Has your pup recently had an injury or surgery?

A dog cone is often used for the very purpose of protecting the wound from further damage caused by the pup's exploratory snout! Finding the right aid to help them heal can be difficult, and it's hard to know which option is best. We've done all of the research for you and narrowed it down – our top 7 picks are perfect when it comes to finding the best cones for dogs!

Our choices come with top features such as adjustable straps, 3D design, and extra-soft lining so that your furry friend won't experience any discomfort while wearing their cone. Not only do these options look after their wound but are also available in a wide range of sizes – whichever one you're looking for, we can guarantee that there'll be something perfect out there!

How We Choose the Best Options

With so many dog toys on the market, it can be difficult and overwhelming to choose the best dog cones for your pup.

Even if you manage to do the research needed, finding one that fits your pet’s size and personality is a whole other challenge.

Don’t worry - we’ve done the work for you! Our team of experts has carefully selected the 7 best cones for dogs based on durability, safety, and comfort for your furry friend. Save time by shopping with confidence with our top picks!

Best Dog Cone Collars Featuring Unique Design

Rest-Eazzzy Inflatable Dog Cone Collars 

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Why We Like This Product

Rest-Eazzzy cone for dogs has become a popular choice among pet owners for its unique design and removable plastic sheet. The removable plastic stays and makes it more convenient for pets to wear and sleep in. The height of the plastic sheet prevents pets from licking their wounds and causing further injury.

This feature is particularly useful during times when pets just can't seem to keep their tongues away from a wound or surgical incision. Once the plastic sheet is removed, pets can continue wearing the collar without any discomfort while they recover from their injuries.

Important To Know

One of the most exciting features of this cone is its easy storage capability. With just a few simple steps, pet owners can deflate and store the cone in a matter of seconds, making it an excellent option for those who are always on the go or have limited storage space.

Including convenience and space-saving. With the simple storage design, pet owners can quickly and easily deflate and store the cone away, making it an excellent option for those with limited storage space.

Best Dog Cone with Adjustable Strap Buckle

MiDog Cone

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Why We Like This Product

Midog cone for dogs comes with a durable and stable metal buckle connection that can be adjusted to fit your dog perfectly. This feature is essential because it ensures that the cone remains securely attached to your pet, preventing any discomfort or inconvenience caused by slipping.

The adjustable strap buckle feature also enables you to customize the size of the cone as per your dog's requirements. Whether you have a small puppy or a large breed, this feature allows you to adjust the cone's size accordingly, providing optimal comfort and support.

Important To Know

The Midog cone for dogs has a removable cover that makes it easy to wash and maintain. The outer fabric can be easily removed and thrown in the washing machine for quick cleaning, ensuring that your furry friend stays clean and comfortable.

The removable cover is not only a convenient feature but also allows for better hygiene. Dogs are prone to getting dirty while playing or exploring outdoors, so it's essential to keep their cones clean.

With this cone's removable cover, you can easily wash away any dirt or bacteria that might have accumulated on the surface, reducing the risk of infection or skin irritations.

Best Dog Cone Made with Upgraded Material

Bilibara Dog Cone

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Why We Like This Product

Bilibara cone for dogs is made of breathable and super soft material, which makes it more comfortable for pets to wear. The bite-resistant feature ensures that the cone lasts longer and withstands any biting or scratching from your furry friend.

This means you don't have to keep replacing it every time they get a little too excited. The upgraded material used in these cones provides pets with a comfortable experience, which is essential when they are recovering after surgery or need to wear a cone due to injury or allergies.

Important To Know

Bilibara cone upgraded its design with an improved air valve, making it even more appealing to pet owners. The new air valve design allows pet owners to easily inflate or deflate the cone according to their dog's comfort level.

This feature is particularly useful during long-term use where pets may require different levels of tightness or looseness as they heal from surgery or injuries. Additionally, this design makes cleaning and storing easier as the cone can be flattened when not in use.

Best Dog Cone Collar Made with Soft And Skin-friendly Fabric

Primens Soft Dog Cone Collar

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Why We Like This Product

Primens cone for dogs has become a popular choice for pet owners due to its soft and skin-friendly fabric. The soft and skin-friendly fabric used in this cone for dogs ensures maximum comfort for your furry friend, even during extended wear.

Unlike traditional cones, which can be rough and uncomfortable, this cone won't irritate your dog's skin or cause any discomfort. The breathable material allows air to circulate freely around your dog's neck, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal comfort levels throughout the day.

