Tired of feeling cramped in your household with two or more cats to take care of?

Cats need a stimulating environment for their physical and mental health. Not just any old piece of furniture can do the trick – it has to be something special. We’ve tested countless cat trees designed specifically for multi-cat households and listed the best of them in this article. Make sure your cats are happy, healthy, and entertained with the best cat tree on the market.

Our lineup of seven top-notch cat trees provides some serious climbing room along with cozy hiding spots that will keep both you and your cats satisfied after a long day. With one easy purchase, provide hours of engaging entertainment for all your furry friends without cluttering up every inch of your home's living space!

How We Select the Best Options

It can be hard to find the best cat tree for your home if you have multiple cats.

You want to make sure that your cats have a place where they can scratch, play, and nap, but you don't want to buy a bunch of different cat trees that won't be used.

We've done the research for you after comparing multiple options and found the 7 best cat trees for multiple cats. These trees are sturdy enough to hold up to multiple cats, and offer plenty of scratching posts, perches, and toys for your feline friends to enjoy.

Best Cat Tree Tower With Lovely and Lively Designs

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower 

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Why We Picked it

The stylish Yaheetech cat tree tower with a lovely and lively design has everything your curious fur babies need to keep them engaged, entertained, and satisfied. From hideouts to perches, sisal rope-wrapped posts to scratchers, this tower has it all!

The tower's two spacious hideaways offer your cats a super soft and warm place for naps or just kicking back and relaxing when they need a cozy spot in the day. With its lovely three top-perch platforms, your cats will be able to enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world while getting a glimpse at what is going on outside through the windows.

And because cats are natural climbers, these multi-layer towers give them multiple options for going up and down while they explore as much as they please. The sisal rope-wrapped posts also provide them with plenty of scratching surfaces where they can keep their claws healthy and sharp.

Things to Know

Yaheetech's cat tree tower is created from top-tier materials that ensure its stability and longevity. The 0.5in particle board ensures the tower's robustness, which will keep pets safe even during the most vigorous playtime. For those with sensitive fur babies, Yaheetech has also included 400g skin-friendly plush as an extra protective layer for cats of all sizes.

Not only does this reduce potential irritation but it adds a little bit of extra comfort to the otherwise sturdy tower. Whether your cat is an explorer or prefers to lounge around, you can rest easy knowing that Yaheetech's cat tree tower will be reliable and comfortable for years to come.

Best Cat Tree That is Sturdy & Durable

Imusee Multi-Level Large Cat Tree 

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Why We Picked it

The Imusee multi-level large cat tree stands out as the perfect cat tree, with its sturdy & durable features. From its 20x16" wide baseboard to its durable sisal rope coiled posts and thickly padded surfaces, every element of this structure is designed with stability and safety in mind.

Its built-in solid structure can withstand up to 44 lb of weight, making it ideal for multiple cats playing together. The soft plush material on the platforms provides a comfortable resting spot while also being durable enough to support roughhousing. Give your cats a luxurious playground where imagination roams free within the confines of its sturdy frame.

Things to Know

The Imusee multi-level large cat tree is the ultimate playground for cats who love to scratch, play and climb. This cat tree is designed with two fluffy condos that offer warm spots for your feline friends to snuggle up in. The best overall cat tree condos are spacious enough to accommodate even large cats, and they provide a cozy space for your pet to rest and relax.

In addition to comfy cat condos, this cat tree features three furry balls that can respond to multiple kitties' moves intensively, drawing their attention with every playful swat. These toys are perfect for keeping your cat entertained and engaged throughout the day.

Best Cat Tree Tower Offering Comfort And Entertainment

Bewishome Cat Tree Tower 

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Why We Picked it

Bewishome's cat tree tower offers a combination of comfort and entertainment, making it an excellent choice for those who want to keep their furry friends happy. With its soft and luxurious carpeted floor panels, your cat will enjoy spending hours lounging on the tree.

The tree has been constructed with three plush top perches that have raised edging, providing your cat with a perfect spot to curl up or enjoy the view outside the window. It has spacious fluffy condominiums where cats can snap or roll themselves into little balls to hide. Sisal scratching posts have also been included in the design to meet their instinctive need for scratching.

Things to Know

The Bewishome cat tree tower is a must-have for every cat owner. With its straightforward assembly instruction, it is easy to install and requires only an allen wrench, which comes with the package, to tighten screws. The tower's installation process takes minimal effort and time, making it effortless for pet owners.

Moreover, the Bewishome cat tree tower is designed to fit in any indoor space; it can be placed in a corner or near the window without obstructing your movement or your cat's activity.

Not only does this cat furniture tree provide a comfortable place for your feline friend to relax and play, but it also doubles as an elegant and modern cat tree furniture that blends seamlessly with other items in your living room.

Best Cat Tree With Multiple Towers Made of Natural Jute Fiber

Amazon Basics Cat Tree 

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Why We Picked it

The Amazon basics cat tree features multiple towers made from natural jute fiber. This fiber not only adds durability but also provides numerous benefits for your feline companion. As well as a nice aesthetic that won't stand out in your existing décor.

