Creative craftspeople, are you looking to upgrade your workspace?

Don’t just settle for any old cutting mat. Get the most out of your hard work by selecting one designed specifically with your craft in mind! Our top 6 picks reviewed contain superior self-healing properties to extend the lifespan and alleviate worries about ruining the surface when putting on deep pressure during use.

Make sure all aspects of your project is up to par without worrying about a subpar workspace. Investing in a quality cutting mat will not only protect surfaces but also increase accuracy while keeping costs within reach! So why risk it with an inferior option?

How We Selected These Products

If you're a quilter, you know that having the right mat is essential for your craft.

There are a lot of different quilting mats on the market, and it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you.

We've done the research for you and picked the six best quilting mats on the market. Whether you're looking for a basic mat or something more specialized, we have you covered.

Best Cutting Mat Made of Polyvinyl Chloride

US Cutting Mat for Quilting 

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Why It Made Our List

If you're into quilting, you'll love this new US art supply cutting mat! Crafted with polyvinyl chloride, this mat provides a safe and reliable surface for your creative projects.

Polyvinyl chloride is specially optimized for long-term durability, making sure your cutting mat never wears out and stands the test of time. What's more? It's constructed with a non-slip design, giving you extra safety in case of any accidental slipping.

Plus, PVC material is straightforward to clean - wipe it down after use and you're ready to go! A must-have for any serious quilter, this US cutting mat gives the ultimate combination of controlled accuracy and convenience. With its tough exterior and user-friendly features, what are you waiting for? Get your own board today and start quilting like a professional!

Things to Keep In Mind

The benefits of a US cutting mat for quilting stacked with grid markings on each side are endless. It ensures that you get precise, accurate measurements with each and every cut.

This mat also has one legible inch markings on the gridded surface and is designed to be reversible so that both sides can be used and worn out evenly over time without compromising accuracy.

The grid markings help amateur quilters keep control while they learn to perfect their skills, and professional quilters appreciate them for quick and easy projects. No matter where you are in your quilting journey, having a cutting mat with grid markings is a great asset.

Best Cutting Mat with 5 Layers

Anezus Cutting Mat for Quilting 

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Why It Made Our List

Are you a quilting pro looking for something that will make your craft easier and faster? Look no further than the Anezus cutting mat for quilting! This heavy-duty, high-quality mat is designed specifically to provide quilters with an easy and efficient experience. It's sure to be your new favorite tool.

What makes this cutting mat so special? The answer lies in its five layers: that protect its inner core and provide a comfortable cushion; that also offers insulation, softness, and shock absorption when cutting fabric.

The 5 layers combine to bring unparalleled cushioning, shock absorption, and insulation for even the most intricate projects - to give you the best results every time!

It also features smooth writing space which helps ensure precise cutting. And it comes with grip lines printed on the underside of the mat, helping keep it safely in place while you’re working.

Things to Keep In Mind

The Anezus cutting mat for quilting is a must-have if you are serious about your craft. Featuring a special finish, the mat reseals all surface cuts that you make when cutting pieces, keeping them smooth and preventing skipping or snagging.

Whether you are cutting thick layers of fabric or delicate paper, the finish ensures that you will have perfect results with no worries. It also makes clean-up easy - all you need to do is wipe away any leftover residue after every project!

The Anezus cutting mat is an invaluable tool for those who want high-quality results and enjoy the process of creating detailed projects with finesse.

Best Cutting Mat with Double-Sided Printing Design

Idemeet Cutting Mat for Quilting 

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Why It Made Our List

Introducing the Idemeet cutting mat – designed to make your quilting experience so much easier! This cutting mat features a unique double-sided printing design that allows you to easily move from one pattern side to the other without having to change out your mats. Not only does it save time, but it also ensures that every piece of fabric is cut precisely and accurately.

One side features a deeply cushioned grip that has extra give for easy fabric movement, making slicing through multiple layers of fabric seamless and stress-free.

The other side features a professional standard print in a grid formation, allowing you size accuracy when cutting. Sensitive surfaces are protected from dulling by this superior surface design so you can always be sure that the perfect cuts will remain precise even after extended use.

Things to Keep In Mind

For quilting enthusiasts, there is no doubt that the Idemeet cutting mat offers a unique advantage. Not only can it resist a wide temperature range, but it is also incredibly durable and can remain intact after repeated use.

With this mat, you will be able to cut through layers of fabric with ease. It is also suitable for use in virtually any environment due to its non-toxic nature. Plus, the self-healing technology of the Idemeet cutting mat makes it a must-have item for anyone who loves to quilt or craft.

