Are you a pet owner struggling with kitty litter mess?

Best crystal cat litters offer an ultra-absorbent, low-maintenance solution to your problem. Not only will it help keep your small house smelling fresh but also effectively control any odors that might be lingering around. Plus this modern type of cat litter can last longer than traditional litter ever could – so no more clumps of the mess lying around!

You’ll have the convenience of never having to worry about messy litter boxes again, plus the peace of mind of knowing all the crystal pieces are 100% flushable and septic-safe. Plus from our comprehensive review of 6 of the best crystal cat litters available, you’re sure to find something tailored specifically towards meeting all your needs when it comes down to picking out one type over another.

How We Picked The Best Options

It's hard to know which cat litter is the best for your feline friend.

All of the different types of cat litter can be confusing- clumping, non-clumping, organic, silica gel, how do you know which one is right for your kitty?

We've done the research for you. After testing over 20 different brands and varieties of crystal cat litter, we've chosen the 7 best ones. Our list includes most of the types to help you make decisions easily.

Best Crystal Cat Litter That is Super Absorbent

Alpha Paw Crystal Cat Litter 

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What We Love About It

Alpha paw crystal cat litter is a super absorbent cat litter that has been designed to keep your cat's litter box fresh and clean throughout the day. This non-clumping crystal sand cat litter allows urine to be absorbed in seconds, making it the easiest way to keep your catbox smelling fresh all day long. The super absorbent feature of this crystal cat litter ensures that any moisture is quickly absorbed, preventing unpleasant odors from developing.

With its fast absorption rate, you can easily dispose of any waste without worrying about odor or mess. This type of crystal cat litter requires less maintenance than traditional clumping litter since it doesn't form clumps that need to be scooped out regularly.

Important To Know

This innovative unscented cat litter is designed to monitor your feline's health in a natural way. The Genius litter contains an indicator that detects any deviating values in your cat's urine, including blood, alkaline, bilirubin, or abnormal PH levels. When these values are detected, immediate action can be taken to ensure your cat's health is protected.

It allows for early detection of any potential health issues which could lead to a more serious problem if left untreated. It saves you money on costly vet bills as the detector can catch issues before they become too serious.

Best Crystal Cat Litter That Removes Odors Quickly

Petsafe Crystal Cat Litter 

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What We Love About It

Petsafe crystal cat litter offers a quick odor removal feature that ensures that your pet's living environment remains clean and fresh, which contributes to the overall health of your pet.

It is essential to keep in mind that multiple cats have a keen sense of smell, and they can become finicky if their litter box smells bad, which may lead them to avoid using it entirely. But with the help of this superior-quality crystal litter, you don't have to worry about those unpleasant odors anymore.

Important To Know

Petsafe crystal cat litter has become increasingly popular in the pet market, thanks to its long-lasting feature. Just 1 bag of this crystal cat litter can last up to 30 days in a single-cat household, which means less time spent cleaning the litter box and more moments to snuggle with your beloved cat. This is a major benefit for cat owners who lead busy lives and want to maximize their quality time with their pets.

The long-lasting feature of Petsafe crystal cat litter is due to its highly absorbent crystals that effectively trap moisture and odor. The crystals are designed to quickly absorb urine and lock away any unpleasant smells, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Best Crystal Cat Litter That is Non-toxic

Fresh Step Crystal Cat Litter 

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What We Love About It

Fresh Step crystal cat litter is made with non-toxic materials, so you can rest assured that your cat’s health and safety are safeguarded. With no added fragrances or dyes, it is the perfect choice for multiple cats with allergies or sensitive noses.

These crystals are completely safe for your cat, with no harmful chemicals or toxins. It provides peace of mind knowing that you are using a product that won't harm your furry friend. This litter is gentle on the cat's paws and won't cause irritation or discomfort like some other litters can. Finally, because it's non-toxic, you don't have to worry about unpleasant odors or allergies caused by chemical scents.

