Pisces zodiac sign? Looking for some good luck in your life?

Crystals have been used for centuries for their mysterious healing properties. Each stone is said to carry its own unique energy that can be harnessed for different purposes.

In this blog post, we will go over the 5 best crystals for Pisces zodiac signs that are known to be lucky. If you’re looking to bring more luck and positive vibes into your life, then read on!

How These Products Made Our List

Pisces is a water sign known for its intuition, creativity, and compassion.

If you're looking to tap into your Piscean energy, using crystals can be a great way to do so. But with so many different types of crystals out there, how can you know which ones are the best for you?

We've selected the 5 best crystals for Pisces based on their properties and associations with this zodiac sign after deep research to help you go for the best one.

Best Crystals for Pisces With Clear Quartz

IBosins Crystals for Pisces 

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Why We Picked It

Introducing IBosins crystals for Pisces, the perfect addition to any water sign’s healing journey. These crystals are specially curated to bring this zodiac sign extraordinary clarity and insight that can only come from revered clear quartz.

Clear quartz is an ancient powerful pisces stone known for its immense ability to transmit energy and increase vibrations, aiding harmony in physical, mental, and spiritual realms.

With their distinct white glossiness accompanying ethereal rainbow properties, when these stones are crafted together with a Piscean aesthetic flair, the result is truly a treasure!

By harnessing the power of the clear quartz crystal, these crystals for Pisces offer a sleek accessory that not only serves as a symbol of class but offers wearers unique energy manipulation capabilities like none other.

Important Things to Know

The Ibo's crystal for Pisces is a stellar collection of items perfect for unlocking your intuition and amplifying the energy of Piscean vibes. Included in this set are two Tiger's Eye stones - known for being a grounding stone, promoting the strength of willpower and clarity in thought. Along with these gems come two Green Aventurine crystals - perfect for connecting with emotional healing energies, allowing one to let go of the past so they can achieve their next levels of spiritual growth.

As a bonus, a constellation necklace with a horoscope bracelet is also included in this collection, pure keepsakes meant as reminders of your stellar connection to Pisces energy as well as your faith in yourself. Additionally, every package comes complete with a crystal guide and greeting card along with 6 velvet bags to make storage and gifting that much more enjoyable!

Best Crystal Set With Amethyst

GXO Beauty Pisces Crystal Set 

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Why We Picked It

Welcome to the magic of GXO Beauty's Pisces crystal set! This special crystal set is made up of Amethyst – a powerful and beautiful stone for anyone born under the star sign of Pisces.

Amethyst is a powerful purification crystal known to banish negative energy from your life, soothe irritability, and balance emotions. It has potent healing powers that can help you stay strong, focused, and centered all throughout your journey with the universe. It's also known to reduce stress and anxiety – perfect for today's world!

The stones are handpicked for their unique properties and energetic abilities to bring out the best in you!

Important Things to Know

The GXO Beauty Pisces Crystal Set is an exciting collection for those looking to work with the power of labradorite and kyanite. Labradorite is a semi-precious stone that aids in Pisces' transformation, helping them to discover spiritual truths beyond what their eyes can see.

Kyanite on the other hand helps cleanse stagnant energy and amplifies positive affirmations. Together, these two stones are powerful allies in your journey of self-discovery as a Pisces.

Furthermore, this Pisces crystal set’s thoughtfully curated pieces make it even easier to piece together your very own crystal jewelry pieces and get creative with your look!

Best Crystal Set With Blue Calcite

Dancing Bear Pisces Zodiac Crystals Set 

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Why We Picked It

It's time for you to make like a Pisces and immerse yourself in the sublime power of the Dancing Bear Pisces zodiac crystals set. This beautiful crystal set, which is perfect as a gift or special treat to yourself, contains one piece of blue calcite.

This powerful stone is thought to activate mental strength and communication abilities, as well as heal emotional wounds by calming energy surges in an often chaotic Pisces world.

With this shimmering crystal in your possession, you will feel more open, balanced, and better able to cope with any challenge that stands in your path. Imagine the delight of being able to symbolically take control of your life journey with such a vibrant and reliable tool!

This Pisces crystal set is more than an ordinary crystal set - it's a magical talisman for luck and clarity, something to add sparkle and brightness when needed most.

Important Things to Know

The Dancing Bear Pisces zodiac crystal set is a great way to bring some balance and luck into your life. Boasting a vibrant variety of colors, this set includes sodalite, orange calcite, and red jasper crystals.

Sodalite is known for helping to clear one’s outlook, inspiring beliefs in intuition, and promoting connection with otherworldly energies. Orange Calcite helps to open up the throat chakra to promote creativity and empower positive change. Red Jasper soothes internal physical pain while also easing tension from heavy mental workloads.

Altogether, the powerful combination of these three crystals is said to be perfect for Pisces people looking for balanced personal power and support during times of transition or difficulty.

Best Crystal Set With Amazonite

Yatskia Pisces Crystals Set 

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Why We Picked It

Are you ready to boost your spirit and awaken your inner goddess? Do it with the Yatskia Pisces crystals set! This divine set of crystals contains amazonite, a powerful stone said to be "a bringer of luck, courage, and prosperity".

Believed by many to carry tranquility, serenity, and balance, this mystical crystal is the perfect companion for meditation. Not only that - it's known for fostering joy and helping its user to stay grounded in times of adversity.

