Made Our List

Unlike traditional sickle shape mat combs, the blades in Pet republique's dog dematting tool are sharp on the inside but rounded on the outer edge, providing a much more pleasant experience for your fuzzy friend.

And that's not all—this dematting tool is designed with your pet's safety in mind. Not only is it designed to be gentle enough to work effectively without causing any unnecessary distress or discomfort, but the rounded edges ensure that no skin gets nicked during brushing time. With Pet Republique's dog dematting tool, regular grooming can become one of both your and your pet's favorite activities!

What You Must Know

The Pet Republique dog dematting tool not only makes a practical addition to any pet parent's home, but it also helps contribute to a good cause - for every purchase of this product, 15% of the profits go directly to the American animal rescue society.

This donation helps support rescued animals who need attention and companionship after being abandoned - giving them the chance at finding a loving family. With this purchase, you are not only giving your pet quality grooming tools, but you are also helping other animals in need!

Best Dematting Tool with Easy Grip Handle

Poodle Pet Dematting Tool 

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Why It Made Our List

Say goodbye to frustrating grooming sessions with the Poodle pet dematting tool. Creating an enjoyable experience for you and your pup, this dematting tool will make every grooming session a breeze.

Featuring an easy grip handle to prevent slips, this specially shaped rubber handle ensures that you maintain good control and comfort while you groom. And because it fits comfortably in your hand, you can use it no matter how wiggly your pup maybe during the process. This unique design also features a convenient hanging hole for easy storage or transport.

What You Must Know

With extra long 2.5-inch sharp stainless steel blades, this unique grooming tool will make light work of knots, mats, and tangles in even the thickest fur. Not only is it great for breaking up fur knots and tangles, but it also provides a thorough undercoat rake brushing that your pup will thank you for!

Plus, easy to use and designed to be gentle on sensitive skin alike - With this one tool, poodle owners can keep their pet's coat looking luxurious with minimal time and effort!


Your dog's mats are driving you crazy and you're not sure which tool will work best to get rid of them.

You may have seen a few different de-matting tools for dogs advertised and you're not sure which one to buy. Do you need a rake? A comb? How about a brush? And what about those scissors? It can be so confusing!

Other than that, multiple options available in the market might also confuse you. If you want a gopets dematting comb or some other brand's brush, it might be difficult for you to know all about the options.

We've put together these FAQs to help answer your questions and make it easier for you to choose the right tool for your dog.

What tool is best for removing mats on dogs?

A dematting tool is the best tool for removing mats on dogs. These tools are specifically designed to remove stubborn mats and tangles without damaging your pup's fur. The blades are sharp enough to easily cut through the mat, but not so sharp that they will cut your pet's skin. 

The handles of dematting tools are usually ergonomically designed, making them comfortable and easy to use.

How do you dematt a severely matted dog?

Dematting a severely matted dog can be a difficult task and should not be done without the assistance of a professional. A professional groomer will have the necessary tools and expertise to safely remove the mats while minimizing discomfort to your pet.

Before attempting to demat your dog, it is important to brush out as much of the matting as possible. This can help reduce the amount of time and effort required for dematting. To do this, use a slicker brush on dry hair and move in the direction of hair growth.

Is dematting a dog painful?

Dematting a dog can be painful depending on the severity of the matting. If the matting is minor and not too close to the skin, it may not be painful for your dog. However, if the matting is severe and close to the skin, it can cause discomfort or even pain when admitted. In this case,

Do dematting brushes work?

Yes, dematting brushes can be an effective tool for removing mats and tangles from a pet’s fur. Depending on the type of fur your pet has, there are a variety of different dog dematting tools available that can help you remove any stubborn knots or mats.

What loosens matted dog hair?

Brushing is the most effective way to loosen matted dog hair. Using a slicker brush with metal pins can help to break up the mats and tangles without causing any discomfort or damage to your dog's skin.

If your pup has extremely matted hair, you may need to use a dematting tool that has sharp blades that can cut through the mats. It is important to be very gentle when using this tool, as it can easily cause cuts or scrapes on your pet's skin if used incorrectly.

Is it better to brush a matted dog wet or dry?

It is generally better to brush a matted dog wet. Wet brushing can help break down the mats and tangles, making it easier to gently work through them. Additionally, wet brushing helps reduce the risk of damaging the fur or skin of your pet.

Does coconut oil help dematting dogs?

Yes, coconut oil can help with dematting dogs. It has natural conditioning properties that make it a great choice for detangling and softening matted fur. When applied directly to the dog's coat, it helps loosen mats and tangles and makes them easier to brush out. Also, coconut oil is known for its moisturizing benefits which help nourish the skin and coat of your pet.

Should you bathe a matted dog?

Yes, it’s important to bathe a matted dog. Matted fur can be uncomfortable for the dog and can also lead to skin irritation, infection, and other health problems. It’s best to use a mild shampoo specifically designed for the dog's hair and avoid brushing or combing the matted fur before bathing, as this can cause more discomfort.

Do vets remove matted hair?

Yes, veterinarians do remove matted hair. This is a common grooming procedure for animals with long coats, such as cats and dogs. Removing matted dog hair can help improve the animal’s comfort level and reduce the risk of skin irritation or infection.

What causes dog matting?

Dog matting is caused by a combination of factors, including the type of coat a dog has and the amount of grooming they receive. Dogs with long, dense coats are more prone to matting than those with short, fine coats.

This is because longer hair tangles more easily and can become matted if it isn't brushed regularly. Additionally, dogs that don't receive regular grooming may also be more likely to experience matting.

How do you dematt a dog without shaving?

Dematting a dog without shaving can be done in a few different ways. Start by using the dematting brush on your dog's coat and gently comb out any knots or tangles. Use the mat breaker for more stubborn mats, but be careful not to pull too hard as this can cause pain.

Finally, use the thinning shears to cut away any remaining mats or fur that is too long. With patience and care, you can successfully dematt your dog without having to shave them!

Is it better to shave a matted dog?

It is not recommended to shave a matted dog. This is because the mats can be difficult to remove and shaving them can cause skin irritation and leave the dog vulnerable to sunburns or other skin issues. Instead, it is best to try to comb out the mats with a wide-tooth comb or brush. If this fails, it may be necessary to take the dog to a professional groomer who has experience in dealing with matted fur.

What is a home remedy for matted dog hair?

One home remedy for matted dog hair is to use a detangling spray. Detangling sprays are specifically designed to help loosen knots and tangles in the fur, making it easier to comb out. Before using the detangling spray, brush your dog's fur with a slicker brush or a wide-toothed comb.

This will help separate the mats and make them easier to work with. Once you have brushed out as much of the mat as possible, apply the detangling spray directly onto the remaining tangles and knots.

What is the best way to get matted dog hair untangled?

The best way to get matted dog hair untangled is to use a detangling spray or conditioner. Start by spraying the product onto the matted area and work it in with your fingers. This will help break up the tangles and make them easier to brush out. Then, using a wide-toothed comb, start at the ends of the coat and gently work your way up toward the skin.


In sum, researching and purchasing the right de-matting tool is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. We hope our reviews of the 7 best de-matting tools for dogs can help you find the one that best fits your needs.

While every dog is different, these tools offer superior performance, comfort for your pet and you, and affordability. Don't forget to research what other pet owners have to say about these products before you make your purchase!