Important To Know

The Primens cone for dogs is user-friendly and requires no special skills. With just a few simple steps, you can put the cover on, inflate it to the desired size, and secure it around your dog's neck.

The simplicity of this collar ensures that even first-time users can easily set it up without any hassle or confusion. This means less stress and frustration for both you and your beloved furry friend.

Best Waterproof Dog Cone

InkZoo Dog Cone Collar

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Why We Like This Product

The Inkzoo cone for dogs is made of water-resistant Oxford cloth, which means that it can withstand water exposure without getting damaged. This feature comes in handy during the recovery phase when pets need to wear the cone for an extended period. The waterproof material used in this cone allows pet owners to clean the product with mild soap and water easily.

This makes maintenance a breeze, saving time and effort while ensuring that your pet stays healthy and clean. Additionally, unlike a traditional cone that gets soggy and deformed when wet, Inkzoo cones maintain their shape even after exposure to moisture.

Important To Know

This innovative product comes with reflective straps that keep your furry friend safe all the time while out for a walk. These straps reflect light, making it easier for drivers to see your pet even in low-light conditions.

The reflective straps are not only functional but also stylish, adding an extra layer of flair to your dog's look. They are made from high-quality materials that ensure they are durable and long-lasting. The straps come in different colors, allowing you to customize the cone according to your preference.

Best Dog Cone Collar Made with Upgraded Non-stick Fabric

Supet Inflatable Dog Cone Collar 

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Why We Like This Product

Supet inflatable collar for dogs is made of upgraded non-stick fabric. This means that pet owners no longer have to spend hours cleaning their pet's hair frequently. The non-stick fabric reduces the amount of time and effort needed to clean your furry friend's hair.

The use of non-stick fabric in this cone also makes it easier for pets to move around freely without discomfort. Other inflatable collars can be stiff and uncomfortable, causing distress and anxiety in pets.

However, the softness of the non-stick fabric provides comfort while allowing pets to move around with ease, making them feel more at ease during their post-surgery or injury recovery period.

Important To Know

Super cone collar for dogs comes with a warm prompt feature. This innovative design not only provides protection to your pet but also adds an extra layer of warmth during chilly weather. The warm prompt feature in this cone collar utilizes advanced technology to keep your dog cozy and snug.

It works by using infrared rays that generate heat and provide a therapeutic effect on your pet's body. This makes it perfect for use during colder months or whenever your pooch needs some extra warmth and comfort.

Best Dog Cone Collar with Small Pocket Design

Tislove Soft Dog Cone Collar

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Why We Like This Product

The Tialove soft cones for dogs have gained immense popularity among pet owners due to their small pocket design. The Oxford cloth at the top of this soft large dog cone now has a pocket that can easily hold medicine or any other necessary items that your dog might need during recovery.

You no longer have to worry about carrying around separate bags or containers for your pet's medicine while traveling, going to appointments, or even just taking them out for a walk. With the Tialove cone, you can ensure that you have everything you need right there with you in one convenient location.

Important To Know

The Tialove cone for dogs comes with a new four-layer design, this cone has revolutionized the way we protect our pets from injuries and discomfort. The vertebral body of this cone consists of a waterproof and friction-resistant Oxford cloth that keeps the cone in place without slipping or sliding.

The transparent and durable PVC material allows us to keep an eye on our pet's wound or injury while ensuring that they cannot reach it with their paws or tongue. An elastic sponge layer provides added comfort, ensuring that your pet can move around freely while wearing the cone.

And finally, a soft and comfortable plush lining prevents inward folding of the vertebral body which can cause pets to lick, bite or scratch themselves.


Have you ever asked yourself 'What kind of dog cone should I buy for my pup?' or ' Will this cone work with all breeds of dogs?'

It can be a difficult choice, with a range of shapes like a traditional dog cone as well as modern ones, and sizes and varieties like e-collar, etc - not to mention the worry that your pooch won't take kindly to wearing one at all!

With these FAQs, you'll have all the information needed to make an informed decision about which one is best for your pup. From choosing the right size to making sure it fits their breed perfectly, our online resource will ensure you get the perfect fit every time.

What is a cone for dogs?

A cone for dogs is typically a collar made from soft, yet durable material that is designed to help prevent your dog from licking, biting, or scratching wounds and areas of their body that need extra healing time. 

It's an important tool in the recovery process, as it can significantly reduce the amount of pain and discomfort experienced by pets who have undergone surgery or who have suffered an injury.