Wherever life takes you, take Yatskia Pisces crystals with you. Boost your positive energy and become unstoppable with amazonite by your side!

Important Things to Know

The Yatskia Pisces crystals set is a must-have jewelry collection for any fashion enthusiast. This stunning set contains lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, and rose quartz as well as a necklace and pendant featuring the seven chakra symbols.

Each stone in the set has its own unique benefits - lapis lazuli helps enhance psychic abilities, smoky quartz encourages positive energy flow, and rose quartz promotes love and inner peace.

Meanwhile, the seven chakra necklace and pendant serve to balance the energies of the wearer. This sleek accessory will not only add an extra flair to your outfit but also help bring clarity and focus to live.

Best Crystals for Pisces With Fluorite

Rock Paradise Crystals for Pisces 

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Why We Picked It

Calling all Pisces out there! Rock Paradise has created the perfect addition to your zodiac-inspired collection. These Pisces crystals come with a special piece of fluorite, and you won't want to miss out on this one.

Fluorite is believed to provide powerful protection against negative energies and create a calming energy for its user. This makes for ideal wear for anyone who may often find themselves in unfamiliar places or high-stress situations as it will bring an air of tranquility and peace into their life.

Whether it's displayed proudly on your coffee table or hung from a necklace around your neck, these stunning Pisces crystals make for truly eye-catching decor or jewelry pieces you can use every day.

Important Things to Know

The Rock Paradise crystals for Pisces are unique and special in that they include both fuchsite and green quartz.

Fuchsite is known for its healing properties, stimulating feelings of love and contentment, while green quartz helps guide Pisces to recapture lost energy. Together, these two stones can aid Pisces with boosting their creativity and channeling positive energy into their spiritual realm.

Additionally, the presence of these crystals may be beneficial in protecting Pisces from absorbing negative energy from the world around them. The Rock Paradise crystals for Pisces are a great way to honor your sign and bring some of that spiritual power into your life.


People born under the Pisces sign have unique personality traits and needs that can be supported with specific crystals.

If you're looking to tap into your Pisces power, using the right crystals is a great way to start. But with so many different types of crystals out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Our FAQs about different crystals for Pisces' zodiac will help clear things up. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of each crystal and how they can support your spiritual energy.

What are the best crystals for Pisces?

Some popular crystals that are said to be beneficial for Pisceans include amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz. Each of these crystals is thought to help with different aspects of the Piscean personality, such as creativity, emotional stability, and intuition.

What crystals are bad for Pisces?

There are no particular crystals that are bad for Pisces, but there are a few that should be avoided. Ruby is the Jyotish gemstone for the Sun and should also be avoided by Pisces. Emerald is another stone to avoid, as it can create tension in relationships. Finally, turquoise can be harmful to the health of Pisceans.

Which stone brings wealth to Pisces?

Some people believe that aquamarine brings wealth to Pisces. Aquamarine is a blue-green stone that is closely related to the gemstone beryl. It is said to be a soothing and calming stone, and some people believe it can help with courage, luck, and creativity. Some people also believe that it can help with financial matters.

Should Pisces wear rose quartz?

Rose quartz is a light pink stone that is closely associated with love and relationships. It is believed to be beneficial for Pisces as it can help them to open up emotionally and connect more deeply with people in their lives. Rose quartz also helps with emotional healing and balance, making it a great choice for Pisceans.

What does Tiger's Eye do for Pisces?

Tiger's Eye is a stone that helps to bring clarity and focus. It can be beneficial for Pisceans as it can help them to make decisions more easily and think clearly. Tiger's Eye also encourages courage and confidence, which are important qualities for Pisceans to develop in order to reach their goals.

Is amethyst good for Pisces?

Amethyst is a violet-colored stone that is associated with intuition, creativity, and spiritual connection. It can be beneficial for Pisceans as it helps to awaken their psychic powers and bring peace and calmness into their life. Amethyst is also said to help protect against negative energy, making it ideal for those born under this sign.

Is Blue lace agate good for Pisces?

Blue lace agate is a stone that is believed to aid in spiritual growth. It can be beneficial for Pisceans as it helps them to connect more deeply with their intuition and trust their own inner voice. It also encourages psychic gifts and protects against negative energy, making it an ideal choice for those born under this sign.

Can Pisces wear a moonstone?

Moonstone is a translucent, moon-like stone that is associated with intuition and emotional crystal healing. It can be beneficial for Pisces as it encourages self-discovery and helps to strengthen their intuition. Moonstone also brings balance and peace into their lives, making it an ideal choice for this zodiac sign.

What crystal is lucky for Pisces?

Citrine is a yellow stone that is said to bring luck, abundance, and joy to those born under this sign. It helps to bring clarity of thought and increases confidence, allowing Pisceans to make better decisions in their life. Citrine also encourages creativity and encourages positive relationships with others, making it a great crystal for Pisces.

How do you charge crystals for pieces?

Crystals should be cleansed and charged before use. To cleanse a crystal, you can hold it under running water for a few minutes. To charge the crystal, it can be placed in direct sunlight or moonlight for 24-48 hours. You can also place your crystal on a piece of selenite to recharge its energy.


If you are looking for a little help from the Universe, consider using one of these five crystals. each has unique properties that can just give you that extra bit of boost in your everyday life when it comes to achieving your goals.