Best Cutting Mat That is Tough and Rubbery

Worklion Cutting Mat for Quilting 

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Why It Made Our List

Are you tired of cutting mats that are anything but sturdy? If so, the Worklion cutting mat for quilting is designed just for you! This must-have quilting tool brings your crafting to a new level.

It's constructed with tough and rubbery materials, making it virtually indestructible — even after prolonged use. In addition to its durability, this cutting mat also protects surfaces from being scratched or warped because of sharp craft knives.

Now you can focus on perfecting your quilting project without having to worry about damaging tools or altering the surface beneath you. Get ready for a hassle-free crafting experience that only Worklion will deliver!

Things to Keep In Mind

If you are looking for a cutting mat that is perfect for quilting and can live up to its promise of being durable, the Worklion cutting mat will not disappoint.

This cutting mat is designed with a protective cover in the middle that prevents you from having any knives or straight blades cut through it even if there’s an unexpected power cut.

It works perfectly for heavy-duty cutting and is compatible with both rotary cutters and straight blades. If you want the ultimate protection from wear and tear, the black protective layer won’t fade or wear off over time with repeated use.

Best Cutting Mat with Easy-to-Read Markings

Fiskars Cutting Mat for Quilting 

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Why It Made Our List

With the Fiskars cutting mat for quilting, precision projects are easier than ever! This large cutting mat is designed with your crafting needs in mind — specifically when it comes to accuracy in cutting.

Gone are the days of squinting to read markings on large pieces of fabric! This cutting mat offers clean and easy-to-read markings that make measuring and alignment simple, allowing you to confidently complete any project without worry.

Not only will this help improve accuracy when creating your project, but it'll also save time as well. You won't have to second guess any measurement or alignments – this cutting Mat has got you covered.

Not only is this product preferred for accuracy and clarity, but it's trusted for its durability too — meaning that this product will last for many quilting projects to come!

Things to Keep In Mind

Fiskars cutting mat for quilting is essential for an efficient and accurate cutting experience. Designed to provide precise measurements, this quality mat is the perfect partner for all of your quilting projects.

Crafted of highly durable materials and backed by a lifetime warranty from Fiskars, you can rest assured that your crafting needs are in safe hands. With this cutting mat, you'll be able to tackle any scale of project with confidence and precision knowing it was designed to last through yours - and many more generations!

Best Cutting Mat with Non-Slip Base

Madam Sew Cutting Mat for Quilting 

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Why It Made Our List

Do you quilt? If so, you know that accuracy is key. Fortunately, Madam Sew understands the importance of providing quilters with the tools they need to create the perfect projects. That’s why we are thrilled to offer this amazing cutting mat that comes with a non-slip base.

This clever feature really makes a difference when it comes to accurate cutting – which is why professionals and hobbyists alike absolutely adore this Madam Sew cutting mat.

It holds your fabric firmly in place so you can line up templates and patterns without fretting over sliding fabric woes. You’ll be able to measure and trim accurately each time to make sure that all pieces in your project align perfectly, giving you consistent results every time!

Things to Keep In Mind

A Madam Sew cutting mat is essential for any quilter's toolkit, with its ability to give you accurate cuts from every angle. This means that whatever pattern or design you are hoping to create, the deviation from crooked lines that can occur when hand-cutting will be minimized.

In addition, thanks to its self-healing technology, it can work perfectly when multiple cuts have been made and removed in the same location. This makes it perfect for all types of quilting activities.

Furthermore, this cutting mat lasts longer because of its layering, making it a long-term investment that won't have to replace often. With this cutting mat, quilting will become an easier and more accurate task!


Quilting can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but it can also be a little confusing when you're just starting out. What type of fabric should I use? What's the best way to quilt a patchwork quilt? How do I make my quilting stitches even?

These are all common questions that new quilters have, and we understand that it can be difficult to find good answers online. That's why we've compiled this list of FAQs about the best mat for quilting.

Which cutting mat is best for quilting?

Quilters should look for features in a self-healing cutting mat like an easy to read grid lines or angle reference marks; this allows the quilter to work quickly when creating templates and patterns. Consider if you’re looking for something portable, non-slip bottom, dual-sided mats, or maybe even just one side with markings. Also, consider the length of time each self-healing cutting mat lasts in order to get your money’s worth out of it.

Some of the best cutting mats for quilting and sewing are Madam Sew cutting mat, Fiskars cutting mat, and Rotary cutting mat.

What can I use instead of a cutting mat for sewing?