This cat tree provides a great place for cats to play and features natural jute fiber scratching posts that help keep your kitty’s nails healthy. Jute fibers are derived from the stem of the jute plant and are known for their strength and durability.

These all-natural fibers make excellent scratching surfaces because they offer just the right amount of resistance when your cat digs its claws into them.

Things to Know

Amazon basics cat tree is the interchangeable nature of its connecting rope and wire spring with all detachable parts. This means that pet owners can easily mix and match different components to create a personalized cat tree that suits their feline friend's needs.

If your cat prefers a particular type of scratching post or platform, you can swap out these elements without having to purchase an entirely new product.

Another benefit of the interchangeable connecting rope and wire spring is greater flexibility in how you assemble and use your cat tree. You could opt for a taller or more complex structure by connecting multiple units together or keeping it simple with just one level. This feature allows for easy replacements should parts become damaged or worn over time.

Best Cat Tree Tower That Offers Enough Space for Playing

Made4Pets Cat Tree Tower 

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Why We Picked it

Made4Pets cat tree tower offers a generous amount of space for them to lounge and have fun. The upper clear bowl provides a bird's-eye view for curious cats who like to survey their surroundings from a height.

The two large condos are perfect for multiple cats, giving them plenty of room to play and rest in peace. Cats also love having places where they can hide or enter conveniently.

With lateral doors and round holes built into its design, this cat tree tower is perfect for kittens who want to hide away or explore new spaces without feeling trapped or overwhelmed.

Things to Know

Made4Pets cat tree tower is designed to provide cats with a safe and clean environment to play and sleep. The structure is sturdy, with a thick base that prevents it from tipping over when jumped on. Just as importantly, the tower features removable and washable pads, so owners can ensure that their cat's sleeping area stays fresh and clean.

For extra convenience, the wood platforms of the tree are also easily wiped down. All this makes Made4Pets cat tree tower an ideal choice for cat owners looking for an attractive but reliable way to create a cozy environment for their fur babies.

Best Cat Tower That is Supported by a Robust Steel Frame

Feandrea Cat Tower 

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Why We Picked it

Feandrea cat tower is a premium piece of pet furniture that features a sturdy steel frame and four strong posts to keep it firmly in place. The robust steel frame makes the whole structure durable, ensuring that it can withstand the weight of your feline friend with ease.

The four-strong posts also provide excellent stability, allowing your cat to climb and play without any wobbling or tipping over. This makes for a safer environment for your pet as they explore their new territory.

The steel frame provides ample support for all of the different features included in this cat tree tower. From fluffy hammocks to scratching posts and hideaway spaces, everything has been designed with durability in mind.

Things to Know

Feandrea's cat tower is come with a large hammock, with its hammock you can give your furry friend the perfect place to lounge while they enjoy the included toy suspended above on a rope.

The 16.5" x 14.6" area is more than enough space for cats of all sizes to curl up and enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. The rope that comes with it is sure to engage your pet for hours as they swat and play with it, giving them just one more thing to love about the Feandrea cat tower.

Best Cat Tree Tower With Natural Sisal Rope & Ramp

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower 

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Why We Picked it

The Yaheetech cat tree tower with natural sisal rope & ramp has taken these features to the next level by incorporating natural sisal ropes into its design. The sisal ropes provide a way for cats to indulge in healthy scratching behavior, but they also offer substantial longevity due to their sturdiness on tear-resistant materials. Its ramp allows more than one feline cat to enjoy clawing at it together, which is great for multi-cat households.

A greater benefit of the cat tree tower with natural sisal rope and the ramp is that it protects your furniture from unwanted plucking. Cats can often cause damage to couches, chairs, and other household items when they scratch without proper alternatives. By providing your feline friends with a designated area to scratch, you can prevent this type of damage from occurring at other places in your house.

Things to Know

Yaheetech cat tree tower, in addition to being a safe haven for cats to relax and play, is also outfitted with a plush fabric covering that offers a luxurious sense of comfort. The soft cloth hugs the tree like a delicate blanket and gives cats the feeling of ease and safety.

Its superior quality and skin-friendly material make it irresistible for cats who appreciate the feel of something almost as soft as their fur. Apart from providing comfort, the plush covering also helps keep your cat tree tower looking great over time. It's easy to clean, and maintain and doesn't fade easily.


You want to buy a cat tree for your multiple cats, but you're not sure if it will work well or be safe.

It can be tough to figure out what kind of cat tree is best for your multiple cats. Will the trees be big enough? Will they get along? Is it safe for them to climb?

Our FAQ section has the answers to all of these questions and more. We've compiled information on the different types of cat trees so you may have all the information you need to fetch about cat trees.

Can two cats share the same cat tree?

Yes, two cats can share the same cat tree. A cat tree provides cats with a great way to exercise, explore, and scratch. It also gives them a sense of security and a place to call their own. When two cats are sharing the same cat tree, it is important to make sure that there are plenty of perches for both of them and that the tree is sturdy enough to support the weight of both cats.

