Want to find the perfect crystal pendulum for your needs?

Pendulums are powerful tools that can be used to tap into the universal energy field around us. They can help you identify potential blockages, discover untapped resources, and open pathways previously hidden from view. In this blog post, we'll explore four of the best crystals for use with a pendulum so you'll have access to support for making balanced and informed decisions in all matters - both large and small!

Find the best crystal pendulum for your needs by reading our blog post today! We'll explore four of the best crystals for use with a pendulum so you can make informed decisions in all areas of your life.

How We Selected The Best Options

Determining which crystals are best for pendulum use can be a daunting task.

There are so many different types of crystals, and each one has its own unique properties. It can be hard to know which ones are right for you.

We've done the research for you. We've tested all sorts of crystals with our pendulums and found the 4 that work best for most people. These 4 crystals will help you connect with your intuition, find clarity, and make decisions with ease.

Best Crystal Pendulum Made With White Quartz

Vibratis Crystal Pendulum 

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Why We Picked It

Welcome to the world of adventure and exploration with Vibratis crystal pendulums! There's no need to look further for unique and spiritual energy - because this crystal pendulum is made with the power of white quartz, a stone known for its unparalleled purity.

White quartz is composed of silicon dioxide molecules and is considered one of the most grounding crystals out there. Plus, it's said to bring clarity to communication and encourages spiritual awakening.

Its lacey design brings a spiritual edge to any living space, but also perfect for outdoor activities like camping and sightseeing. Brighten up your days by introducing the Vibratis crystal pendulum into your life today!

Things to Know

Start off by talking about its long-lasting effects. The Vibratis crystal pendulum not only aids in maintaining clear thoughts, an open mind, and focus but also ensures that these effects remain in place with repeated usage. This makes it a great tool for beginners looking to increase their cognitive abilities.

Furthermore, this crystal pendulum comes enclosed in a lovely velvet black bag for added safety. Not only does this make the pendulum more durable, but also increases its portability due to its lightweight nature - ensuring you can take it anywhere with you!

Best Crystal Pendulum with Amethyst

Duqguho Crystal Pendulum Set 

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Why We Picked It

Duqguho’s crystal pendulum set is the perfect tool for anyone looking to tap into their inner power and explore the unknown. With this set, you can unlock divinations and unlock profound truths with the help of the powerful Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst is known for its ability to enhance spiritual awareness and its connection to nature, allowing practitioners to gain deeper insights into their higher consciousness.

From getting answers about future plans or gaining clarity about past decisions, this crystal will provide reliable guidance every step of the way. With this crystal pendulum set, you can trust that it has been crafted out of respect for the stones’ energies so that you can get the most out of them in your practice.

Things to Know

The Duqguho crystal pendulum set is a powerful tool filled with healing energies. It comes with natural rose quartz and clear quartz that are perfect for harnessing the energy of love, clarity of mind, and balance.

Rose quartz is said to represent the crown chakra, enabling users to open up to more loving energies and forgiveness for the self and others. Clear quartz on the other hand gives individuals a more mindful perspective on life by strengthing courage and resolve when attention needs to be paid in order to make responsible choices.

Altogether, the Duqguho crystal pendulum set is an effective practice to connect with intuition, clearing out any potential hindrances along one's spiritual journey.

Best Crystal Pendulums With Tiger Eye

Crystalmiracle Crystal Pendulums 

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Why We Picked It

Get ready for an amazing experience with Crystalmiracle crystal pendulums! These unique pendulums are crafted from genuine tiger eye gemstones, giving them inspirational and magical energy.

The tiger eye symbolizes strength and protection, providing a powerful boost of positive energy that can help you focus on personal development. It's also believed to have healing properties, which can help you reduce stress and tension.

These pendulums come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, all handpicked for their individual energies, meaning each one has its own purpose and connection. Whether you are carrying out spiritual readings or trying to clear your mind, these pendulums will be there as your companions.

Things to Know

The Crystalmiracle crystal pendulums are truly an extraordinary sight! Not only does this wonderful product feature different decorative crystals, but its vibrant colors light up any surface on which it is placed.

Each crystal contained in the pendulum includes lapis lazuli, labradorite, orange aventurine, and blue aventurine. Furthermore, these magnificent crystals have been equipped with even more features such as energy-infused symbols and labels written in gold ink.