What are the different types of cones available for dogs?

There are many different types of cones available for dogs, each with its own unique benefits.

One type of cone that is popular among dog owners is the rubber cone. Rubber cones are durable and can withstand heavy chewing, making them perfect for aggressive chewers. They also come in various sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Another type of cone that is commonly used as a dental aid is the edible cone. These cones are made from natural ingredients and have added dental benefits such as freshening breath and reducing plaque buildup.

Other than that, many plastic cone options as well as e-collars are available in the market that are more durable.

How long should a dog wear a cone?

The amount of time a dog should wear a cone depends on the severity and type of injury or surgery. Most dogs will need to wear the cone for anywhere from two weeks to up to six weeks after an injury. However, it's important to consult with your veterinarian about how long your specific pet should be wearing the cone for maximum recovery.

How do I properly size a cone for my dog?

To properly size a cone for your dog, start by measuring its neck circumference with a soft tape measure. This will give you an idea of what size cone you need. You'll also want to take into account any specific needs your dog may have - for example, if they have long fur around their neck or if they're prone to chewing on things.

Can a dog drink water or eat while wearing a cone?

Yes, dogs can drink water or eat while wearing a cone. However, it's important to ensure that the cone is properly fitted so that your pet does not choke on their food or get liquid inside the cone.

What type of materials are used in cones?

Cones are typically made out of a combination of materials including rubber, plastic cones, or foam. They may also be constructed with a layer of waterproof and friction-resistant Oxford cloth to keep the cone in place without slipping or sliding. 

The interior is usually lined with a soft and comfortable plush material to prevent inward folding of their vertebral body which can cause pets to lick, bite or scratch themselves.

Should my dog sleep with the cone on?

It is generally recommended that dogs sleep with the cone on, as this will help to prevent any licking or biting of wounds while they are resting. However, it's important to make sure the cone isn't too tight and that your pet is comfortable enough to move around in it during sleep.

How do you make a homemade pet cone?

To make a homemade pet cone, you will need a few supplies: a large paper plate, scissors, tape or glue, and ribbon or elastic. Begin by cutting the center out of the paper plate so that it fits around your pet's neck comfortably.

The size of the plate should depend on the size of your pet - smaller pets will require smaller plates while larger pets will require bigger plates. Next, cut slits around the outer edge of the paper plate every inch or so. Fold these flaps up and secure them together with tape or glue to create a cone shape.

What is the minimum time for a dog to wear a cone?

Most veterinarians recommend that a dog should wear a cone for at least two weeks after surgery or an injury. However, it's important to consult with your veterinarian about how long your specific pet should be wearing the cone for maximum recovery.

Are there any other tips to keep in mind when using a cone?

Yes! It's important to keep a few tips in mind when using a cone with your pet. Make sure the cone is properly fitted so that your pet does not choke on their food or get liquid inside; ensure that the cone isn't too tight and your pet can move around comfortably; and monitor your pet for any signs of irritation or discomfort while they are wearing the cone.

How can I make my dog's cone more comfortable?

There are several things you can do to make your pet's cone more comfortable. Make sure the cone is properly fitted and not too tight, as this will prevent rubbing or chafing of their skin. You may also want to add a soft plush lining inside the cone for extra comfort.

How do dogs eat with a cone?

Dogs can eat with a cone by positioning their muzzle under the edge of the cone so that they can reach and eat their food. You may need to help your pet position themselves properly, but once they get used to it, eating with a cone should become much easier for them.

How do you clean a dog cone?

To clean a dog cone, use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Rub the cone gently to remove any dirt or debris, then rinse it off with warm water. Allow the cone to air-dry before putting it back on your pet.

Are there any alternatives to cones for dogs?

Yes, there are some alternatives to cones for dogs that can also be used to help prevent the licking and biting of wounds. These include bandages, shirts, booties, muzzles, and a variety of soft e-collar (Elizabethan collars) options.


After reviewing the seven best paws' comfy cone options for dogs to help with recovery, you should now be more confident in deciding which comfy cone will best suit your pup. No matter which one you choose or you prefer some dog cone alternatives, it is important to make sure that your pet is comfortable and happy while recuperating.

Ultimately, allowing your furry friend to move around safely and heal as quickly as possible is key. It's possible that a soft cone that is fabric-based, may fit better on certain breeds of dogs over the rigid plastic varieties. Consider all sizes, designs, material options, and factors when making your purchase.