How many cat trees should I have for 3 cats?

The number of cat trees you should have for 3 cats depends on the size of your home and the amount of space available. It is recommended to have at least one cat tree per cat plus an extra one for them to play in together. This way, each cat can have their own spot to relax and play without feeling crowded or territorial.

Do all cats need a cat tree?

Not necessarily. While most cat trees are beneficial for cats, they are not necessary for all cats. Cat trees provide cats with an area to climb and scratch, which can help them stay active and entertained. Furthermore, Faux fleece cat tree and Faux fur cat tree condo are also the best options for cat entertainment.

Can cats sleep in cat trees?

Yes, cats can sleep in cat trees. Cat trees provide cats with a safe and comfortable place to rest and relax. They also offer a variety of platforms and levels for cats to explore, which can be stimulating and fun for them. Cat trees are designed specifically for cats, so they provide a secure environment where cats feel safe. The height of the tree also gives cats the opportunity to survey their territory from above, which is something they naturally enjoy doing.

Do cat trees make cats happy?

Absolutely! Cat trees provide cats with a safe place to climb and explore, which is essential for their mental and physical health. Not only do cat trees give cats a space of their own, but they also offer them a variety of activities that can keep them entertained for hours. Cats love to scratch, climb and hide in their cat tree, allowing them to exercise and express their natural behaviors.

Where is the best position for a cat tree?

The best position for a cat tree is in an area where your cat mostly spends its time. If your cat loves to hang out in the living room, then a cat tree placed in the corner of the room will give them a comfortable place to sleep and play. If your cat likes to spend time near windows, then placing the tree near a window can provide them with a great view and plenty of entertainment from watching birds or other outdoor activities.

How tall should a cat tree be?

The ideal height for a cat tree will depend on the size of your cat and the type of activities they enjoy. It should be at least 2 feet tall to provide ample vertical space for cats to explore and climb. If you have multiple cats in your home, you may want to opt for a taller option - up to 6 feet - so that each cat can have their own space.

Do cats like high-cat trees?

Yes, cats generally like high cat trees. Cats are naturally curious and enjoy exploring their environment. A tall cat tree provides them with the opportunity to climb up to higher vantage points and survey their surroundings. Furthermore, cats enjoy scratching and clawing surfaces, which is another reason why they may be drawn to a tall cat tree. The taller the tree, the more surfaces there are for them to scratch and explore

Why won't my cat use her cat tree?

It is possible that your cat does not feel comfortable with the cat tree. Cats are very territorial creatures and it is possible that your cat does not feel secure with the new addition to her home. It may help to move the cat tree to a different location in the house, or even try placing it near a window so that your cat can watch birds and other animals outside while feeling safe inside. You could also try adding some treats or toys to the tree, as this might encourage your cat to explore it further.

Do cats get tired of cat trees?

It is possible for cats to get tired of their cat tree. Cats can become bored with the same environment and toys, so it’s important to periodically switch up the activities and toys available to them. Adding new levels, scratching posts, or even just rearranging the furniture in their space can help keep them engaged.

Do cat trees keep cats off furniture?

Best Cat trees can be a great way to keep cats off furniture. By providing cats with an alternative place to climb, scratch, and sleep, cat trees can give cats an outlet for their natural behaviors so they don't have to use furniture. Additionally, cat trees can provide cats with a sense of security and comfort that may make them less likely to seek out furniture for these activities.

Why is my cat eating the cat tree?

It is not uncommon for cats to chew on objects, including cat trees. This behavior can be caused by a variety of factors, including boredom and stress. Cats may also chew on the cat tree to help keep their claws healthy and sharp. Cats may be drawn to certain textures or flavors in the material of the cat tree, which could make it an appealing snack.

How do I clean my cat's cat tree?

Cleaning your cat’s cat tree is an important part of maintaining a healthy environment for your pet. The best way to do this is to remove all the fabric from the tree and vacuum it thoroughly. This will help remove any dust, dirt, and hair that has accumulated on the surface. You can also use a mild detergent or pet-safe cleaner to spot-clean any areas that may have become soiled over time. Once you’ve finished cleaning the tree, let it air dry before returning it to your cat’s space.

Do cat trees smell?

Cat trees can smell, but not all of them do. The amount of odor they produce depends largely on the material used to build them. For example, a cat tree made of synthetic materials like carpet and particle board may produce an unpleasant odor over time due to the accumulation of pet dander and dust. On the other hand, a cat tree made from natural materials like wood or sisal rope won't have as strong of an odor.


After reading through our reviews, we hope that you have found the cat tree of your reckoning among these 7 options- one which will provide your cats with many hours of play and exploration. We hope that these are suitable for how many cats you care for and match your budget.

Although climbing, scratching, and playing on a cat tree help to keep cats stimulated both mentally and physically, ultimately, not all cat trees are created equal – especially when catering to several cats at once. Do consider size and construction before purchasing your tree. No matter whether you choose from the above options or go for some other option like pet club cat tree, make sure it fulfills your needs.