Important To Know

Fresh step crystal cat litter is a popular choice among cat owners because of its fresh scent. The revitalizing fresh scent will make your fresh step crystal litter pleasing to the senses, and will make you forget that it is litter! The benefit of having a fresh scent in your crystal cat litter is that it can mask unpleasant odors associated with your feline friend's waste. It keeps your home smelling fresh and clean, no matter how many cats you have.

The scent helps create a relaxing environment for your furry friend, which can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. In addition to that, the pleasant aroma can have mood-boosting effects on humans as well! It's like having an air freshener built into your cat litter box.

Best Crystal Cat Litter That is Super Soft on Paws

Litter Pearls Crystal Cat Litter 

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What We Love About It

Litter Pearls crystal cat litter is fast becoming a favorite among cat owners due to its super soft paws features that provide maximum comfort on cats' paws. Unlike traditional clay or clumping crystal cat litter that can be harsh and abrasive. The silica gel micro crystals used in the production of litter pearls offer powerful clumping action for easy scooping.

The super soft paws feature in this crystal cat litter is particularly beneficial for kittens or elderly cats with delicate footpads. With traditional clay litters, your cat may experience discomfort when stepping into a dirty or hard litter box, but with this crystal, they will enjoy a much more comfortable and refreshing experience.

Important To Know

Crystal cat litter is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills since it requires less litter per cat than other materials. Silica gel crystals, one of the most absorbent materials on earth, make this possible.

You also won't need as much silica gel cat litter as you may other types of kitty litter because of how absorbent it is. With the high absorbency properties of silica gel litter and the ability to hold more than 500 times its own weight in liquid, less litter is needed every time a litter box is changed.

Less waste overall to landfills - making crystal litters an attractive option for environmentally conscious pet owners and decreasing human impact on our planet!

Best Crystal Cat Litter That Dissolves With Time

Arm & Hammer Crystal Cat Litter 

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What We Love About It

Arm & Hammer crystal cat litter is an innovative product is designed to make cleaning up after your furry friend much easier and hassle-free. The dissolves with time feature ensures that you don't have to deal with any lingering odors or messes.

It has the ability to absorb moisture and eliminate odors effectively. The crystals are specially formulated to trap urine and feces, which helps prevent unpleasant smells from escaping into your home. The crystals dissolve over time in this non-clumping cat litter, meaning you won't be left with any messy clumps or residue in your litter box.

Important To Know

With its essential oils and baking soda formula, Arm & Hammer crystal cat litter not only keeps your home smelling fresh but also provides a safe and healthy environment for your feline friend. The essential oils in the formula are natural deodorizers that work to neutralize unpleasant smells rather than masking them with artificial fragrances.

Essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus have antimicrobial properties which help prevent the growth of bacteria in the litter box. Baking soda is another key ingredient in this crystal cat litter. It serves as a powerful absorbent that traps moisture, preventing bacterial growth while keeping your home smelling clean and fresh.

Best Crystal Cat Litter That is Less Messy

Petsafe Crystal Cat Litter 

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What We Love About It

The premium quality PetSafe crystal cat litter is designed to be low-tracking and 99 percent dust-free, which means less mess for pet owners to deal with. It makes cleaning up after your pet much easier and hassle-free.

The less messy feature ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises on your floors or carpets from scattered kitty litter. As a result, you will have more time to spend playing with your furry friend instead of worrying about cleaning up their mess. It keeps your home smelling fresh and clean all the time.

Important To Know

Petsafe crystal cat litter is a high-quality, premium-grade cat litter that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of sensitive cats and people. It is free from all perfumes and dyes, making it one of the safest litters for your furry friends. Unlike other litters in the market, this cat Litter does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives that can cause irritation or allergic reactions.

The absence of perfumes and dyes in this crystal cat litter promotes a healthy and safe environment for both the pet and its owner. It ensures that your cat will not be exposed to harsh fragrances or artificial coloring agents, which can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma.


You've heard all the hype about crystal cat litter but you're not sure if it's worth the switch.

Making the switch to a new kind of cat litter can be daunting, but it's important to do your research before you decide which one is best for you and your feline friend.

These FAQs about crystal cat litter are designed to answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this type of litter is right for you and your kitty.

Is crystal cat litter better?