If you’re looking for an alternate surface to use for sewing instead of a cutting mat, there are actually quite a few options available. Depending on the type of needlework project at hand, other surfaces that could work include towels, foam floor mats, cork boards, and cloth-backed placemats. Even something as simple as quilting batting can help to keep fabric stable for measuring, marking, and cutting.

What is the difference between a cutting mat and a self-healing mat?

Cutting mats are thin sheets of a hard material, like solid polyethylene plastic, this type of plastic mat has printed rulers and measurements used to cut various materials using a sharp blade. Self-healing cutting mats go a step above and beyond the basic cutting mat by including special technology that allows the surface to repair small cuts and tears made with a knife or other sharp artifacts.

This technology causes the surface to close up when pressure is applied, making self-healing mats very useful in crafts where any type of delicate material needs to be cut without leaving behind any lasting damage on the workspace.

How do you use a quilt cutting mat?

Quilting cutting mats are a valuable and often essential tool for creating beautiful quilts. With the help of such a mat, you can accurately and efficiently cut pieces of fabric to the precise measurements needed for your quilt design. Make sure to choose the right size mat, lay out the fabric square, and then use a rotary cutter with a special rotary blade to make precise cuts along the lines on the mat's grid surface.

What stitch setting is best for quilting?

The ideal stitch setting for your quilt will depend on the type of fabric and batting you're using, the number of layers, and what kind of finish you're looking for. Generally speaking, a higher stitch length will be better for heavier fabrics because you'll need to go through more layers that require more support from the thread, while lighter fabrics can be sewn with shorter stitches without sacrificing strength or flexibility.

Is a cutting mat worth it?

A cutting mat is one of the items that can turn a chore into an enjoyable crafting experience. Not only will investing in a quality cutting mat save your table or workspace from gouges and other wear, but it also creates a much smoother and more precise cut than on other surfaces. With the right marking and measuring tools, even basic mats can help you create amazing results like straight lines, shape patterns, and uniform sizing for garments, paper projects, or logos.

How many times can you use a cutting mat?

With proper care, a cutting mat can last for many years. To preserve the quality of your mat, always make sure to keep it away from excessive heat and direct sunlight. You should also clean it frequently to remove excess fabric fibers or dirt. Lastly, remember to rotate your cutting mat at least once a year to avoid uneven wear.

How thick should a cutting mat be?

When it comes to choosing the right cutting mat for your needs, thickness is an important factor to consider. Ideally, a mat should be thick enough that it both cushions and protects whatever surface it's placed on while being thin enough to retain its usefulness as an accurate cutting surface. In general, the thicker the cutting mat, the better; however, mats can range anywhere from 3 mm thick up to 8 mm thick or more depending on the specific application.

What makes a good cutting mat?

A good cutting mat should not only be durable but also have features to enhance the user experience. Look for a cutting mat that's well-cushioned but still allows you to easily maneuver and rotate fabrics for smooth results. An ideal cutting mat will also have markings on it so you can measure precisely, as well as a non-slip backing so the mat won't move around during use.

Should I soak my cutting mat?

Soaking the mat not only prevents fibers from sticking into blades but also helps get rid of creases caused by storing the mat in an incorrect way. Soaking the mat in warm water for 30 minutes will make sure the base layers are free from wrinkles. Washing it gently with soap solution is recommended followed by rinsing off all the detergent properly, in order for your cutting mat to have a longer shelf life.

How do you make a homemade cutting mat?

All that's needed to make the perfect cutting board is some simple tools and supplies like a sheet of Cork Board, thin foam rubber, a ruler, an X-Acto knife, and adhesive spray. To begin, lay the corkboard on a flat surface with the foam on top. Mark out using your ruler where you'd like to cut and use the X-Acto knife to carefully cut through both layers of material allowing for approximately 1/2" overlapping edges.

Once cut, spray adhesive onto each piece and press firmly together to create a layered cutting board that will provide protection from injury as well as help keep tools sharp whilst providing comfort during use.

What to look for when buying a cutting mat?

When buying an essential cutting mat for your projects, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, look for a mat that is the right size and dimensions for your creative space. Secondly, make sure the material of the mat is strong and durable - if you plan to use it frequently, you should make sure it will withstand multiple uses and sharp blades. Also, look for one that has a non-slip base as this will provide ample grip when using tools like scalpels or scissors.


A cutting mat is an important investment for any sewer or quilter. It protects your surfaces and helps to keep your cuts accurate. With so many different mats on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. We hope our review of the best cutting mats for sewing and quilting has helped you narrow down your options and find the perfect mat for your needs.