With the assistance of these fabulous crystals, you can work with your awareness and gain clarity in problematic situations. Owning Crystalmiracle is sure to unlock a higher level of spiritual enlightenment that you won't need to look anywhere else for!

Best Crystal Pendulum Made With Aquamarine

Jovivi Healing Crystal Pendulum 

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Why We Picked It

Looking for an extra-special way to get in touch with your inner self and those around you? Jovivi healing crystal pendulum is what you need! This gorgeous pendulum is made of aquamarine, the stone of positive transformation.

Believed to hold healing powers, it has long been used to soothe sore throats, calm nerves, and even treat infections. By using this powerful crystal as a pendulum, you can open yourself up to a greater understanding of what’s really going on inside yourself and everyone around you.

This pendulum will make an impressive addition to any jewelry collection or mindful practice. Whether you’re a spiritual guru or simply someone who seeks better insight into life, allow this piece to be your guide.

Things to Know

The Jovivi healing crystal pendulum offers more than just its beautiful aesthetics. With high-quality crushed chip stone wrapped in resin and an inner copper wire, it can greatly increase the accuracy and sensitivity you get when divining with it.

Furthermore, it will help to bridge the gap between your body and its natural energy, helping to clear out negative energies and make way for positivity. The Jovivi healing crystal pendulum offers a unique balance of both external beauty and internal benefits, allowing users to truly enjoy all aspects of this powerful stone.


You've been hearing a lot about crystals and their purported healing properties, but you're not sure how to use them or if they're even real.

It's normal to feel skeptical about something that sounds too good to be true, like using crystals for healing. But the truth is, crystals have been used for centuries for their spiritual and healing properties.

In this FAQs guide, we'll answer all of your questions about the crystal for the pendulum. These FAQs will help you to choose the best possible options for you.

What is the best crystal for a pendulum?

The best crystal for a pendulum will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some people prefer to use crystals that are connected with the element of air, such as clear quartz or amethyst, while others prefer crystals that are connected with the element of water, such as rose quartz or fluorite.

Ultimately, it is up to you to experiment with different crystals and see which ones work best for you. Be sure to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly in order to keep them energetically balanced and aligned.

What crystal has the best energy?

It really depends on what you're looking for in a crystal and your individual energy. Some crystals are better for grounding, some are better for amplifying energy, and others are good for balancing and cleansing.

It's always best to experiment with different crystals and see which ones work best for you. Some of our favorite crystals include amethyst, quartz, rose quartz, and black tourmaline.

What is the best shape for a pendulum?

The best shape for a pendulum depends on the type of energy you want to channel with it, as well as your personal preference. Cone-shaped pendulums are good for directing energy outward and connecting with higher realms, while sphere-shaped pendulums are better at absorbing and grounding energy.

What crystal brings you happiness?

Crystals have been used for centuries to promote happiness and joy. Some of our favorite crystals for this purpose include rose quartz, lapis lazuli, rose quartz pendulum, carnelian, and citrine. These stones help to bring balance to your life and are known to attract positive energy.

What crystals attract good vibes?

Crystals such as clear quartz, citrine, and amethyst are known to attract positive energies and good vibes. They help to cleanse your space of any negative energy and promote an overall sense of inner peace and harmony.

What crystal boosts self-esteem?

Tigers eye is known to be a powerful crystal for boosting self-esteem and helping one to feel more confident. This stone encourages us to take risks and move forward with courage, rather than being held back by fear or doubt, and helps us to find lost objects. It also helps to increase our self-worth and appreciation of our own unique gifts.

What are negative crystals?

Negative crystals are stones that have a low vibrational frequency and can attract negative energy. It's important to be aware of these types of crystals, as they may cause more harm than good if used in healing or meditation.

How do I put my energy into my crystals?

You can put your energy into your crystals by charging them up with your own personal energy. This can be done through meditation and visualization, or simply by holding the crystal in your hands and directing positive thoughts to it.

Summing It Up

If you want to get a clear answer from your divination, make sure you have one of these four crystals for your pendulum. They are some of the most commonly used and recommended crystals for anyone who is just starting out or has been using a pendulum for years.