Yes, crystal cat litter is better than traditional clay-based litter. Silica litter is made of silica gel crystals that absorb moisture quickly and efficiently. This makes it much easier to clean up after cats, as the crystals clump together when wet and can be easily scooped out of the box. Unscented crystal cat litter has a much lower dust content than traditional clay litter, making it a healthier option for both cats and their owners.

How is crystal cat litter environmentally friendly?

Crystal cat litter is very environmentally friendly, as it does not contain any chemicals or harsh fragrances. It also does not contain clay, which can be detrimental to the environment if disposed of incorrectly. Additionally, crystal cat litter lasts much longer than traditional clay-based litter, so you will need to replace it less often and use fewer resources in the long run.

What makes crystal cat litter different than regular clay/clumping litter?

The main difference between crystal cat litter and regular clay/clumping litter is that the crystals absorb moisture quickly and efficiently, meaning less odor and fewer messes. Additionally, the crystals are much smaller than traditional clumping litter, making them easier to scoop out of the box.

How do you clean crystal cat litter?

Cleaning of best crystal cat litter is a relatively straightforward process, but it’s important to do it regularly in order to keep your cat’s litter box clean and odor-free. You should scoop out the solid waste from the litter box every day. This will help reduce odors and make it easier to clean the crystals. Next, you should dump out all of the used crystals and replace them with fresh ones.

Is crystal cat litter dusty like traditional clay/clumping litter?

No, crystal cat litter is much less dusty than traditional clay/clumping litter. The crystals are made of a non-porous material that does not produce as much dust when cats use them as regular clay or clumping litter. This makes it better for both cats and their owners, as it reduces the number of airborne particles in the air.

What type of surface should I use to store the crystal cat litter?

When storing crystal cat litter, it’s important to choose a surface that is non-porous. This will help reduce dust and other particles from entering the air. The best surfaces for storing crystal cat litter are plastic or metal, as these materials do not absorb moisture and will keep the crystals dry.

How often should I change crystal cat litter?

Crystal cat litter should be changed at least once a month. Depending on the number of cats you have and how often they use the litter box, you may need to change it more frequently. You should also check the litter box daily for clumps of urine or feces that need to be removed, as this will help keep the litter box clean and reduce odor.

Are there any health benefits associated with using crystal cat litter?

Yes, there are many health benefits associated with using crystal cat litter. The crystals are highly absorbent and help reduce the number of bacteria present in the litter box. This can help keep both cats and their owners healthier. The crystals also produce less dust than traditional clay/clumping litter, which can help reduce respiratory issues caused by airborne particles.

Can you add baking soda to cat crystal litter?

Yes, adding baking soda to cat crystal litter can be beneficial. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that can help absorb odors from the litter box. It also helps reduce moisture in the litter, which can make it easier for cats to dig and cover their waste. Baking soda helps keep the crystals dry and free of bacteria or other contaminants.

Does crystal cat litter turn yellow?

Crystal cat litter is made of silica gel, which is a natural mineral that does not change color. The reason why silica crystal cat litter may appear to turn yellow over time is due to the urine and feces of cats that have been using it. Urine and feces contain urochrome, a yellow-colored compound that can stain the crystal litter.

How long does it take for cat crystals to dissolve?

The amount of time it takes for cat crystals to dissolve depends on several factors, including the type of crystal and the amount of liquid used. Most crystals will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour to dissolve in water. If you are using a different type of liquid, such as juice or milk, it may take longer for the crystals to fully dissolve.

Do all cats like crystal litter?

Not all cats like crystal litter. Some cats may not take to the texture or smell of crystal litter, while others may find it uncomfortable on their sensitive paws. Additionally, some cats may be sensitive to the dust created when using crystal litter and can have respiratory reactions.


Ultimately, although each of the six best crystal cat litter has its own unique features, they all strive to provide maximum urine odor elimination, health benefits for your cats, and easy-to-clean no mess solutions.

When deciding which one is right for your home, it's important to consider not only the price but also the health benefits and convenience factors. The key is to make sure the clumping power and odor control of the litter meet your expectations.